OBA Candidates: Davis & Stewart

March 8, 2012

[Updated with video] Nandi Davis and Scott Stewart will contest the next General Election for the Opposition, the One Bermuda Alliance announced this afternoon [Mar.8].

Nandi Davis will represent the party in Constituency #2 St. George’s West, while Scott Stewart will stand for the OBA in Constituency #15 Pembroke East.

St. George’s West is presently held by the UBP’s Kim Swan, who won 50.95% of the vote vs PLP’s Dean Foggo [457-440] in 2007. Mr Swan — one of the last two remaining UBP MPs — has confirmed he will contest the seat again under the UBP’s banner. Although he has not been officially rolled out, the PLP has selected John Gibbons as their candidate for St. George’s West.

Pembroke East, where Scott Stewart will stand, is presently held by the PLP’s Walter Roban, who won 81.63% of the vote over the UBP’s Sean Pitcher [631-142] in 2007. The PLP has not yet officially confirmed if Mr Roban will stand again.

Nandi Davis has lived in Hamilton Parish all her life. The daughter of Deborah and Dwayne Brown, the 25-year-old was educated at Warwick Academy and Saltus Grammar School in Bermuda, then went to CompuCollege in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she got certified in business and computer applications, and also received a certificate in supervisory management.

She works full time, and is also enrolled in the Bermuda College in the evening, as a PACE student, a year away from winning an Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) designation.

She is a volunteer worker for the Kathmandu Kids Society and the La Leche League, and is currently employed as a PA to the managing director of AMS Ltd, a fund administration company.

Scott Stewart has worked as the manager of Sun Control Company, and served as the Chairman of the Manufacturing Division of the Chamber of Commerce. He now works as owner/manager of Summerside Guest apartments and serves as Chairman of the shadow Tourism Board.

His early employment was with “The Group”, Bermuda’s first outreach drug programme sponsored by the Government in the early 1970s. He then spent some years working at the Department of Youth and Sports assisting with the summer day camp programme, Boy Scouts, Youth Parliament and other youth groups. He served on the Treatment of Offenders Board for 14 years and more recently as a teacher at Westgate.

Ms Davis’ full statement follows below:

Good day to all of you.

My name is Nandi Davis, and I am honoured to represent the One Bermuda Alliance in the next general election in St George’s West, Constituency 2.

I haven’t been involved in politics before, but I feel compelled to get involved now for two reasons. The Bermuda I knew when I was growing up is disappearing quickly.

The things that made us call this Paradise and Another World are disappearing so quickly that if we don’t do something about it now, they will disappear completely, leaving behind just another struggling little place scarred by crime and ignorance and poverty.

I have a beautiful two year old boy, and there is nothing that focuses your mind so completely as having a child. I want my son to be happy, well-educated and successful, and to grow up in a place without the danger and the pressures that push so many young people towards wasting their lives in crime and idleness.

I have something to offer the people of this country, I have something to offer you. I know first-hand how important education is to being able to live a life that is personally fulfilling, and that also allows people to contribute to the community they live in.

My parents, knew the value of education, and made sure I got the best they could give me. I went to Warwick Academy and Saltus Grammar School, and then I went to CompuCollege in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I got a degree in business and computer applications, and a certificate in supervisory management.

I now work in international business, in a small fund administration company. I am earning my ACCA accounting designation at the Bermuda College.

I was a runner in my early years. I travelled around the world with Pacers Track Club to compete. I am a volunteer worker for the Kathmandu Kids Society and La Leche League.

I think there is a link between our failing education system and the increase in violent crime in Bermuda. Kids today feel lost. They don’t know what they should do, and there’s no one to tell them…to guide them to the opportunities that are there. So they opt out and get caught up in trouble.

There should be more of those opportunities for them, to find fulfilling careers providing a god standard of living.

I want to see the discipline returned in education and a shift for education to provide technical and character skills. Young people need goals; they need to be trained for the world of opportunities out there.

