“Sailboat With Substantial Narcotics Onboard”

August 1, 2011

[Updated] This afternoon [Aug.1] an eastern European national was arrested after his sailboat was found to have what the Police term a “substantial amount” of narcotics onboard.

Customs are responsible for interdiction of drugs at our borders, and the Bermuda Police Service are on scene at the McCallan’s Wharf in St. George’s, assisting them with the investigatory process.

police st georges bermuda aug 1 2011

Police spokesman Dwayne Caines said a 28-year-old Latvian man was arrested “as a result of sailboat with a substantial amount of narcotics onboard,” and both Police and Customs have launched an investigation. A number of local residents are gathered to look at the proccedings, with the large police and media presence drawing their attention. We will update as able.

Update 5:45pm: Officials were just seen to remove what appeared to be a trash bag from the boat, and place it in a Police car.

Drugs On Yacht Confiscated Bermuda August 1 2011-1-6_wm

Update 6:20pm: Bags continue to be taken off the boat. The police have backed up a van to the boat, and appear to be removing a fair amount of bags.

Drugs On Yacht Confiscated Bermuda August 1 2011-1-5_wm

Update 7:29pm: Most the police and customs officers have left, and the van holding the bags from the boat appeared to have a police escort accompanying it. A few officers remain, and it appears they may be guarding the boat for hours to come.

Update 8:38pm: Photos of the boat:

Drugs On Yacht Confiscated Bermuda August 1 2011-1-3_wm

Drugs On Yacht Confiscated Bermuda August 1 2011-1-4_wm

Update Aug 2, 8am: The police appear to have guarded the boat overnight, and remain in position this morning.

bermuda yacht police august 2 2011

Arturs Yacht Sailboat S-V Bermuda August 2 2011-1

Update Aug 2, 3pm: Police confirm they also found a gun and ammunition onboard, and said investigations suggest the shipment may not have been destined for Bermuda.

[Age amended from 24 to 28, police issued correction]

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  1. wondering says:

    do us silly bermudians have any idez thst this practice has been happening for years……you should check the boats that sail in the marion or newport to bermuda races and these 70 foot marlin killers……..how else the heck do you think the stuff gets here.

    heck we had a bermudian fisherman take some strangers offshore and he “didn’t know what was going on”….hahahahahahahaha

    war on drugs?

    • finally awake says:

      Yup! been happening for decades! Looks like the police have finally decided to stop turning a blind eye to drug trafficking. Cause these busts are new but the trafficking methods ARE OLD! Grateful for the apparent decision to get serious! Now lets have modern tech incorporated like wire taps, video surveillance, night vision, gps etc! Time to adapt the methods of the DEA! Oh yeah…..its long overdue for a Bda coastguard or for us to higher out the securing of a our waters to the US coast guard. Lets get her done!

      • James S says:

        You don’t think all those methods have been in use for years?

      • R. Brangman says:

        People have been smuggling drugs into countries via boat since they dang things were invented. That was the first way of transport and will remain to be the main way to transport drugs. But I guess the police thought they would give up tradition and go modern. Dumb I tell you

    • Great Job says:

      Fact is that the Bermuda Police Service has been on the ball of late. Congratulations to them and our Customs officers!

      • wondering says:

        well done to our local security force. bps, hmc

  2. Terry says:

    And the b%stard got away with it………………….

  3. Terry says:

    Latvia?…..Jingus…just stopped off for some chowder, then Azores, then northern Spain, then ………not Whitehall…………………………..

  4. Terry says:

    Name me one boat that goes to Challenger Banks that don’t live high off the hind………………………………………………..ONE….

    • wondering says:

      explain high of the hind…..

      • Terry says:

        If that is addressed to me, I have no clue what your talking about but I do.

        • wondering says:

          your comment said high off the hind………….explain

  5. Nyb says:

    Where were customs when the boat came in?

    • wondering says:

      do they even work 24 hours…there should be enforcement officers at every port of entry on watch at a computer screen surveying the area

      • James S says:

        They were right there with the police! Can’t you read?

  6. Organic Bermudian says:

    My arguement for years HIRE more Custom officers!!!! Unemployement numbers can go down!!!

    • FACTS says:

      Not to bring anyone down (JOB HUNTING ISN’T EASY IN THESE TIMES) but if people who applied could actually pass the required tests than maybe, just maybe they would have more officers. Most people are unemployed in BDA because they aren’t applying themselves. (TOO MANY MAMA’S BOYS N DADDY’S GIRLS)

      • wondering says:

        indeed…..bred by ignorance! not my child…….a syndrome that is global. no forward planning…. this generation will have hell to maintain grandpas dynaty of houses and property set up for generations to come. some investor will come along, buy it and rent it back. go figure

      • The people's champion says:

        Do you ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, there’s unemployment because a lot of places don’t have the money to hire people? Guys are too harsh on bredrins these days – trust, bies are tryin to get work, but the system is a complex thing.

