Two ‘Missing Sailors’ Arrested On Arrival

January 21, 2011

[Updated] Bernews understands that the Carefree IV sailboat with two Bermudian sailors aboard is now entering Bermuda waters, and is/will be docking in Bermuda this morning [Jan 21]. The sailboat, with Police escort, is pictured below coming through Town Cut in St George’s a few minutes ago.


Two Police boats were seen heading out from St George’s this morning, with numerous officers onboard. Carefree IV was seen coming into St George’s with a Police boat escort, with approximately six officers onboard the boat.

Bermudians Carlos Rogers, 41, and Kwesi Hollis, 36, left the Dominican Republic on December 1 on the 31-foot yacht, and had been due to arrive in Bermuda before Christmas.

The U.S. Coastguard C-130 aircraft had conducted an aerial search for the missing boat, covering an area of 19,000 square miles to the East and Southeast of Bermuda just before Christmas. In late December, a vessel from the Dominican Republic Navy division also searched for the two men.

On Monday 3rd January, RCC Bermuda received a report from the Master of the M/V Bay Ranger that they had been in VHF radio telephone contact with the S/V Carefree IV in position approximately 150 nautical miles southeast of Bermuda. The crew were safe and well, though tired and requested provisions and fresh water to continue their voyage to Bermuda, which M/V Bay Ranger provided.

Updates to follow…

11:50am: The boat is now is now in St George’s Harbour. Approximately 7 Police officers, and two Police vehicles are on the dock, and a Police boat is alongside the boat. It appears that around six Police officers are onboard the sailboat, dressed in all black.

11:59am: Police pictured onboard boat:


12:05pm: Bernews understands the two sailors are not onboard the boat. The Police are presently on scene, and appear to be searching the boat.

12;17pm: A better quality photo of the Carefree coming in this morning with a Police escort, and what appears to be Police onboard the boat.


12:23pm: Unofficial sources indicate the sailors may be in Police custody at this time, and have also noted timing as it relates to the drug bust made by the Marine Police on North Shore this morning.

12:35pm: Video:

1:03pm: Police confirm sailors were arrested, their official statement follows below:

Police officers have intercepted two vessels this morning during a marine operation, one being the Carefree IV.

As a result five individuals have been arrested, including the two man crew of the Carefree IV and a significant quantity of suspected drugs has been seized.

An investigation into the matter is ongoing.

1:07pm: Bernews unofficially understands that the boat will be pulled from the water, and taken into Police custody.

1:14pm: The Police presence has dropped considerably, there are now 5-6 officers present. Previously the canine unit were seen on the boat, however we did not see them remove anything.

2:00pm: The photo below is from the drug bust on North Shore this morning, when Marine Police intercepted a boat carrying suspected drugs. The Police statement above references that 5 people were arrested in total between the two boat interceptions. We have not yet been able to confirm if the package shown is in fact the drugs in question, but will confirm as able.

bermuda drugs

2:07pm: Photos of the Police on scene with Carefree IV at the dock



2:36pm: Live stream from scene (stream ended at 5pm)

3:36pm: As we see on the stream above the boat is just about lifted out the water now. Also, audio of official Police statement from Police spokesman Dwayne Caines is here.

5:30pm: The boat was taken to the Police compound behind Southside Police station.

8:06pm: Photos of the boat being lifted out the water earlier today



Update: Addtional footage has been added; approximately 30 photos are here, and additional video footage here.

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  1. Terry says:

    1 and 1 is still two.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Nice to see that they have been given an appropriate welcome home. Were the dogs happy to see them too?

  3. Truth is killin' me says:

    Thank God they are home safe and sound. Why are the police on board? They were just on a winter cruise from the DR. They haven’t done anything wrong. RIIIIIGHT!!!!

  4. Wow says:


  5. Sarah says:

    ell oh ell

  6. Terry says:

    2 & 2 is 4.

    Well done guys. Used the “It’s a No Day ploy”. Just wondering where the rest went. 2 months at sea for 2 bails ……..doubt it. Check Ely’s………….

    • mib512 says:

      that was the decoy, and what were the guys on the yacht arrested for

  7. Rockfish says:

    They were very determined individuals – at least they made it back safely.

  8. Scott says:

    lol whats that voice saying about “bernews not having this? they arent even here?”