This will open the horizons back up for them, and it will do us all a power of good in the process. It took us twenty years to get where we are but if we start working today we can turn things around for my son, all Bermuda’s children and future children.

My focus will be on the association with the quality of education and crime. The same kids getting in trouble at the middle school level are the same young men being incarcerated later.

Politics should be about helping people, and I want you Bermuda to understand that you have a voice. As a young mother I am that voice.

I was instantly thrilled when I heard about the One Bermuda Alliance and their strong interest in the younger generation. This party is interested in change…in moving Bermuda away from the angry, accusatory brand of politics we have now, towards a more rational and thoughtful and caring kind of government.

I am running to represent constituency 2 St George’s west. I am tired of talking and getting involved is a way to help move Bermuda in general, and my constituents in particular, to that kind of government, and hopefully take Bermuda into the wonderful future – the country we called Paradise.


Mr Stewart’s full statement follows below:

I am very pleased to be the One Bermuda Alliance candidate for Pembroke East, Constituency 15. I am eager to meet with the residents and to listen to their concerns and their thoughts on making Bermuda better for them and their children.

Bermuda is at a crossroads and it is time for all of us to make a difference. This is why I am here today. I have been offered that opportunity by the One Bermuda Alliance – a party whose principles I believe in with all my heart: Responsibility, Integrity, Transparency, Fairness, Inclusiveness and Service.

I stand here to offer a choice to the people of Pembroke East. The constituency has the power to bring change to Bermuda. People can send the message that they no longer want business as usual, that they no longer want more of the same, and that their vote must not be taken for granted.

For some, change will be difficult because they have supported one team most of their lives. But times change, circumstances change; and there is the enduring ever-present hope that tomorrow can be better.

I have lived in Pembroke all my life and know my neighbours to be hardworking, warm people with a great sense of community. They want an economy that makes it possible for them to build careers, grow their businesses and earn enough money to feed, clothe and educate their families, pay their bills and have something left to enrich their lives.

These are the hopes and expectations of everyday people, and it is the responsibility of the people elected to govern to do what it takes to meet those hope and expectations.

Today, those hopes and expectations are being thwarted. We have become a debtor nation for the first time in my lifetime, and probably in the history of our Island. We have a Government that is lost in its troubles and still taking care of itself first. No longer are they a people-centred government; no longer are they about uplifting people.

The OBA’s recent Budget Reply lays down the sound goals and objectives for the Island – all to uplift the people.

I believe it is the path we need to follow: We need to grow the economy to grow jobs and financial security for Bermudians. We need to reduce the debt to reduce our vulnerability to international debt holders.

We need to gain control of government spending to start living again within our means. We need to provide our young people with opportunity so they are invested in the future, not marginalized and alienated from it as so many are today. And finally, we need to provide seniors with the necessities to live the remainder of their lives in dignity.

Financial responsibility, opportunity, compassion and common sense, these are the measures of a great society and that is what the OBA will bring to the governance of Bermuda.

I believe in my colleagues in the One Bermuda Alliance. They are a team dedicated to building a new and better Bermuda. Craig Cannonier is a strong leader who has a unifying vision for the country. We have a strong economic team led by Bob Richards. They can put Bermuda back on the road of broad success.

I am proud to stand with my OBA team mates, particularly those who have come today to support my endeavors.

My vision is their vision, and theirs is mine. We see:

  • A Bermuda uplifted by the way we practice politics
  • A Bermuda governed with integrity and fairness, transparency and accountability
  • A Bermuda in which all of its people, regardless of background, can express themselves freely, and
  • A Bermuda in which our innate sense of fairness gives dignity to each and every one of us.

I believe the people of Pembroke East share this vision.

And I believe they deserve a representative who will take their needs and concerns to Parliament for action.

I believe I can be that person, and I believe the collective wisdom of the constituency has the power to bring the much-needed change we need for Bermuda.

I will work hard to win the hearts and minds of my constituents, and I promise to stand up and serve their interests in all things, at all times, not matter what.

Thank you.


