21-Yr-Old Man Shot In Warwick

October 24, 2011

[Updated - Police confirm a 21-year-old man was shot, and said his injuries are not believed to be life threatening at this time]

A short while ago this evening [Oct.24], police attended the Middle Road, Warwick area responding to what we unofficially understand was a shooting.

People on the scene have indicated to Bernews that someone may have been injured in this incident, and at 8:30pm we saw an ambulance speeding away from the scene with its siren on.

At this time, there is a heavy police presence in the area securing the scene. Details are limited at this early juncture, however we will update with additional information as able.

Update 9.09pm: Unofficial reports continue to indicate that a person was shot, however we do not have official confirmation of that yet.

Update 9.28pm: Police confirm a man was shot, and his injuries are not believed to be life threatening at this time. Police officers are stationed outside the hospital, a normal occurrence when a gunshot victim is brought in.

Update 9.41pm: Sources indicate that the victim was traveling on a motorbike with another man, when the gunmen – also on a bike – rode up alongside and opened fire.

Police On Scene

Update 9.59pm: Police remain on scene investigating, and onlookers have gathered in some areas.

Police On Scene

Update 10.30pm: Video of statement from Police Spokesman Robin Simmons who said the incident occurred at approximately 8.20pm in the Longford Road area.

Update 10.46pm: Unofficial sources indicate the victim, whom we understand to be 20/21 years old, may have been shot twice. His condition has not been released yet, however the Police said his injuries are not believed to be life threatening at this time.

Update 10.59pm: That section of Middle Road has now been opened to traffic.

Update 11.58pm: Official police statement

Around 8:20pm on Monday, police received reports of a shooting on Middle Road in Warwick in the vicinity of Longford Road. Officers immediately attended the area and found a 21 year old man had been shot.

The victim was taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment of his injuries, which are not believed to be life threatening at this time.

Officers cordoned off the scene and conducted inquiries. A full investigation into this incident is underway.

Police are appealing for any witnesses or anyone with any information to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 295-0011 or the independent, confidential Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

Update Oct 25: Bernews spoke with an individual who was also traveling on the road at that time. The person, who understandably is quite shaken up by the incident, described the gunmen as speeding furiously down the road appearing to ‘chase’ the victim before opening fire.

The witness said after the shots were fired confusion reigned, with other men traveling on bikes appearing to stop to help; but suddenly fleeing the scene when other motorcyclists rode back up on the scene.

The victim appeared to have been left laying on the road by his friend traveling with him on the bike, with the friend unofficially said to have arrived at KEMH with minor non-gunshot related injuries. A passer-by traveling in a car was apparently flagged down to take the victim to the hospital, however did not do so and the person was transported via ambulance.

Update Oct.25 10.40am: As of this time, the victim is listed as stable in the ICU.

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  1. oh well says:

    here we go again

    • Black Soil says:

      Since coming to power PLP embarked on a policy of co-existance with the gangs. PLP thought they could manage the gangs. PLP decised to be Gangstaa Friendly. Now this policy of co-existance with the gangs has exploded in their faces. PLP will not acknowledge their inability to crack down. They are weak and the gangstaas laugh at them. Bermuda is dying.

      • Let's Not Be Stupid says:

        I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not every opinion needs to be said. I am tired of hearing people constantly blaming stuff on one political party. The PLP this or the UBP this…serious do you think if they say Gangsters are ban from Bermuda all the violence is just going to stop! Come on…Stop rubbing your Lamp because no Genie is going to come out to grant that wish. And what to do mean “Since coming to power PLP embarked on a policy of co-existance with the gangs”. Before the PLP any violent crime that happen was just that a violent crime, not a act of gang violence. We denied that there were gangs in Bermuda before the PLP come to power. That sounds like to me more of a co-existence with gangs then now. And are you really that stupid to believe that the PLP has cause the violent crimes to rise to the level that we see today? Do you not watch movies or TV? Have you been in a video game store recently or a music store? If you have, which I guessing you haven’t because of you stupid comment, you will see that it’s the media that has popularized that life style not the PLP or any other Political Party. The inability to crack down on these violent crimes is not the fault of the PLP or any other Political Party, stupid. They can only make laws, and laws only work when they have the support of the people behind them. Look at what’s going on people are committing crimes and people are witnessing these crimes happening and not coming forward to give evidence or testify. But I suppose you’ll say that the PLP’s fault, how smart stupid. The PLP ain’t weak, it’s the people that are weak. Crimes are happening right in front of them and they saying nothing. The “Gangsters” are laughing at the people and the PLP because they know no matter what Laws are put in place the people will never talk…HaHaHa

        This comment was not written to defend the PLP. It was written to expose and fight the stupidity disease that is going around which blames anything and everything on a Political Party.

