Sailboat Hoisted From Water After Drug Seizure

August 3, 2011

[Updated with video] The sailboat which was allegedly carrying a substantial amount of drugs plus a firearm was removed from the water today.

Earlier this afternoon [Aug.3] a crane arrived at the east end dock and hoisted the sailboat out of the water, and it was placed on a truck in the presence of both police and customs officers and transported away.

Arturs Removed From Water Bermuda August 3 2011 (3)

This past Monday [Aug.1] a large quantity of illegal drugs, plus a firearm and ammunition was seized from the sailboat, and a 28-year-old Latvian man was arrested.

Both customs and police officers swarmed McCallan’s Wharf in St. George’s on Monday afternoon, removing numerous bags from the sailboat and placing them into a van. The boat was subsequently guarded by police officers overnight.

Arturs Removed From Water Bermuda August 3 2011

Yesterday a police spokesperson said their investigations suggest that the  illegal drugs were not destined for Bermuda. Officials said the man was actually traveling to Europe, and only diverted to Bermuda after experiencing mechanical problems with his boat. The Latvian national is expected to be make a court appearance in due course.

This is the second time this year officials have removed a sailboat from the water due to suspecions of it being used for drug smuggling, as in January 2011 the Carefree IV was hoisted from the water after it arrived from the Dominican Republic.

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  1. Terry says:

    Not a damn barnicle on that vessel. Look at it. Probabley fill with goods and lowered and set sail…………………….

  2. Act Like You Know says:

    Very Good Point Terry.

  3. Limey says:

    Its a London boat definitely heading back to the UK, i bet 100% its full of coke, just like this one

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    As long as it is being held as evidence I hope that it is being well taken care of. If found guilty the boat could be seized & sold off. It won’t be worth much if not put into storage properly.

  5. Terry says:

    Triangle, the vessel is now property of the “Crown” and shall remain so. What happens dahn dee rode is neither here nor there.

  6. No Truth in Advertising says:

    First “House Hunters International”, now if we can get this guy on an episode of “Locked Up Abroad” we could give our little island a nice little prime time boost.

    • Terry says:

      Bawahaaaaaaaaa…..”No Truth”……..your ISP is shinning dood……………………..

  7. Derek Simons says:

    Oh Steven loves to be in pictures like that.

  8. life and death is in the power of the tongue says:

    No Truth/Terry,

    That might prove to be a good episode if we opened back up CASEMATES. If we use Westgate everyone would try it as they’ll think their in Florida!!!!

    Very good idea though!!!

  9. Amazed says:

    Nice to see that ICS has moved into the marine industry… does it not bother anyone else that to do this job ICS sent a tractor trailer to a marine company with a flatbed, hauled this trailer to the East End from the West End, craned the boat onto the trailer and then proceeded to haul it to the impound a stone’s throw from a boat yard which is equiped to haul this thing out one time. So, for those who wonder why I say this – a boat is hauled on a boat trailer and transported at a single per foot rate by any boat yard or trailering company that can accomodate the size (which the one I am refering to can) – one cost, no frills.

    Instead, our government chose to hire a ‘For Hire’ TT to drive (per hour) from one end of the island to the other to rent and retrieve a trailer from a boat yard, to haul it back to the other end, hire a crane (per hour) to pick up said boat to put it on the trailer and then transport it to the impound. The TT then has to return the trailer (which is no doubt rented per hour)to its home (also by the hour).

    Can we say fleecing? I wonder who organized that job? Hmmm