  9. jredmond says:

    You gotta know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em! Anyone but a dummy would dump their package overboard and cut their losses.

    • White Jesus says:

      Nah I’ll bet they had invested too much into it. Perhaps some higher up would have their necks, that is, if they weren’t working for themselves.
      Three cheers for the S/V Careless IV. Our prayers have been answered!!! Pun intended.

      • serg says:

        what prayers have been answered?that they got back safe or drugs off the street?

        • White Jesus says:


          1. the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.
          2. a literary composition, in verse or prose, in which human folly and vice are held up to scorn, derision, or ridicule.

  10. Call as it is says:

    do the maths people!!!!

  11. itwasn't me says:

    I once was lost,
    but now I’m found,
    was bound,
    and now not free.

  12. What I really think! says:


  13. LifeIsLove says:

    They should be given the Ultimate Darwin Award!

  14. the root of it all says:

    where are the people who were defending these clowns? it was so obvious from the start what they were up to. what complete morons. i’m happy they’re alive but even happier that they’re going to be charged and put behind bars.

    genius has its limits, but stupidity is under no such restrictions. these guys almost lost their LIVES for the love of money! how dumb to risk your freedom and your LIFE in such a way. they should thank god for every day they’ll get to spend alive, in jail.

    • itwasn't me says:

      You may be happy ‘root’ but I’m very unhappy….at $80K per year times 5 prisoners vacationing at Westgate…..hell that $400K per year of our money. I think BPS and Bermuda Radio should have let the americans have them

  15. Terry says:

    The irony of all this is the big bouy got what he wanted …cut and run is a bitch.

    Don’t believe me? Check your local seller…………….

  16. Scott says:

    This was totally stupid.. but ive actually been thinkin about it… we all look at it and shake our heads, cause we’ve seen the media..

    i look at it from their side.. and its interesting to think, that while we all pretty much called this one, they were probably not privy to the fact that they’d had so much media attention.

    The whole time they probably werent thinking “oh hero’s welcome, or know what do we do now”… the whole time they were probably thinking “this is gonna be awesome”…

    its like we’re watchign a horror movie, telling the girl to NOT go investigate that sound in the dark…. she’s oblivious to whats about ot happen, yet we are all bracing ourselves for the inevitable.

  17. Truth is killin' me says:

    Where’s all the friends and family that were defending them a few weeks ago!? The silence is deafening!!!

    • sick of you says:

      I’m still happy they are ALIVE and WELL!

      • White Jesus says:

        Well they are alive yes. Well?……..hardly!

        • Well says:

          Happy for what

          They knew what the risk was …. sailing in the Bermuda Triangle at this time of
          the year ……

          Why should I worry if they are alive or not and I would say the same if it was a
          family member

    • sick n tired!!!!! says:

      Here is their family . . . we never deied or confirmed what they may or may not have been doing, we just asked you asses to have some DAMN compassion while we as a family were stressed and worried about their whereabouts. Let this be deafening!!!!!!!!!!

      • Scott says:

        with all due respect… (and this may not be you in particular), but there were a lot that DID indeed deny it had anything to do with drugs.

      • Truth is killin' me says:

        Compassion while our brothers are getting shot dead in the street over drugs and turf and all this nonsense to make a quick dollar while our children cannot play in their neighbourhoods. I THINK NOT SISTER!!! NEXT!!!!!!!

        • Lissa says:

          C’mon you guys – innocent until proving guilty…..
          Ease up their family members.

          Have a great weekend y’all!!

        • Well says:

          Where they WORRYING about your ASS when they left BERMUDA to go to possibly get DRUGS
          which would have and AFFECT a NEGATIVE AFFECT on your children and their children

          NO! and NO!

          They left BDA at a time of the year when most Bermudians would not even go in
          the ocean!

          Why should I give you comfort for something STUPID as to travel the ocean
          during the WINTER MONTHS

          You have no COMPASSION from ME ….

