Cox Receives 5 Years For Money Laundering

April 19, 2011

ZBM has reported that 38-year-old Roger Cox received a 5 year prison sentence today [Apr.19] after pleading guilty to money laundering approximately $2.2 million dollars. Mr Cox’s friend Michelle Lindsay received four months for her part in the operation.

Last  month Roger Vincent Cox, a 38 year old from St. George’s, pleaded guilty to three offences of money laundering. On the same date Michelle Laverne Lindsay, a 49 year old book keeper, pleaded guilty to one count of money laundering involving her receipt and subsequent ‘layering’ of $25,000.00 of criminal proceeds on behalf of Mr Cox.

After the pair pleaded guilty a Police spokesman said, “The offences to which he pleaded guilty were identified during the course of a 3 year investigation conducted by members of the Bermuda Police Service Financial Crime Unit. The Court certified that Cox had benefitted from ‘criminal conduct’ in the amount of $2,287,856.91.”

“A Confiscation / Forfeiture order was made in the sum of $1,474,613.82. This order included the forfeiture of more than $750,000 in cash, recovered from the defendant’s home and from a safe deposit box following his arrest as well as the contents of numerous bank accounts held by the defendant and a substantial quantity of jewellery purchased by Cox during the course of his criminal activity.”

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  1. Kim Smith says:

    Gosh, is 5 years (out in 2-1/2) any real deterent? I thought we were serious about money laundering?

  2. Jus' Askin' says:

    What detergent did he use?

  3. Gully God says:

    Sounds like ah rat to me yo!

    • bob the boss says:

      Come on guys he beat our effed up court system don’t hate on him. mind u he sounds like a rat to me but i guess who ever running the other “Gambling Dens” are going to be making a lot of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao

  4. GamblinNot says:

    That is pretty light and he gets to keep his Multi Million dollar house. That should teach him. I remember the guy from Tuff Shoes, same or almost same crime and received 7 years for laundering $177,000. Now, I am quite sure the amount this bunch laundered was more than this. Who payin who???? Oh, right he was running a gamblin den and they thought Tuff Shoes’s $$$ was used for Veed. Gamblin….ha ha ha what a crock.

    • funny funny says:

      he sure does gets to keep the MULTI MEGA MILLION house and his company and most likely anotha stash of funds for whn he gets out. I should check him for a job whn he gets out .. some hell this is ..

    • The mon says:

      Now that is the funny part Gambling really something don’t smell right sorry to say and home boy was laughing as he was coming out of court he laughing at all the money he got stash away before he got caught so yeah lock me for five when I get out I’ll chill on my intrest. Bermuda is another woooooooorld 7 hundred miles at seeeeeeeeeeea.

    • Peace says:

      soooooooooo true!!! Bermuda legal system sucks

    • True Dat says:

      it all depends what connections ya got smh
      the system is a wreck!!!

  5. Mystical says:

    OK –
    1) WHY haven’t the other people been charged?
    2)I haven’t heard anything about the house that was built and paid for with CASH MONEY or the car that his current is still driving around in TODAY being confiscated!
    Wasn’t numerous other people’s houses, cars etc taken from them?

  6. donna says:


    • True Dat says:

      The Money gets Split up Between you know who
      Thats why they make sure they go after a money laundry Mat
      and let the Murderers Ride around scott free….

    • W.T.F.??? says:

      it’s GREEN init?
      same color as the plp flag..
      you do ask a silly question!!!

      • Hmmmmm says:

        So the British Chief Justice did the PLP’s bidding from the bench today? Wow guys. You need a little more tonic with your gin. Seek help.

  7. RobbieM says:

    The fact that “Cox had benefitted from ‘criminal conduct’ in the amount of $2,287,856.91″ and they only confiscated the sum of $1,474,613.82, why was the million dollar house not confiscated as well? Something sounds fishy here!

  8. Derek Simons says:

    He will come out smelling like a ROSE i bet he went in laughing.
    Still got d house n Business i LMAO!!!! to.

  9. SLB says:

    not enough time!! there’s more gangling rooms in Bermuda, Gov. is sleeping they should tax them!!

  10. Stayin Down 'n' Dirty says:

    Future Care ! ! Guess he thought he was recession proof . They both must Feel Bigger Fools Than A WHITE MOUTH MULE .

  11. true dat says:

    The real Gangsta Wheres a suit and A Tie!!!!

  12. Al Capone Jr says:

    ‘Gambling den’ ….. yeah , right ! And I’ve got a bridge to sell ..

    lol …

    + Gambling den + Not just the word on the street , but common sense … haha

    Yeah right ….

  13. Downderoad says:

    Looks like a drug dealer to me

  14. Mystical says:

    HHHHMMMMM….Had time to ponder this.
    He tells the court that he is running a “Gambling Den” which means
    (A) he won’t be on the “Stop List” because of drugs.
    (B) his property can’t be confiscated under the Act
    (C) all the money he made after the fact (including starting up his new Air Conditioning business which was done AFTER he got caught BTW) is irrelavent to the the case so is untouchable
    So trading 1 year 8 months of freedom (because a jail year is actually equal to 4 months our time) is well worth it to me to come out with everything he has still intact AND his debt to society paid!

  15. lady G says:

    Sooo where does this money go???? hmmmm I wonder, i really do!

  16. hmmm says:

    Everyone is complaining about the charges, then blaiming “the system”. Why not the DPP’s office, which does the charging and deal-making?

  17. Up & Ova says:

    legislation everywhere has loopholes to benefit either the prosecution or defense. It was written with this in mind. It – a win in court – goes to whomever can properly extract the laws to benefit their cause who are better able to win. if it can’t be proved as absolute truth then it cannot be pinned on a defendant as a fact of guilt. Case in point: I understand that the $$ goes to a so-called fund…but that’s what I understand – not know as fact…and some facts are just not provided. And that AC biz was not his from the jump, he started to work for that small business company after the fact of incorporation. I understand why people are up in arms…he’s not the typical suit n tie money maker…so why should he GAIN any benefits for him, his fam and progeny…people like him just don’t deserve it…whilst at the same time other suit n tie norms have money laundered for centuries and its just acceptable – turn blind eye, cuz they of course deserve it, being who they are n from whenst they came…2 wrongs never make a right but what’s real is real

  18. john says:

    if you got a lil change get yourself a qc, an your good
    no matter the truth

  19. They Stay Hatin says:

    Why dont u lot worry bout ya own tings…. He should put a pool out front of the mother fucker when he gets out… Better yet start it while his in so its done when he turns his own keys 2 the multi million dollar house after gettin out the same car and cooled down by his same A/c’s that all did not get taken by the way lol….. Keep ya head up my nigga soon reach home bless up….