Freisenbruch-Meyer: Out of Office Service Project

November 23, 2010

Local insurer, Freisenbruch-Meyer Group (FMG), launched their “Out of Office” community service project on October 12th, 2010, targeted towards Bermuda’s seniors. Each year one long term Home Insurance client with an evident need for maintenance assistance will be selected and a group of staff volunteers will take a day to assist with upkeep and general maintenance of the insured home.

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The project launch featured Ms. Elfreda Lines, whose property was first insured with the Company in 1984, and she has been a loyal client ever since. When considering a candidate for the project, Ms. Lines proved to be a well deserving home owner in need, as she suffers from Arthritis and has limited mobility. Her beautiful, traditional, 2-bedroom Bermudian home sits on 1.5 acres and overlooks North Shore. She is an avid dog lover, specializing in the breeding and training of Pembroke Welch Corgis, which landed her 13 Best Veterans in show.

Mr. Khomeini Taalib-Din, a Customer Service Representative at FMG, said, “We were introduced to Ms. Lines while conducting another company project and after visiting her, the Out of Office Project idea was born. She is a very kind-hearted, sweet spirited senior who was clearly in need of home maintenance assistance and we wanted to help. I felt that this would be the perfect opportunity to launch the community service project, which will become an annual project.”

Ms. Lines, a 62-year-old single home owner, was excited and grateful for the assistance, “When Khomeini first came to my home and chatted with me, he immediately took interest in helping and I greatly appreciate it. I am honored to have been chosen to launch this project because it’s truly been difficult adapting to this handicapped lifestyle. I’ve always been very active with my dog training, swimming and riding my horse, but now I can barely walk. People don’t realize how challenging it is to cope with this disease until you have to do something as simple as install a mail box and just putting in the screws hurts. I feel a magnitude of relief and cannot thank the FMG staff enough.”

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Mr. William Madeiros, General Manager at FMG notes that, “This project was the brainchild of Khomeini and other staff members, who have done a superb job at assisting Ms. Lines. Too many of our seniors aren’t able to adequately maintain their home due to illnesses and often times; there are no family members around to help. Watching Ms. Lines interact with the staff made a difference in her day and it warms my heart to know that we have been able to make it a little easier for her.”

The Out of Office Project consisted of staff members making site visits to the property. An evaluation was completed to determine the maintenance jobs, which included landscaping, minor gardening, debris clearance, clearing the basement, cleaning the downstairs apartment, installing security lights and a smoke detector. With the cooperation of Pembroke Paint Company, who generously donated 15 gallons of paint to the cause, FMG also arranged for the house to be painted.

For more information on this project, please contact Special Projects Officer, Mr. Bill Davidson on (441) 297-8680, visit their website or the Freisenbruch-Meyer Group Facebook page.

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