British MP: “Disrespectful” & “Out of Order”

March 23, 2011

senator_the_hon__lt__col_david_a__burch__obe__jp__ed_1 This evening [Mar.23] Minister of National Security Lt. Col. David Burch had strong words for Andrew Rosindell, a British MP who recently visited the island, saying he was “disrespectful”, “out of order” and that his behaviour was “a breach of every solitary protocol that exists across the planet.”

Speaking in the Senate this evening, the Colonel commented on Mr Rosindell’s desire to see the Union Jack flag flying in Bermuda along with the Bermuda flag, saying Mr Rosindell can “stay home and fly it.”

Colonel Burch also said he could put Mr Rosindell on the stoplist, however he won’t as he does not allow his “personal offence to dictate my Ministerial responsibilities.”

Andrew Rosindell, Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on the British Overseas Territories, spent three days in Bermuda last month. During his time here, he visited locations around the island including Dellwood Middle School and the Perot Post Office. Colonel Burch said Mr Rosindell was originally scheduled to travel to the island to attend a UBP event, which was cancelled, however he still came to Bermuda.

The Conservative politician is the Member of Parliament for the Romford constituency in Greater London. A profile on the BBC website describes Andrew Rosindell as a “right-wing populist and formidable campaigner” whose “views also help him to get noticed. He is pro hanging and firearm ownership.”

Speaking on Mr Rosindell’s visit to the island last month, Colonel Burch said, “He talked about debt, out of order, out of order. You are a backbencher, and you’re coming into somebodies…you descended on British for the very first time in your life, and you want to tell us what to do?”

“And then to add insult to injury Madame President, you have a meeting with the leader of the country, the leader of a country, and you’re in the paper the next day talking about she’s cynical. What are your talking about? That is a breach of every solitary protocol that exists across the planet irrespective of politics.”

“And then you want to suggest that you want to see the British and Bermuda flags together, because the Union Jack or Union Flag is the flag that unifies all British people across the world. We should never be afraid to fly it. Well stay home and fly it.”

The Colonel then spoke about independence, and went on to speak about Mr Rosindell again, saying that he knows the British read the papers, and “I want them to know, not even as a member of the Government, as a Bermudian, I am offended that you would think to bring yourself off of British and presume….to tell us what to do.”

“I would suspect, that on the return to the United Kingdom he’s probably had what I would call a ‘come to Jesus talk’ with those who sit on the Front Bench in the British Government, starting with the Foreign Secretary… how do you go out to the colonies and talk about you’re going to enunciate policy. What’s up with that?”

“And I just cannot allow the fact that the man just disrespected us, and I will say one more thing he is lucky, he’s lucky I don’t allow my personal offence to dictate my Ministerial responsibilities. I could put him on the stoplist you know.”

“It’s within the power of the Minister responsible for immigration. I won’t. I could even put on that he don’t land in my country without somebody at the airport letting me know he is here, so we can prepare [laughs]…I won’t do that either.”

“But what I do want to say is that no, it’s not good enough. The fact that you are English and the fact that you landed on British is not sufficient to come here and tell us what to do.”

“It’s disrespectful, its like you invited me to your house for dinner and all I do is bitch and moan about what you served me.”

“Disrespectful, I am not going to take it, I don’t know about anyone else round here, but I had to record my displeasure. Thank you Madame President.”

Update: Mr Rosindell’s reply is posted here.

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  1. Terry says:

    Read the first paragrah. Did not read to read the rest but will tomorow.

    Lt.Col. of the Bermuda Regiment, O.I.C. and he makes statements like that whilst he served Her Majesty …………………………..BULL&$T.

    • Black Soil says:

      The col. is a drama queen.

      • rob says:

        Yes, he is not liked in the community because of his actions, but the more you are rude to him,the more you fuel him.

        • Rob says:

          Maybe Co.l Burch should be put on the Britsh stop list for smuggling 4 Chinese into British territory.

  2. chris says:

    dude also said he would like to see georges cross displayed

    • Cleancut says:

      Mr Rosindell should put Col. Burch on the stop list for smuggling 4 Chinese nationls into British Territory. I am sure Col. Burch’s rudeness has been officially noted by this ELECTED official.

  3. runtime says:

    I’m so glad Col Burch is there to ensure politicians don’t say things that embarrass Bermuda.

    • Red says:

      I am no blind supporter of the PLP and generally think the colonel to be over the top and a tad unbalanced, however I fully endorse his dissing the pompous comments from this arrogant aristocrat from the motherland..

      • Michael Sheppard says:

        I am a Bermudian who lived not far from Romford for quite a few years and I can tell you he is no aristocrat. His arrogance may come from a perceived superiority complex evident in some of the worst examples of “Little Britainers” who thrive on xenophobic pronouncements that politicians of his ilk spout. Think of him as a football hooligan in a suit.

      • Ricky says:

        Pompous and arrogant for sure, oh I’m sorry, which one are we referring to. Burch calling anyone rude and disrespectful is tough to digest.

  4. Rockfish#2 says:

    I sincerely hope Lt. Colonel David A Burch remembers to take his medication tomorrow!

    • Red says:

      He has many issues but the brotha is spot on this time..

    • Sarah says:

      Let’s not be ableist now.

    • Georgina says:

      I think he needs to double up on his medication or change the prescription – it obviously isn’t working!

