Rosedon Wins TripAdvisor Award

January 26, 2012

Bermuda’s Rosedon Hotel has been awarded a 2012 Travellers’ Choice Award as one of Top 25 Hotels for Service in the Caribbean region, the Pitts Bay Road boutique hotel announced today [Jan. 26].

The Travellers’ Choice Award is one of the highest honor a hotel can receive from the TripAdvisor website community.

TripAdvisor said of the Rosedon award: “It’s based on the reviews and opinions of millions of travellers, and is awarded only to a very select and distinguished group of hotels.”

A Rosedon spokesman said: “We take great pride in this recognition, and want to thank all of our staff who have made this special award possible. Rosedon is particularly proud of its friendly and efficient staff — many of whom have been here from ten to 30 years. This continuity of staff has made the hotel truly a home away from home for our visitors.”

Within walking distance of Hamilton, Rosedon — which has 44 rooms — enjoys an excellent reputation with a strong repeat guest following.

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  1. Rhonda says:

    Please people no conspiracy theories…about buying the award..

    • MinorMatters says:

      What else is a rational person supposed to think when every week some hotel/guest house is being awarded with something yet the number of tourists coming to these shores are steadily declining…show me the money!

      • Rhonda says:

        call the hotel owners and ask them if the brought the awards, …I’m sure you can find one honest Hotelier or are you suggesting that they are all cheating liars….

      • Mrs. Picky says:

        Hmm, I wonder how is it that Rosedon got the headline at 20th when two other Bermuda hotels were ranked much highter! Royal Palms #3 and Pompano #14

  2. 32n64w says:

    Congratulations to the management & staff of Rosedon on this award!

  3. proud to be an onion says:

    Great News for a Bermudian hotel and Bermuda!!!