End-To-End Pays Tribute To Joan Dismont

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[Written by Stephen Wright]

Joan Dismont will forever be synonymous with the Convex End-to-End, such was her selfless service to the annual walk, dazzling the crowd from St George’s to Dockyard for more than 30 years.

Known affectionately as the “Queen of the End-to-End”, Ms Dismont participated in the event from its inception in 1988 until 2016, raising more than $70,000 for worthwhile causes.

Ms Dismont, who died last year aged 93, has been honoured by the organisers with the Joan Dismont Fundraiser Award this year, recognising her charitable efforts and the indelible mark she left on the event.

Michelle Dismont-Frazzoni, one of Ms Dismont’s daughters, admits the event, which takes place tomorrow [April 27], will be “bittersweet” as it will be her first time walking without her mother.

She will be joined by her son, Matteo Frazzoni, Joan’s grandson, who is participating for the first time.

“The whole family is very touched and honoured that she has had an award named in her honour,” Michelle told Bernews. “It would move her to tears.”

Such was Ms Dismont’s dedication to the End-to-End, she was elevated to Gold Club status, someone who consistently raised more than $1,000 every year, and increased her pledges by hosting her first charity fundraising dinner in 1995.

The annual event attracted a loyal following and involved dinner at her house in Pembroke, served by her daughters, Michelle, Sonia Burgess and Kari White, and included games, prizes and entertainment.

“She enjoyed people and was a giving person,” remembers Sonia. “She enjoyed raising funds because she knew those charities would benefit. All her friends looked forward to her charity dinners.”

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For Joan’s 20th anniversary walk in 2007, her family, including her daughters, daughter-in-law, the late Martha Dismont, and grandchildren Aruna, Matteo, Enrique, Eva and two-year-old Nasya in a stroller, joined her in a relay walk.

Michelle, who joined her mom in walking the End-to-End on 15 occasions, remembers one year when Joan stunned a group of Berkeley Institute students by overtaking them.

“They couldn’t believe it!” said Michelle, who will participate in the Middle-to-End for the first time this year because of a knee injury. “She loved to entertain the crowd, too.

“She would always speed up as she approached the finish line, which the crowd in absolutely loved.

“And she wasn’t finished there, either, because she loved to dance and would always have a dance after completing the walk.

“She was a popular figure and stayed involved with the End-to-End even when she couldn’t do the walk. She would still turn out and do a little something.”


Known for her elegant style of dress, winning the Glamour Granny competition in 2008, Joan was always keen to “look the part” during the 26-miles.

“The colours of her clothes always had to be right,” Sonia said. “She was aware of her image. People would always be looking out for her.

“I remember people lining the street outside Woody’s, playing their music, and when she came along, she would start doing the Electric Slide! They loved it. It gave her the energy for the last push.”

Kari, who would often drive her mother to St George’s for the start of the event, described Joan as a “professional walker” who left no stone unturned in her preparations for the big day.

“She would bring food in pouches, specific items, two pairs of socks, band-aids and snacks,” she said. “She would always load up with carbs the day before.”

Michelle added: “She always said she was born feet first, so she was a walker! She’s been an inspiration to so many people.”


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