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September 17, 2010

[Updated] Minister of Labour, Home Affairs Lt. Col. David Burch, Commissioner of Police, Michael DeSilva and the Director of the Bermuda Weather Service, Dr. Mark Guishard will hold a press conference to provide residents with the latest EMO information regarding Hurricane Igor. The powerful hurricane is expected to strike Bermuda this weekend, with winds exceeding 100 mph.

It will be carried live at 12:30pm today [Sept 17] on CITV CableVision Channel 2 and Wow Channel 102. The conference will also be carried live on radio on FM 89, Mix 106 and 1450 AM. Government says it can also be seen via web at www.citv.gov.bm.

We will carry the full statements later on, in the meantime highlights are below:

Update 12:44pm: Colonel Burch is speaking, says the worst of the storm will start on Sunday night. Says airport is open, but expected to close Sat afternoon. Says they will close Causeway when winds reach 50 knots, and residents will be given advance notice, will likely be Sunday afternoon. Cedarbridge has been prepeared as a shelter, people can go there as of 5pm today. Ambulances, a doctor and nurse will be stationed at Lambe Foggo in the East.

Update 12:47pm: Regiment will be in partial embodiment. All Government schools to close Mon and Tues next week. Government offices will close on Monday. British ship on standby in nearby waters.

Update 12:50pm: Dr Mark Guishard, Director of Bermuda Weather Service, now speaking says the threat is “high”, compares to Fabian, says Igor is bigger. Says waves at center of Igor are 50 feet. Says potential of tornado activity. Says to prepare now. Say “potential is high to see significant damage.”

Update 12:55pm: Commissioner of Police Michael DeSilva now speaking, says law enforcement have made “robust” preparations.

Update 1:00pm: Questions being asked now. Colonel Burch says no shelters in St George’s. Dr Guishard stresses that the Bermuda Weather Service is the official source of weather info for Bermuda. Names Accuweather as one that is not official.

Update 1:07pm: Press conference over

Update 2:24pm: Full remarks by Colonel Burch posted here, and full remarks by Dr Mark Guishard posted here.

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  1. Erica says:

    It is not playing on the http://www.citv.gov.bm ? Has it started yet?