Training Vessel Eendracht Visits Bermuda

February 28, 2012

The Dutch-flagged sail training vessel “Eendracht” left St. George’s yesterday [Feb.27] after stopping by the island for a crew transfer.

The vessel sails as a training vessel and arrived in Bermuda from Marigot, St. Martin and is now en route to Horta, Azores. Eendracht is one of Holland’s largest three-mast schooners and participates in Tall Ships Races.

On board are eight two-person cabins and six four-person cabins, all equipped with a washbasin and closet. Showers and lavatories are communal.

The national association `Het Zeilend Schoolschip` was brought into life in 1938 to promote sail training on large ships among Dutch youth. In 1973 it was renamed into `Het Zeilend Zeeschip`. This organisation is the authority that commissioned the build and was the shipping company of the first ship in 1974; the two-mast schooner the Eendracht.

Recreational sea sailing became increasingly popular and the capacity of the Eendracht was no longer sufficient. Therefore, after 15 years of loyal service, the ship was passed on to the German Clipper shipping company that put the ship into service under the name of Johann Smidt. After that, this larger three-mast schooner was built at Damen Shipyards and put into service in 1989.

Eendracht is approximately 190 feet long and has a mast height close to 147 feet.

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