Kinte Smith Charged: 2009 Southside Shooting

March 14, 2011

[Update - charges were dropped against Mr Smith in June 2011] In Magistrates Court this morning [Mar.14] a 25-year-old man was charged in connection with the 2009 Southside shooting. Kinte Smith charged with four offences relating to the Southside Movie Theatre shooting in November 2009.

Mr Smith left the island two days after the shootings, and he was returned to Bermuda by Canadian Immigration authorities five days ago, and arrested upon his arrival.

Standing with defence counsel Marc Daniels, Mr Smith was charged with attempting to murder Shaki Minors; attempting to murder Renee Kuchler; unlawfully possessing a firearm; and possessing a firearm with intent to commit an indictable offence.

At the Prosecutor’s request, Mr Smith was remanded into custody and is set to re-appear for mention later this month.

As Mr Smith was walked across the street from the Hamilton Police Station, a lady walked across and into camera range, appearing to be attempting to cover Mr Smith with a jacket. The scene was calm, without a large amount of bystanders present.

The charges relate to the November 13, 2009 shooting of both Shaki Minors [then 26] and Cedarbridge teacher Renee Kuchler [then 24], who were both shot as they left Southside Cinema in St. David’s at approximately 11.30 pm. Both were rushed to hospital, and recovered from their injuries.

Mr Smith is not the first person to be charged in relation to the incident, as in April 2010, then 18-year-old Sanchey Winslow Grant of Warwick Parish was charged with two counts of attempted murder and two firearm charges relating to the same shooting. Mr Grant has pleaded not guilty.

In addition, in June 2010 Jahmel Glen Blakeney was arrested in New York on charges of attempted murder and firearms offences. also in relation to the same shooting. Mr. Blakeney was arrested at the time of the offence and later bailed while forensic evidence was processed. He never answered Police bail, and officials said he left the island on November 30, 2009, and was tracked by the Bermuda Police Service to the New York region of the United States. Mr Blakeney is still awaiting extradition.

Update: Official Police statement, saying Mr Smith left the island two days after the shootings, and he was returned to Bermuda by Canadian Immigration authorities five days ago.

25 year old Kinte Smith appeared in Magistrates’ Court today charged with two counts of attempted murder as well as possession of a firearm & ammunition in connection with the November 2009 shooting of two people at Southside Cinema.

The defendant left the Island two days after the shootings, and he was returned to Bermuda from Canada by Canadian Immigration authorities on Wednesday 9th March, 2011. He was arrested by members of the Bermuda Police Serious Crime Unit on his arrival in Bermuda and has remained in custody since that time.

Smith was remanded into custody pending an appearance back at court on Monday 28th March 2011. A trial date will be set by the courts at a later date.

Update June 11: Charges were dropped against Mr Smith in June 2011

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  1. itwasn'tme says:


  2. Can you handle this says:

    I’m thinking Mr. Blakeney needs to “get over himself” and make his way back here and “face the music” with his peers…No need to run if ya NOT GUILTY!

    • Mike says:


    • JimmyJohn says:

      “Mr. Blakeney was arrested at the time of the offence and later bailed while forensic evidence was processed. He never answered Police bail, and officials said he left the island”
      How did Mr. Blakeney get off the island anyway? An arrest for this type of offense should surely warrant surrending travel documents before trial?? Very interesting……;)

      • oh says:

        he is also a us citizen he has both travel documents

        • In General says:

          There are several Bermudians with two passports – Bermudian and US – But travel documents mean ALL travel documents – just rediculous that this happened and that his father is an MP and is not assisting with his son being extriadited back to Bermuda.

          • It is what it is says:

            @ In General true and when they get into trouble they just hand in their Bermudian passport and leave the island..Mr. Blakeney is not the first one to “jump ship” per se..there really should be some way to check and see if they are in possession of more than one passport..With all the modern technology in the world I’m sure that this is not an impossible feat….

      • Bermy says:

        I understand what your are saying but Mr. Balkeney is born American he probably has both passports.

    • Observer says:


  3. truthfully speaking says:

    How can u say he a fool ? They have arrested 3 people. When the shooting happened it was 2 people on 1 bike. Its not ya fault though u a typical bermudian. Say every n anything n its that much easier cause ya got a comp screen 2 hide your identity. Stop assuming things 2 always be true as soon as the police have a suspect or anything.