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  1. Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

    Let me be the first to Congratulate you Nandi for this selfless act of service to the Bermuda Community as a whole and Constituency #2, St. George’s West especially. I know that your heart is in the right place and you will give it your all. It really is a great day to be a member of the next Government of Bermuda… The One Bermuda Alliance!

    • Maddog says:

      Look at the fake smile, girl you are been used.

      • Maddog says:

        The political scene in Bermuda reached a turning point on May 16 1963, with the first ever General Election fought under a party banner. The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party was founded February 1963 and, led by lawyers Mr. Arnold Francis and Mr. Walter Robinson, published an election platform, ran nine candidates in the General Election and succeeded in winning an impressive six seats.
                   The Parliamentary Election Act was passed, giving every adult twenty-five years and over the right to vote. The Watlington Amendment was also passed, giving landowners who possessed rateable property anywhere in Bermuda a second or “plus” vote in the constituencies in which they lived. Parishes were retained as electoral districts, but were now each divided into two constituencies – i.e. 18 in total, each of which returned two Members to the House of Assembly.
        If you were black back then you were in trouble.Because a lot of blacks did not own houses.

        Plp plp plp plp plp plp plp plp plp plp ALL DE WAYYYYYYYY.

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          You are afraid then………………. 2012 buddy……….free your mind


          • Maddog says:

            I am not afraid of my people buddy you must be white buddy.
            When are the young white girls going to come out,and stop using young black girls to get votes in these black areas and then kick them in the backside.

            • ganja mon says:

              EXACTLY..You see that Grant Gibbons is way on the outside..If they get power, then he will be in front of the MIC.

              Screw the UBP wearing OBA clothing. They wont get my St. George’s vote, NO WAY !!!

            • ganja mon says:

              U see Grant Gibbons is all the way away from the MIC..IF the OBA win, he will be at the forefront

  2. Away says:

    Kim Swan really needs to pull out unless we want the PLP to gain even MORE seats.

    • Yup says:

      A vote for the UBP is a vote for the PLP. This is why the PLP trolls will saying how much they support Kim and Charlie Swan.

  3. Never OBA says:

    Sorry Nandi, I listend to the house of assembly last night and all I heard was the OBA members being “accusatory brand of politics” as they usually have with offering no solutions. At least I hear Kim Swan and Charlie Swan of the UPB offer solutions. I will vote person, but the OBAers who never respected their own constitution would never get my vote.

    • star man says:

      The OBA are smart enough to NOT give Ewart’s PLP/BIU Party any ideas they can steal. They have a reputation for doing that.

      You want new ideas?… make the OBA your new government.

  4. Kim Swan has my vote says:

    I live in St. George all my life and will support Kim Swan no mater which party he runs for. When we need support he is the one that comes forth, no body else. Kim ignore those oba snakes.

  5. Baffled says:

    I commend the OBA for bringing rookies to politics. Just seems strange that they expect them to run the country.

    She looks good though, and i hear she has a very nice tattoo….

    If we were were voting on looks OBA may win!

    • Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

      The OBA is a TEAM. We bring both youth and experience to the table.

      • Baffled says:

        Seems more like youth AND inexperience

        • J Starling says:

          This is a silly argument and can easily be turned around against the PLP in the future – heck, it was used against the PLP pre-1998, that it’s candidates were young (Jennifer Smith was, at one time, the youngest ever MP I believe) or inexperienced.

          And it can be used against current PLP candidates also (John Gibbons – who Ms. Davis is up against – Larry Scott, etc.). Youth, and/or inexperience is not inherently bad, and one might even consider it a positive asset in light of some of our more senior and experienced candidates.

    • alsys says:

      Let me get this straight. Y’all want to complain that you believe the OBA is actually the UBP in disguise (nevermind the fact that especially in this case the UBP still lives on)pointing out the old UBP’ers as your example but then when there are new OBA candidates suddenly they are “too” new? Wow. How does one talk out of both sides of their mouth like that and manage to keep their complaints straight?

