Burt vs Butterfield Rematch Expected

September 24, 2011

burt nelethaA ‘rematch’ is expected in Pembroke West Central after the first vote between Minister Neletha Butterfield and Senator David Burt ended in controversy.

On Thursday [Sept.22], Constituency #18 Pembroke West Central held their candidate selection meeting at West Pembroke School.

Immediately after the meeting ended, it appeared that Minister Butterfield had won, however hours later a winner was still not declared.

While official sources declined to release the numbers, it is understood the vote ended 35-34, in favour of Minister Butterfield, with one ballot said to be spoiled.

It is understood after the votes were tallied, confusion arose about whether someone who voted was eligible. Bernews understands allegations were made that an underage [17-year-old] relative of one of the candidates voted in the primary.

On Thursday evening a PLP spokesperson said, “At this time, there is no certified result that can be released by the Party.” The PLP has since declined to provide further details, and it is unclear when the second round of voting will take place.

Minister Butterfield has represented Pembroke West Central in the House of Assembly since 1998, previously serving as an opposition senator from 1993 – 1998. Senator Burt, 32, is a former party chairman who was appointed to the Senate last year.

In 2007, in Minister Butterfield [573 votes] beat the UBP’s Marylyn Steede [207 votes] and Independent Roger Russell [43 votes].

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  1. Mbaya Avunaye says:

    This gives them time to go out and canvass. Follow Rolfe’s lead.

  2. That'll lern em! says:

    Introduce a system that’s intended to prevent a repeat of 2006 and sometimes the power brokers in the party won’t get the results they want.

  3. Family Man says:

    The Pee el Pee are currently accepting applications from any Bermudian who can count to 100 to work at their constituency polling stations. Applicants will have to take a skills based test to prove that they can identify differently ticked boxes and count to 100.

    • your joking says:

      so I guess nobody educated in the public education system need apply…lol……maybe they need an overseas consultant

    • Hard Rock says:

      you sad sad idiots! The OBA is running scared that the PLP is getting their house in order to kiss your behinds out to sea.

      • Rick Rock says:

        Oh right. By ‘getting their house in order”, you mean fixing things so that the “ballots” turn out the “right” way?

        Looks like we can’t count on fair and accurate elections any more. Another thing that is disappearing under PLP. Open democracy.

        • Hard Rock says:

          Rick Rock, share with us the OBA democratic platform.

          *Fool the electorates by having them vote for you under the UBP Banner
          *Fool us again especially the mixed chicks, children of privilege UBP politicians all to form a new party, the BDA
          *Fool us again dismantle the BDA (when you figured it out you couldn’t work without the Gibbons and big money donors and now trying to fool us but
          *Fooling yourself when you disband the UBP and formed the BDA.

          You know the PLP is looking viable more and more and if they get an infusion of new blood as Kim Wilson, David Burt and Diallo, we can work with them rather than with the UBP baggage of the past who are all members of the OBA

          • Hard Rock says:

            *Fooling yourself when you disband the UBP and formed the OBA

  4. YAWN! says:

    Whoooo Cares!!

  5. Another World says:

    It really is disappointing to see that a reelection should even have to take place. The message I’m receiving loud and clear is that there is no accountability for ones wrongful actions. Butterfield would have been in the best position to know that her grandson was not eligible to vote, and she chose to look the other way, hoping it would go unnoticed. If you want to be part of a government representing this country and conducting yourself in this manner, and even worse, not be penalized for your actions by this government, then you are sending the message that what was done was okay as long as you were able to get away with it. If you the government should be setting the example and that’s the example you put on display, what respect do you really expect to receive? This country has so far to go, one cannot begin to imagine.

  6. Mbaya Avunaye says:

    Fiddle sticks as my GrandPa Chief Nafwa Adoyla would say.. “A good hunter befriends his prey before he strikes.” Unethical behaviour to get what you want is the norm.


    • Mbaya Avunaye says:

      I am all for promoting young people. However, the call for young blood tto run a country is an IDIOTIC one. Brilliant as they ; a Govt comprised of all young blood is doomed to fail. What we need is an even balance. Too often we accelerate our mouth before the brain goes into gear thus creating a rush of GAS.

  8. killarblaze says:

    I see no reason to vote for this party. Strange that ID was not checked before each person voted. Seems like a no brainer to me. Is that a word? Please don’t call me during the next election. I’ll be busy working to give my wife and I a hand up. This stuff would make good tv, yah can’t make this stuff up. :-)

  9. Don't care what anyone says:

    Either the PLP officials cannot count to 35 (public education??) or the PLP is accepting illegal voters (too young). Just what else has the PLP done against the law??? Are they all liars, cheats & thieves???

    Ask for a fricking drivers licence you IDIOTS! This is Voting 1.01.

    PLP is P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C.

    Bunch of Gangsters.

  10. Time to watch says:

    I wonder how many of you were at this branch election? When will Bermuda get past this issue of personal attacks and broadbrush criticism when we do not know the facts? There are main national media outlets that are available on the www and outside probably people living in China the world sees what we post.

    Over the next 4 months instead of being sheep talk to your potential MP and get an undertaking that they will perform and transform. If they wont use your party PLP or OBA mechanism to get a representative who can.

  11. LMAO says:

    hard rock said some very interesting things, i agree with hard rock

  12. Right said Fred says:

    I understand that to avoid this happening again the election will now place in the afternoon and the West Pembroke P1′s will be doing the count. Just have to make sure none of them vote.

  13. Emeka47 says:

    The PLP will be its own downfall. They’ve taken the grassroots voters for granted. We can think and see what’s going on. They spew too much racism, self-serving, more than service to the public. We the unemployed are hurting and struggle to make ends meet. Those who seek help from Social Assistance are denied a ‘loaf of bread’ because we have a home that the banks have taken, while those of this party enjoy a privileged and lavish lifestyle…Consultants, GP Cars, trips the whole lot! Ya, doing more with less!
    They’ve spent way too much money. Example: They could have waited to do these many projects and freebies. Bermuda has some 30000 workers (if that). Who pays for all of this? We leave our future generations with MASS DEBT.
    Now I know we all have skeletons in the closet,but I aint in the HOUSE or SENATE, but damn some of these Parliamentarians are riddled with a lot of stuff (it’s public knowledge), so with all that baggage some need to quietly bow out NOW.
    NEW Blood like Kim Wilson, David Burt is your first start to the rebirth of the PLP.

  14. Face the Nation says:

    Silly me , but shouldn’t they now randomly choose their qouta of paid up PLP members randomly from across the breath of the Island for each candidate selection meeting. If my math is correct , 70 votes are cast , that means 70 randomly chosen PLP members .

    It only takes one experience of unethical behavior to warrent change of process .

  15. Fed Up!! says:

    As a result of this governments mismanagement of the country’s money I will be out trying to make living in order to feed my family so don’t come knocking on my door I will not be voting for you bunch of dreamers.

  16. Honourable says:


    Leave with your head held high, you knew aboutnthe underage voter. Even ifnyou run against Burt and win, everyone will now have doubts aoutnyour integrity and assume that all you were fighting for was money and power.

    This is just like Minister Blakeney and his Son, sometimes you must step away on principle. As staying around leads to one conclusion only, that younare in this for the power and perks.

    Do the right thing and make Paula give you a decent consulting job with an income so you can live out till retirement with your head held high and respected for the difficulty and abuse you endured in those early days when the UBP had no heart.

  17. Jim Bean says:

    plp voters – you would seriously elect a party that can’t count less than 100 votes properly?!?!?

  18. THE TRUTH says:

    “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.” Adolf Hitler.