Bermuda Lauded for “Greatest Gift To Anguilla”

October 11, 2010

The Anguillian press have written a glowing article about Bermuda’s fire truck donation to Anguilla. Back in July of this year, Bermuda stepped up to assist our fellow island nation of Anguilla by gifting them a fire truck, which as they only had one previously, effectively doubles their fleet. In addition to the obvious safety benefits, the truck greatly assists Anguilla’s airport logistics as previously when their one fire truck was in service, they were restricted from allowing airlines to arrive or depart.

bermuda fire anguilla

The keys were handed over at Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters on June 4th; Anguilla’s Deputy Chief Minister of Social Development Edison Baird is pictured above receiving the keys. The replacement truck was handed over in Anguilla on October 4th, at a ceremony at which Government officials from both Anguilla and Bermuda were in attendance.

Anguilla’s Minister of Infrastructure Evan Gumbs is quoted as saying “I can say to our visiting friends from Bermuda, I can now sleep a little longer…Thanks very much for your support. The fire truck is probably one of the greatest gifts to Anguilla at this time.”

Anguilla’s Chief Minister, Hubert Hughes, noted that Anguilla was almost twice the size of Bermuda geographically and said “Bermuda responded to our needs and I would like to ask the representative of the Government of Bermuda to take back to his wonderful country very high compliments and thanks for this great gift.”

Anguilla’s Minister of Home Affairs Walcott Richardson said that Anguilla’s people would always be grateful to the people of Bermuda for their kind gesture.

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  1. Truth is killin' me says:

    Well done to the Bermuda Government. Now if only you could look after your own people like you do for other countries! Now that would be nice. Ferries breaking down, buses on strike etc.etc.

  2. James S says:

    God help them if its serviced by the same people that do the ferries….