      And seriously, a tiny bit of respect please.

      • Baffled says:

        Who is “y’all”?

        There is nothing wrong with new people getting into politics. That is a good thing, but what experience do these people have, political, community, locally. Its fair comment. Next you’ll tell me a 16 year old can be an MP. On that you and I will just disagree.

    • J Starling says:

      Hey looks and any tattoo should be irrelevant as to her abilities and intellect, no?

  6. Honest Broker says:

    Can’t call any of the oba members of parliament, except Craig an honest broker. We voted for them and they did not give us the voting public an opportunity to have a say in the start of their new oba/upb party1 I hear Pamplin saying she didn’t know she trampled on voters rights, her father would never of trampled on anyone rights and if he did without knowing, he would do the right thing.She hasn’t so she is just a big a fraud like her colleagues.

    • Portia says:

      If I recall, we, the voting public, were not given a say in the selection of our current leader either. Cox was selected by HER party, via caucus, not the people of Bermuda. And her position is far more important than an MP’s. This next election will be her first true litmus test as to what the public REALLY thinks of her.

    • star man says:

      “Can’t call any of the oba members of parliament, except Craig an honest broker.”

      And Ewart’s PLP/BIU Party MPs are honest brokers. Something about Glass Houes…

  7. Voice of Reason says:

    The more rollouts, the bigger the depth between candidates becomes.

    Not sure OBA is doing themselves any favours, but will be interesting to see.

    • Keepin' It Real.....4Real!! says:


  8. LMAO says:

    @away, why does Kim Swan needs to pull out? Why don’t the OBA not field a candidate there? Mr. Swan is the one that has worked hard for St. George and all of Bermuda what has the others done? @honestbroker – totally agree with you. @ Clinton, when are they rolling you out, or are you still dreaming?

    • Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

      Frontline politics is not in the cards for me at this time as I have a large young family to support. This does not preclude me from taking part in such a capacity in the future when my family obligations are less. Having said that you can rest assured that I will play my position to the fullest in a “behind the scenes capacity.”

      • Specialgirl4You says:

        Sounds like they do not want you Clinton, stop using the “Excuse Card” go ask for a “Get-by-card” fast from the OBA/UBP.

        • Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

          If you actually knew what you were talking about “specialgirl4u” you would be dangerous… #boremeless…

          • Specialgirl4You says:

            Thats it, Clinton, I do know. but you fail to accept the facts. Your dead in the water with OBA/UBP thinking they want you. If they did, you would have been rolled out along time ago.

            • Come correct says:

              OBA/UBP again? Seriously how much are they paying you because times are hard for me too, I wanna jump on this wagon, or do I have to type 100 PLP/black beret cadres after everyone 1 of your OBA/UBP comments? You are still yet to answer me Betty, and you wanna go on about hiding in cyber space. I only comment on bernews, occasionally I read both bernews and rg, but yet u feel the need to post on both? YOU ARE BEING PAID! And I want my f@ckin money back!

        • star man says:

          You have no clue, SG4Y, and you demonstrate your ignorance every time you key-up. Ewart’s PLP/BIU Party is done….

    • Bermudian Overseas says:

      because a divided opposition means the plp wins, even if there are more votes against them then for them. for example if 40% vote plp, 30% vote oba and 30% vote ubp then we are left with the PLP in power again!!

      • Young Bermuda says:

        You really think two individuals will gain 30% of the vote? maybe you should come back to get your facts straight

  9. Go Nandi says:

    OMG!! Nandi I’m so proud of you!
    Love the positive change

  10. Joke says:

    Both of these candidates are a joke. What do either of them offer politics? Is this the best that you can pull?

    • Portia says:

      Well, we have a Minister of Health right now who has NO background in medicine or health, and a Minister of Finance who has no finance background and no accounting or CA qualifications. How are they working for you?

      People were growing tired of the “same old, same old” candidates every election. Now that we have fresh faces coming to the forefront, people still find reason to complain?

