OBA Confirms Richards As Candidate

January 26, 2012

[Updated with videos] The One Bermuda Alliance today [Jan.26] held a press conference, and confirmed that Bob Richards will represent the party in Constituency #11 Devonshire East at the next General Election.

Devonshire East is presently held by Mr Richards who won — under the UBP’s banner — with 51.74% [402-375] of the vote vs the PLP’s Neville Tyrell in 2007.

From left to right: Sen Michael Dunkley, OBA supporter Feria Alpha, OBA Leader Craig Cannonier, Bob Richards and wife, Future Bermuda Alliance member Alissa Hayward, OBA Chairman Thad Hollis

The PLP has already confirmed that former Senator Neville Tyrrell will represent them in Constituency #11, Devonshire East at the next General Election. Mr. Tyrell has contested the constituency for the PLP at the last two elections.

Everard T. (Bob) Richards attended Purvis School the Central School and the Berkeley Institute. His further education gained him a BA in economics from Waterloo Lutheran University in Ontario, Canada and a Bachelor of Commerce and MBA from the University of Windsor, Ontario Canada.

OBA Leader Craig Cannonier and Bob Richards:

After working with two Canadian banks in Toronto, he returned to Bermuda where he worked at the Bermuda National Bank, Bermuda Monetary Authority, and Shell Trust Bermuda Ltd. In 1987 he founded Bermuda Asset Management Ltd, and he presently serves as President of Bermuda Information Technology Services Ltd.

In 1997 Mr Richards was appointed to the Senate by the United Bermuda Party where he served as Government Leader, and also as Minister of Telecomunications. He was reappointed to the Senate in 2004, and in 2007 Mr Richards was elected a Member of Parliament and since then has served as Shadow Minister of Finance, switching affiliation to the OBA last year.

The Opposition previously confirmed thirteen candidates who will stand at the next election: Ray Charlton in Sandys North [C#36], Toni Spring in Sandys South [C#33], Shawn Crockwell in Southampton West Central [C#31], Jeff Sousa in Warwick West [C#28], Ras Mykkal in Warwick South Central [C#26], Mark Pettingill in Warwick North East [C#25], Jeanne Atherden in Pembroke West [C#19], C. Anthony Francis in Devonshire North Central [C#13], Craig Cannonier in Devonshire South Central [C#12], Sen. Michael Dunkley in Smith’s North [C#10], Trevor Moniz in Smith’s West [C#9], Sylvan Richards in Hamilton South [C#7], and Gaylynne Cannonier in St David’s [C#3].

Update 3.23pm: Video of Part #1 of the press conference, with Mr Cannonier speaking

Update 4.44pm: Video of Part #2 of the press conference, with Mr Richards speaking

Update 6.45pm: OBA Leader Craig Cannonier’s remarks are below:

Good afternoon.

Today we resume our candidate roll-outs.

I am pleased to stand here with a man who has always called it like it is and who has always put Bermuda first, Mr. E.T. (Bob) Richards.

Bob will be the One Bermuda Alliance candidate in Devonshire East, Constituency 11, which he has represented for the past four years.

I have got to know Bob quite well over the past year and can say without reservation that he is a steady presence – honest, smart, hard-working and totally committed to building a better Bermuda.

Also with us are two young ladies who said at our caucus meeting on Tuesday that they wanted to stand here today in support of Bob and the OBA.

They are Feria Alpha and Alyssa Hayward – two Bermudian mothers who have been working citizens all their lives and who, in the past year, have seen workplace opportunities dry up.

It’s appropriate that Feria and Alyssa are here because the government needs to be reminded that the economy is about people.

It is the engine that makes Bermuda work and, like any engine, you want to make sure it keeps running smoothly so that people can live full and complete lives.

It is a fact that the Government over the past five to seven years has failed to take care of that engine and that people from all walks of life are now paying the price for it.

We see it in job losses. We see it in less money in our wallets to pay for daily needs. We see it in shop closures and the movement of companies to other jurisdictions. We see it in crushing debt payments that lead to cutbacks in public services, support for charities and teacher lay-offs. We see it in a government that now wants more of your money to pay for its excesses.

The One Bermuda Alliance is prepared to fix this situation.

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  1. OBA=UBP says:


    After all this waiting they trott out the Guy who called the leader a rookie and said he’s not ready or capable to lead.

    Wow OBA, you all must really be having a hard time finding candidates.

    Next week i’m sure you’ll roll out…. GRANT GIBBONS!

