Kim Swan: “To Please His American Friends”

December 9, 2010

kim swan ubp bermudaSpeaking on the much discussed Uighur controversy, Leader of the Opposition Kim.Swan said “It is the final disappointment of the Uighur debacle to learn that former Premier Brown got nothing for Bermuda in his deal with the US Government. It says to us the Premier was either naive or just interested in rubbing shoulders with the high and mighty in the US Government.”

The four men [Khaleel Mamut, Abdulla Abdulqadir, Salahidin Abdulahat, Ablikim Turahun] were released from the US detention centre at Guantanamo and resettled in Bermuda in July 2009. The Uighurs landed in Bermuda at around 6am on July 11, 2009 on a private jet.

The four men are part of a group of Chinese nationals handed over to American forces in Afghanistan, but found years ago not to be “enemy combatants” and cleared of any and all charges. They were not repatriated to China due to fears of their safety upon return.

Controversy erupted after Premier Dr. Ewart Brown’s decision to accept the Uighurs without first consulting Cabinet or Government House. There were numerous protests locally, and the British Government expressed its displeasure, stating that due to Bermuda’s status as an overseas territory they should have been consulted on the move. Dr. Brown survived a vote of “no confidence” after Parliament rejected the resolution in a 22-11 vote after a marathon 14 hour debate, which went through the night.

Mr Swan went on to say that “Clearly, Dr. Brown was not working for Bermuda when he agreed to take the detainees off US hands. This is the only conclusion to be drawn from the US Government unequivocal statement this week that there was no quid pro quo for the Uighurs.”

“As Premier of Bermuda, we expected that Dr. Brown would have at least tried to exercise some level of statecraft to work a deal that could benefit the island. Not so. This appears now to have been a vanity project and nothing more.”

“Yet it did serious damage to the governance of Bermuda. In his haste to please his American friends, Dr. Brown showed disregard for his Cabinet colleagues, Bermuda’s Parliament, the Governor, the United Kingdom Government, Bermuda’s Constitition and, ultimately, the people of Bermuda.”

“That his government supported his actions in a Parliamentary vote simply doubled the damage, and established a political precedent for rule-breaking by Bermuda’s leaders.”

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  1. Clear View says:

    Dr. Brown just cannot win according to Kiw Swan can he?
    Dr. Brown has said from day one that he nor Bermuda accepted nothing in return for the Uighur men being here, it was all in the name of goodwill.
    At first it was claimed that he excepted some under the table deal for taking in the men, and now its shame on you for accepting nothing.

    • Sun says:

      Four men were HOUSED, FED, CLOTHED,ENTERTAINED, TRAVELLED,Work Permits, ETC.ECT.ETC. Who paid the BILL? Did government? If so where did the funds come from? Bermudas first Mension on Wikileaks states we were paid minimum funds to cover relocation expences. How much funds were received? Who negotiated these funds to cover costs in Bermuda? How were these monies paid? cash, cheque, accountant general, We will not hear from government at all concerning this sharade! So we will have to wait for Wikileaks to tell the real truth, if know one else comes forward.

      • Scott says:

        eh.. i agree with oyu on the points Sun… def think this whole situation is messed up, but at the same time, Clear View’s point that Brown can’t win in Swan’s eyes is true here too.

        I do agree that (had the moral side been worked otu) that we should have gotten heavy compensation for these men. But Swan has basically turned on his own tail here.. he did used to ask where were the hidden funds, how much did we get, etc etc, but now sings a different tune. Perhaps he was just concerned that we did get paid, but brown (not govt) got the chque… but this article just seems to be throwing out complaints whenever possible.

  2. Dragging A Lure says:

    It appears that the opposition leader has dropped the pulpit for political expediency, forgone the necessary steps to help a neighbour that has been a genuine friend for centuries for the sake of receiving something in return. I will now, always wonder if he could be trusted as a leader to make firm and unpleasant decisions without receiving some benifit in return for helping those in need. Using the excuse that laws was broken does not ease my mind about his ability to lead this country. He has just demonstated that the “The Hoof & Mouth Disease” is in progress.

  3. White Jesus says:

    ‘HIS’ friends? No Kimmy, OUR Friend! This is what disgusts me about the UBP and friends. You created the lie that Brown did it for some personal gain or some unseen compensation. Which was flatly denied. Then when a wikileak proves you wrong you claim that Bermuda didn’t get any compensation. ???!!! WTF
    Bie go take a wikileak an shut tha hell up!
    Cause ya pissin me off fraudster!

  4. White Jesus says:

    So I guess according to the adventures of Kimpossible and friends Dr. Brown SHOULD have done what they were falsely accusing him of? Now that wikileaks proves you WRONG?
    Are you suggesting that we should not have helped the US in the name of goodwill? Are you suggesting that the US is NOT a friend of Bermuda? So the Obama administration is just Dr. BROWNS friends now eh? You are fundamentally Kimpossible of being respected or taken seriously. Bie go take a wikileak Kimbo. Amazing! You UBP people are the only people I’ve ever met with the balls to piss on us and inadvertently tell us that you’re pissing on us. ROFLMFAO!!!