        Bermuda we must ask the question that Late Former President of the United States of America told the people to ask and I quote “ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

      • Let's Not Be Stupid says:

        P.S., for them Bible readers continue to read the Bible and the whole Bible not bits and pieces. Because hope fully you will see the parts that speak the wars international and domestic. Prophecy must be fulfilled in order for the Time of End to come.
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        you need!! My 2012 Survival Kits are designed
        with everything you will need. I have family
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        • Let's Not Be Stupid says:

          For further inquiries email me at
          2012timeofend@gmail.com or visit website:
          http://www.2012TimeofEnd.com (website coming soon)

          • Black Soil says:

            If PLP are not responsible for our internal security, then who is? PLP know who the gangstaas are. I am not gullible. I believe govt should take accountability to provide safety which means putting a$$holes in jail who threaten us. I suppose we should blame the British like Robert Mugabe does?

          • SOMERSET OG says:

            When 2012 comes and goes please feel free to burn that work of fiction you lost sheep like to follow. It’s just an ancient superstitous comic written to keep your arses inline!

      • Bermuda_Gentleman says:

        I am getting tired of hearing this mess about PLP, UBP or OBA. These crimes and gangs are not the result of any governing party. These crimes and gangs are the result of many circumstances, but the biggest cause is the upbringing of these youths today. Most of theses gang members are being brought up in a disfunction home where no-one pays them any attention or they are allowed to do whatever they want. There are many children that are being brought up by their grannies. Unfortunately, within today’s society, the grannies have alot more on their plate especially when considering their financial commitments. Most of these grannies have to work part time jobs to make ends meats, while the child’s parents are living their own lives.

        Another problem is at the other end of the spectrum where that many of these children have not been taught how to work for things, instead they are given whatever they want. Mommy & Daddy have great jobs and they give their kids whatever they want so that they can shut them up. The problem with this is that if you do not teach your the value of things and not how to actually work to obtain these possesions then they are going to grow wanting everything that their use to, without knowing how to obtain them legally. Now they come across their friends that are able to buy whatever they want, buy selling drugs. So they eventually start participating in illegal activities so they can obtain the things they want.

        These kids are also being raised in a failing school system. Honestly I think a major problem is to do with the concept of megaschools. This is not to criticize the Education board, because I honestly think that they are trying to do their best with what they have. We have always had neighborhood groups. This was in effect when my grandfather was alive which was over 60 years ago. Before it was that town guys are coming up country to steal country women. It was never a big issue that resulted in violence, but it does prove that we always had neighborhoods. When we had the different secondary schools, there was always some play of violence, but not to the degree it is now. The problem is that when you put different groups together under one roof everyday, rivalries develope into hatred. There is no time to cool off from seeing each other. They see these other groups everyday. Not only that, but innocent children get pulled into this mess because of who their neighborhood friends are. I personally know of a kid that was a straight A student but he was raised in a certain area. He was not involved in any gang activities, but another group of kids saw him hanging around other individuals that are from a certain area. So the other group went and jumped this kid because they felt he was part of this other gang, which he wasn’t. Fortunately for the kid, the mother was able to send him private school. This is why i honestly believe that these gang activities heightened when the government implemented mega schools. Which governement implemented it is irrelevent. The fact is it is not working. Until the megaschool occured, all these other neighborhoods knew of certain people was that they wasn’t from their neighborhood, but they could state which neighborhood you was from unless you actually had run-ins with them with your own neighborhood.

  2. RR says:

    Where on Middle rd in Warwick?

  3. Starting all ova again says:

    These are some serious times

  4. ANGRY says:



    D I S A P P O I N T ED …

  6. Ian says:

    Looks like the corner by the pond across from the vet.