      As a matter of fact, just from reading about these candidates, I believe they have a lot to offer Bermuda. They are educated people who have made commendable achievements, striving for success, who have given back to their community. Bermuda needs people like that in politics.

      Joke’s on you.

      • LaVerne Furbert says:

        Neither David Gibbons, David Saul, Clarence James, nor Grant Gibbons (all former Finance Ministers under the UBP) had backgrounds in accounting.

        Michael Dunkley (Shadow Minister of Health)has no background in medicine or health.

        • Civilization of a Society says:

          Thank You LaVerne, for reminding of those facts.

        • Just the Facts says:

          No one needs a degree in accounting to be a Finance Minister. An accounting, finance or business background would all be assets in a finance minister.

          David Gibbons has a degree in economics from Harvard. Grant Gibbons has a Master’s Degree in Politics, Philosophy and ECONOMICS from Oxford University. Both have significant experience running companies. David Saul was Financial Secretary for many years before he ever became involved in politics. Clarence James, of course, was a physician, but his track record as Finance Minister indicates he never put Bermuda’s economy at risk, unlike Premier Cox.

          You are correct that Michael Dunkley has no background in health (except that drinking milk is pretty healthy :) ) But his Shadow Health Board is loaded with experienced and knowledgeable people with backgrounds in health provision, health insurance and health policy.

    • Hmmmm says:

      If you read their bio, you will see where there is value, experience and insight to offer. If you can’t see it you didn’t read properly.

  11. 911 says:

    Dear Mr. Stewart & Miss Davis,
    Wishing you all the best as candidates for the One Bermuda Alliance in the up coming election. Please do not get distracted by those who will try to bring you down, as politics in Bermuda can sometimes be a very nasty business.

  12. No Fool says:

    @Never OBA – you obviously don’t LISTEN or READ properly! It’s quite obvious you still have your head stuck in the sand! Kim Swan and Charlie Swan are just being selfish, spoiled brats!

  13. Ranae Bean says:

    I find it funny how private schooled children end up at Bermuda College. I guess Saltus Grammar School’s IB program, the year prior to going abroad, isn’t too bad… Note, when trying to change the school system, someone who never experienced it will have a great challenge, so good luck to you and do your research.

    • YOUNG OBA MEMBER says:

      I guess you don’t realize that the course taken at Bermuda College are not actually through Bermuda College, they are sponsered by Bermuda College from overseas Universities such as Oxford and Mount Vincent and many others.

      Please think before you speak!

    • Tolerate says:

      Yes please do think before you speak,
      Your initial negativity betrays you. I have many friends who have advanced their education via Masters programs offered at the “BERMUDA COLLEGE”. And you are not being constructive so save it for others who did not read into your REAL comments.

    • Private School Student says:

      When you say you “find it funny how private schooled children end up at Bermuda College”, you say it like Bermuda College is considered low standard for private school students or only public school students should go there.

      & FYI Saltus Grammar School does not do IB, only Bermuda High School and Warwick Academy do. Saltus students do Advanced Placements. And also, there are many reasons students choose to go Bermuda College instead of abroad. But if your comment is in reference to Nandi studying at Bermuda College now, read again, she ALREADY has a degree from a university in Nova Scotia and a good full time job. She is just studying part time at the college for higher certification. What do you think she should have done? Quit her job and go study the course abroad when it is offered here?

      • Just saying says:


        • Maddog says:

          Where do the white children go when they Leave private school not Bermuda college fool.
          To many black children there, think before you write.

          You better pay attention.

          • Hmmmm says:

            You are incorrect.

          • star man says:


          • Private School Student says:

            I’m sorry. Why are you bringing race into this? There was no need for that. Your comment is completely irrelevant.

            Since you want to bring race into this, I’m going to tell you a little something. I graduated 2 years ago. And the majority of my classmates were not even Bermudian. Citizenship and financial situations are a lot to do with why students can and cannot go for school abroad. And I also have many white friends that attend Bermuda College. So what are you talking about? You need to go get a clue and PAY BETTER ATTENTION.