      • Grizz says:

        Georgina do you understand what is going on. Colonel is absolutely right and on point with his comments. No one should be allowed to come into your country and dictate how things are run and then to insult our Premier. What the hell does he need medication for….to be RIGHT?! SMH

        • Georgina says:

          I’m well aware of what is going on, Grizz and I do on occasion think that Colonel Burch is on the right track and does a good job. However, he sometimes allows his emotions to rule his head and this just makes him look like a jackass.

        • LOL (original) says:

          Guess you are forgetting one important factor. Ready? We are a British Territory not independant. Please read up on the TCI sitaution. Besides as a Bermudian when ever I hear the Premier speak I am usually left woundering what exactly did she say in the first place……..


  5. Delvin says:

    Someone just suggested there is a need for us to be able to handle a bit of debate without threatening deportation… Freedom of speech and all that….

    • Grizz says:

      Well Mr. Rosindell should debate in his own country….you don’t go to someone else’s country to debate anything unless that’s what you are invited there to do!

      • Geza Wolf says:

        Check your passport it says were british..

        • Grizz says:

          and I’ll say it again, it’s still my country not his whether I’m British or not. So because I am British I can go England and tell the Queen what I think of her? Don’t think so

          • Hardtalker says:

            That’s exactly what you can do! As a BOT and British passport holder your views on the Queen are valid. You can also go and work there without any work permit requirements. And receive full entitlement to free healthcare, which the British taxpayer covers. And after six months you can receive state support for your children. And state support if you are unemployed. With your British passport you can also work anywhere in Europe, without any visa or work permit requirements. And with the correct form filled out before you go, the British taxpayer will cover your health insurance in Europe too. And they won’t kick you out after six years either. You have your cake and can eat it. Quit bitching.

            • Devrae says:

              @ Hardtalker, I totally agree!!! Alot of people in Bermuda don’t realise how valuable that British passport is…

          • Logic76 says:

            The staple of our problems, lack of education!

  6. bermudagirl says:

    WOW! Strong words there Colonel! I wonder what Mr Rosindell would think if he saw this!
    He either will have the best laugh of his life or just not give a s**t, just like the Colonel!

  7. Concerned says:

    Whoa…someone sh!t in his cereal!! Take it easy Burch!!

  8. Robert Bryce says:

    Disrespectful? This coming from a person who was an accessory to smuggling 4 people under the cover of darkness in disrepect of an Island’s Constitution? Give me a break.

    • truth says:

      smuggling? they was taken from there homeland falsely and now given a home. Drop it. simple

      • LOL (original) says:

        No matter how you slice it that situation had nothing to do with Bermuda. The US took no responsibility for their actions.


      • Devrae says:

        @ Truth, yes they where giving a home(Bermuda)…also a placed to live…a job…and a work permit! No council in immigration…no waiting process…no resume and I believenow are working construction inplace of 4 Bermudian workers!!!

  9. Island Hope says:

    Col Burch is an embarrasment in it self. It is a shame that he is still in charge of one of our major Ministries. He really needs to retire.

    • Grizz says:

      He is in charge because he gets the job done. He is one of the most hands on Ministers we have. Look at what he has accomplished. Whether you like him or not he is good at what he does. And what happens when he retires, suppose you get someone that does absolutely nothing…gives you something else to complain about then doesn’t it. AND YES I AM A BIG COLONEL BURCH SUPPORTER!! ROCK ON BURCH!

      • Speechless says:

        Can you tell us what he has accomplished?

        • Sigh says:

          Under the Colonel’s watch, homes have been built at Butterfield Lane, Perimiter Lane, Loughlands, and Harbourview Village. These developments have houses hundreds of Bermudians.
          In addition, the BHC properties have been converted to geared to income housing so that tenants are not being bled by landlords and so that people still are able to save money while renting.
          In addition, under Colonel Burch, the backlog at the Dept of Immigration, when it comes to issuance of work permits etc became virtually nil.
          In addition, the establishment of the Hustle Truck enabled many Bermudians to find part time work and income.

          This is not an exhaustive list, but i think when the question is asked of what he has accomplished, that this can definitely be used as a start.

          You dont have to love him, or even agree on everything, but you cannot deny the things that have been accomplished under his watch.

          • Got to be kidding says:

            Yes, and I believe he was also the one who scared away many companies in international business with his stand on work permit limits, and insulted many Bermudians married to foreigners wanting to purchase homes with the land license d debacle. And don’t even GO THERE about the BHC mess. Oh, and isn’t the Hustle Truck cancelled now due to lack of funding? Last I heard, Government was looking to the private sector for a bail-out on that one…

            • Sigh says:

              How many companies have left becuase of work permit?? Do you have facts and figures or are your comments based on the RG and other special interest groups scaremongering and political posturing?

              • Cleancut says:

                Most have left due to Col Burch’s Arrogance and rudeness.

              • Logic76 says:

                Scaremongering? We’ll see whether that’s the case when international business turns the lights off when they leave, figuratively and literally.

              • Devrae says:

                @ Sigh, actually there are companies breaking down there offices weekly and relocating! They are just not publishing it…

            • Preto Plato says:


              1) Work Permit Limits came into effect in 2001. Not Under Burch
              2) Land Licences came into effect when Randy Horton was Minister.

              BHC Mess? There are a lot of people IN HOMES that would disagree with you!

              you should get your facts correct.

          • Grizz says:

            thank you SIGH…you saved me some typing…and let’s not forget the traffic lights at Collector’s Hill and all the money he collected at Bermuda Housing Corporation!! It’s obvious speechless doesn’t keep up with current issues

            • truth be told says:

              Thank you Sigh and Grizz you have said enough but they still won’t get it. SMH Haters make the world go around.