  7. SassyinBda says:

    It is scary to know I travel that road every day to and from work…. there is no safe place anymore!!

  8. Necromonger says:

    Bermuda is still safe just don’t involve yourself with gangbangers and you won’t get shot !!!

    • SassyinBda says:

      I don’t involve myself with gangbangers but what if I was riding along Middle Rd when this took place and I got shot instead of the intended person!? Someone not involved in all this gang stuff is going to get shot and then what will happen?

    • foolsdontknow says:

      Open your eyes,

      Innocent victims have already been shot.

      yours truly,

      A victim

    • True Dat says:

      not true Jason was not invovled in any gangs and he got shot and killed!!! You forgot?!?!?!

    • Sara says:

      Either you don’t pay attention to news or you are a liar. There have been at least two cases of mistaken identity with individuals not assoc with gangs.

  9. Grubster says:

    If it was Middle Road, you would have thought there should be some witnesses. Seems that the shooters seem to be less bothered about busy places these days

    • Harmony says:

      you can’t really say that either, because to a passerby it may look like another pack of idiots racing on their bikes on a crazy corner and then out of no where bang bang…unless something stood out about them before it happened you would not have known who where or what they had on and what kinda of bike. honestly

  10. So not surprised says:

    How can we be surprised? The Parole board just let two Gang Members/leaders go last week?! Its vendetta time….so tired of this.

    • I am me says:

      I so agree. I want 2 kno hw they not kno about their gangs ties. That is serz bs they need to bring bak some mur serz punishment cuz jail time is vacation 2 des stupid idiots

  11. question says:

    is parkside now going after jone’s village crew because this is the 2nd attack on someone from that area within a week!

    • Sad Times says:

      Heard the guy shot hangs around Parkside. So it only leaves MOB, 42 or any other gangbangers that committed this crime.

  12. myra says:

    I think its time to bring in the police from England and let them do a clean sweep from Dockyard to St.Georges.

  13. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    He’s a good boy. He buys his loved ones flowers and stuff like dat. Ain’t never bin in no geng! He goes church an arrybody! He’s jes turnin his life around!! He ain’t no Gangstah! No vey!

    • not surprised says:

      hehehe so true…

    • AJ says:

      hahahahahah “buys his loved ones flowers”
      HILARIOUS!!!! people in gangs still do that…hello you ignorant fool.. people like you who are the PROBLEM IN THIS COUNTRY

  14. LoL Sad says:

    LMAO @ Cedar Beams. You sound so bright! He buys his loved ones flowers?! He probably pays their bills as well. “Ain’t never bin in no geng” lol Ya gotta be kidding me… Dumb as rocks you young people are…

    • moojun says:

      Have you heard of sarcasm?

    • Mel says:

      Seems you older folk aren’t such bright sparks either lol. Learn to speak sarcasm thnx

    • Cedar Beams (Original) says:

      LOL Sad. I am dumb as rocks? What is really sad is that you didn’t see that I was making a joke. Now who is dumb as rocks. HAHA

    • Unbelievable says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Our school system is really FAILING our youth.. LOFL !!!!!

  15. N/A says:

    “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, & lose his own soul” – Mark 3:36. These young men shooting and killing each other may feel like big shots doing this right now. They may get a tough image throughout their gang, and fear from other people. But they are not going to be gangsters forever, they will outgrow it and mature, even regretting actions they’ve done! However, they cannot unhurt the people they shoot or bring back the people they kill. They need to determine if their actions are losing their soul over..

  16. Justice says:

    its only a matter of time until an innocent bystander will be shot and killed by these ignorant fools. Is that what its going to take for bermuda to wake up? We all know where these gangs hang out. They need to be split up, forced not to hang out, arrested if seen loitering… extreme measures… we have the advantage of being a small tight knit community.. we should use it to our advantage… we cant afford this level of violence on 24 square miles…

    • auslander says:

      err… innocent people HAVE already been shot… and killed…

      • Cedar Beams (Original) says:

        According to some people, every person shot so far is an innocent bystander. Effing hilarious!!!

  17. In Mark's Opinion says:

    Seems like they got more guns and bullets . They can check ships cabins for weed every week . Why not check know gang members house every week .