    • Speechless says:

      Just because 2 people did the shooting, doesnt mean that a thid, fourth or fifth werent involved in the crime….

      • bermygirl aboard says:

        I agree! Just because he did not pull the trigger does not mean he is not guilty. SMH @ some ppl

    • Nicole says:

      And you are a typical defender on Bernews proclaiming everyone is innocent. Why’d he leave 2 days later? Does he look upset that he’s been charged with a crime he didn’t commit? Ugh!

      • Just saying says:

        What’s going on bernews u can’t post my statement

  4. gaza mon says:

    Stand firm profit. We know your innocent. The public going to have there far fetched personal opinions but u need not worry. Who jah bless no mon can curse. Bless ya heart bra

    • ??? says:

      If he’s so innocent, why did he have to run and hide in Canada and then be dragged back here?? No innocent men I know behave that way.

      • GPS says:

        Hope you aren’t bleaching like that Gaza guy in Jamaica…misleading people with cake soap….It’s misleading to call him a Profit….real Prophets like Capleton don’t mislead and run off.

        • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

          BOOOOOM BLAST!! A gaza who????? Nah follow the cake mon!!!!

    • Truth says:

      There is nothing Godly about this. A man will reap what he sows in this life.

    • GPS says:




      1. THE BLING
      3. ACE BOYS

      Gaza Mon, If you a true soldier, print this entry and use it to promote peace, love and harmony in Bermuda amongst your Gaza Friends and Enemies.

    • dat guy says:

      profit?????? what de hell!!!

      don’t call that man profit please….no for real, please!

  5. Osei says:

    Some of u fools make me laugh, bunch of copycats, wanna-be kingpins. And everybody is so innocent lol. The only Gaza I know about is the Gaza Strip in Palestine, and the people who live there are real tough guys. And I’m not hiding behind a screen name either. All you punks are ruining my island KMA!!

    • Reality Check says:

      I concur!!!!LOL…HELLO…does any of you who use “mi pun d gaza” even know about Gaza Strip?…uuuuh apparently NOT!!!

  6. US Observer says:

    Gaza Mon – I’m sure you meant to say Prophet not Profit?

    Furthermore, Yes, he is innocent – until proven otherwise. But right now no one knows except for Mr. Smith and others who may have been involved. Jah, God, etc…blesses everyone even when at fault or while being accused. We have been given the choice to make right and wrong decisions…and even then Jah, God, etc…continues to bless us even then.

    • Rockfish says:

      Correction in BDA – You are Guilty until Proven Innocent.

  7. safer says:


    • Bermy says:

      To safer says, this is Bermuda and all this crap that has been happening in our small little island is a travesty. You DO NOT need to be a part of it to know what’s going on!

  8. just sayin... says:

    justice will be served in due course. it would be nice to see some more comments for the little girl who wrote her second book. she is someone on this sight who actually deserves some attention. someone who is actually breaking the mold and stereotype we have been given.

    • Can you handle this says:

      She will have comments just as she did when Bernews posted previously that she was seeking funding for her second book a couple of weeks ago…Unfortunately we as a people cannot tell others what we feel is news worthy or worthy of comments… to each its own…..

  9. gaza mon says:

    Ya osei. Whose a copy cat ? I aint no computer ganster. But its all good every1 entitled to their own opinion cant understand why me telling some 1 to stand firm was so upsetting 2 u. Like i said stand firm kinte. Who jah bless no 1 can curse. N only osei i lknow is a boy i went primary school with. HSPS

    • dudus prsi says:

      stay up fam we will fight it to thy end qc u no we money nuff lol

      • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! And we wonder why the man is always harrassing us black folk when ya got guys like this talking bout having QC and nuff money and no job!! Ya’ll night time shooters make me laugh. Ya’ll are just day to day hustlers, you ain’t bout no real ends. If you really had ’nuff dollars’ you wouldn’t be talking bout it and ya’ll most def would not be doing dumb ass crap like ya doing!

