Premier Delivers Keynote Address

September 23, 2011

Paula-A-CoxPremier Paula Cox delivered a keynote address on infrastructure development to a packed audience on the first day of KPMG’s Infrastructure Summit: ‘An Island Perspective of a Global Challenge’ in Miami.

The Premier challenged island governments to spur economic growth and address critical infrastructure needs in areas such as health care, housing, water, energy, manufacturing and tourism-related projects through infrastructure development.

A statement released by KPMG said, “She also noted that as the global economy recovers and as populations expand, the need for large-scale infrastructures will only grow. Now indeed might be the best time for many projects to move forward, and governments should take steps to create an optimal environment for private funding.”

“At the same time, she stressed that infrastructure development must be based on a judicious balance of risk and benefit. Governments should use funds wisely and develop strategies that address both immediate and long-term needs. Working with the Private sector in public private partnerships (PPPs), governments should ensure that project goals are integrated, secure, economically effective and environmentally sound.”

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  1. Shaking the Head says:

    And back in the real world, a second rescession is likely. Fortunately Bermuda has a Government that defies realty and logic and will begin recovery in 2012.
    Anyone see the pigs flying past the window?

    • Black Soil says:

      How can the Premier say with a straight face that govt needs to spend its money wisely. Bermuda is in this mess cuz she gave Ewart Brown a blank cheque to run financial rough-shod over this island.

      • Black Soil says:

        Forgot to ask. With the Sunshine League closed so that govt can spend on lavish trips to the likes of Paris, Miami, (and space shuttle blast-off), I would like to ask the Premier (and her fat entourage) how the all expenses first class trip is going?? Hope the food and champagne is to everyone’s liking.

        • Rob says:

          @Black soil, you need to take a nice little stroll in town in the evenings, after happy hour. When you come out of the princess take a right turn and look up at all those lovely colored buildings extending along the waterside, stroll down Pitts bay road and also admire those huge colorful buildings up on the bank overlooking the harbour wow! they are so beautiful, life is so sweet!

    • YES MATE! says:

      Nope. No pigs flying past my window, they all seem to be flying up and down South Beach!

  2. Leisurely says:

    I see them!

  3. Organic Bermudian says:

    One just flew by the window after snatching from “the tree that grows money.” Do they really think the people will ever come out and vote like they did in the last elections?? News Flash – They Will NOT!! They are sick of the overspending, lack of jobs, cost of food, cost of housing, paying for their car/gas as well as yours

    • Black Soil says:

      I hope you are right. But don’t underestimate the emotion the PLP has with our black brothers and sistas.

  4. Rick Rock says:

    Just before he left, Dr Brown committed to us that the Hyatt would “break ground” in November 2011. Patrice Minors said the same thing earlier this year. Financing is already in place, they said. So we have that to look forward to, because neither one of those people ever said anything that was a complete lie, as we all know. That means the Hyatt will be up and running, as a hotel in – what – about a year from now, once it’s built. Marvelous news. because we know we can trust everything they say. Also, Dr Brown made quite a big deal about how there was $3bn of investment in hotels in the pipeline. Hotels going up all over the place, he said, because it’s the platinum era.

    And recently there was the Paris trip to get us into the space industry. That’s “another pillar of the economy” , they said. Woo. Jobs galore will coming out of that. Because they would’t deceive us, even if they had to.

  5. sandgrownan says:

    No Cog. You utter halfwit. Private finance for public projects has been and continues to be a complete disaster for the public purse. It’s a totally discredited methodology.

    20 years of PPP/PFI schemes in the UK have wreaked havoc in education, healthcare and beyond.

    The “BIG Four”, however, love PPP/PFI however, and why wouldn’t they? It’s a license to print money.

    • Rob says:

      If Bermuda went independent tomorrow maybe we would not have to worry about paying off the debt, whether it’s a billion or 100 billion, we could sell, the Arabs are buying up islands twice the size of Bermuda all the time, mind you it would be a huge inconvenience to the people of this island. We see change in the middle east and the fall of Governments all the time. Humans survive and shift from one place to another whether they are Iranian,Iraqi,or even Bermudian.

  6. observer says:

    Mrs Cox speaks very well

    • helen says:

      If you shut your eyes and cover your ears !

      I’d rather have a root canal .

    • LOL (original) says:

      Yes and manages to say nothing as she does.