  18. silliness says:

    all imma say is lets take a page from that movie daddy’s little girls and as a community cut these bies asses….bermuda stop typing to each other and lets get active….talk no longer matters it’s cheap….anyone willing to join me hit me back and we can start a group…i am dead serious!

  19. Fed-Up Teen says:

    Innocent Bystanders have already been shot. What more can they do? Everytime we say, “They’re gonna wait until…” A few days later they actually do it. On school premises, in front of innocent people, children, possibly harming their own family members. What more can we do? Haven’t we ASKED these guys enough. We need to stop asking and just do. Because they obviously don’t give 2 craps about our opinion. Do we have to get on tv to beg and cry for these lot to stop what they’re doing.

    If they have the balls to shoot and kill each other they should be able to tell us why the hell are they killing each other.. Maybe i’ll never understand but what i do understand is that everyone deserves a chance at life. & just because they don’t live in the same area as you or you don’t like them for other reasons doesnt give you the right to take their life or hurt them. I’ve lost to many friends and family to this and i’m getting tired. We all are, Hopefully you guys come to your senses soon…

  20. Neika says:

    @ LoL Sad. U say we young people r dumb well how dumb are u lder people to allow this type of foolishness to even start. That just show that all u older people do is look down on we young folk. Did u ever think that these people that r ouit here could be just as old as you. Y is it everytime something goes wrong or someone gets shot its a young person. What about that old ass man that got caught with the bullets. How dumb is he. And once again that’s us young people looking up to our elders. So if ouir elders r doing stupid what do u expect the young folk to do. Lead by example and maybe just maybe they young will follow. I am young and I also know right from wrong and I feel its wrong u called us youing 1s dumb. Some maybe but not all so don’t judge us all cause of 1s actions.

  21. smhatufools says:

    Sh!t aint never gonna stop, eye for an eye dawg eat dawg world, dont like it, take a trip!

  22. Pat says:

    This problem is way outside our grasp as everyday citizens . I agree with Neika in that we the older generation are supporting this behavior in Bermuda. First we were in made to think that there were no gangs in Bermuda. While we slept, the gangs continued to grow and strengthen. Now they have an arsenal of weapons and ammunition and the bullets are flying over our heads. We have been jolted out of our sleep by the harsh reality that Gangs do exist and our sons and daughters are involved in this serious mess. It is true, we are wake now but we are now in denial that my precious child who treats his family like a royal family is a gang banger. No way!

    Well Bermuda the chickens are running rampant and I am not talking about the many wild ones all over the island. I have a question, who is funding these gang bangers? How do the guns get here undetected? How is it that these weapons can’t be located and removed frm these people? How is it that we are such a small community and yet a parole board is going to release two known gang affiliates and then point the finger at all the groups that are responsible for keeping lawand order? It wasn’t me? It should confirm to every law abiding citizen that the war on crime, drugs, guns, gangs, etc. is a big fat joke and those behind this premise are laughing at us the Bermudians that want a better Bermuda. I think we are sleep walking Bermuda.

    I listened to the let’s talk program and all I heard was a lot of babbling. No real solutions. One having to defend his constitution, one trying to justify why we don’t have any money and make us think that we have these things that we should be receiving return on which we clearly are not.. Finally, not sure were the third guy is coming from, maybe he is just a spoiler. It should be interesting on November 1st.

    • outkasted says:

      Bermudians we have ourselves to blame. You know i’m gonna say it. Farrakhan. He warned us. He even had heard about the cache of guns coming to the island prior to his arrival. He said all this was systematic and we can expect the problem to explode if we did not get hold of our sons and daughters and pluck them from this madness. WE totally dismissed what he said including the Police and government. All playing lip service. Nothing was done. EVERYTHING he said is coming true. what’s next you ask. Simple. 1.) The criminals will turn their guns on us (public) 2.) Police will arm themselves. 3.) The police will be kicking in your doors in the middle of the night and shoot your son/daughter where they stand (if they resist). 4.)The hardcore guys will resist. They will die. 5.)The rest of the ones who were on the fence will get off and go back to their mundane existence. I’m just the messenger. Again its systematic.

  23. Cancer says:

    String em up on front street and lick their naked asses for all to see!

    • powerman says:

      You realy want to “lick their naked a$$es on front street” No sir. Not me

      • YUCK !!! says:

        kinda nasty !!!

