Vershon Was Not Barred, Apologises To Bermuda

August 10, 2019 | 5 Comments

[Updated] Entertainer Vershon has confirmed that he was not barred from Bermuda, and has issued an ”unreserved apology” to the Government and people of Bermuda as a “statement was erroneously put out by my publicist.”

In addition, the publicist’s website has posted a statement alleging that the “information that was stated in the press release was authenticated by our client,” and adding that they “withdraw our initial stance” and offered their “sincerest apologies” to the people of Bermuda.


The issue started with media reports that Vershon was “denied entry into Bermuda” with the Jamaica Observer’s report — which cited the musician’s publicist Shuzzr Smith – stating that after “landing at LF Wade International Airport, he was informed the music festival was cancelled and all work permits, if issued, null and void.”

“According to Smith, Vershon [given name Kemar Brown] possessed the necessary documents to enter the British territory, but even after requesting to enter as a tourist, he was still shut down without reason,” the report added, with the statement from the publicist also saying that Mr Brown is “owed an apology.”

However, Minister of National Security Wayne Caines refuted the statement from the publicist, noting that not only was Vershon never refused entry as he never travelled to Bermuda, officials have no record of an application seeking permission for him to perform in Bermuda and the singer’s name is not on any flight e-manifests for the date in question.

Vershon’s Statement

In response to request for clarification, Mr. Brown confirmed that he was not barred entry, and has apologised to Bermuda for the erroneous statement.

He said he was contracted to perform at the BDA Summer Music Festival which was to be held in Bermuda on the 3rd of August, 2019.

“We arrived at the JFK International Airport on the 2nd of August for a connecting flight to Bermuda,” he told Bernews. “My party and I were advised by the promoter via telephone that the show has been cancelled.

“At no point did I enter Bermuda and subsequently left New York for Jamaica on the 2nd of August 2019. On the 5th of August, a statement was erroneously put out by my publicist, causing embarrassment to me personally, the government and people of Bermuda and to my fans.

“I want it to be categorically known at no point did the Bermudian Government denied me entry into the country because I have never been there before.

“I would also like to use this platform to offer my unreserved apology to firstly, the Minister of National Security of Bermuda, the Honorable Wayne Caines and the Government and people of Bermuda and to my many fans across the length and breadth of the world for any embarrassment caused by the issuance of said statement.”

Publicist’s Statement

The publicist did not respond to our request for comment, however updated his website today to say “we withdraw our initial stance; offer our sincerest apologies.”

The statement posted on the website — with a headline saying ‘Publicist severs ties with Vershon’ — said, “On August 3rd, 2019, Shuzzr PR issued a press release titled ‘Vershon denied entry into Bermuda’ at the direction of our client, Kemar Brown, more popularly known as Vershon. With the approval of said client, all the information that was stated in the press release was authenticated by our client at the time.

“Considering the statement made by the Minister of Security for Bermuda, Wayne Caines, which refutes the artiste claim. Its only prudent that we withdraw our initial stance; offer our sincerest apologies and our cooperation in any investigating being carried out and assist with repairing the damage done to the island’s reputation.

“Our credibility is at the forefront at we do, as such, we have made a conscious decision to release reggae-dancehall artiste Vershon from our roster and any contractual obligations.

“To the people of Bermuda, our apologies,” the statement added.

Update 5.58pm: The publicist has responded to us, and reiterated his statement posted above. He said, “On August 3rd, our client reached out to us to about the situation to which we drafted the press release and got his approval before releasing. Vershon provided the details that was mentioned in the press release as Shuzzr PR only handles his public relations and isn’t a part of his management team.”

With both the entertainer and local officials confirming that Mr Brown never even entered Bermuda and Bermuda did not deny him entry, that aspect is not in dispute; what is in question is how the initial false statement came to be, with conflicting statements being provided on that.

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  1. JohnBoy says:

    Well there you go!

  2. Real Deal says:

    Well done to all involved in sorting this out. Now than, let make a deal it should be up to the security minister to decide if legal action should be taken against his publicist or Vershon should be required or out of courtesy write a song that promotes Bermuda for FREE.

    it is only Right.

  3. wahoo says:

    Wow I am glad that is all sorted. Vershon has a huge following and it could have damaged our reputation if this had been allowed to drag on.

  4. Alex Madeiros says:

    I hope all of you that made disparaging comments against our Immigration Officers, make the effort and apologise to them as well.

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