Video: 10 Miss Bermuda Winners 1970 – 1979

April 11, 2010

miss bermuda vivienne hollis 3Take a step back in history, and watch a video of ten Miss Bermuda winners from the 1970′s.

Video includes; 1970 Margaret Hill, 1971 Rene Furbert, 1972 Helen Brown, 1973 Judy Richards, 1974 Joyce de Rosa, 1975 Donna Wright, 1976 Vivienne Hollis, 1977 Connie Frith, 1978 Madeleine Joell and 1979 Gina Swainson

Our video starts with Margaret Hill who competed in the 1970 Universe winning the Miss Photogenic award, and ends with Gina Swainson who competed in the 1979 Universe placing 1st runner up and going onto win the 1979 Miss World.

As they were extracted from video footage 30-40 years old, the clips are very low quality for which we do apologize!

For more on Miss Bermuda winners over the years see here. Did you or anyone you know win the Miss Bermuda contest? If you can help in anyway with providing a photo/information please contact us.

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  1. Grace Bell says:

    Thanks for the memories. Does anyone know where Judy Richards is now? Lady Finelle
    did the makeup at Rosebank when she won.

    • BrooklynLass says:

      It is with sorrow that I let you know that Judy Richards (aka Nuri Richards) passed away this very week. If you had the opportunity to meet her, you know that she was a shining star and will be missed.

    • Cat says:

      Sad to say, Judy Richards passed away this past Friday morning after battling cancer for a couple of years. She was my cousin.

  2. bernews says:

    We have no clue Ms Bell, sorry to say..

    In fact we are pretty desperate for info to be able to record the whole Miss Bermuda history – as it isn’t recorded really. We are scraping up bits and pieces as we can..

  3. Angeline Butler says:

    Thanks for that. By the way is Vivienne Hollis the weather lady on VSB?

  4. Harry says:

    Yes indeed it is Vivienne from VSB!

  5. bernews says:

    Thanks for noting that Ms Butler! We just checked, and like Harry said, the “Viviennes” are one and the same. I think we may have to embarrass her and do a whole separate post on that, as we actually have 5/6 photos of her – she looked extremely nice..

  6. Debra Tucker says:

    WOW.. What a treat, I appluad those corageous women. I would like to see a float depicting those persons in all areas of pageants, sports etc. who made a positive contribution and who were ambassadors for this country in the upcoming Bda heritage Day Parade.

  7. Floyd Swan says:

    Judy RIchards, knows as Nuri, resides in New YOrk. I have not heard from here in years now nor seen her. However she married David Harris an actor, a daughter was a result of this union. They are now divorced.Nuri had a son as well. David and Judy (NUri) were married in Bermuda.

    • BrooklynLass says:

      I am sad to say that the wonderful lady, Miss Bermuda, Judy Richards, also known as, Nuri Richards, just passed away a few days ago. She will be missed by family, friends and students who had the opportunity to know her.

      Rest in Peace my dear friend.

  8. thomas brown says:

    hey does anyone know the where abouts of connie firth my sister went to school with her and trying too find her

  9. Kareem Alston says:

    Judy Richards, now Nuri Richards, still lives in New York City. She has 2 sons and a daughter, one of them at Stanford University. She lives with her children and is now battling health issues.

    • Russell Thornhill says:

      My heart goes out the family of Nuri Richards (Judy Richards, Miss Bermuda, 1973). She was a beautiful light and now with her creator. Davina, Kahleed and Kareem you are in my deepest prayers. GOD BE WITH YOU ALL. Nuri…RIP

  10. LHarris says:

    Nuri Richards(Judy Richards)passed away this past saturday. The cause was breast cancer. She leaves a daughter(who is a lawyer) and two sons(graduates of Morehouse College and Stanford).