    • andre says:

      You can throw a Billion dollars at this so called ” War on Drugs” and you will NEVER stop it! Does this war have any real impact on use of drugs? I am assuming that is the ultimate goal to cut down on use. I think we can better spend our money on educating our citizens not to use and to live healthier lifestyles rather than paying for this ” War on Drugs” t It is a joke!! BPS knows it as well but it brings a lot of Overtime so they won’t complain. That’s my 2 cents.

  7. Billy M says:

    Drugs being imported on Newport and Merion boats? Are you freaking kidding me? Go ahead and check them, by all means, but those boats are not running drugs. They are not the drug running “crowd”, and they are cutting every extra pound possible from the cargo, not adding “income producers”. These are people with waaaaaayyy too much to lose doing something stupid like transporting drugs. Seriously, that’s a non-starter. You may disagree, but you’d be wrong.

    • wondering says:

      Mate, it has been done before. I am not just some random brainless poster on here. Most boats nowadays are truly into it for the sport but there have been some enterprising people who have done it before!

      • Confirmation says:

        I can confirm drugs where recently imported on a recent sailing boat race actually. I don’t know who or when or what. But I know at least a substantial amount of marijuana of a decent quality was imported via sailing vessel.

        Its a real shame because yes it is not suspected these are the types of people to do such things.

        • donna says:

          and you didnt report it then you are as bad as the people bringing it in

        • sandgrownan says:

          So, how can you confirm it if you don’t know who/how/when what? And I presume you alerted the authorities.

          I call BS.

          • wondering says:

            please don’t be so naiive that people are bringing it in on the “oh so precious” elite yacht racing scene. we are all human beings and will do whatever it takes to smuggle a lil weed or coke into bermuda……you look around and justify some people who live well above their means. a pound a year does wonders, especially when your clientele aren’t the “run of the mill” users. the drug trade has been tried and true for years. this country thrived from privateering which in turn improved navigation and chance…….the chance of modern day pirates smuggling it in!

            btw….i have seen the triangular shaped pounds of weed soon after being forced back out of the spare mast.

    • will says:

      i had some Great White Shark (cannabis) that came off a boat in one of the races.some of the best herb ive ever smoked..so yah they be bringing some stuff in

  8. Wondering too says:

    Was Bda even the destination of this yacht or did it have to come here for emergency reasons ?
    Not to be confused with the one that went ‘missing’ for weeks during the height of winter storms that WAS destined for here .

    I find it kind of strange that this one would just sail in and tie up alongside with mega $$ of stuff on board.

  9. freddyg says:

    Guess he’s STUCK IN BERMUDA !!!

  10. Original (Original) says:

    Well done BPS.

  11. FACTS says:

    NYB you obviously have trouble reading! Customs were being assisted by BPS.(Stated in the first paragraph) Well done HMC & BPS keep up the excellent work.

  12. longtail says:

    Drugs and gun interdiction seems to be way up with Mr DeSilva at the helm of BPS…. seems he wants to get on and do his job and leave the politics for others. Too bad this didn’t happen sooner!!!!

  13. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Russian Mafia…more ruthless than the Italian Mafia…watch your backs!

    • Pshh says:

      Latvia is not in russia bud. Nice try though!

      • Truth is killin' me... says:

        Never said it was “bud”. See whose border is to the east “bud”.

        • Missy says:

          But it is east of Russia and West of Sweden.

          • will says:

            its called the ‘Red Mafia’ and doesnt have to do solely with Russia..Latvia used to be part of the Soviet Union so technically Russia and the Red Mafia operates in most ex Eastern Bloc Soviet countries…ever heard of Transnistria, its still going today and is mainly run by mafioso groups

      • Makes me think....hmmmmm says:

        The Russian Mafia isn’t only in Russia — just as the Italian Mafia isn’t only in Italy, the Irish Mafia isn’t only in Ireland, the Jewish Mafia, the Japanese…… these gangs are worldwide. Each one is definitely operating just a few hundred miles from Bermuda in the U.S.

  14. Terry says:

    @ Pshh…..Dah!!!!!!! And there are no illegal immigrants in the US et al…..bwahaaaaaa

  15. d reader says:

    bermuda triangle gets another wiktim

  16. ironic says:

    just realized the boat is docked at CAPTAIN SMOKES marina funny

  17. Wondering says:

    do all of the boats (motor or sail) that come into our harbors get boarded and searched by our Customs/Police teams and if not, why? We need 24hr police boat presence in St. George’s be used to escort these boats into port and boarded once docked with trained dogs for guns/drugs along with Customs…..

    • FACTS says:

      Sounds like you have everything worked out, maybe you’re in the wrong profession. I suggest you apply, pass the required exams/tests and then put your time and effort into executing this great plan you have.(ITS NOT AS EASY AS ALL THE CRITICS/PPL MAKE IT SOUND)

  18. G says:

    damn snitches!