‘Failure To Adhere Will Result In Penalties’

March 21, 2020

The Government is reminding people that a closure notices for specific types of establishments has been issued, and “failure to adhere to the Closure Notice will result in penalties,” with the Government also noting that quarantine measures are also now enforceable.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Government of Bermuda is reminding that under the Public Health Act 1949 [Section 88] a Closure Notice has been issued and is in immediate effect.

“The Closure Notice is in an effort to reduce possible community spread of the COVID-19 [coronavirus] pandemic.

“Under the Notice, the Minister of Health, the Hon. Kim Wilson JP, MP, has Ordered the following establishments closed effective March 21, 2020.

“For public clarity, the establishments are as follows:

  • Schools;
  • Swimming pools in hotels, Airbnb and guest houses;
  • Beauty salons, spas and barbers;
  • Church services [except funerals];
  • Organised sports club activities with more than 50 people; and
  • Concerts with more than 50 people.

Copy of the official Closure Notice:

Public Health Act 88 Closure Notice 200321 SIGNED

“Failure to adhere to the Closure Notice will result in penalties as outlined in Section 186 of the Public Health Act 1949 which states:

  • $1,000 fine first offence; second and subsequent offence will result in conviction of three [3] months imprisonment or a $5,000 fine or both. And where the offense is a continuing offense, in addition to the above punishment of $500 fine per day.

“The Order is attached for reference. The public is reminded that quarantine measures are now enforceable under the Public Health Regulations 2020. The measure of self-quarantine is an important and significant step to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“Enforceable penalties include a fine of up to $6,000 for a first offense and for a second offence up to $10,000 or imprisonment for three months. It is vital that all persons under self-quarantine follow the self-quarantine guidelines. Visit the link to review the guidelines here.

“Additionally, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of National Security have issued updated Social Distancing and Closure Schedule guidelines.”

The Social Distancing and Closures Schedule follows below [PDF here]

You can view all our coverage of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic here, our continuously updated live blog here and please recall to follow all guidance from the officials like washing your hands, adhering to self quarantine if relevant, and practicing social distancing!

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  1. Consistency please says:

    First, has a letter/email been sent to all these businesses. I noticed the list on Bernews last night at 9:30pm and took action for today. Poor communication at best!

    Now, CLOSE THE BARS and SOCIAL CLUBS! I went by “The Beach” on Front Street last night, people outside eating and drinking; inside eating and drinking. Restaurants are closed for dine in – but you can dine in a Bar or a Social Club? You can’t stop these big parties going on in private residences I guess, but you can control what the bars do. Consistency please for everyone’s sake!

    • Barbara says:

      …you are right …. please close all bars and social clubs, too, it is very important at this time now to act and react immedatly … and please, don’t wait to close each place, too, where people meet just for fun … Covid 19 does not make any difference between restaurants, cafe´s, bars, lobbies of hotels, parks, museums, galleries etc. etc. There is actual an urgent need to STOP all kinds of meeting-activities of people who are not living in the same houshold … we already live like that in Austria, where Covid 19 has ist big time at the moment …. therefore I am writing this email to Bermuda, because I know already what can happen, if you close all bars too late …. we did that all too late … !! take care !! B.

  2. Hope says:

    With enforceable penalties for those under quarantine at home, how will those persons be monitored to ensure compliance?

  3. Minister Wilson with all due respect to this order that has been signed by you and to the Facebook live update with the Premier on Saturday evening, I clearly don’t understand how you have ordered the Church to close their doors to regular services and only open for funerals, which is not taking place, because all funerals in the obituaries are now being held at the grave sit and only 10 people.

    My concern is how you as the government has shut down the Churches but has allowed Bars to remain open with social distancing, and the movie theaters with every other seat being empty for social distancing, This seems highly hypocritical and if anything I would think the bars should be one of the first social gatherings to be targeted just for the fact that it involves people drinking and once feeling good or to far intoxicated we have another issue with social distancing.

    I think this needs to be dealt with immediately and i’m more disappointed that our Church Leaders did not take the Premier to task on this before now and they have chosen to comply with the order of shutting down their Churches without outlining the fact that why are they not allowed to function under the same guidelines of social distancing, after all they can stagger their services, along with arranging seating and people capacity according to the social distancing requirements.

    The final thing is that we should not be allowing anyone coming via aircraft to go to their homes if they live with others and are made to be restricted for 14 days, this way we get a better handle on any possibilities should these quarantined show signs of the virus, this then poses the question, is the government going to foot the bill to house such individuals in a closed hotel or guest house facility.

    I had to say something about Churches being closed before Bars and you wonder why this country sometimes is the way it is, because we do things sometimes so backward, an infant can guide us, and I know some will think I ma being disrespectful, but I think the Premier has done a great job in many areas concerning this outbreak, but let’s not be ignorant in common sense decisions.

    I’m glad I can get to a BAR before I can get to Church.

    • Neyo says:

      There are many lenses to look through where this virus is concerned; let’s consider these 2:


      Churches tick the boxes for both of these as the congregation is packed with older people and there is no way social distancing is even possible inside the walls.

      A third lens to look through could be economic, if any institution adds to an outbreak that cripples the economy, maybe it shouldn’t be the one that doesn’t pay taxes.

      ’Stopping’ church first was a good move and you know it, church can still be done on the radio/online.

      Here’s an idea you can send to the pastors; all tithes should go to the working essential services, doctors and nurses until this is over.

    • Question says:

      The idea is save lives.

  4. Grakoos says:

    Bars and restaurants allowed to be open – with a limit on number and social distancing. Many restaurants have switched to take out only, but a number still offer inside dining/drinking.

    Meanwhile gyms are closed – this makes no sense and seems grossly unfair. Gym numbers are way down anyways, the staff are working extremely hard to clean and disinfect equipment, and members (who are in general healthy!) are distancing themselves.

    In a gym of say, 10,000 sq ft, it is extremely easy for members to have well in excess of 10′ of separation. So 10 or 15 people in a gym of that size, the gym must close, but a bar can have 15 people with only 3′ of separation?

    Personally I feel the gym is an order of magnitude less risky than a bar or dine in restaurant.

    If you are going to close the gyms, then close the bars & restaurants too, as they are far more risky!

  5. Y-Gurl says:

    While it makes sense to close down the places that contact people, in all other countries the government has come out with a financial package so these people can still pay the rent and staff while rates (corporation tax) has been suspended, no income = no bill paying , come on PLP what are YOU doing?

  6. MB says:

    Why is Wedco – tax payer funded quango – not offering any rent relief to its tenants?
    This is why they are staying open while Wedco works remotely and looks after itself