  5. White Jesus says:

    Establish a precedent? What an idiot! How often does the US approach Bermuda for assistance in such matters. This situation is clearly a unique one and required quick action and not the long drawn-out debating and consulting. I as a citizen fully supported Brown’s decision. And I haven’t since for a second doubted that it was the right decision. Watch out! UBP falling “KIMBEEEEEERR”

    • Dragging A Lure says:

      White Jesus,
      You’re really pissed off, the leader of the oposition is a true fool, I’ll bet a small wager that he does not get any support from the business section of this community, especially our friends and neighbours. Pity the UBP. He should stay with the RG.

  6. Rob says:

    I think Wikileaks will soon be employing a new member by the name of Ewart Brown. Unfortunately this too shall not pass!

    • Dragging A Lure says:

      Dr.Ewart Brown is an extraordinary person and of course, “that shall not pass”. Get over it, move on and stop wishing.

      • Rob says:

        Dragging, I cannot move on. I am stuck on this rock just like you, with all this dirty stinking laundry in my back yard, That smell will never pass!

        • Dragging A Lure says:

          I can’t offer you any sympathy for being stuck on this rock it’s your personal choice also I’m not stuck on this rock like you. We have many problems that needs to be resolved but I’m not willing to forsake Bermuda. The smell of dirty stinking laundry in your back yard is for you to find a method that will assist in removing the stench. I really understand what you are saying but how is Wikileaks and Ewart Brown involved. Speak up or hold thy tongue.

  7. I’ll take all 4 UIGERS if you please give me some land at MARTHA’S VINEYARD…..But I cannot use my Maiden name…….. LOLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Kim, go

  8. puremedness says:

    Uighur Muslims r pure bedrins 4 life, i had a drink wif one of dem fewls down Crawl and he wuz tellin me bout how mug it is 2 live in china…i told him how safe bermy wuz, but not safe like “safe” safe, it old him its more like “safe, ya my bedrin” than “you are physically safe”. Chaboy knew what I wuz sayin

  9. Expat White Trash says:

    Those of you above who STILL support Brown are sad sad sad sheep being led to the slaughter. How can you believe this man who has lied to Bermudians again and again?

    Either he got paid for this, or he is the worst negotiator in history. Bermuda is stuck with these people FOREVER – and you think this is OK? This guy could have stuck you with this probelm just so he could get a photo with Obama. And this is the guy you support? You friggin Bermudians deserve what you get.

    You are deluded!

    Welcome to the third world Bermuda – good luack with it.

    • shusprillionaire says:

      that was a wicked photo with Obama, though…you see his pink bowtie?


      • Expat White Trash says:

        Great photo yes. You must be so proud of your good doctor. I can only imagine how you’ll feel when you finally wake up and realise you were raped in the colonoscopy region by him.

        And he’ll be relaxing in Oak Bluffs…

        Ar well, poor has been Bermuda. Guess you’ll get cheap housing after all.

  10. Hmmmmm says:

    Expat White Trash, let’s make a deal: I won’t comment on whatever idiots put your country’s “corrupt” politicians in power and you should extend to us the same courtesy. Pick a western democracy that is in good shape and I’ll eat my gombey feathers. Between riots and MPs’ expenses in England, gridlock in Canada, and total confusion on Capitol Hill; 4 Uighurs and Kim Swan’s outrage is a walk in the park. Just so you all know, that picture with Obama was taken in 2007 BEFORE he was elected President……..I know the truth hurts.

  11. Fed Up says:

    You all simply amaze me!!!!! First you state that the man got a financial kickback . . . when that’s proven untrue, now you say he wanted some personal recognition from the powers that be . . . r u serious??????? It amazes me that we are still overly concerned by four men from China, when we have droves of phillipinos coming into our little small island everyday, doing menial jobs as counter waitressing, managers at Arnold’s and who else knows what. Be clear, Bermuda our problems are more than these four men. Kim Swan, every time you open your mouth, I think about my grandmas words, “it’s better to be thought a fool than to open up your mouth and confirm everyone’s suspicions.

    Geesh . . . the man is retired and living his life . . . and ya’ll are still talking . . . I guess the old saying is true . . . “you know you’ve done something significant if people still talk about you long after your gone.

    Grow up and shut up!!!!!