    • Itsaboutallofus says:

      and the next week…LOUISE!

      and then comes…COLE!

      PAT GORDON PAMPLIN – Come on down!!!!!!!!!!

      • Yup says:

        PLP need the UBP shadow to hide their Crony Capitalism. Let’s all bend over and take it from PLP so their elite gets rich for offering nothing in return. Good bye Bermuda.

        • The One (Original) says:

          I’d vote for a dog turd as long as it wasn’t PLP. PLP has ruined our country and need to be brought down. If enough stupid, uneducated, ignorant people vote PLP they will get in again. It will be the end of Bermuda. We need to act now. The PLP has proven themselves again and again (and especially today). ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

          • Dennis Williams says:

            It’s comments like this that will always keep us divided. Call me ignorant stupid and uneducated to my face…..

    • Jo Public says:

      As long as the OBA dont attempt to bring back Dr. Brown and certain other PLP members Bermuda will be better off. Id rather the UBP of 20 years ago or even the PLP of 13 years ago than the current government. Dont get me wrong, Im a big supporter of Premeir Cox and a few other PLP members, and Im a big supporter of many OBA, (past BDA) and UBP members. We all need to stop the bashing of candidates based on party affiliation. In fact we all need to stop voting PLP, Or OBA , or UBP..and start voting for THE BEST CANDIDATES…PERIOD! Many of us are so brain washed, and programmed or caught up in “party politics” that we would vote in BOZO THE CLOWN if he represented the party that we support. If we all open our minds and ears for one minute and listed to all candidates in our area and vote your concious, your heart and with your mind instead of “your party” Bermuda might just weather the storm.

  2. Hmmmmm says:

    This is pretty sad. Show us who you’ve got already…..clear proof that the strategy is to use the Reports of our Heather to ramp up the blinders at the lack of candidates. Oh well…..

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    Richards, the hornet under the PLPs financial bonnet, gets trotted out of the barn on the same day that the AG makes some more damning revelations on PLP unethical, possibly illegal, handling of public money.

    Good timing even though it was not likely planned that way.

    Bring on the election. Send Paula a message.

  4. LaVerne Furbert says:

    It would be nice to know who other two women in the photos are. We all know Mrs. Richards who is standing by her man in spite of her threat to leave Bermuda in 1998. But who are the other two ladies?

    • Itsaboutallofus says:

      LOL…they are trying to appeal to the ‘younger vote’ so these ladies were likely asked to stand in the picture. I doubt they are Mr. Richards branch chairs, or have any other significant position within the party which would warrant their strategic positioning.

      • Itsaboutallofus says:

        and of course the 2 of them are a certain color…again they are trying to appeal to a certain demographic. it is so contrived.

        • willSee says:

          And just what do you think the plp does!

        • Redman says:

          @ the Sheeple itsabou… Laverne Furbert, Yawn!!

          I suppose the Premiere out shopping just before Xmas was absolutely spontaneous right? Surely not staged. Double Duh LOL

        • Jo Public says:

          So what should we assume when we see PLP photos? Shall I send you a link to a few recent ones. Tell us oh great one!

    • Got to go says:

      It’s this thing called reading… invented a few millenniums ago. Right on top of the picture it says…OBA supporter Feria Alpha… & Future Bermuda Alliance member Alissa Hayward

      • Bernews says:

        Actually, sorry for the confusion, both photo captions were added in the 3.30pm update…we had to double check on who one person was hence the delay…

        • Got to go says:

          Ok then… I retract my statement

          • Bernews says:

            No worries and sorry again as that was our fault, as it was not a clearly marked as an update…

      • LaVerne Furbert says:

        What do you mean “Future Bermuda Alliance member Alissa Hayward”? Does this mean that she’s going to join the OBA sometime after today. Or should it read “Future OBA candidate Alissa Hayward”?

        • Bernews says:

          She’s a member of the ‘Future Bermuda Alliance,’ the OBA Youth Wing

          • WTF says:

            Or should it read ‘Future OBA Candidate Alissa Hayward who will probably get more than 8 votes’

            Go away irrelevant person.

    • Terry says:

      What you gonna do LaVerne.

      Check out where live and ship em off island.

      With all your contacts you don’t know?

      Your a sly fox…..

      • Yup says:

        LaVerne would just love to call out her gangstaass!!!!!!

      • LaVerne Furbert says:

        Terry, the Parliamentary Register is available to the public.

