Hurricane: VSB Broadcasts Using Car Battery

September 21, 2010

Chris Lodge.. VSB News 007Many people have commended us for our constant coverage over Hurricane Igor, and we greatly appreciate it, however the time has come for us to turn the tables and “tip our hat” to VSB’s Chris Lodge.

The veteran broadcaster  – without power – somehow managed to keep VSB’s radio broadcasts going during the height of the storm, using a combination of a car battery, candles and a flashlight, while hunkered down in his home.

For safety reasons VSB decided to automate the stations, with cut-ins for storm reports.

Mr Lodge converted his 6-year-old daughter’s bedroom into a makeshift studio, equipping it with two computers and more.

When Mr Lodge lost electricity, he managed to keep broadcasting by using power from a car battery, and using candles and a flashlight for vision. The two computers he were using were powered by the car battery and invertor, which was just enough to power up the computers, but not enough for a light.

As Hurricane Igor lashed Bermuda with 85mph winds, Mr Lodge and his makeshift contraption continued to produce radio broadcasts. He was hunkered down in his home for about 18 hours until the early morning hours when the hurricane force winds eased slightly.

He, along with station owner Kenneth DeFontes went out at 5am through the debris strewn streets to the radio station in order to resume normal newscasts, helping to spread essential post-Igor information.

Mr Lodge said “There’s a sort of vicarious satisfaction in easing people’s fears in doing what I do in covering the many hurricanes we’ve had.” He also said his six-year-old daughter slept alongside him and the makeshift VSB station, completely oblivious to the noises outside.

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  1. Sharon says:

    This man is a legend. He kept so many of us company when we were getting bored! He needs to get proper recognition for this!

    Thank you so much Mr. Lodge!!

  2. Jenny says:

    Amazing!! This is someone who is definitely dedicated to their job. Thank you Mr. Lodge!

  3. CB says:

    ZBM was off the air. Emergency broadcasting was pathetic – all they did was re-run a recording about not touching live wires! Chris – you are a star mate! Now what about those avacados?


  4. Claire says:

    Thanks you Chris, always enjoy hearing your broadcast, but it was extra special during the hurricane. How clever of you to think a way to be on the air without electricity! Thank you, thank you.

  5. Merianna says:

    Chris Lodge deserves all the praise that is given to him. The Music played and the great updates throughout the night were excellent and most appreciated. As someone who was alone, in the dark (no electricity) and in the dark as far as information was concerned from any other source Mr. Lodge was like a having a friend with you. Many thanks Mr. Lodge.