Marine Police Rescue 4 Swimmers From Water

September 5, 2015

On Friday [Sept 4] the Police Marine Unit were called as four people were in distress in the Commissioners Point area, and on their arrival they found four swimmers clinging to the rocks, with the police recovering the swimmers from the water.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre spokesperson said, “Bermuda Radio receives a 911 call from a manager at Snorkel Park to report that four divers are in distress off the beach and appear to be caught by the current and drifting towards Commissioners Point.

“A Police Marine unit – Rescue 1, is quickly dispatched and arrived on scene to find four swimmers clinging to the rocks on the NW side of Commissioners House. Rescue 1 recovered each swimmer out of the water and transferred them safe and without injury back to shore.”

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  1. New Sheriff says:

    As the New Sheriff on the water, I 9er30, encourage people to be cautious whilst swimming in and around the waters of Bermuda. Commodore JB of BBIRYC has given me strict instructions to make sure swimmers and amateur boatsmen do not get in the way of him and his fellow yachtsmen of BBIRYC.

  2. sage says:

    No life guards, jet ski or launch at Snorkel park?