          If people would have SOLD their DRUGS to the CHILDREN .. would you have COMPASSION then

          • Reality Check says:

            I wonder who told u they jus Happen 2 go sailing. Yes they alledgedly bought in drugs but there’s more to the story peeps. Innocent till proven guilty! Quit all the idol talk!┌П┐

      • White Jesus says:

        Really it is unfortunate for anyone to have a family member involved in criminal behaviour. I empathise with that. But the BACKBONE that’s missing amongst our population is the ability to stand out for JUSTICE even if it be against your ownself or your family. We can’t demand justice ONLY when its not our family. If my family member did this i’d be on here BLASTING them! I’d go and visit them, give em a hug, tell em I love them and then ask the judge to carry out the LAW. If you are too coward to do this i’m sorry but the future will ‘weed’ you out. Tommorrow is not yours. Love your family but don’t be a HYPOCRITE!!

        • Cinderella says:

          In our family no-one lets a lie go unnoticed or a story go uninvestigated. The whole bunch of us tell off the liar (2 yr old or 72 yr old) AND make them undo the damage in front of us. Guess how many of the boys have had trouble as teenagers? ZERO. Who do they go to for support? The ones who showed them how to grow a backbone. Are they happy/content/not worried about getting high? Seems so.

  18. Crazy says:

    Can I please call these individuals “idiots” now? (Thank you Bernews)

  19. It Is What It Is? says:

    Okay even if we Suspect (and we’re probably right) you do realise that as it presently stands it APPEARS (not saying it is a fact) that NO drugs were found on “CareFree” just on the Boston Whaler at this point……

    • Truth is killin' me says:

      Which Harbor Radio tracked moving from the Carefree and to the North Shore with the aid of a Policemen who was stationed there for the past month!? NEXT!

      • Sheriff says:

        Feck Truth>> this isn’t the first time you’ve seemed to know alot more than the general public… like you know the 411 … and tryna get it out there first , but of course holding all your cards to your chest.

        Please truth >> don’t tell us- tell them >>Crime Stoppers Bermuda 800-8477 (TIPS)

        • Watchful EYE says:

          Truth you do seem to know alot……… Hope you didn’t “prick” on them and what they had coming in.

          • Sheriff says:

            @ Watchful Eye >>> lmmfawo !!!

            Glad you noticed like me.. Truth sits around waiting like a vulture , stalking Bernews to get his 411 in first! He was beat today by the 4 before him . Nothing ever good to say !

            Can’t we be glad they are safe. They have family that cares and loves them and they are grown men who knew the consequences of their actions.

      • Lissa says:

        Truth are getting paid for your info?

      • It Is What It Is? says:

        @ Truth…so what part of my comment is incorrect..I don’t give a rats A*& who tracked who, what, where, when or how..What I did say if you need me to modify it for your learning Support self..NO drugs were found on Carefree only the Boston Whaler..I’m not saying there is no connection…So Run Tell That!! NEXT!!!!

        Always so quick to ATTEMPT to try and point out others errors ATTEMPTING to be sarcastic…Don’t just read what is on the page..try reading with understanding!!!! NXT!!!!

    • Scott says:

      buut supposedly also the crew of carefree were caught on that other boat this AM….

    • rubber bong says:

      there is a chance that bermuda radio has the rendezvous recorded from their radar console thus linking the 2 boats together even if no drugs were found…unless they were out of range or the 2nd boat too small

      • sandgrownan says:

        There’s a chance these muppets were “tracked” from Day 1 in the DR and the cops knew exactly what they were up to – to the point of waiting for their accomplices in the whaler.

  20. island girl says:

    There is one good word for these guys…NUMPTY… plural is NUMPTIES!
    Google it for definition!

    • just fishin' says:

      So cool! THAT’S what that blue square combined with a right click is for. Thank you!

  21. SpongeBob & Patrick could have come up with a better plan! This proves that old adage ‘Don’t get high on your own supply’ Dopes.

    • itwasn't me says:

      LOL SpongeBOB n Patrick …. love that cartoon, and I’m happy that they have real life counterparts too!! LOL

    • Nemo says:

      That’s the best line I have heard in days!!!!!

  22. Terry says:

    Sloop John “B”….I wanna go home. Desperate people do desperate things.

    Think about it. Two months at sea, whats there to loose. Human nature says go home.

  23. White Jesus says:

    Now me gwaan go ah jail again..ooohh nooo. And me never gwaan sail again…ooh noo. Lol. But really not funny. Idiots



    • Truth is killin' me says:

      Your name says it all. Why don’t you just leave then bwye!