        • GPS says:



        • dudus prsi says:

          day to day what u just dont no so be quit done even live in bermy internet boss

          • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

            Like I said, day to day! What, ya got a second hand car that is completely redone with paint and new rims, maybe a bike to, what else huh…….lil bit of jewelry for you and ya lil girlfriend some clothes also. After all of that, what else ya got…… to take a lil trip here and there to get ya next package, then what? If ya money is really long go buy a house or a brand new car, try that. Bet you can’t even afford to buy house chump. Internet boss!!! LOL ya comments are funny, guess ya one to for even responding. Tell u what, when ya money is long enough to buy a condo or even a town house, then I’ll retract everything I’ve said and claim you as a tru boss. Till then u guys r jus likkle boys with pocket change!

            • Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

              I almost forgot, I know u didn’t pay for that QC…….real talk is that you got him by way of the system. How does the law work again…..o thats right, you accept free legal counsel from the system then if u are not satisfied with what the system has given you, and if I am correct, you can decline that counsel and then by the tax payers money you can hire a QC in his place.

              Ya’ll gotta wake up see that not only are these guys not paying taxes, but they are getting the QC’s off of the taxpayers money.

            • dudus prsi says:

              got condos all over thy world ya not rich like me fool kinte good jahno

      • your day is coming! says:

        The law abiding people of Bermuda don’t care if you have a QC or that you as “parkside” or any other gang, have enough money to hire a “gang” of QCs. Even if the law and the courts don’t sift you out, I guarantee you that the ALMIGHTY GOD whom you insult, tempt and test every day with your rebellious perversion of right and wrong is taking note, closer and more intricately than any police surveillance ever could and He will answer the prayers of His people who are crying out to Him for justice! Deuteronomy 32:35 To me belongs vengeance and recompense; their foot shall slide in due time: for the day of their calamity is at hand, and the things that shall come on them make haste.

    • In General says:

      I went to HSPS – and I am embarrased that someone that writes the way you do has the same claims to that school! WOW…If you were educated at one of the best primary schools on the island why can’t you write english properly!

    • Osei says:

      Yes i did go to HSPS, and no your comment didn’t upset me. My point was a general point, just so happened that it was in reply to your post. I am curious who you are though, since you clearly remember my name

  10. US Observer says:

    Did Bermuda invent another language other than English? Wow!!

  11. mama says:

    ugh, who cares …i say we should round em all up, bring them all to a field and give them each a gun, and go off on each other and get it over with… and leave the rest of us some quiet living space. I’m ashamed of this place.

    • Observer says:

      Ok I have a question. Are you a parent? With that comment…a mother at that.

    • Co-Sign!! says:

      Agree!! I’ve been saying this since they’ve all been wanting to kill each other. Why not use the old Army Base? No sense them carrying on this gun shooting in our streets where innocent people might have their lives taken! This is lunacy – they want to kill each other – let them – just do it somewhere that is contained!

  12. curious says:

    We see a lotta comments like (above) Jah blessing the suspects in these cases. Not saying this guy is guilty (that’s for the courts to decide) BUT surely Jah ain’t too impressed by the greed and violence that tends to bring these guys to court?
    I’m no prophet but I reckon it’s very likely that many many more young Bermudian men will end in in court unless this greed and gansta crap is reigned in.

  13. Real Talk says:

    Great. So now we’ve got “gaza” man and “dudus”… anybody else notice a trend? It’s funny how individuals lacking their own identity try to adopt the identity of other cultures… The ghetto-ization of Bermuda has been taking place for some time now. It would be laughable if it wasn’t such a damn pathetic… one of the richest countries in the world (although I am under no illusion that the wealth is equally distributed nor that things are skewed) where people once carried themselves with pride now intent on lowering ourselves to reflect the culture of our neighbours to the South. Idiots won’t be satisfied until we’ve got [more] gated communities and every house has bars on the doors and windows.

  14. Known him since he was a baby says:

    Soooo sad!! Cuz I know his Mom and Dad bought him up in the right way. What they (young man) resort to after is just depressing.:(

  15. Away says:

    I blame all this on BET and reggae music…lol

  16. ..Hmmm says:

    Keep Your Head up Kinte Smith!, don’t worry about the talk its bermuda all they do is run their mouths and want to be up in everybody’s business, we nah stress what the public has to say, its their option and everybody is free to speak their options, so baby keep your head up HIGH, your shoulders are strong! Stay up <3

  17. Garrison Girlll says:

    u kno dat Dudus & gaza mon… Stay up Profit!
    only time will tell babii… these people gonna talk anyway, they dont kno anything… what they goin have to say when ur proven NOT GUILTY!!!!

    smh… you people needa stop chattin!