TLC Offers Thanks To Freisenbruch-Meyer

May 19, 2022

Edonna Bean Bermuda May 2022The Transformational Living Centre [TLC] is offering its thanks to Freisenbruch-Meyer for the company’s financial donations and volunteer work.

A spokesperson said, “The Transformational Living Centre is a purpose-built housing facility that seeks to address the growing problem of homelessness among families with children in Bermuda.

“It is more than just a home. In addition to providing secure housing for up to one year, families are being provided with a range of developmental, educational and therapeutic programmes that are designed to heal, empower and transition; with a goal of achieving self-sufficiency and the capacity to thrive successfully within the broader community.

“After a year in the program, families are given the option to share more independent housing for a further twelve months, where they can assess their newly learned skills and proficiencies.

“Guests will still be supported by case management and other wrap-around support services throughout this period. At 24 months, families graduate successfully to independent lifestyles. The Transformational Living Centre is extraordinarily thankful to the community and donors for their continued support including volunteer time, donations of essential personal items, and financial contributions.”

Edonna Bean, Executive Officer for The Transformation Living Centre, said, “On behalf of our staff and guest families, we would like to take this time to profoundly thank Freisenbruch-Meyer and their staff. We thank them for their generous financial donations and their volunteer’s meaningful addition to our courtyard.

“It is important to understand that with visual enhanced beauty, the therapeutic touch that a garden offers to anyone is extremely powerful and increases the chances of healing and transformation within the mind, body and spirit. We at the Transformational Living Centre remain focused and dedicated to the constant mission of inspiring mothers to grow and overcome any circumstances that life can present to them.

“We appreciate the outreach from Freisenbruch-Meyer for choosing to partner with us at the Transformational Living Centre and what we stand for in our community. We look forward to a successful future and thriving relationship to further our service to Bermuda and our families in need.”

The spokesperson said, “Freisenbruch-Meyer have worked closely with the Women’s Resource Centre for several years, and it was a natural transition for the company to align with the Women’s Resource Centre and the Habitat for Humanity teams to support the Transformational Living Centre.

“By enhancing their annual Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] initiative to support the needs of the homeless in our community, they are working directly with the TLC throughout 2022. Having recently expanded their company’s donation campaigns to become more socially accountable and further engaged in charitable organisations, Freisenbruch-Meyer have focused its financial contributions to align with its CSR. By enhancing their CSR initiatives to support the needs of the homeless in our community, they are working directly with the TLC.

“From 2021, Freisenbruch-Meyer have donated resources and their staff have volunteered their time to assist with interior painting, cleaning, landscaping, and the cultivation of the central courtyard and surrounding gardens to the TLC. In 2022, the local insurance firm have also focused its monthly Denim Days to support the existing TLC projects including a vegetable garden, sandbox with toys for children, and courtyard renovations as part of their annual commitment to helping the homeless.

“Through staff participation, Freisenbruch-Meyer have provided the TLC ongoing support in monthly donation drives, which include the immediate needs of guest residents and families with required personal items, clothing, and kitchen supplies, as families start their new beginning.”

Julian Sykes, active volunteer and Assistant Vice President of Claims at Freisenbruch-Meyer, said, “Seeing Freisenbruch-Meyer’s focused efforts on the TLC project, I personally felt drawn to any help where I could make the most impact. As an avid gardener and outdoorsman, during my initial volunteering, I saw there was a need for additional landscaping and gardening.

“Working closely with the TLC team I have been able to create a vegetable garden and children’s sandbox providing an additional therapeutic element to all that the TLC offers. It has been extremely rewarding and I am so pleased to provide support to the resident families.”

The spokesperson said, “The range of programs provided at TLC is available to the broader community, through the Women’s Resource Centre as the Transformational Support Services Program without an accommodation component.

“No other organisation or service is able to offer the benefits of a family-centered, reasonably long-term housing solution with skills training. The TLC is active in our marketing campaign to increase awareness of the facility to the target clients, as well as visibility within the community to aid fundraising efforts, and acquire referrals from other community service agencies.

“There are many ways in which individuals and companies can support the TLC to achieve our goal of providing support to Bermuda’s most vulnerable families.

1. Monetary Gifts

  • a. Our operating budget is $375,000 per annum. Corporate and Individual Donors will be recognised in various ways throughout the complex, based on the gift category.

2. Community Support

  • a. The community can take a stand for homeless families by supporting The TLC Partner Program.

3. Fundraising Events

  • a. We encourage individuals, community groups, and schools to participate in this project by hosting fundraising events, grub days, running, walking, or other athletic or cultural events.

Andy Wright, Freisenbruch-Meyer Chief Executive Officer, said, “I am so proud of our Freisenbruch-Meyer staff for their compassion and commitment to our Corporate Social Responsibility platform. We as a company, and as individuals are thrilled to be able to partner with the TLC to support and help provide new opportunities and experiences for families.

“With our ongoing support in 2022, Freisenbruch-Meyer is pleased to be actively involved in ensuring the welfare and success of the current and future resident families at the Transformational Living Centre.”

The spokesperson said, “The Transformational Living Centre for families is a first step in addressing this growing but largely hidden problem in Bermuda. We encourage anyone wishing to support the TLC or requiring additional information to contact Edonna Bean, Executive Director, at”

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