Footy Force Joins Falcão Futsal Tour

July 4, 2019

Vinzie Zuill,President of Footy Promotions and Footy Force Futsal, and Eurique Wilkin,Technical Director of Footy Force Futsal, were recently invited by Denison Cabral, President of DCFA, to assist with the Falcão Futsal Tour in Maryland, USA.

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A spokesperson said, “This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to join Falcão, who was born in Brazil and named the Best Futsal Player in the World. The Footy Force Futsal representatives helped coach the Tips, Tricks and Techniques Futsal clinic with Falcão along with DCFA coaches and other coaches in the region’s futsal community.

“The clinic saw over 70 players participate in a fun filled, exciting environment.

“In addition to the clinic, Vinzie and Eurique starred in a Celebrity Futsal Exhibition match with Falcão and guest players such as professional footballer Diego Freestyle, who also participated in the clinic, retired USA national team player Christine Lilly, Denison Cabral, and Lester Felician, who coaches Bpro Soccer Clinic in Bermuda.

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Vinzie Zuill, President of Footy Promotions, said, “I would like to extend a huge thank you to Denison Cabral and Kate Laukhart from DFCA for inviting us to participate in the Falcão US Tour Maryland. It was an amazing experience to coach at the clinic with Falcão and to work with other futsal coaches and players.

“The clinic was very organized, and the players were skilled and enthusiastic. It was great to see Falcão participate in every drill with each player. Another highlight from the clinic was when my son, Desani Samuels – a member of our Footy Tots program and 3 years old at the time – came on to the court unexpectedly and fearlessly took on Falcão and scored; Falcão shared this moment to his 5.5m followers on his Instagram stories.”

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“Regarding the exhibition match, I have not played competitively in a few years but glad that we were given the opportunity to play with celebrity players in front of an estimated 600 people and have a great time. Falcão played phenomenally and did not disappoint with his flicks, tricks and bicycle kicks.

“Overall, we are hoping this experience will directly impact local players going forward as we aim to provide pathways for local players to participate in these tours and connect with celebrity players. Denison Cabral is also due to be on the island in August to host the Samba Futsal Clinic.”

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