            • Logic76 says:

              The traffic lights at Collector’s Hill are completely pointless, if anything they are a hinderance! Traffic lines up for a mile down the road in both directions during rush hour. Match this with the traffic jam that is the A1 parking lot and by the time there is space to move the light is red again! With only two cars driving through! There was no need for traffic lights in the first place!

              • Grizz says:


          • One Love says:

            Let’s look at a few of these accomplishments a little closer:
            1.Harbourview—delivered several years late and at a loss exceeding $10M
            2.Loughlands–so explain to us what the good Col did other than allow Tourism zoned land to be converted into affordable / $450,000 and above housing at quite a nice profit to Lopes an Co. And I might add, with government guarantees. How nice for Lopes.
            3.One might want to argue that the immigration backlog was dgree cleaned up as a result of the loss of thousands of jobs previously filled by expat workers, requiring immigration visas. You think?
            Yes the good Col is more efficient than many of his colleagues but let’s be honest, the benchmmark is awfully low.

            • Preto Plato says:

              1) So the governemt stepped in for a company (Bermuda homes for people) that went belly up. I guess if they were never built you would be saying, well the private company went out of business, so it was right for the PLP to let the families suffer…….. Spare me
              2) Not going to argue on that, but the fact is that there are a LOT of people thankful for those homes that were provided WELL below market value.
              3) That is not the case. Please remember is 2010, there were more work permits on the boooks than 2007. The department just issued more 3 & 5 year work permits, something that WAS pushed by Col Burch to imporove efficiency.

              • One Love says:

                1} Wrong here my friend. The government pushed for this and sought a joint venture with the then owners of the Sonesta Beach Resort. An independent analysis was done which indicated that the concept was deeply flawed and doomed for failure and the figure exceeded $11M. And keep in mind that the cost did not include the value of the land. The reality is that the project should have never proceeded knowing the projected losses. Your argument is flawed as the venture moved forward with all parties aware of the projected losses and no sales made at that point The Government was no white Knight here.

      • Rob says:

        No, the Permanent Secretaries and civil service get the Job done. He’s not doing anything, it’s all fake!

      • Devrae says:

        @Grizz, well mate I am glad an UNELECTED official does it for you!

  10. Black Pot says:

    My durr! Are you sers?? Dat’s de pot callin de kettle blaacck!

  11. KMHBermuda says:

    I do believe the Colonel has forgotten that we ARE still a British territory…and to NOT fly the flag is against all sorts of protocols.

  12. Triangle Drifter says:

    Oh my…what a hissy fit! Were your knickers in a bit of a twist there today there Lt Col? I thought you didn’t care what anyone from that side of the Atlantic thought anyway. Don’t skip your meds two days in a row now.

    • Robert says:

      Only in Bermuda would you hear this typical comment. You could not go to any other country and perform like he did. He was out of order. The colonel just politely pointed it out to him on his way out the F@#CKin’ door! LMAO!

  13. Nicole says:

    Funny those same words could be used to describe the Colonel. Such an angry….

  14. Thinker says:

    Ain’t it a shame that the people of Bermuda can’t add Colonel Burch to the stop list. Maybe next time we should not…. Hold on?? We never did vote for him!!! Me thinks that an MP should at least have the people’s endorsement.

    • Thinker says:

      Apologies …. Minister as opposed to MP.. His arrogance appalled me that much

      • Sigh says:

        For clarity, the Bermuda Constitution requires that at least one Minister be from the Senate. In every cabinet Including prior UBP cabinets, you will find that there is a Minister from the Senate. So this is not a ‘PLP thing’.

        • LOL (original) says:

          Sigh who said it was a PLP thing. Was the Col. elected or not? Why should an unelected person have so much power? I think the same argument from the PLP was used on the Governor.


          • Sigh says:

            My point was that according to the Constitution, there must be at least ONE minister from the senate. So if it wasn’t Colonel it would be someone else.

  15. Michael says:

    well, at least the British guy is an ELECTED politician…LOL!

  16. Curious Party says:

    Duz dis there guyz spek de engrish?
    need translation!

  17. Hmmmmm..... says:

    This is funny coming from an elected official….Oh wait – thats right he is not…….

  18. Mike says:

    It’s been a week of people bashing people.

    Here’s the Colonel bashing the Westminster guy, and earlier we had Alvin Williams bashing this Govt when he called them the white man’s puppets.

    Roll on Monday and a new week. On second thoughts, this is Bermuda so…”same s..t, different week”.

    Ah well.

    • Ricky says:

      Easy Mike, this is learned behaviour from more mature governments such as those in Canada, England, the US et al. …Same stuff, different country–that’s all

      • Disgusted says:

        I disagree. Nowhere else in the world does the populace allow (and condone) Ministers acting as unprofessionally and speaking so crudely about one another than we do here.

        • Ricky says:

          Sigh! Your response is truly not worth a reply

          • One Love says:

            Sorry Ricky but it deserves a response. Clearly Disgusted lives in a cocoon, or believes that we do. In the UK, US, Canada and just about every other country on earth, politicians are known to be equally rude and crass. What I find more offensive than Davids comments are those made by Disgusted.

  19. W.T.F.??? says:

    NOBODY gives a $h!t bout him in the UK anyway..
    they KNOW he is a nobody

  20. Lieutenant his Holyness ewart cox says:

    Burch should stay at home and listen to his vinyl.