        • LOL (original) says:

          So your trying to find out where they live too?….W…O….W is anyone safe from people like 8 vote………………………


    • joonya says:

      why you so spiteful?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      You know, Laverne, some day you should really take a day off from the blogs & talk radio, go out, & see if you can find yourself A LIFE. You are running out of time.

      • Redman says:

        @ T D

        Even if she did find a life I’m sure it would do itself in just to get away from her, such bitterness is best left alone. LOL

      • LaVerne Furbert says:

        Maybe you should do the same thing. I think you call talk radio more than I do. We’re all running out of time.

      • PEPPER says:

        When I hear Lavern on the talk shows !!! I turn my radio off, I notice ” the peoples show “host is letting her dominate his show again.

      • Red Flag says:

        @Triangle Drifter You have a lot of nerve making that comment. You comment on far more stories then she does. Maybe you should take your own advice.

    • Take a break says:

      Who cares what their names are? They are OBA supporters? Hasn’t the PLP rolled out a multitude of candidates and they have never listed every persons name of those who appeared at the press conference….Im a PLP diehard…but Laverne, giive it a break…it does not matter who they are? What are you going do with the information? Harrass them?

    • Gillian says:

      Did you read the article? It clearly says who they are!

    • The One (Original) says:

      Good LV, DEFLECT. For future reference: Shoot the messenger and if nothing else works – cry racism. Go for it! PLP supporters (despite their diminishing numbers) are counting on you.

    • Jo Public says:

      And why exactly..can’t they just be supporters ?

    • Rick Rock says:

      LaVerne, shouldn’t you be on the other article defending the misappropriation of public funds?

  5. haha says:

    After all this anticipation, its BOB! LOL!

  6. i am waiting to see Clinton CJ Paynter… for const. #1
    please roll him out..whats taking so long he has it going on.

    • never cj paynter says:

      GIVE ME A BREAK. i live in st. george and would not vote for clinton paynter to paint my house

      • Redman says:

        But you’d vote the PLP’s representative in even if it was a bucket no doubt. lol

      • wandering says:

        Why because he isn’t BLACK Enough…. I woldn’t vote for the PLP – haevn’t seen their candidate in months…. came to the house with some guy, took notes perhaps writing with invisible ink and left…. again – listen to your comments and take them as their own…..

        I am a member of the OBA and looking forward to working with and for them!!

  7. ya says:

    I guess after the unethical misuse of public funds mentioned by the AG today, the PLP bloggers need something they can comment about. After all, about 8 of 60+ comments on that story were PLP bloggers, whereas 6 of the 7 here are PLPers… funny

  8. Cancer says:

    You more than earned it Bob and you will be the next finance minister in June… Now go kick some more PLP ass!!

  9. Mrs. Simmons says:

    Who is voting for the OBA with Feria Alpha standing there? You people are desperate and have gone right to the bottom of the line. Terrible start to your Policital run….

    • Terry says:

      There you go Laverne. Mrs. Simmons just told you.

      • pupets says:

        Ask John Swan prior to him wanting to rent that big building for casinos how terrible those same ubp/oba people treated him, now he’s on their band wagon because of the $$$s he sees and securing a safe seat for junior. they treat Bob Richards decent because he is a big sell out.

  10. Meltdown says:

    Terrible indeed!

  11. LaVerne Furbert says:

    At least Ms. Alpha and Ms. Hayward have no problem with the public knowing who they are, unlike Triangle Drifter, Meltdown, Cancer and others on this blog. I applaud them for their courage.

    Bob Richards needs all the help he can get and we all know that Mrs. Richards cannot do it alone. I’m glad that he has two other black women standing by him.

    • jt says:


    • PEPPER says:

      Lavern why does it always come down to race with you ?

      • White Bermudian male says:

        Pepper why does it always appear that it’s a race thing with you? Your the type of person that makes the blacks on this beautiful Island of ours not want to join the OBA. Your like the Lavern Furbert, but the OBA version and we really don’t need you spawning such hate on here. As a member of the OBA I feel compelled to inform you, you come across to strong in it does not sat well.

      • Concerned Bermuda says:

        It’s obvious that LaVerne Furbert’s intellect is that of a child. After all these years she always makes everything about race.

    • Jo Public says:

      So oes tat make him a better man, and if they were not in the picture or if they were white, asian , portugeuse, latin or of some other race would you not be as happy. You must really cringe when Mr. Desilva nd Mr. Smith stand next to Mrs. Cox in PLP photos.

