David Burt Beats Neletha Butterfield

October 24, 2011

The third time really was the charm, as there has finally been a declared result in the Progressive Labour Party primary contest in Constituency #18 Pembroke West Central.

The PLP has confirmed that Senator David Burt defeated the incumbent Member of Parliament, Cabinet Minister Neletha Butterfield.

The first candidate selection meeting for Pembroke West Central ended in controversy on September 22nd. It initially appeared Minister Butterfield had won. However, hours later the PLP released a statement saying, “At this time, there is no certified result that can be released by the Party.”

While official sources declined to release the numbers, it is understood the vote ended 35-34, in favour of Minister Butterfield, with one ballot said to be spoiled. It is understood after the votes were tallied, confusion arose about whether someone who voted was underage and an appeal against the initial count was launched.

The second selection meeting was held on October 13th, and again produced no winner as Minister Butterfield and Sen.  Burt received the same number of votes from party delegates.

Minister Butterfield has represented Pembroke West Central in the House of Assembly since the 1998 General Election when the PLP swept to power for the first time. Previously she had served as an Opposition Senator for five years. Sen. Burt, 32, is a former party chairman who was appointed to the Senate last year.

Minister Butterfield joins fellow incumbent MPs Wayne Perinchief and Ashfield Devent in being ousted by newcomers in recent PLP primaries.

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  1. SMH says:


    I wouldn’t even be proud of myself to have defeated someone in my own party..AFTER 3 TRIES.

    • Maddog says:

      Don’t be a fool.

      • Black Soil says:

        Neletha does not like David asking her to sit in the back of the Church. I hope David can work to turn the PLP around. David will need lots of luck since the PLP (like Bermuda) is dying.


    Neletha show that you are the bigger person by introducing him to All the people that gave you some of the best years of your life . After that ; De Plane ,De Plane ..Oh , Congrates Young Man ,we know that you will do splendidly .

  3. Facts says:

    Congrats to Sen. Burt from de east and south. Very proud of you.

  4. THE HELL!! says:

    Who cares. Their rain of destruction on the island is coming to an end soon.

    • Ross says:

      You care, cause you are sweating and unsure. The hell you must be feeling?.

  5. specialgirl4 says:

    Congratulations David Burt!! You are an intelligent young black man who will provide service to his country. I wish you the best in the future. I am proud of you!! I know that many more young man will also follow in your footsteps. You are a man of action.

    Minister Butterfield has served this country well over the years, and I thank you for all the hard work you have done. I know that you still have an important role to play in Bermuda.

    • Joe Blow says:

      Couldn’t you just say he’s an intelligent young man, without throwing his color into it?

      • LOL (original) says:

        Not her style or the PLP’s for that matter it’s a reminder/encouragement to be taken as a positive……..

        LOL get with the program.

      • Truth is the light says:

        Do you have a problem with his color ???? Joe Blow

        • FYI- Of No Consequence says:

          @Truth is the light… Color should not be of any consequence. As Senator Burt represents those of the human kind. His recognition alone should not be based on his color, but that he was judged fairly as a MAN…. Simple.

          Black, Blue or Purple….. Color should be as signficant insignificant as what party he represents.

        • FYI- Make my vote count says:

          @truth is light. I do not think it is fair to attack Joe Blow. Did it ever occur to you that Joe Blow could be mixed, Portuguese or of another ethnicity other than Black or WHITE? At the end of the day the color of a man’s skin shouldn’t be of anyconsequence.

          David Burt represents a dying generation Black, Mixed, Portuguese, etc. More importantly he represents a wider sector that is inclusive of both MALE AND FEMALE. He is a MAN first representing the great of huMAN kind.

          Just my two cents.

      • specialgirl4 says:

        ‘To ignore or discount one’s colour is to deny or disown who one really is!” It is okay to talk about colour; it does not suggest or indicate that one is racist. Most formal documents ask for one to identify their race!! I am comfortable talking about race, and do not feel as if one is racist.

        • EERRITATED says:

          did you know that your race, legally, is whatever you say it is? if im a white man from germany, i can put down on a legal document that i am black and legally, i must be acknowledged as black, or yellow, or purtuguese…whataver i chose my race to be is what is shall be recognised as. so says the United Nations.

  6. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    Great news!

  7. Cancer says:

    The farce continues…. This island is finished anyway… How could a sitting MP be voted out by a newcomer entering politics? Anyway this party’s got to go!