  21. Michael Sheppard says:

    Colonel Burch would have come off more credible is he hadn’t sounded so confused. He must have been enraged to have sounded off like that. His target is a British political blowhard who makes pronouncements aimed at the lowest common denominator. He does have the advantage over the good Colonel of having been actually elected though.

    • Cleancut says:

      He’s not a Colonel either! Oh in Bermuda yes! In the U.K. Well maybe a Bad Public Relations NCO.

  22. D. Everett says:

    Minister Burch has got the nerve, he has no cover for his mouth desrespects otehr people but when it’s not him he has something to say?? WTF lets get real. I am in no way condoning the behaviour of the British MP, but to hear this from Burch is a big joke

  23. VoT!!! says:

    Sumbody needs to do a skit on de kernel….he’s hilarious!!

    • navin johnson says:

      of course no one would have remembered who was here last month until the Colonel comes along and gives him renewed life….

  24. Pondering says:

    I take offense to the term ” bitching and moaning” that the Colonel used in his speech. Come on Politicians. Stop being so careless in your language usage. Express yourselves in a manner appropriate for ALL audiences. As a woman, I HATE this phrase, and I have no respect for the politicians who use it. I will NEVER vote for any politician who uses such disrespectful terms. I really miss the genteel statesmen like John Swan and Frederick Wade. They never used language like this. Some of our current government are just plain CRASS.

  25. Reality says:

    This is a true example of “The pot calling the kettle black” LOL……the guy may be an arrogant ass but so is the Colonel. And I know Burch personally.

  26. Icarus says:

    Anything for Burchy to jump up on a soap-box. He’d be better off standing at the corner of 45th and Broadway to bleat away with the rest of the soap-box squad.

  27. Yawn says:

    Burch = 1
    Rosindell = 0

  28. Mad Prophet says:

    A few verses from the “Desiderata”

    Go placidly amid the noise and haste,
    and remember what peace there may be in silence.

    If you compare yourself with others,
    you may become vain or bitter;
    for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

    Therefore be at peace with God,
    whatever you conceive Him to be,
    and whatever your labors and aspirations,
    in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.

    With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
    it is still a beautiful world.
    Be cheerful.
    Strive to be happy.

    • Kim Smith says:

      You are very wise, Mad Prophet. I enjoy reading your comments… and I am calmed by them. Thanks.

  29. Kathy says:

    Big fish in a small pond – Col. – one day you will be removed. You are ruining this small pond and you need to get out! We can’t wait!

    You need to travel a bit more and see the world as it really is (outside the small pond).

    Is that a bit of an inferiority complex I detect?

    You also need to learn to speak better English, especially on a public level.

    • truth be told says:

      @ Kathy…..YOU can’t wait don’t speak for others….I think he is one of the best and I know for a fact that he would have had a good chance becoming Premier after Dr.Brown had he been an MP because many people love the job he’s doing. He keeps it real and gets the job done. So speak for yourself.

      P.S if he is a Big fish in a small pond then you must be algae in a fish tank….Bermuda is great!!!!

      • Grizz says:

        @ Truth be told….CLAP, CLAP, CLAP….WELL SAID!

    • rob says:

      Burch pretends to have a silver spoon in his mouth.

  30. itwasn'tme says:

    Queens English Burch!!!!

    com’mon Burch lift your standard of debate, your illogical rants are ruining any good you’re doing

  31. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    Handbags over nothing^^


    Col. You are a Senator and Minister, why do you always have to make these “out there/loud” comments in the press? Big the consummate professional and ignore disrespect, shine by focusing on your current portfolio, for the remaining months that you have this responsibility.

    • Rob says:

      You said for remaining months. That would be a major plus for Bermuda if he were to depart his public stage.

  33. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Burchy…you’re such a honey byyyyyye!!!

  34. Truth is the light says:

    Col. Burch for Premier…. get um Col. that boy got the nerve don’t he know we got the UBP/BDA for that sort of BS

  35. Whatever says:

    Burch, what is it exactly that bothers you the most – the fact that Mr. Rosindell said those things, or the fact that they were true? He told the Government to “get it’s house in order” – and I couldn’t agree more. If you really felt so outraged at his comments, why didn’t you say it to his face when he was here? Why wait until he was a thousand miles away before sounding off? You just didn’t have the guts to do it when he was here. You are not a man!!

    Any by the way, I have studied constitutional law. News flash for you, Burch – you CAN’T put anyone on the stop list just because you feel like it or you don’t like them. You have to have proper cause. Otherwise it’s called abuse of ministerial discretion. And a minister can be sued for that. You should read up on stuff like that before you accept the job.

  36. Speechless says:

    The same Corporal Burch that called homeless people ‘monsters’? His sweeping generalizations about Dominican and Filipono women weren’t disrespectful? How about the ‘Bermudians Only’ meeting where he un-invited the leader of the BDA who planned to attend? The former purse carrier for Premier Smith turned unelected minister has a nerve to talk of disrespect. Surely it’s time for this buffoon to go!!

  37. TG says:

    Imagine David Burch throwing his weight around! Put a UK politician on the stoplist? What an assinine response. Giving this man any governmental power at all is like giving a 5 year old matches and gasoline. Grow up, Lt. Col

  38. Václav Pinkava says:

    Mr Rosindell is not exactly credible.