    • White Jesus says:

      Well do what you have to do and meet the end that you will meet and deserve buddy.
      I agree that there is a bad situation with the cost of living and something needs to be done. But you lose my support when you suggest that robbing other people or destroying their lives with drugs is justified just for your own puny existence. That makes you worse than any system you claim isnt helping you. So you get no sympathy from me. Live morally and righteously FIRST, then you deserve the help.

      • Well says:

        White Jesus

        You have my support

        and EVERYONE should know now that if you PLAY with drugs and get caught

        your not going to travel to the USA / CANADA

        Fly North to your MOTHER COUNTRY

        so why would you play with drugs and riun the LIVES of your BLACK and WHITE BROTHERS


        why? why would you let someone try and destroy the life of your CHILDREN?

        WHY IDIOT?


    • Well says:

      So where do you stay

      so I can come and ROB your SORRY ASS

      I need some money also

    • small biz says:

      Oh well, the economy will never get back on track now!

    • Watchful EYE says:

      I agree with your comment to a point but there is a thing called sacrafice and hardwork and with that comes rewards like promotions and advancement to better yourself in a job that you may not like but you have to do to survive.
      So think about that before you go down that path of easy money and jail time as a reward.

    • navin r johnson says:

      vote for another party…they have to try to keep the rich people rich…they are now rich after 12 years in power and could care less about you ….

      • Grizz says:

        How the hell did politics get into this? SMH…any opportunity

  25. Missy says:

    LOL you all are worrying about the two man and they are probably just happy to be home, to get a decent bath and a good meal at Bermuda’s Premier Free Hotel “Westgate”.  The bad weather was a factor in them arriving on time LOL and the drugs will get on the streets one way or another, same way they have snitches in the hood. KNOW DAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • White Jesus says:

      Trust me a prison bath isn’t decent, it’s just a friggin shower. The meal isn’t all that either. Don’t underestimate the luxuries of freedom. These guys would much rather be with people they know and love and rubbing their faces on the grass of familiar surroundings. NOT a prison cell. I’m sure they want a beer and envisioned cutting up their package while enjoying a spliff. And making money. They didn’t go all that way to get locked up. They’re sailors, they don’t care about no bath Missy, know daat ace gurl!

    • Well says:

      If they are so happy to be HOME


      they should have BEEN home long time ago

      and the weather didn’t preventthem from coming in

      they had a working ENGINE

  26. mamatrue says:


  27. College Graduate says:

    Supply And Demand

    Legalize It

  28. Dumb and dumber are no longer Carefree says:

    Did they really think they were going to mosey up to the nearest dock and unload their goods? Puhlease!!! The police have probably been watching out for them for the last four weeks. Who turns down not one rescue, but two? I think this is an episode of America’s dumbest criminal island style.

  29. GOSH says:

    That boat sure has had a great ADVENTURE. WOW – I was praying for their safe return and that has happened. Gosh I think really they knew their fate and had no other choice but to come home and face what was to come. Glad now their familes know they are safe and not missing at sea. This is what they did and they took that risk….hope they are aware of that if not they will be soon when all is said and done.
    Good Day Bernews for the great pictures and video.
    Have a great weekend everyone and be safe

    • White Jesus says:

      Their fate was sealed when they entered Bermuda’s waters. They could easily have chosen a different fate before then. Good work BPS

  30. InTheKnow says:

    I heard the Police ‘executives’ arrived on scene today on T3 Trikes – they left HQ yesterday BTW.

  31. itwasn't me says:


  32. Sarah says:

    Bernews, you are doing a tremendous job of updating this story as it continues to unfold. Keep up the great work, it is appreciated!

  33. Critical Thinker says:

    I bet the authorities were aware of their location and just pretend not to. This is so they will catch them as they try to sneak on the Island.
    So the miss-information about not knowing the whereabouts of the vessel, was done, so as to not alert the folks that were to rendezvous with them, and remove the contraband before they docked.

    We may call them Dumb, but I bet you, that a few of these shipments pass through successfully every year. So going on that premise, they took their chances. Tough!!

    • Lissa says:

      You’ve been hanging out with ‘Truth is killin’ ?

    • Scott says:

      People should do the math. a saildboat gets caught with $13mil near DR…then some other boat coming here gets “lost” near DR.. .???

      no one needs “inside information” to figure this one out.