  8. No OBA Vote says:

    @cancer ask that to the cancerous OBAers who voted out all the UBP voters when they closed the doors without consultation! What should we swap for? Elected officials who don’t follow their own constitution? We should allow them with the Bermuda Constitution? NEVER

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      Bet you had no problem when Col. Burch and Dr. Brown disregarded the Bermuda Constitution regarding the uighur issue…

      Interesting that…

      • No OBA Vote says:

        So its ok for your OBAers to disregard their constitution and its acceptable by all the now OBa supporters? I didn’t agree with the Col Burch nor Dr. Brown and I demonstrated along side many of the now OBAers that is why I can now write that OBA DID NOT FOLLOW THEIR OWN CONSTITUTION! AND WILL NOT VOTE FOR ANY OBAer

        • Rick Rock says:

          So by the same logic you will not vote for any PLPer, since the PLP did not follow the constitution, right?

  9. Cancer says:

    @noobavote (whataname) however your (plp) shooting your own self in the foot. You’ll see…. Just like Perrinchief said!

  10. Bless Bermuda says:

    Well done Burt i know you will do well its time for some young blood to do the right thing stat true to yourself and let God guide you

    • Rockfish#1and #2 says:

      Just wondering.I thought Butterfield was the great church attendee with all the pomp and ceremony. One would have thought God would have guided her!
      Good luck Burt.

  11. Cancer says:

    @joeblow – where did anyone mention colour? Seeing things???

    • RME says:

      @Cancer – joeblow was referring to the comment by specialgirl4, which he replied under. Read much??

      • Serious Times says:

        specialgirl4 says:
        October 24, 2011 at 9:44 pm

        Congratulations David Burt!! You are an intelligent young black man who will provide service to his country.

  12. silliness says:

    Well done David, may god guide you as you are a true member of parliament and i have no worries that you will do your job to the fullest. don’t let the fake bother you and the hype from a media built off of bullshyt cause at the end of the day they too have to sell papers to earn a living weather its the truth or a lie…keep doing you cause god hasn’t much angels left on this hell stricken earth but he does believe in you and so do i thats why i voted for you!!!! let the haters hate….like beres hammond says, they gonna talk, they gonna say a lot of things about you…..but don’t worry what the people say!!!!! bless you brother and show not just them but you that you have what it takes to manage constituency #18!!!!! solid as a rock my boy!

  13. Aggorant says:

    It boiled down to who was more arrogant so i guess no surprise Burt finally won. Young and intelligent, but painfully one-sided in his views. plp’s all-hold-hands-and-jump mentality won’t die if newcomers continue operating the same way their predecessors have.

    If Burt wins and becomes an MP he’s got to change his attitude because saying things like “Now introducing Paula Cox who is better than Grant Gibbons, Patricia Gordon-Pamplin and Bob Richards combined” has to go.

    Please change Burt…

  14. Yes Yes Yes says:

    Congrats to Mr. Burt!! The hate starts from this point so get use to it! Butterfield failed at working for the people so it was right for David to challenge her! Bless her heart, however it is time for change!

  15. navin johnson says:

    The Central Committee has spoken….

  16. Cancer says:

    @YYY Time for a change alright – change of government!

  17. pipsqueak says:

    Thanks Ms. Butterfield for all of your hard work and dedication, perhaps you will run as
    an Independant. God bless you! Have a nice day!

  18. Obligation Or Opportunity says:

    Wow! I’m glad its over don’t like any of them both just talk a lot of hot air. I must say to bad Wilson Cycles is not around anymore time to get a new cog for the wheel. I also find him to be very arrogant if you don’t stand for something fall for anything. Oh I guess she will be upset when that time comes that there will be no GP car for to drive.

  19. MOVING FORWARD says:

    First and foremost let me thank Hon. Min N. Butterfield for her dedicated efforts and achievements as a woman,mother and M.P. Pembroke West will always remember you for your hard work and look forward to relaxing at the beautiful Lady Chambers well done. So now you will have much more time to spend with your family.

    To Sen. Burt I say congratulations as you are more than capable to moving Bermuda forward. You are young,intelligent,full of energy,passionate,fair,cofident and down to earth. What a breath of fresh air now we can get some issues dealt with and get our country back on track. Fellow young Bermudians lets go get involved this is our island time to take ownership and play our part. WELL DONE SEN. BURT.

    • pipsqueak says:

      F. Y. I. There is Still a UNION JACK flying over these Islands of Bermuda, seems quite a few of you lot are terribly Confused! and for the record The English put it there!

  20. Rick Rock says:

    Finally. The “right” outcome, after 3 attempts. There’s democracy for you.

  21. B, a Lady says:

    I need clarification. Is Mr. Burt a civil servant? Is he Chief of Staff? If he is a Civil servant, does this mean he has to resign before running for a seat?

    • Jazzy says:

      No he’s a Senator, not a Civil Servant

      • B, a Lady says:

        But some press reports calls him The Premier’s Chief of Staff. This is confusing.