    However, what is the Colonel’s problem with flying Bermuda and UK flags side by side?

    • john says:


      • Terry says:

        Back in the 50′s we had that great American male group ( forgot their namea) that sang that song “The Great Pretender”.

        Les. Colonel Burch is the Great Avenger’. Most of his comments and taylored outbursts are diversionary tactics used to keep people/s preoccupied as to the real stuff that is going on.

        This gives new meaning to the term ” Silence of the L…….”

  39. LOL (original) says:

    Was it not Burch who stressed respecting political office when you know who was incharge.


  40. LOL (original) says:

    Know what else is funny PLP Ministers asking kids at the ASP summer events what is the name of Ministers and telling them no when they answered saying the name must start with the honorable Minister so and so. Not that this is not the correct title to use but the kids thought that all the Ministers had the same first name………..


  41. Pete Wilson says:

    Senator Burch, himself can use some educating about ORDER, and RESPECT.
    Adults are not children!

  42. SaveMeFromThisBS says:

    Colonel does have a point, but to bring up stoplist and all that was just over the top. With immigration issues as sensitive as they are, you don’t want to come accross as power/position abuser.

    • Terry says:

      Thank you Mrs Furbert for that……………..

  43. JimmyJ says:

    Another example of a HUGE Bermuda ego! Let’s be real for just a second. If Bermuda sunk immediately into the Atlantic and god forbid everyone perished, it would be front page news everywhere. But, tomorrow we wouldn’t even be on the first 10 pages of ANY newspaper!
    People in Bermuda think they are SOOOOO important and that the world would end without them. Guess what………NOT!!!

    • truth be told says:

      funny how this fool disrespects all Bermudians and nobody has anything to say…we fight our own…. Jimmy J go home and if you are home shut up….Bermuda is very important check the records we played a big part of world history and play a big part of the world today and I bet where ever your from we are doing better then you.

      • Logic76 says:

        No, the Bermuda-based companies play a big part in the world today. Bermuda’s prosperity is not a right, contrary to the belief of many locals. Current and past governments are not responsible for Bermuda’s prosperity. Thanks to international business, Bermuda prospers in spite of herself. When they leave, and believe me it’s not far off, they will turn off the lights on the way out.

  44. crazytalk says:

    A couple of things…
    Firstly, sometimes prominent members of governments are slow-witted, uncouth, unsophisticated, foul-mouthed, and untrustworthy. I am sure Mr Burch is – er – fully and completely aware of that fact.
    Secondly, one of the most amazing things about this story is how completely incoherent Mr Burch becomes when he gets his knickers in a twist. Quite amazing actually. For much of his speech it’s hard to understand what he even meant.

  45. Disgusted says:

    It is Burch who is out of order and disrespectful. He only respects himself and terrorises anybody who dares to challenge him or his warped ideals. How on earth can he justify even mentioning the stop list? That is abuse of authority and bullying at its best. He needs to be fired from his post.

    Until we are an independent nation (god forbid) we will remain a BRITISH COLONY. The Brits have a right to ask (through freedom of speech) why the Union Jack is not flying. Why take offence? We might not do anything about it, but there is nothing wrong with asking. Burch is a liability in government and needs to go. Paula did a good job cleaning house, but she seemed to have tried to just put this mess called Burch in a closet instead of throwing him out.

    • Hmmmmm says:

      With the excpetion of El James the Cabinet is identical to the last. She made it larger by inlcuding Weeks and Minors. So which house did she clean?

      • LOL (original) says:

        This is the first thing you’ve said that I agree with this is the same cabinet that got us into this mess in the first place. With the party election process changes at the brach levels where are the young uninhibited (ie no bone to pick) PLP members with fresh ideas.


    • Terry says:

      Yoo batta catch yasalf Digsuted……Det main has kapt dis Eyeland safe from Terrorists and even Terryorists. Detz rite. And now he wants to stop the British from taking over again and flying their stoopid fleg.

      The mans a National Hero for saving us from the colonial rulers…..Send those damn Limeys back home and ask them to raise the Iraqi/Iranian/ Somalian/Yemen/North Korean flag next to his/theirs……………Damn the world…….

      Oh…..and MacDonalds too…….nice flag……….KFC………

      • Grizz says:


        • Terry says:

          Yo Grizz…your on the wrong thread. This is not the Tsunami thread. But if I were you I would get of the chair and the turn the fan off….bwahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

        • Logic76 says:

          Sarcasm Grizz, sarcasm.

  46. Terry says:

    In Ministerial language and back door events it’s called the “UBP” syndrome which comes from being raised and whipped on the Bermudian Plantations. Easy to cure but there are side effects.

    “UBP” Syndrome…….Too much exposure to upset black people.

    Cure:- Retirement on Turks & Caicos…….

    Price:- $140,000 per@ via Goverment pension from all services………

    I need a ……

  47. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Bermudians really need to leave their egos at the door…that’s if they want to get out of this recession intact!

  48. Old Broad says:

    “… how do you go out to the colonies and talk about you’re going to enunciate policy. What’s up with that?”

    “Colonies”??? Er…Col. Burch, sir, what de hell you talking about? There is a huge difference between a colony and an overseas territory (Bermuda being the latter, for your elucidation in case you weren’t aware or had forgotten). Aside from the fact that your spoken English is atrociously bad, your comments are misguided at best and astoundingly ignorant at worst. What? Do you think you look the bigger man because you can toss around bigger, better insults than Rosindell? News flash…one can only counter ignorance with grace and wit, not with yet more ignorance and sarcasm which only succeeds in making you appear the bigger buffoon.

