Four Videos: Police, Drug Bust, & Carefree IV

January 22, 2011

Yesterday morning [Jan 21] began with the Bermuda Police Marine Unit stopping a boat in the North Shore area and seizing what they believe to be a significant quantity of narcotics. Police later confirmed three men were arrested in this incident. The video below shows a look at the scene at Penhurst Park in Smith’s, and Police Inspector Kuhn Evans gives a short statement.

A short while after the Penhurst Park incident, two Police boats were seen heading out to the St George’s area with numerous armed Police officers onboard. Soon after, the Carefree IV – with armed and masked officers aboard – came into St George’s with a Police boat escort. The video below shows the Carefree IV traveling through Town Cut en route to land.

After the two sailors were taken into Police custody and the boat was searched at the scene, Carefree IV was hoisted out of the water by a crane and placed on a truck.

The Carefree IV was then taken to Southside Police Station Bermuda

Photos of the day’s activities are here, and the full story is here.

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  1. Call as it is says:

    EXCELLENT Reporting,Pictures and Videos by Bernews!

  2. Have some sense says:

    I agree, 100% — as ALWAYS! Bernews deserves official recognition for the stellar job, certainly beginning with your Hurricane Igor coverage. As a former freelance journalist, my hat’s off to you!