      • No OBA Vote says:

        Sen. Burt like the OBA adopted candidate that works as a civil servant will not have to resign until the election is called.

        We will all be voting for the independents. They can be trusted not to tow party lines just for the party hierarchy. The independents can be trusted.

        • Vote for Me says:

          There are certain staff that are classified as the Premier’s personal staff. As such they are not considered Civil Servants for the purposes of election guidelines under the Bermuda Constitution and other Civil Service guidelines.

          Sen. Burt is also a Parliamentarian by virtue of his appointment as a Senator.

          • Rick Rock says:

            So does he do the Chief of Staff work for free then, or does he receive a salary paid for by the taxpayer, like a civil servant?

            • Rockfish#2 says:

              Work for free? Surely you jest.It is a well paid position,feel free to ask your MP about the details!

  22. Family Man says:

    Is this the same guy that ‘doctors’ a tape and then tries to pass it off as ‘unedited’ video?

    He claimed this newspaper inaccurately reported her remarks on Thursday and presented as proof what he claimed was unedited DVD footage of the speech. But the video he provided “jumped” near to the point where Ms Cox actually delivered the line, skipping to the next part of her remarks.

    An audio recording made by The Royal Gazette at the rally revealed Ms Cox did use the sentence and did not attribute it to YOM.

    Gotta love the integrity shown by this lot. The leader plagiarizing someone else’s work and their new candidate deliberately trying to cover it up.

    • Get Real says:

      Re your last sentence…that’s why he’s the best man for the job! He’ll blend in nicely.

  23. Organic Bermudian says:

    What has Minister Butterfield given Bermuda or Bermudians?? She has DONE NOTHING!!!! Asta La Vista Baby!! Dr. Brown KNEW this when he got RID of her years before!! Whether Mr. Burt WON or NOT the PEOPLE WIL SPEAK @the NEXT ELECTION!! Good RIDDANCE PLP WANTON< SELF-SERVING GROUP OF BERMUDIAN UNQUALIFIED POLITICIANS!!!

  24. Think about it says:

    Burt will fit in nicely with the rest of the PLP. He’s already falsifying evidence like a pro Lol

    • Rockfish#1 says:

      What–another Joseph Goebbels? Has”vote for me” been fired?

      • Vote for Me says:

        @ Rockfish#1
        Thank you for the compliment… I am still alive and kicking!

        • Rockfish#1 says:

          @Vote for me,
          Glad to know that,as I was beginning to worry. It really warms my heart to see you grooming the youngsters.
          Hopefully, you disciplined Burt for his ill advised attempt at deception!

          • Rick Rock says:

            Disciplined for an attempt at deception? By the PLP? That’s hilarious.

  25. druken Ursula says:

    He just a wannabe I hope he (Burt)and PLP lose …can’t stand them the brunch…

  26. Mystic says:

    As I stare into my crystal ball i see a challenge coming

    I see a challenge coming from MP Butterfield to hold on to her perks, pay and trips

    Anyone who thinks the C18 battle is over is sleeping at the wheel

    Honey is still the sweetest of them all!

    Once you lot dont put David in MP Butterfield’s office, her office is real nice and swanky, fine furniture, artwork, a sofa……

  27. FYI- Make my vote count says:

    It never ceases to amaze me, how most of the opinions generated from resident bloggers generally seem to be derived on first impressions/doctored interpretations from others/biased versions from media/etc. etc. To be fair, both candidates have served The Bermuda Government (irrespective of what party, but the ruling government) in a number of ways and their contributions have not gone unnoticed. Conversely, their appetite for notariety isn’t that much different either. With that being said, I think many bloggers confuse an individual’s personality with their ability (or inability for that matter) to actually get the job done. And if one had to compare the two are they really that different? Both exhibit the characterstics that are very much so reminiscent of fellow politicians, every day business men, etc. etc.


    And the list goes on and on. In the end the better candidate has won and the decision is irreversable. So, whilst many attribute quite a bit of disdain towards the latter (Mr. Burt) it begs to question, where is your voice being heard? And if he or Ms. Butterfield are such poor candidates why not, run independently? As a young Bermudian with very limited knowledge of the political arena, the awareness broadcasted by many Bermudians does very little to encourage ANY new comer for that matter. I suppose it easy to point fingers but it never ceases to amaze me the amount of scrutiny an individual or ANY for that matter will undergo.

  28. Bermudian@heart.. says:

    Until we all stop blaming oneanother,black this, white that,,we will never move foward..this young man was voted in lets wich him the best and move on i am happy that we have some young blood…i certainly wish him the very best…

  29. Family Man says:

    Are you sure the results are right? Did anyone check the tape?

  30. Pastor Syl says:

    NOT a good way to start the run-up to election!Wonder if it will make any difference though.