    • Rick Rock says:

      So LaVerne, I noticed your list of people with no ‘courage’ didn’t include SpecialGirl4You, Betty, Hmmmmm, Vote For Me, Tired of nonsense, reality is reality, Voice of Reason, and all the other die-hard PLP/BIU supporters. I guess for some reason you have no problem with that group exercising their right to use a pseudonym?

  12. Michael H. Dunkley says:

    We might make some good progress in dealing with our problems if we focus on the issue and stay away from shooting the messenger or getting personal. I have no problem if people disagree with the message but I have no tolerance for the personal stuff.
    It is obvious to all who choose to see the facts that Bob Richards has been outstanding with his work as Shadow Minister of Finance, this is exactly the type of person required to help right the ship during these tough times. A man of character and integrity, backbone to tell you the truth even if it is bad news and a man who can help get Bermuda back on the right track and get Bermudians working again. The One Bermuda Alliance will show a good blend of experience, change and youthful candidates. This team is exactly what the island requires to bring change at the election. Putting Bermuda first, putting people first!

    • Jo Public says:

      I agree Michael,

      We must all free our minds from mental slavery and start judging for and voting for the best, the brightest and most honest individuals to run this country. We have all been guilty of voting for people with less than credible and honorable backgrounds for no better reason because they were part of the PLP or UBP. Lets all start looking at the candidates, listening to the candidates, focusing a bit more on their morals, crimanal records and judge for ourselves who we want to represent us (the people of Bermuda). For way to long we have voted people in or pushed people out becasue they were a part of one part or another.

      • Gillian says:

        Totally agree – vote for the candidate that will work for Bermuda, not the party

    • Take a break says:

      Senator Dunkley –

      We are yet to see the proposals for economic recovery, the plans for economic diversification, for fiscal rescue? Are you guys capable of articulating strategy rather than criticising the government action? Thats what everybody is ready to see. All you guys do is point out the shortcomings but make no attempt to share with us the “brilliance” that you believe is inherent in Bob Richards. Further, Richards could have the brilliance of Geithner, Summers, Buffett, Bernanke etc, but his obvious disdain for those he perceives less “brilliant” than he, is so obvious and repulsive. He will never assume a real position in public office as he is way too arrogrant, too condescending – this messenger cannot be ignored…Many people can’t stand the sight of him, the sound of his voice….Laverne Furbert illicits the same reaction in many I know

      • specialgirl4you says:

        Well said !! “@ Take a Break”. There is no different in this party as it consist of mostly all those members, supporters and MP’s of the old UBP. Regardless of how they attempt to spin it. The Candidates still remain the same. I am not impressed.

        • star man says:

          Who cares if you are not impressed? You’re just a plp spin artist. You’ll never vote for any party other than the plp. So nobody really cares about your convoluted opinions and personal attacks. Deal with the issues and your party’s ‘performance.’ Then you might earn some respect.

    • Maddog says:

      Michael you need to stop, because you said on Tv that you would kick plp in the tail. So sad.

  13. Cancer says:

    You tell em like it is Dunk!

  14. Claire says:

    I do not envy any one person trying to make the situation in Bermuda better. It is so hard to help everyone when there are so many external forces preventing growth, and investment, not just in practical things, but also in people generally. I have several family members struggling just to find work, anything really (pot washing) even considered, but how can you help when there just is no work out there for them.

  15. reality is reality says:

    many understand Lavern, because she does not hide in sheep skin, she comes out in wolf skin but the bad Senator on the other hand tries to pretend he loves minorities but in reality, he’s only out for his kind and not humankind, the rich kind – the biggest snob since john swan

  16. ishta says:

    Good Day to all and congrats to Mr Richards..that being said. we have all heard the Ship is sinking alarm..havent heard any plans for saving the ship or how to safely evacuate…passengers are in panic mode..what next Capt? we are waiting…to all PEACE

  17. specialgirl4you says:

    Stop side-stepping the issues, and focusing on LaVern. Furbert, Debate the issue and not Ms. Furbert. No need to keep stating silly remarks about her, as she is strong and will defend her position every-time. It makes more sense to focus on the issue and debate that. Ms. Furbert is strong in her support for her political party, and that will not change, just as many of you are in defending the OBA/UBP. Nothing wrong with that, as we all support some political party or organization or the other. So Move on, and deal with the real issues on the table.

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      “So Move on, and deal with the real issues on the table”


      Now onto the persitent “misuse of public funds.”

