Motorcyclist Treated & Discharged After Collision

May 16, 2019

A 52-year-old male motorcyclist injured in a  motorcycle crash on Sunday [May 12] in Paget has been discharged after initially receiving treatment in the ICU.

A police spokesperson said, “At last check this morning [May 16th] the 52-year-old male motorcyclist injured in a single vehicle motorcycle crash that occurred around 4:20pm Sunday, May 12th at the north round-a-bout near Trimingham Road in Paget had been discharged from hospital, after initially receiving treatment in the Intensive Care Unit.

“Inquiries continue and any witnesses that have not already come forward are still encouraged to call Constable Lakila Hart on the main police telephone number 295-0011.”

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  1. PANGAEA says:


    What activity we graduate to in life or what ever event we attend people always dress for the occasion because most everyone wants to look the part.

    The 4 Seasons play a big part in our selection of attire, in the motorcycle world, the selection of attire is more about safety than appearance, the Government mandated crash helmets and not much else ,may be they are only concerned about head injuries than eye sight.

    I am sure many would agree while riding a motorcycle many other body parts to some degree require of adequate protection, case in point , hands and eyes.

    Eye protection is mandated in many countries, ever been stung by a bee in the eye area, how about stinging rain or sand from the back of a dump truck or vehicle brake dust containing iron filings ?

    Many make their living with their hands.
    Hands, can get severely injured as hands reach out in order to protect the head the event of a crash.

    Want to walk to work with crutches the rest of your life .
    Feet and legs are especially vulnerable, adequate foot ware is essential.

    Lets be very realistic from here on.
    So if offend some of you, so be it !

    There are two basic types of motorcycle riding gear.

    FOOLS GEAR…………..
    Bathing suit.
    flip flops.
    “T” shirt and not much else.

    FULL GEAR……………
    Proper Crash helmet.
    Eye protection.
    Sun shades.
    Leather gloves.
    Water proof riding jacket.
    Long pants.
    Proper shoes.

    Some will say that is over the top, we are not going to the moon.
    I will say it is better to have a cold shower at home than a hot bath in a hospital .

    Did you know that a crash at 35 k most of the internal body organs will shift location, by the way also includes the brain, if you hit an oncoming vehicle ……………………..
    You know the rest !

    BE SAFE !