Jahmel Blakeney To Be Extradited Today

April 1, 2011

441899_landing_ airplaneJahmel Blakeney will be extradited to Bermuda to face attempted murder charges relating to the November 2009 shootings of two persons at the Southside Cinema from New York tonight [Apr.1].

Robert Welling from the DPP’s Office, during this morning’s monthly Supreme Court arraignment session, informed the Court that on 31st March, the US District Court of Appeals had rejected Jahmal Blakeney’s request for a stay of execution of his deportation order.

Mr Welling further informed the Court that a Bermuda police team had flown out this morning on then early flight and were hoping to return this evening, on the late flight, with Jahmal Blakeney in custody.

Mr Welling also indicated that the DPP planned to have Mr Blakeney appear in Magistrates Court on Monday 4th April.

The charges relate to the November 13, 2009 shooting of both Shaki Minors [then 26] and Cedarbridge teacher Renee Kuchler [then 24], who were both shot as they left Southside Cinema in St. David’s at approximately 11.30 pm. Both were rushed to hospital, and recovered from their injuries.

A Police spokesperson previously said, “The Bermuda Police Service can confirm that following an exhaustive legal process in the United States, Mr. Jahmel Glen Blakeney will be extradited to Bermuda in the near future to face attempted murder charges relating to the November 2009 shootings of two persons at the Southside Cinema.”

“Mr. Blakeney had been arrested in the early hours following the shooting and was placed on Police bail. He subsequently left the Island whilst on Police bail and did not return to Bermuda.”

“The Bermuda courts issued an arrest warrant for Mr. Blakeney in April 2010. Following investigations by the Bermuda Police Service, Mr. Blakeney was located in the New York area of the United States, and was taken into custody in June 2010 by the U.S. Marshalls Service on an international arrest warrant.”

“Mr. Blakeney appealed against extradition unsuccessfully, and is being returned to Bermuda to face these charges. This will conclude this phase of this case until the matter goes before the courts.”

Others have also been charged others in connection with the crime. In April 2010, then 18-year-old Sanchey Winslow Grant of Warwick Parish was charged with two counts of attempted murder and two firearm charges relating to the same shooting. Mr Grant has pleaded not guilty. On March 14, 2011, 25-year-old Kinte Smith was also charged in connection with the Southside shooting.

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  1. Grizz says:

    I really don’t know what sense it made for prosecutions or whomever responsible to make it known to the public when Mr. Blakeney would be returning. I am very happy that he is going to have to stand trial for the crimes but if someone wanted to take him out they now have all the information they need. He will be coming in tonight on a flight from New York. If I was a hitman I would be estatic for that info

    • Ke says:

      I agree with u Grizz !!!!

      • bernews says:

        Don’t forget that he will be coming in on a flight from NY, with Police officers escorting him, Police presence at the airport, and all of us in the various media outlets filming every last move made.

        • Grizz says:

          @bernews I understand that there will be a police presence but I just think that certain details don’t need to be made public. It helps to avoid confustion as well. What type of chaos do you think there would be at the airport if a mob of people showed up.

        • Nicole says:

          Right @bernews these guys are stupid but not that stupid to attempt to get at him with a police presence and media around.

          • Grizz says:

            but let’s remember that they shot at the Police while they were investigating a crime scene so it’s not that far fetched

  2. Winnie says:

    Ok so you will be on the tarmac, waiting for the officers to take him off the flight and then make your move,lol. Read again “a team of BPS officers departed this am to pick up dude, what do you thing he is just boardint the AA flight and then just walk out oh LF Wade,lol read again.

  3. Grizz says:

    @Winnie I have been reading, EVERY article and in the RG it said ONE SENIOR OFFICER not the BPS officers! and I can tell by your comments that you have missed the point totally. So laugh out loud at yourself…SMH

  4. US Observer says:

    We will see if he will be an active target upon arrival. If the police are good or smart which I am sure they are, a perimeter will be created as if they were protecting an important dignitary or the president. Certainly if they just walk him through customs and immigration they will set themselves up for failure…in my opinion they will escort him off first before passengers and have an armored truck below the stairs and drive out the side gate.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think they will be bringing him through the arrivals hall. I think they will take him straight off the tarmac. The cars and vans will be sitting there waiting to see him off.

    There is def going to be an audience out there tonight!!!

  6. percival says:

    This is one of the stupidest things the police have ever done…no one needs to know what is going on and his flight arrangements…it was simple enuf for them to make an announcement once he had returned….smdh!!!!

  7. @US Observer says:

    That is usually exactly what is done with the exception that the armored car is a tinted van- that’s the best we have. Witnesses in high profile cases who are in “witness protection” are also given this treatment when they are brought in to testify.

  8. US Observer says:

    I totally agree…some things and especially details such as this need to be kept under wraps.

  9. Rockfish#2 says:

    @ percival
    Agreed. We often wonder why the majority of Bermudians do not have any confidence in the BPS.


  10. Jim Garlic says:

    Thank you to all who made sure that this individual will face a magistrate here in Bermuda.You ,whomever you are, stayed the course against a very defiant opposition and will soon see the fruits of your combined labors.Again I, Jim Garlic salute you.

  11. d reader says:

    anybody actually think this is a diversionary tactic to see who actually may come down there ? for all we know he already here and this is smoke and mirrors.. if he does come back i dont think he has to go thru customs to declare anything or to pay duty on a new bb or i pad

  12. bernews says:

    Well, tonight was not Bernews finest moment. The Police were well prepared, the rain infringing visibility did not help our case, and the end result for us is wet soggy staff members and not a single photo.