Tribute Sheets: “RIP King Biggs”

April 5, 2010

In a long standing and sad Bermuda tradition, tribute sheets to Friday’s shooting victim now hang. 35 year old Kimwandae Walker was gunned down by two men on a bike at the Victor Scott field during a Good Friday kite flying event on April 2. The father of two was playing with his 9 and 4 year old children, and died at the scene in front of the two youngsters. 48 hours later the police announced the arrest of two men in relation to the incident.

As most locals know, it is the Bermuda way to hang sheets filled with written tributes after deaths, particularly in cases of younger people killed in a tragic manner. Using his well known nickname “Biggs”, two sheets now hang along Parsons Road only feet from the scene of the crime. They contain a variety of tributes; “RIP King Biggs”, “Gone but never forgotten”, “We miss you”, and more…

Kimwandae Walker sheet 2
Kimwandae Walker sheet

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