Stray Kayak Leads To Marine Police Response

June 30, 2015

Three children on a kayak that drifted out of sight of their caretaker resulted in Marine Police attending the scene yesterday [June 29], only to find that the kayak and its three occupants had already made their way safely to shore.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Center spokesperson said, “On Monday, June 29 at 5.03pm, a cell call was received from a distressed member of the public.

“The female caller reported that she had lost sight of a kayak in Hamilton Harbour with three children onboard, whom are under her care. The kayak, with two 13-year-olds, and one 6-year-old [all girls] went out of sight from the caller’s position on Harbour Road near the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club.

“The woman was concerned that the children were tired and possibly disorientated. Bermuda Radio tasked the Marine Police to attend, and also made an All Stations Broadcast requesting any vessels to keep a sharp look out and report any sightings of the kayak to Bermuda Radio.

“The Marine Police attended shortly after, by which time the kayak and all three occupants had made their way safely to shore unaided. No further action was taken.”

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  1. Family Man says:

    “No further action was taken”? I’m willing to bet the three kids might not agree with that.