        • Mars says:

          Gone are the days when the word ‘lick” meants licks, spanking, beating as Cancer is implying

  24. time says:

    Not every time this a shotting u ppl call parkside!!!! You small minded ppl u have mob why u don’t talk bout them the same way u like like talking bout parkside.and yes thEm boys did got out on parole. If the parole board was really upset bout them getting out they should have done their home wrk on everybody that want parole!!!!

    • WTH???? says:

      I am going to need you to proof read before you come on here trying to be smart and not making any sense.
      shotting???? whats that did u mean shooting?
      them boys did got out? did u mean them boys did get out

  25. 1minute says:

    First thought was at least it was close the the graveyard, then I remembered what a poor shot Bermudians are…

  26. BadGirl turn Good says:

    Here is a question, I know the innocent should not suffer for the guilty but do you think full face mask should be banned for this halloween? 6 shootings in 2-3 weeks idk

  27. Bermudians jus Talk says:

    Society wanna turn me into a criminal just So i can feed my FAMILY!!!!I can b educated all i want if ther aint NO WORK dat means NO MONEY,all these underhanded ppl f#kcing wit the Public Purse huh!!!And u think im supose 2 go hungry…..watch out BDA………Pot still haffi Boil!!!

  28. will says:

    we should get rid of bikes on our roads and use golf carts..they cant go that fast and you can surely see the people in them…

    • Lissa says:

      um sorry – but Will..that was funny as heck!!!
      Golf Carts.! lol

  29. soon leavin' says:

    Ban the black visors you idiots.Arrest every rider and passanger wearing one.They were meant for use in sunlight not as cowardly shooters disguise at night.

    • Bermuda_Gentleman says:

      Exactly, but I have a black visor and I use it to block the sunlight. Without it I’m sure I would have gotten into many accidents because the sun was in my eyes. I totally understand that certain stupid people are using them to mask their faces, but how about us normal hardworking folks that actually use them for their purpose.

      Plus even if the criminals didn’t have visors on at all, we still would be confronted with the fact that many people are not coming forward about what they have seen.

  30. smhatufools says:

    To time, u r from town I can tell , 1 u defend parkside , 2 u sound dumb , learn how to word things right b4 u comment #pickituppp

  31. Finally Free says:

    Ban black visors…NOW!!
    Also make it illegal to wear a helmet unless you are actually riding a motor bike.These creeps wear them everywhere and it’s unnecessary.
    The hudlums are killing this island one shooting at a time.

    • bermy$hotta says:

      @ finally free – banning black visors aink gonna do nuffin! u think de man would enforce dat?! de same way dey enforcin cell phones and seatbelts lol….riiiight!

  32. Frustrated says:

    Isn’t it funny how as soon as two (known gang members) are let out of jail because there was no evidence saying that they are gang members the shooting starts again!! COINSIDENCE I THINK NOT!!!*so sick of it*

    • WTH???? says:

      well said that is all, last i checked it aint been a shooting for a while then out the blue all this stuff starts back up.

    • hmm says:

      these guys have been in jail for a bit now. and plenty of shootings have happened since they been in there. so exactly what point are you trying to make? so its not a coincidence. it just goes to show this is an ongoing cycle.

  33. March Hare says:

    This Government and the Police Service have done a great deal to combat the gun/gang problem with all the ancillary effects of such a culture. E.g. the police have made arrests, increased patrols in high crime areas, the introduction of additional stop and search powers etc. And the Government has the Mirrors and big brother programmes to attempt to give youths a positive role model, but without support from individuals the authorities’ hands are tied. I think the following quote is relevant:
    “We have gone through a period when too many people have been given to understand ‘I have a problem; it is the Government’s job to deal with it.’

    So they are casting their problems on society. And who is society? There is no such thing! There are individual men and women and there are families and no government can do anything except through people and people look to themselves first; it is our duty to look after ourselves and then also to look after our neighbour and life is a reciprocal business and people have got the entitlements too much in mind without the obligations, because there is no such thing as an entitlement unless someone has first met an obligation.”

    • Pastor Syl says:

      @ March Hare: I would empathize with your comments except Govt has cut funding to every program that would help address the issues that prevail with our most vulnerable, like Mirrors and Sunshine League, to name just a few. The Police Service budget was cut too. In fact, almost every service agency except the Prisons. What does that say?!

