Video: Gold Cup Goalkeeper Dale Eve

June 20, 2019

He was widely praised for his performance against Haiti, and goalkeeper Dale Eve said he is “ready for the next one” as the Bermuda football team continues their Gold Cup journey.

During the first game Haiti took 19 shots on goal, with ten listed as being ‘on target’ and Mr Eve made repeated saves throughout the game, playing a crucial role in holding Haiti to only two goals.

Among those praising the goalkeeper on social media was Shaun Goater, who tweeted “another superb 1v1 save by Dale Eve,” with the football legend later tweeting that “Dale Eve just won MOM for me with another great save.”

Goalkeeper Dale Eve training in Costa Rica in advance of the match:

dale eve training bermuda keeper june 2019

When asked during the interview which of the saves was his favourite, Mr Eve paused before answering, leading the media to joke that perhaps he made so many he could not even recall.

“It’s got to be one-on-one save. That’s every goalkeepers favorite,” Mr Eve replied. “To save any ball one-on-one when you’re the last person that they have to get past.”

When asked if his performance in the first game came as a surprise, Mr. Eve said, “Yes and no. Every goalkeeper, no matter where you come from, you want to be able to keep everything out of there, but I mean some saves even surprised myself. It was a simple situation of being in the right place at the right time.”

The talented goalkeeper said that he hopes playing in the Gold Cup can perhaps help him get a deal with a football team, also adding that he is “ready to go” for the next game.

In addition to Mr Eve, Bermuda’s team includes Nahki Wells, Dante Leverock, Jonte Smith, Reggie Lambe, Oliver Jalen Harvey, Calon Minors, Roger Lee, Kacy Milan Butterfield, Jaylon Bather, Lejaun Simmons, Donte Brangman, Chikosi Basden, Zeiko Lewis, Willie Clemons, Jahquil Hill, Osagi Bascome, Cecoy Robinson, Justin Donawa, Wendell Tre Ming, Liam Evans, Marco Warren, and Quinaceo Hunt.

The Gombey Warriors have already played Haiti, and will take on Costa Rica this evening [June 20] in Dallas.

The team will then match up against Nicaragua on June 24th in New Jersey, and in an effort to provide comprehensive coverage of Bermuda’s debut in this highly prestigious regional competition, Bernews has a dedicated reporter traveling with the team in order to bring all the latest action and insights, with the special coverage thanks to the support of Butterfield & Vallis, One Communications, and Bermuda Security Group.

If you want additional coverage, please feel free to join Bernews new Sports Facebook group, where our traveling reporter is providing daily updates and some ‘behind the scenes’ coverage.


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