  18. Michael Dunkley...the milkman says:

    @ reality is reality…instead of just spouting a feeble personal attack on me how about backing it up with some facts, without facts your comments mean very little. In addition I invite you to contact me at 734-8153 and I am happy to spend some time with you so you can learn more about me and then you will have first hand knowledge to draw any comments from.I look forward to hearing from you and don’t worry…I do not bite.

    • Gillian says:


    • realtiy, reality says:

      THEY ARE NOT ATTACKS MILKMAN. Where is your mother? Is she coming on the talk shows to defend you and say that you won’t be leaving the UBP/OBA? you are for the rich and the rich alone.

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        Then call and sit down with him.

        It is obvious that you are just spouting the same played out rhetoric that your masters have learned into you.

        He put his number out there. But I doubt you will as you probably will realize that you are just another pawn of the PLP that has been played into believing that all people of different skin pigmentation is evil and out to get you….like the boogeyman….oooooo

      • Maddog says:

        You are right reality,DUNKLEY IS JUST FOR THE RICH, mommas boy.

  19. wandering says:

    Congratulations Mr. Richards and the OBA – continue to press towards the goal…

  20. Cancer says:

    @specialgirl if Laverne Furbert can stand on her own two feet like you said she can and which she does then why are you speaking for her! You yourself shud stick to the issues and worry abt “the Cog”‘and how she is leading your corrupt party down the drain!

  21. Cancer says:

    Hey Dunk… You keep on challenging dem PLP loyalists. Let them say all the bad things that they want. They don’t know you well enuf to make any of the statements they make. Keep on doing what your doing. PLP people prove all the time that they speak out of both sides of their mouths! I voted PLP last two times but never again…

  22. specialgirl4you says:

    Cancer, you are not capable of debating an issue on a higher level of discourse. You continue do as your leader Michael Dunkely just mention, you just keep on “spouting a feeble personal attacks” and “political nonsense” So it makes little sense to talk with you. Until your willing to take the discussions to a higher level,it makes no sense raising any issues with you and others like you. Stop lying you never voted PLP, and stop trying to fool people into thinking you did, it does not work……

    • Tired of nonsense says:

      and somehow you believe that by labeling everyone with racist and uncle stereotypes that you are somehow committed to raising the level of discourse and not considered a personal attack?

      • LOL (original) says:

        LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL well said Tired Specialgirl4you that whole line about raising the debate was two elections ago…. you know the well lock you all up , they’ll take us back to the plantation yad yad yad PR party robot …………….

        LOL LOL

  23. st. geo resident says:

    Please i am a supporter of OBA i love seeing you rolling out with youth and females.
    my choice of canidates
    const. 1 CJ Paynter
    Const. 2 Alissa Hayward
    Contst. whatever seat avail run Feria Alpha

    they are bright and young peoplethathave the community atheart and can get the youth vote will fight for us in the House…

    • Honestly says:

      In denial! U r voting party not person. What have u heard them speak of clarity of their role! Burb no! Just my Point

  24. Cancer says:

    @specialgirl – the nerve of you! I’m able to debate anytime but it gets difficult with people like you who are so negative about the opposition along with the way you make your insulting remarks abt the OBA . As I said previously to you in the past and still are so ready to defend defend defend this government no matter what they do even if they are dead wrong. Right is right and wrong is wrong. No political party is always right. I understand your support for the PLP and you have every right to stick up for them once and awhile but when you are ready to at times say “ok we messed up”‘and be more in the middle then we will be able to debate any issue on a higher level. You let me know when your ready to do hat then we can talk anytime….. Ps I am not afraid to say I voted PLP previously.. I was on court street celebrating like all my other brothas and sistahs but i now see better governance and transparency for our future with the OBA no matter what anyone thinks!

  25. specialgirl4you says:

    @ CAncer Cancer……………So what you defend the UBP/OBA and you are also a great defender. Look in the Mirror, before you call others names. You are a great UBP/OBA loyalist, so why be concern that PLP also has its supporters and loyalist, it goes without saying. Stop the silliness as your behaviour works against anyone wanting to joining the UBP/OBA. You are not capable of a higher level of debate, go back and read your comments, they are merely one liner in great defense of the UBP/OBA. Everyone has that right to defend, or state their viewpoints.

    • LOL (original) says:

      “Stop the silliness as your behaviour works against anyone wanting to joining the UBP/OBA. You are not capable of a higher level of debate, go back and read your comments,”

      So did you look in the mirror as you said this……………