  34. Don't make me laugh says:

    You can’t blame the parole board. They actually did their jobs. They can’t make decisions outside of the law. They can read the papers all they want but they legally can’t base their decisions on what they read in the newspaper. They were not presented with the required information to keep them in prison so place your blame where it belongs. Department of Corrections and Court Services

    • Pastor Syl says:

      I have to agree with you. By law, the Parole Board can only take into consideration what is placed before them. News reports only count as hearsay.
      I have to wonder if the Department of Corrections was just trying to ease their own burden (less violence or threats of same within the prison) by not giving the Parole Board all the relevant information.

    • young person says:

      “Those who criticize use seem to forget who raised us”

  35. CAT says:

    @Neika you don’t make any kind of sense!!! How can you blame the older generation??? These lil idiots are making their own decisions to shoot ppl! Get a Life!!

  36. Concerned says:

    Get rid of the bunch that turn a blind eye to certain people because “that’s my boy” and maybe we can cut the supply of guns and bullets on the island. Instead of searching a cabin for a poke of herb while the person is out SPENDING MONEY or smelling a mans jacket to see if it smells new while coming through the airport, start watching those with authority who let things slide and get rid of them!!
    After hearing about the parole board releasing 2 well known gang members early, I believe these people – BPS, government, corrections, whoever – have something up their sleeves which is just destroying Bermuda! I have a hard time believing it was miscommunication. Their ranks in the parkside gang were mentioned over and over during the trials and I know at least one of the members of the parole board follow the news, if not all. Just because it wasn’t physically written on their files (which is another thing I don’t understand), it can’t simply be ignored! It was pretty much common knowledge!

  37. NoMoreMrNiceGuy says:

    Test the bullet, match to datatbase, find out which bunch of “brats” and bang on doors get tough don’t make it easy. When they open the door they see you, when they close it at night they see you (the Law). When they get sent to jail, bright Pink jumpsuits chain them and let them clean the streets, dig trenches in the hot sun or rain whatever. Sorry, but sick of the little punks. What you waiting for Bermuda for real executions i.e. Mexican style….off wit de heads next??????? Toughen up and rough them up.

  38. $treet n1gg@ says:

    Black visors isn’t gonna change anything!they will jus wear mask! And who cares that sissy a$$ prince n f@ggot a$$ keil got parole? There days r numbered.

  39. Answers says:

    Who are these bangers that were allowed out on parole and are these lists published for the general public so we may know who walks among us?!

  40. Bad Girl turn Good says:

    Ok so the parole board released the 2 chiefs of parkside………….
    As was said previously obviously a blind eye was turned. There were to
    many articles, footage, and the like for it not to be known – any why
    was their WRAP SHEETS NOT ATTACHED to their file????

    The point of the matter is we ALLL can sit back and chastise each others post,
    make assumptions, get mad, upset, pick at each others post, vent and the sort but this is not solving anything. Obviously the police are doing their part if not they would have not been able to find 2 of the 4 shooters from the prior weeks 4 shootings. Now it is up to the prosecutors to do their jobs and the judge to make an example of them. But yes we all watch csi, criminal minds, cops, and law & order so the BDA Police are falling short in some instances
    and/or if not short of funds.

    As long as the parents, cousins, brothers, sisters, aunties, bredrins etc turn a blind eye,entertain the ignorance this drama will never cease.

  41. Think about it says:

    They let another high profile long standing drug dealer out of jail a whole back too and he was assassinated. Will these two high profile drug dealers/gang members end up wishing that they’d been denied parole! Besides….Have parole boards forgotten that they have an obligation to look out for the good of the larger society on general?

  42. soon leavin' says:

    Dear Bermudians,
    If you are a parent you had better start to think about how your children will survive in the new Bermuda.The Bermuda with no Government funds to support the poor and unemployed,the Bermuda with underfunded and run down schools,the Bermuda with out of control drug use,the Bermuda where your kids will be left to a fight off bullies and gang members with no hope to secure a future for their kids.

  43. one love says:


  44. BigMac says:

    @ Somerset og … If u are referring to the Bible, it does not say anything about 2012 being the end, beginning or coming and going. I believe you are making reference to the Mayan calendar.