  34. White Jesus says:

    “So wha U dink ba, we sha shrow de package euvabowad inna?”
    No vay ba ya dopey? Dey aink een goen search de boat ba wa celebrities.

  35. Terry says:

    In the know……your full of crap. Your information is old.

    The Marine Police have been towing then for the past 10 days and det stuff has been “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” for a week………….

    • common sense says:

      I come on this site to gain information and facts, most people that comment are very great people, and speak facts. Unfortunately we have a select few that wake up every morning, log onto bernews, just to criticize and belittle people. The belittlement does not revolve around only drug(or plant as i should say, made illegal because blacks, and mexicans used it) seizures, but anything that is posted on this site. Well i shouldn’t say anything that is posted, because I haven’t seen you comment on the previous post “US Black History Event’s Bermuda Focus”, nor have u posted on “2011 Projection: 11% Increase in Cruise Visitors”.However you commented on “Minister to Employers: ‘Explore Local Expertise’, and sarcastic comments at that, smh. I for one no that I am not perfect, or anybody else to that matter, and mistakes are made, life. But it seems that your an exception, and perfect is printed on your forehead, no mistakes from you, PERFECTION. Can you give me some insight, on how i can become like you, and be perfect, it would greatly be appreciated. P.S, I for sure hope White Jesus aint who he claims, cause now I know why we are in this state were in now, you probably used sarcasm to divide your people, and cause destruction lol.

      • just fishin' says:

        Hey! Lighten up! This is what Social Media is all about. Sure there are some off-the-wall thoughts but wouldn’t life be boring if we sat back and wrote nothing? Have you looked at exchanges on similar comment pages overseas? They make us look like a bunch of wusses!

        I don’t follow your comment about a lack of comments on the other news of the day….I’ve just had a look and there are quite a few. However, human nature is what it is and a drug bust is more exciting than most other news. In any community anywhere…scandal wins every time!

        • common sense says:

          I was talking about the persons post who I replied to. Only seems to comment on negative, my guess, they like whats going on, and want to keep seeing people suffer. These people take risks because maybe thats the lasts means of survival. Come on, you never hear of a rich person being involved in these situations, because they don’t need to take the risk, or maybe…they have enough to pay off the dirty cops!!! scandal wins I guess lol

          • ok says:

            That is not always true. That guy Stanford was a Billionaire but he was still trying to steal more money!

  36. In no way do I condone this activity BUT they could have had a bunch of guys on jetskis meet them waaay off shore at night…then off load the cargo before skuttling the boat and then both guys jump on back of the skis with the cargo and jet back to shore with each ski landing at a different beach. Um just sayin. Sailing up to Bermy in broad daylight and using a Boston wailer as your “sister ship” is just plain dumb. They must have been drinking salt water.

    • Uncle Ruckus says:

      You watch too much TV and movies. They were watching them regardless.

  37. Just Saying says:

    Really! If these to cases were linked why would the arrive around the same time on the island knowing that there would be police there to apprehend carefree! The sailors on carefree knew the police would be at the dock for other reasons besides a drug bust. So befor the whole island jumps to conclusions let’s wait for the actual facts instead of these *”what ifs”. And let’s be glad that they are safe and not lost at sea. Stop acting like know it alls unless YOU REALLY DO KNOW!

    • It Is What It Is? says:

      My sentiments exactly!!! Don’t know the guys and Don’t know the story..I’ll what for the FACTS even though Truth is killin” me seems to think that they have an inside track…Bermuda’s Island Enquirer……

  38. Terry says:

    Your one step ahead of yourself ‘criminal’……..

    You need 30 jetskis to do that. That a lot of fuel and would have to be close.

    Sure it done a lot but not under these circustances.

    Chack out doze feeshermen wiff beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg houses and no scales and also the big bouys that languish offshore with tales of 500lb pompano et al who grace our resturants and bars and ….well yah know. And their just the sister ships……………………………………….

    • common sense says:

      Here we go again, your a great candidate for our next PREMIER, Mr. know it all. SMH

  39. serg says:

    glad they are home safe..DR its dirt cheap down there.i wonder when the drugs are going to be put back on the street.either way someone will make money off that package

    • common sense says:

      Remember corruption starts from d top, and then it dwindles down to the street level, were only they are prosecuted, and not those at the top, smh!!!!