    Mr. Rosinwell’s comments speak for themselves and the people can decide for themselves whether or not they have any merit. For you to take up valuable time in the Senate to bluster and carry on about your personal opinions of his comments and behaviour makes a mockery of government process. By constantly flapping your mouth in such an unappetizing and ignorant way overshadows whatever good you have done and is a gross disservice to the people of Bermuda. Stick to your job and keep your personal gripes to yourself.

    • truth be told says:

      @ Old Broad for your education Its not a huge difference just a matter of a name change. No we’re not a group of British people on foreign land however:

      The British Overseas Territories are fourteen territories of the United Kingdom which, although they do not form part of the United Kingdom itself, fall under its jurisdiction.[1] They are remnants of the British Empire that have not acquired independence or have voted to remain British territories. The name “British Overseas Territory” was introduced by the British Overseas Territories Act 2002, and replaced the name British Dependent Territory, which was introduced by the British Nationality Act 1981. Before 1981, the territories were known as CROWN COLONIES.

      So the next time you want to call someone out on their knowledge make sure your not the one who is misinformed.

      • LOL (original) says:

        By the definition you have supplied it seems that you and the Col are misinformed as we are under British jurisdiction……


      • UncleElvis says:

        So… um…

        we’re NOT a Colony.

        We used to be one, before 1981, but we’re not any more, since then.

        Just to point something out, though, and thank you for bringing it up…

        “…or have voted to remain British territories.”
        That’s us. We voted to remain a British Overseas Territory. And polls show that the majority would vote like that again.

        Just thought that should be pointed out again.

  49. Spikes says:

    Col. Burch is right. That back bencher coming to Bermuda as if he is Lord and master. He should keep his opinion to himself. He should clear up the mess in his own government. Any foreigner can come to Bermuda and spout of at the mouth as if they have an answer to everything. In their own country they are not even recognized.

    • Hmmmmm says:

      You got it. I bet if he had come from the Caribbean or Africa BUrch wouldn’t have been able to get a word in edgewise with the voices of those telling that person to mind their own business.Some peoples ice truly is colder.

      • LOL (original) says:

        As long as SOME people believe that it always will be…………..

        LOL ps Burch will never be electible period

        • LOL (original) says:

          Just an aside you do realise that Burch just says things that he knows Some people will lap up and yet he patrinizes places that employ mostly asians who he spoke badly of. It’s just a show comic relef that is all. Par for the course in the PLP though.


  50. Terry says:

    Yo Spikey…at least he is elected by the people. Mr. Burch was selected and not objected so now we deal with …..pick a “jected”

    Here’s one…..”EJECTED”. Send his ass back to Gwantannahmoe

  51. truth be told says:

    @ Terry every senator is appointed including the senator who holds the decicing vote in the SDO for TP. So whats your point? To go further she was appointed by the governer who was himself appointed by someone who does not even live here yet she has the power to decided on important issues on this Island. So please save all that the people didn’t choose him trash for the fools. At least Con. Burch was appointed by someone elected by the people.

    so to speak like you:

    Go brush yur teefs cuz dee same tings dat cum from ya ase is cummin out ya mouth

    • Terry says:

      Your talking garbage. Whats with the “she”.

      I know the way it works. So Many PLP, so many Opposition, so many Independents.

      Beter check your stats. The Governor does live here. Yah rite Burch was selected by someone elected by the people.

      What people are you talking about. Yeah….right..the PLP…

      So the PLP ARE THE PEOPLE……..

      • truth be told says:

        Terry lay off the rum…. “she” meaning the senator who had the deciding vote in the SDO…. I never said the governor doesn’t live here I said he was appointed by someone who doesn’t live here (the Queen)

        Senator Burch was elected by the Premier who was able to be elected PLP Party Leader because she is a PLP MP elected by the people in the last general election.

        Unless “the people” in your view are only those who dont vote PLP you have no point. Ether way it makes no since talking to you because you ether can’t understand what you read or you are to drunk to comprehand.

        Rum is not your friend.

        • crazytalk says:

          “Senator Burch was elected by the Premier”. That’s funniest comment yet.

          • LOL (original) says:

            LOL at that too its good for the heart. One Person electing another just think no need to raise money to campaign, you only need to knock on one door and at the end of the day you only have one person to keep happy. Democracy at it’s best……………….


        • Terry says:

          Never judge a book by it’s cover ‘Truth’. And be carefull about the ‘rum’ comments. I have a very good lawyer and we know whom you are. So back off.

  52. Valentine says:

    As an expat and someone that was actually brought up in Romford (yes I’m an Essex Girl), I have to say, that I found Rossindale’s remarks quite disrespectful. His remarks should have been addressed privately to the government in a memo (or whatever it is they do after visiting another country). Also, I applaud some of Col Burch’s achievements to date and sometimes I do like the way he calls a spade a spade (and that isn’t said with any underlying connotations). The problem is the guy speaks without putting brain into gear first.
    If the good Colonel is going to speak in public about how offensive he found Rossindale’s comments, then I believe that he should have had either a speech writer or had his speech proof read. Unfortunately the way Col Burch’s comments were relayed did more harm to the islands of Bermuda than Rossindale did in his comments about the country.
    So, I can see both sides of the coin, this isn’t about expat V Bermudian, it isn’t about black on white or UBP V PLP. I just implore the current administration. Please if you’re going to respond to offensive statements made by visitors to the country, put brain into gear, do it eloquently without threats and for goodness sake – employ a good speech writer! This will garner more respect in the long run than rambling for all to hear and print and leave yourself open to criticism.

