Bermuda Track & Field Site Hacked By Extremists?

March 15, 2010

hacked-computerThe website of the Bermuda Track and Field Association appears to have been compromised by an entity purporting to be Islamic extremists.

It appears to have happened on Sunday, March 14 evening, by a hacker labeling himself ‘HEXBOOT3R‘.

A “light” hack, the website is still fully functional, with what appears to be an unwanted addition.

The message below [which for obvious reasons we assumed was not posted by the BTFA] appeared on their website:

Our war will continue against the ones who are against the real religion islam. Real Terrorist Zionist israel – BOYCOTT ! Stop Supporting Baby Killers

There were two links added to the website…which again we assume the BTFA officials have not added. One was a download link and the other to a blog entitled Skorpitx-shell, which we believe is written in Turkish.

Screenshot below:

BTFA website hacked 2


The links placed on the site appear to be affiliated with another hacker who according to Internet lore is estimated to have made about 180,000 attacks in total.

Reputed to be a 45-year-old Turkish man, he goes by the handle “skorpitx”. Legend has it that he was behind one of the biggest mass attacks in history, where he reportedly hacked 21,459 websites in one shot.

We have emailed the BTFA, however we have no confirmation the site was hacked. We have made the logical assumption that the BTFA did not place this statement on their website.

Update: The BTFA have resolved the situation as of March 15th midmorning.

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