  40. jj says:


  41. Tigga says:

    mmm – not a lot being said by those who had their heads in the sand when those with half a brain called this one!!

    These have got to be the 2 stupidest people to have ever walked the planet. Go west fellas! ROTFLMAO

  42. from outside the looking glass says:

    Sorry but this is just economics coupled with lack of intelligence. It’s really about demand and profits(smart guys do this in the summer with better equipment!). Even moreso than the rest of the western world, we’ve got a lot of money and a lot of leisure time here (broadly speaking of course). People also spend a LOT more for their drugs here than anywhere else – this is due to the constriction of the supply into the island, the ‘risk price’ involved, and monopolies/corruption in the supply chain. High demand, limited supply = high prices. The black market thrives due to ridiculous profits reaped (see Prohibition). Essentially, if you have no education and can’t get a good job, you can move stuff for Mr Big Fish. You also do his other dirty work (shooting, enforcing). Or, if you have an education but don’t want to work, you can start your own ‘business’ and go get it yourself.
    We’ll continue to lock guys up with violent criminals, small timers will get shot over territory disputes, police spend time enforcing, taxpayers poor money in. Dog chases tail.
    OR we ca legalize ‘drugs’. Take away the profits, take away the black market. Money on policing/imprisoning gets redirected to education and addiction services. Time wasted chasing dealers and importers goes to more police on the streets, preventing person-on-person crime. Shootings go away over time, place is safer. And (slightly tongue-in-cheek) I can guarantee tourism goes way up!

  43. Organized Crimes says:

    It amazing how some of your think SMH. Praise god for their safety. Their families must be happy that their still alive and may not have known their intentions at all. If you don’t believe that your a fool and to all those above running their mouth when MISSY stated the same thing not 1 of you ” TERRY, WHITE JESUS AND TRUTH IS KILLEN ME” had shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht to say. RUN TELL THAT. This island is built on corruption who you fooling. ORGANIZED CRIME!

    • It Is What It Is? says:

      Thank you for that!!! But the same ones you mentioned (you know the ones in caps) you’ll hear from them again because you used the “C” word that everybody runs from..they don’t want to hear that…I’m like you…let’s take a look at the bigger picture….Let’s get ready to ruuummmble!!!

    • navin r johnson says:

      Praise God they got caught.

  44. Organized Crimes says:

    Dont know why my comment was edited BERNEWS let the truth be told! Thats the problem today everything gets covered up and pushed to the side like it dont exist. SMH BERNEWS I dont know what to think of you guys at this point.

    • bernews says:

      Sorry, hate to infringe free speech, but its sounds all well and good to let people say what they like, but when the lawsuit or arrest warrant for defamation comes only we are responsible.

      We have to follow some legal guidelines, and are easily the most lenient with comments…and catch a lot of heat for being so…

      Hope you can understand, and thanks for the comments…

      • Dragging A Lure says:

        Thanks to the Colonel for making our island and boarders safer.

      • Uncle Ruckus says:

        Exactly! Tell these big mouths. They have a lot to say online anonymously. SMH.

        • Grizz says:

          Uncle Rukus is not your REAL NAME…so you might as well be anonymous too! Honestly, you really irritate me but you are entitled to your freedom of speech!

  45. Call as it is says:

    100 Comments so far….

    More than when a person is shot…

    abandon ship,bermy is sinking

  46. DeeBee says:

    I’ve been following this story all day and indeed the Carefree IV situation since December. My first reation was similar to most of the posts here, “What a bunch of idiots!” But in thinking and re-thinking through it all, I was struck by another possibilty, which I’ll outline below for comments.

    1.) The execution of this alleged “drug run” was so daft and ill-conceived that it almost defies belief.
    2.) That these men, who managed to survive the December and January storms and gales, which we all experienced here (15′-25′ seas for sustained periods)in a 31′ boat were, whether experienced seamen or not, surely not stupid.

    What is the possibility that this was merely a decoy?

    It happens all the time in other places around the world. Cartels regularly sacrifice “small” quantities of product (and personnel) in order to divert attention away from the “real” shipment. The authorities and politicians are happy as they get a great big headline. The cartel is equally happy as they can continue business as usual at a relatively small cost.

    Just a thought.