  7. Dreamer says:

    oh what a pity Bermuda’s finances are in …we need the experts from Europe and the USA to get us out of this mess…not the Chinese or the Indians…. cause we are better then them……hey what is that I here over there Europe and the US is in the same mess…oh well plan B I am with the OBA …..lets get some rich folks willing to deprive their own country of taxes,
    we sell them Bermuda, and all the unfortunate born Bermudians that can’t compete with them… will get an all expense paid trip to live in the slumps of the UK…sounds good to me..

    • LOL (original) says:

      And what part of that did the PLP not do what was the hotel named again right Tucker’s Point…..

      LOL you really are a dreamer.

  8. Truth says:

    The global economy is recovering? Wasn’t the U.S close to defaulting about a month ago without emergency measures? What’s going on over in Europe? Do you really believe what you’re saying, Premier Cox? I mean, really??

    See those 5 local burglaries on the same day a few days ago? Desperation has set in here. Recovery? We haven’t even seen the WORST of our recession yet! We’re still on the down-slope, a ways from the bottom.

    • Dreamer says:

      not due to a lack of finances…yes due to playing politics, the threat to the world that one day while playing the deep divide game that sees congress prefer to see President Obama fail then save their country, some of same people who would bring their funds to Bda to ensure that they are not part of the solution in the US by paying their fair share of taxes to their country let alone BDA.

      also we have always had crime in Bermuda check police stats…robbery and burglary as horrible as it is…. are both down not discounting the worst crime of all gun play which is of the chart however BPS is still at work…

      NB the BS spin is what is bring BDA down…similar to the spin that down graded the US. it’s Government refusing to work together……

      PLP compared to what….my trip to the slumps..i chose PLP i’ll rather stay and do more with less..

      • Truth says:

        You continue to believe that. I know that better management of the taxpayer dollar could have reduced the extent to which we were affected by the recession. Note, I DID NOT say the PLP were RESPONSIBLE for the recession, only that their reckless spending and poor policies (land license permits, work term limits) have exasperated the issue. House sales have dried up and IB businesses are trickling out to our competitors. Newsflash: the only time you get to dictate the rules is when you’re the only player in the game.

        It’s going to get worse, and it has nothing to do with spin. But, keep hope alive by choosing the PLP. It’s served us all well to this point, hasn’t it? Right??

        • Dreamer says:

          i have been served well under a PLP Government one only knows what a cotinuation of a UBP/OBA Government would bring, i recon we may have a smaller debt but more hungry, homeless, unemployed, silent Bermudian.

          i am married to a non-bermudian and i agree with the license. not the extravagant cost or the length of time it takes to process, but i agree with the concept of both policies mentioned..

          two parties can co-exist without a dictatorship ….it’s call mutual respect & compromise…

          • Truth says:

            I haven’t been served well, neither have alot of other Bermudians. And the current polls have the OBA ahead of the PLP, so it seems you’re becoming in the minority of people who feel the PLP of the past 6-7 years have done this country a great service. Rampant financial waste, lavish trips( going off to see a shuttle launch, while you cut spending in Education and other areas. Really?).

            I don’t care for party politics, and I’m not for either party. But just as the UBP were due to be voted out in 1998, it’s time for the PLP to get voted out now, regroup with a younger, more progressive group, and think long and hard about how they’ve wasted the taxpayer’s money and created detrimental policies. Policies that, while you may agree with them, have shown to have adverse effects on the economy.

            • Truth says:

              It’s funny how you say under an OBA Government that the debt may be smaller, but the number of homeless, unemployed Bermudians will be greater. I’d love to know how you arrived at that one.

              • Dreamer says:

                I arrived at that one…because I lived it.. people suffered in silence, until 1998..its was the PLP that gave most of you a voice…..with no strings attached. freedom to speak your mind, regardless to how disrespectful your words have the freedom to speak or write them..
                enjoy your new freedoms..

          • LOL (original) says:

            Respect what’s that? Do you mean the comments by Lavern, Rolf, Derrick, Lovita, Mark Bean that’s respect right?

            LOL dreamer please bump your head and go to bed…..

      • Shaking the Head says:

        Wow, 8bn Euros moved from Bermuda to Ireland. Must be a plot, after all the problems in Bermuda are caused by the Global recession, not local. No way could such an amount be moved because of any local issue. Where is the commission to investigate this?

        • Rhonda says:

          Investigation needed for sure. They are looking for an IMF bailout, they maybe getting the Bermuda bailout. What are they selling over there because it’s not good governance, since the intro of IB, everything else in Ireland has gone downhill, probably selling their souls, for the almighty dollar.

        • bernews says:

          Thanks for the link ‘Shaking the Head’, we ‘borrowed’ it…