    • Hardtalker says:

      Unfortunately, everything on this Island comes down to ex-pat -v- Bermudian, black on white and PLP -v- UBP. And it will be it’s downfall. Sadly. Such a waste of amazing opportunities . I’ve never witnessed anything like it in my life, and I hope I never do again!

      • calvinB says:

        The koolaid is very effective in Bermuda.

  53. Lieutenant his Holyness ewart cox says:

    Rossindale was spot on. Uk owns these isles

  54. Richard says:

    We must be getting close to an election. David appears to be taking a page from the good Doctors book, let’s make this a them against us fight. Let’s rouse the core constituents up from their slumber. Let’s get them back on our side after being exposed for the hypocrites that we are. We can’t let our pathetic support of the Tucker’s Point SDO become the calling card for the opposition. Let’s attempt to appear anti England when so many of us are anglophiles (Dames and stuff like that). Let’s push the Tuckers Point SDO out of the headlines. With over 100 responses it may just be working.

  55. Cleancut says:

    Sometimes I really believe Burch thinks he is a Colonel.

  56. Triangle Drifter says:

    This was definetly an occasion when it would have been far better to keep quiet & be thought of as a fool than to open ones mouth & leave absolutely no doubt.

    It is not his first time & will not be his last.

    In any advanced democracy Burch would have been out for good long ago. Unfortunately standards for public office in Bermuda are very very low right now so we will have more of the same old same old until the people have had enough & demand better.

  57. Googlybda says:

    By the way Walton Brown wants to put monarchy on stop list too!
    Get ready for election and “independence” coming up too!

    • marilyn says:

      First put Ewart brown on the stop list – he singlehandly destroyed the econ.with his extravagant and kingly lifestyle plus making himself wealthy as well.

  58. GombeyGal says:

    d’kolonel is just doing what he does best evoke the oldrace card..As he and everybody knows the Plp is a party of failure back by racist supporters who hates everything British and white but still want to enjoy all the perk that comes with Bristish connection eg.passport for ease to travel to all country without hassel,the right to abode to UK,EC,the cheap deals to UK univers,to sell their Bristishness to their tourists(one of the main attraction to their northamer.visitors.What do you think they coming here to see d’kolonel and hear his idiotic rants.Check out his lingo -sound like a drunken StDavian.
    The Plp get a perfect F for failure for govern.All their interest was to enrich their pockets and their lavish life style – Ewart brown a master in that dept.The man is now the riches in the Caribbean from the spoils of the Bermoothes…
    d’kolonel and the rest of the bunch have disrespected the ppl of Bermuda by insulting our trust and confidence…Fire them

  59. Courtstreet11 says:

    Plp havnt done anything worth takin about..They should know what disrespect is about.They bought four uighurs without the approval of the ppl of Bermuda,spend our money as though it was theirs.They got us in this financial mess and now they want to cut all benefits to make our lives a bit comfortable.We will have to work harder to pay them more on taxes so they can spend it on their agenda.This is vicious cycle.The govt need to step aside if they have any respect for us and let somebody else who is capable do the job.OR all of the island will go DOWNHILL.Look you had your 13 yres and nothis is improved but your pocket books and your travels..Be nice and go with any fanfare

    • Different Perpective says:

      Its really sad when Bermudian blame the PLP for the state of the economy. For one minute can ‘WE’ as Bermudians think outside of the shores of Bermuda. CAN WE THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. HELLO; Bermuda is not the only country that is facing high unemployment low GDP growth & facing to cut the country’s budget greatly. WE need to realize that 100′S of country’s are ways worst off than us. WE as Bermudians should be grateful that we are not in as a bad predicament as other country to many to name. I feel that people are making irrational statements & you clearly are living in Bermuda and are not looking at the WORLD NEWS. Its about a hand full of countries that are doing well. & Bermuda is not at the bottom the PLP has taken risk but not in comparison to the risk that are happening in our mother land BRITAIN. – THINK ABOUT THAT.

      • pplhs2go says:

        yea how about the other carribean ils who were doing badly before the econ.downturn and now doing better than BERMUDA- St Kitts have added more hotels and casino,Antigua,Barbados,Grenada,BVI,Bahamas..Stop making excuse for a igorant admin.If you really care for the island you should NOT stand by the govt but for the ils welfare and success.What is your take on the 160mil cant be accounted and the 1bil debt?Get with the right perpective.The downhill of this ils.didnt started with the recession but long before..

  60. NoPLP says:

    Just check your record Burch and the PLP U HAVE DONE A BAD JOB ON BERMUDA.You have criminals shootin people,drugs increase,our black men have no choices but to turn into criminals,no hotels built plus we have lost hotels,stores are bankrupt,you can’t even maintained the Botanic garden with basic fertiliser and new plants are visibly missing,the airport is lacking (no toilet paper) check the band stand on Front street rotten mildew tarp and broken stage,unpainted.This is where they showcase Bermuda tourism.This is total embarrssment to the ppl of Bermuda.Burch u and the rest have no shame.How much can the ppl allow this ineffective govt continue to take us ROCKBOTTOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Same old story says:

      Yet the PLP will get voted in again, and again, and again…. we never learn. We asked for this ourselves.

