Vessel In Protected Waters Leads To Police Call

August 1, 2015

Marine and land police were contacted following a report of a “PC POND DOG II” in the turtle preservation area off of Clearwater Beach on July 30.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations spokesperson said, “On Thursday, July 30 at 4.09pm, lifeguards at Clearwater Beach complained of the improper presence of a PC POND DOG II in the turtle preservation area off the beach.

“The lifeguards further reported that when challenged over the matter the two occupants of the vessel were un-cooperative, angered and abusive.

“Marine and Land police were contacted to assist and the matter was handed off for resolution.”

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  1. What a coincidence. It had been just last week when my brother in-law and I were on one of the few islands off of Clearwater beach to go fishing when a lifeguard approached to tell us it was a protected area….I was somewhat betwixt since there isn’t any notices on the shoreline of said islands nor buoys displaying flags to deter the public from being on or in them areas.

    • But you're clueless says:

      Mr. Ray, the ‘few islands’ off of clearwater are protected REGARDLESS ‘ironically’

  2. New Simons says:

    Nothing scrapes my keel more than obnoxious Mariners. Experienced yachtsmen know the rules and where they should and should not be… Tomorrow will be amateur hour that’s for sure.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    It is one thing for a boat to be idling around in an area, protected or not, where there are turtles. They have a chance of hearing the boat, maybe even seeing it, & avoiding it.

    Fast moving boats & jetskis, worse, multiple jetskis, & the turtles have little chance of avoiding them with noise coming from multiple directions & moving fast.

    Turtles are everywhere, even in the middle of Hamilton Harbour, give them a break by at least trying to look out for them.

  4. Sooo says:

    here is a map showing protected area’s It’s available at Ag & Fish and M&P..


    I won’t rant too much about the way people drive boats… All I can say we should require locals to have licenses to drive them and tourists should have training (like rental bikes)

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      As far as I know there is no restriction for taking boats into protected areas though there may be a restriction on anchoring. Why that rule I don’t know. An anchor sure does not do any damage to turtle grass that it does not quickly recover from.

  5. JONO says:

    Don’t know of any areas that are “protected” with access prohibited, however, what a person does in certain areas might not be allowed..please clarify.