    • Arthur - Atlanta says:

      I agree with you 110%
      Nobody skilled enough to navigate across the ocean is that dumb!
      It was all part of a plan.

  47. Good job POLICE. A large quantity has been found but the weight of the drugs not listed, and also to get the public confidence why don’t you in Government, police, and customs allow a public viewing of all illegal drugs and guns get destroyed ..Curious

  48. Big ships passing food!!!!!!!!!!! yeah right, I bet, funny how coast guard never saw them for 2 whole days. Carribbean my foot, If they had gone to the Carribbean I promise they would’ve been snatched up a long time ago…….. Big ships sailing in the ocean!!!!!!!!!!!Wonder what the ships really gave them haha

  49. White Jesus says:

    Man this is soooo not how I envisioned their return. Did anyone else picture gombeys on the dock to greet our poor lost sailors? Oh well, shonk donk da donk to ya bunk da cell gates go “CALUNK”

  50. Triangle Drifter says:

    Not quite what I envisioned on their return either. I was thinking Regiment band, Gombeys,The Kernal, Premier, religious leaders praising their safe return, Zane, Dale everyone else who would not miss a photo op.

    Oh well… we don’t even get a shot of the intrepid mariners who were out for an extended cruise.

    Hope there is video cause they sure deserve their few seconds of fame on Worlds Dumbest Crooks. lets not forget their equally stupid local associates.

    How stupid could they be? A piece of driftwood does not get near St Georges without Harbour Radio knowing about it. It is not like they are real busy up there on the hill tracking hundreds of ships passing by. Hanging around out of sight of land does not mean that you are not known about.

    Good job BPS & the people at Ft George.

  51. Enough Is Enough says:

    “Dumb & Dumber”, did they really think they would not be caught. It was just too obvious to me what they were up too. What a welcome home after 52 days

    • Tigga says:

      Good point Triangle Drifter – the guys at Fort George have been overlooked. Clearly a superb team effort – the head of narcotics should be commended too.

  52. Arthur - Atlanta says:

    Now here is my take on this whole deal movie script style:
    Bad Guys “Ok everybody listen up “We’re gonna stage a (small) missing boat and crew scene. Hype everyone and everybody up to search for them, stretch it out over a few weeks, get local and international media coverage etc. They then show up out of the blue and then get this! they disappear again. While the police, customs, harbor radio and coast guard’s focus is on them finally coming in the front door with 1 ounce of product, team #2 with the big boat and 16 pounds of product comes in the back door where no one is looking. Our plan is fool proof”

    Movie plot style I know..but possible.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Plauseable but not likely. The radar, linked to Ft George, on top of Gibbs lighthouse covers the west end pretty well making it difficult to get into Elys unoticed. There is no need to have human eyes on the radar all the time either. Even the most basic of boat based radars can have an audible warning if a new target is found or moves into a certain area.

  53. kathy says:

    This is a well I never story.

  54. mib512 says:

    can someone tell me what the 2 guys on the yacht were arrested for

    • bernews says:

      The specifics of the exact reason for arrest hasn’t been officially released as of yet, although the official statement gives some indication to the nature: “Police officers have intercepted two vessels this morning during a marine operation, one being the Carefree IV. As a result five individuals have been arrested, including the two man crew of the Carefree IV and a significant quantity of suspected drugs has been seized.”

      • umm says:

        where the drugs on the carefree…. this is why i hate media…. just there to create stories to generate money…. rubbish

  55. SMH says:

    Hello people, I’m a family member. I will support my Family no matter what. What they do in their life is their choice and we can’t tell anyone how to live their life. NO one is perfect and EVERYONE makes mistakes, even a Pastor or Preacher. I could care less what most Bermuda’s are saying about what they think went on. I am just glad that my Family member is home safe & well. & if they had something to do with this drug transaction, they are grown ass men and would face their consequences, it’s as simple as that. And it’s so funny because I bet most of the people that comment on here have or had a Familly member that was caught selling drugs, transporting drugs, having an illegal weapon and so on. In pretty much every Family there’s a criminal no matter what any of you think and you support them or are there for them, because they’re Family. You would let them know they were stupid or wrong for whatever they did, but you would be there for them. For the people that say where are the Families that were defending them, NO we weren’t, we just asked that the community pray for their safe return. So, thank you to the people who prayed for our Family members to return home safe & well.