      • Logic76 says:

        Well what is the other option? The UBP under Michael Dunkley? There’s a winner! The “old money” gang. I am in no way a PLP supporter but at least they know how to run a campaign! “PLP is me!” “PLP, gets my vote!” Rallies with green shirts, green flags, emotional crowd stirring speeches. I mean come one UBP, “vote for your future, not from your past”. I don’t think even half the people on this island can comprehend that slogan! The way I see it, the UBP are incapable of ever coming to power and should disband. The party members with intelligence are rendered useless by their own party’s history.

  61. Freedom of Speech says:

    Burch you of all person shouldnt talk about respect!!You have shown no respect to others in the past.Burch pls stop embarrassing your office and pls don’t abuse your office by threating to deport anyone when they have NOT committed any offence.It is time for the burch to retire..

  62. BDAisBRITISH says:

    Btw Burchi Bermuda is still a terri.of Britain therefore Rosindale had all rights to say what he wanted to stay.U not independent yet.So stop all this flippant intimidation burch..Why dont u go and clean the mess what Brown did to BERMUDA?Start with all the money that went missing in ACTION,so we can improve the island.

  63. Kim Smith says:

    Give the man some cheese with his w(h)ine!!!

  64. Spikes says:

    Read Friday,s Bermuda Sun(Mar. 25th) They don’t think Shءبا of that guy in U.K either, they think that he is a troublemaker and that he has been to other territories and caused trouble also.

  65. Davie Kerr says:

    “Disrespectful”? “Out of order”? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

  66. truth be told says:

    I meant Burch was appointed by the Premier and you all knew that but weak as you are you decided to run with my mistake because you could not stand against me in a real debate.(like Terry trying to make a joke out of things because he knows he is wrong) Look at all the comments all of a sudden the same people using different names but saying the same thing. I stand alone because I can I am real….Burch is where he is by right just like others are if he shouldn’t be there because he was not elected then every Senator has to go. Burch keep up the good work

    • honestjoe says:

      Keep throwing taxpayers money on incompetent govt if you must!

  67. Hyprocritus says:

    The man who really disrespect the ppl and took them on ‘bambozzel ride’ is Brown- empty the treasury with his lavish lifestyle and no one got the nerves to say so .what a bunch of cowards!!!Burch you are disrespecting the office that u supposed to uphold – pls stop this ghetto talk and behave with some manners..

  68. CarolB says:

    where did burch learnt English?To hear this man talk in such substandard english was most embarassing.Paula has given him too much power-it’s obvious how he can hurl insults and direct threats to a visiting British MP.Hope when burch goes to England he gets the same backward treatment.

  69. Madhatter says:

    Well BURCH you sure outdone yourself by making a perfect fool of yourself?Is the new form of using the race card for the upcoming election?

  70. Onions83 says:

    Burch pls stop d’bitchin or the British will take back all that privileges they are givin us…like free rein in England,job,medic,education,rights to other countries,visafree to USA,British passports.You will spoil for all those fringe benefits.The next time they sent someone from the Home office they might be forcin INDEPENDENCE on us…

  71. rudeboy says:

    The ppl of bda are in denial about the plp.They still believe that this bunch of takers will save them in the time of great famine which is already here.Life is about choices.You chose this nonproforming and ineffective govt – go with it and knock yourself out.The expats got other options but do you when all fail and collapse?

  72. Václav Pinkava says:

    The comments picture system has run out of avatar faces. The green vexed hex wins the day.

  73. Unity says:

    It’s a shame that all the energy being spent on petty bulls**t could not be focused on looking ahead as opposed to looking backwards. It’s easier to drive a car by looking through the front windscreen rather than constantly looking in the rear view mirror. We know for sure where we’ve been but do we know where we are going?

  74. Gombey89 says:

    This govt has reduced Bermuda to some Banaana republic and this shameless burch talks about some MP disrespect Bermuda.Paula cox who was minister of finance givn brown and the rest our money to put in their acconts for their elite like Kings..using other ppl money who btw getting exorbitant salaries and doing NOTHING but ruining this country..burch what about the issues behind Globalhue,Kurron,ect.some of brown connection

  75. pplhs2go says:

    Ask yourself if the ppl did a good job since assum. office in ’98?And you are happy keep another term!
    escalating crime by tenfold,no hotels built,tourism at his all time LOW,over ONE BILLION DEBT,(when they took over it was 160mil dific.and 40 million in the till)millions are accountable (160mil)Berkely cost twice amount,TCD over 10mil.the dumps and dilapidated condition of our major beach HorseShoe beach,ect…go figure

  76. truth2 says:

    UBP didnt lost based on their savvy and good goverance but by sheer dumb crap of ‘racial conspiracy’.WHo is really the racist party…?all black rule.PPl are so stupid elect.a party bsed on their race now..allowing PLP to loot the island openly without any outrage and oppose….

  77. NOTFOOLED67 says:

    The most disrespectful person is BROWN…the ppl trusted him with their entire trust and ppl purse and all he did was to help himself well with no progress and improve the island and he walk back into the sunset without any repercussion of his corrupt and destrutive admin.

  78. DrWho says:

    The plp should do the honorable thing and step aside…their nonproformance has place the island in a financial crisis.

  79. bro says:

    burch should have left long time ago. He didnt do anything when brown brought those UIGERs,and the crime rate soared more..good riddance hope we dont see the likes of him and the rest who put Bermuda in dire straits..they are all crooks and incompetent.