Rosedon Hotel Wins Boutique Hotel Award

November 13, 2018

Rosedon Hotel recently won ‘The America’s Best Classic Elegance Hotel’ in the Boutique Hotel Awards, with Lee K. Petty accepting the Award on behalf of the Rosedon Hotel, attending the award ceremony in London along with her daughter Rachael Lee Petty.


In discussing the award, brother and sister team Scott Kitson and Lee Petty said, “We have been hard at work for the past 2 years transforming Rosedon Hotel from an ‘old school’ B&B into Bermuda’s premier boutique hotel while holding onto our historic roots and maintaining a focus on being uniquely Bermudian.

“This award is great recognition of all of the hard work and dedication of the entire team at Rosedon Hotel. We are extremely honored to have had Nagma Walker join the Rosedon team as General Manager in early 2018 and under her leadership we have made tremendous strides elevating our service standards.”

rosedon Bermuda Nov 12 2018

A spokesperson said, “A key ingredient of Rosedon Hotel’s transition to a 4 star boutique hotel was the opening of Huckleberry Restaurant in the historic main house. Originally launched under an outsourced agreement in 2017, the operation transitioned to our own management team in 2018 led by F&B Manager Rob Bruni.

“Rob joined us from a boutique hotel property in Washington DC and brings a wealth of experience in large and small scale fine dining. Rob has done a magnificent job of building and training a team of passionate people who are dedicated to making the fine dining experience at Huckleberry a true world class experience.

“Most recently we are extremely proud and excited to have Matt Weber join the Huckleberry team as Executive Chef; Matt is incredibly energetic and passionate about food and brings a very impressive resume and skill set to support our fine dining initiative.

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  1. Nabba Jabba Ding Dong Baby Daddy says:

    Yes indeedily.

  2. Tony Brannon says:

    Congrats to Rosedon Hotel xxxx

  3. Wendell Anderson says:

    Congratulations to Rosedon Hotel for it’s recent award as “America’s Best Classic Elegance Hotel’ in the Boutique Hotel Awards” category.
    I was closely affiliated with and an employee of Rosedon over a span of thirty plus years, so I am proud of “second” accomplishment, the first being recognized by Conde Naste as one of the five best hotels in the world for small properties under 50 rooms.
    I do think however, that the emphasis on the Huckleberry restaurant only does no justice to the overall quality of accommodation and services of Rosedon there were the criteria for every accolade and honour awarded to the hotel, which is owed entirely to loyal, proficient and knowledgeable staff over this past fifty or more years. They are the ones that should be recognized most.

  4. I did not realize that our good friend, Murial Richardson retired after four decades at the helm of the so successful Rosedon!
    My late husband, W. A. Toppy Cowen, worked with this gracious lady at Port Royal and later through his twenty years at Pink Beach Club. Each served on various committees, all part of the Bermuda Tourism Family and were active members of SKAL. Wendell Anderson is correct – the dedicated Bermudian staff should all be acknowledged as well as the newcomers to this exquisite resort.
    Saundra Cowen, Kelowna, BC

  5. Hurricane says:

    Your “good” friend but you didn’t know she had retired?