Pink/Purple Lilies Growing In Pembroke

April 27, 2011

Although Lilies are usually noted for their white flowers, one Pembroke resident stepped away from the norm, and cultivated pink/purple lilies, as shown below. Purple lilies are said to be a “symbol of royalty. The lily alone represents innocence, purity and beauty and combined with the regal color, purple can only lead to a chic representation of royalty. Purple lilies are special flowers that are used on special occasions. They are a symbol of majesty and honor.”

pink easter lilies bermuda (1)

Once known as “The Easter Isle,” Bermuda once dominated the Easter Lily trade in years gone by. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries Bermuda exported onions, potatoes and Easter lilies — 90 percent of its crops were sent by ship to New York for distribution up and down the East Coast. And both cut flowers and lily bulbs were by far Bermuda’s most lucrative cash crops.

pink easter lilies bermuda (2)

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  1. Heather Stines-Brangman says:

    So how does one contact the growers of the purple/pink lilies?