    • LOL (original) says:

      Guess same applies to Hitler, Napoleon and all the colonial masters of the past. Greatness is always a matter of perspective I just want to know who really sent the bullet, who really forged the cheques, and where all the money went, why was Corriea alowed to charge tripple the going rate for his crain and why Government paid it, What will happent to the TCD thing? While I’m at it I think the PLP should collectivly pay the difference in the increased taxes that now comes out of my pay cheque thanks to their spending way should my kids pay for their f##kups? If the PLP will not hold them selves accountable why should I be for these taxes?

      LOL ps hows your tea party going at PLP burning whitejesus pics yet and lurring in young minds to continue your racist agenda.


  12. Expat White Trash says:

    With all due respect to Hmmmmmmm & Fed Up. I simply do not believethe doctor relocated those people to Bermuda for no reward or benefit. I just hope it finally comes out one day. That is merely the point I was tryimg to make. Maybe his reward is “doing irrepairable damage to Bermuda” – but its a reward non the less.

    Thank you for your kind attention

    • Dragging A Lure says:

      To: Expat White Trash,\
      The good thing about democracy you can state what you believe and it’s called an opinion. Throw out the facts and than you start believing that your opinion becomes a fact. Now explain what irrepairable damage has been done to Bermuda. I remember quite clearily that a Mr. Cole Simons from the UBP visited the Conservative Party conference in the U.K. last year and met with certain Chinese delegates. He reported back to Bermuda that we were on their Sh-t List. We have been informed over the last 2 weeks that there are over 600 local businesses that has ties with China. We have signed a TIER Agreement with them. The British Government said their piece and dropped the subject and moved on. The Americans and the rest of the world LOVE us. We are in a recession and yet no business has left the island because of the 4 Uighurs. So stop believing your BS and prove what irrepairable damage has been done. What also is important stop waiting for the Fairy Godmother to produce evidence indicating Dr. Brown had received a reward.

    • shusprillionaire says:

      His reward was the warm feeling in the cockles of his heart!

  13. Expat White Trash says:

    Fed Up: It has not been ‘proven untrue’ that no financial kickback was given. Wikileaks was quite vague about it actually. Even if it was written in an exact amount, it all depends on whether you actually believe what is written.

    I genuinely feel sorry for those of you who still believe in the good doctor. After everything he’s done. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

    Thank you for your kind attention

  14. Expat White Trash says:

    Dragging: I said he’d done damage yes – but didn’t mention the terrorists. There’s a lot of other stuff he’s done too. Also, if you believe he did this for no reward just cos he loves us – then you are the one in need of a Fairy Godmother. In fact you are living in Fantasyland. Good luck with that!

    Thank you for your kind attention.

  15. CanadianLuv says:

    This situation is old news. Your politicians are trying to distract you while they further ruin this beautiful Island. Wake up & Stand up! You are all hung up on 4 men who are not killing off each other and are not part of the problem in Bermuda – Violence and not to mention Racism… Live & Let live!

  16. NOFX says:

    Expat White Trash, its not worth it, these people are going to support the PLP and its leaders no matter what. Check back in 15 years when they’ve voted themselves into Hatians and there’s pictures of them on TV laying around dying of cholera while someone says “please give”.

  17. somerset says:


    oh what cupmatch ended? i thought this was news sometime before then.

    if ewart brown took on the uigurs for good will alone, then i’m not mad. hey some other countries apparantly got rewards of money and aid but it’s ok, maybe doing the right thing is sometimes more important than trying to get a reward. and he never claimed to be doing it for anything other than goodwill. what’s the problem?


    if, however, ewart brown took on the uigurs in exchange for some kind of personal reward or gratification without getting anything for the island out if it – then i’d have a problem. i can understand that. but – that’s just what most of you people getting mad seem to be assuming, not a proven or implied fact as of yet.

    it would be nice to see a balance of accounts that explains exactly what cost what and who paid what relating to the uigurs. but i feel like we won’t get answers because the questions are all contained in attacks and it is understandable that the government don’t answer straight up – politicians are wired to defend themselves and close off to attacks.

    which leaves me wondering what’s really going on. and what’s the real problem? people angry that there was no compensation? people angry that there was? people angry that they don’t know? people angry that we took on four innocent victims of a war who can’t go home? what?

    i myself do not like this government much and am not happy about some things, but i have no complaints about this issue…why is this issue being fixated on when there are better things to criticize government about?? When there things about which constructive contributions could be made?? The UBP is not serving me as an opposition by focusing so much on this, and the PLP are failing me as a government by not making full disclosure and moving on fast thereby forcing the opposition to do the same….or maybe all the politicians want to play a sideshow to distract from their collective inadequacy and inaction?

    I can’t spell or type well so, if you please, please respond to my content not my grammar.

  18. Expat White Trash says:

    Anyone who believes the good Doctor brought those guys in as a goodwill gesture only – would probably believe in anything. Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa, Peter Pan.

    All it takes is faith and trust.

    Or perhaps someone just really really stupid and blind.


  19. Lightbulb.... says:

    Now what?