          • Come correct says:

            I went…I’m white…u f@ckin fool. You pay attention, I travel up and down this island every day and the only colors I see are the f@ckin houses, as far as the people, that’s exactly what I see…MY people. I would never judge you by the color of your skin, the sooner we realize this the better, its getting old now.

            • Maddog says:

              You are a poor white, but most white children go overseas, some white people wont put there children in Bermuda college with black children or public school or let them catch the bus that is a fact,stop looking at houses and look around you fool, or am I the only one that can see that. 2006 I WAS IN BERMUDA COLLEGE I DID NOT SEE MANY WHITE CHILDREN FOOL. AND I WAS NOT LOOKING AT HOUSES.


              • Come correct says:

                I’m a bermudian just like you. Poor white? I own 2 houses both liquidatable to ove $2mil, like I said I wouldn’t judge you, but you just did me. Before you now try to call me a rich white, one of those houses was passed down from my late grandparents, who worked tirelessly as devout christians (I don’t share their belief, but I don’t believe I could ever fit in their shoes) to be able to pass on something of worth to their children and so on, the other house my parents worked their fingers to the bone to be able to call theirs. Now save your judgement for someone else, my grand parents and parents, were and are people of infallable integrity (not a description I use often) and never looked at people by the color of their skin, they raised the person you responded to today and I just the same refuse to differentiate us bermudians by our color or financial status. We are all in this together!

                • Civilization of a Society says:

                  Sounds like you were blessed with inheritance. You have a head start unlike those who have to start from scratch. So really are we all in this together.

                  • Tired of nonsense says:

                    But not all white people have head starts like that (like myself) and not all black people have to start from scratch (like black landlord who owns more than one property via inheritance)

              • LOL (original TM*) says:

                I’m Portuguese and guess what every job I’ve been has had me tick the white box cause on the surface I look white to them. Portuguese is a nationality it has both blacks and whites in it. If you know any history at all where did the black come from in Portugule should we hold that as a grudge the way some african decent people do……………..

                LOL learn your history………. PLP musle your dog or it may need to be put down

              • Pastor Syl says:

                @ Maddog: Only in Bermuda are Portuguese people not considered white. And the reasons for that are shameful. Check your history.

          • observer says:

            With maddog, everything is race, I feel for your hatred! Your killing yourself slowly without even knowing it.

            • Maddog says:


              • Lady Scribbler says:

                @ Maddog,

                You are really sick in the head man,there is not one doubt in my mind or anyone else’s. You really need help! Do you honestly believe this crap you write?

              • star man says:

                That’s what I call ‘in-your-face ignorance.’ And the name-calling ain’t scoring you any points either, Maddog. You’re just foaming at the mouth.

          • LOL (original TM*) says:

            Maddog guess you have not been to BC in the last 15 years or so uh..

            LOL back in your crate “who let the dog out”……….LOLOLOL every time you post you sound like a girlly dog……….

          • Lady Scribbler says:

            They go to work to earn money to go to college, least that is what I had to do. I worked my into and through school, no handouts.

      • Young bermudian says:

        Agreed but just want to say that Compu College is not a university it is a community college just like Bermuda College. I am not knocking either of them as I am all for any form of further education and also attended BDA College.

        I say we see what they all have to offer and to each his/her own. Vote for who you want and may the best candidate for the post win.

        • Maddog says:

          The political scene in Bermuda reached a turning point on May 16 1963, with the first ever General Election fought under a party banner. The Bermuda Progressive Labour Party was founded February 1963 and, led by lawyers Mr. Arnold Francis and Mr. Walter Robinson, published an election platform, ran nine candidates in the General Election and succeeded in winning an impressive six seats.
                     The Parliamentary Election Act was passed, giving every adult twenty-five years and over the right to vote. The Watlington Amendment was also passed, giving landowners who possessed rateable property anywhere in Bermuda a second or “plus” vote in the constituencies in which they lived. Parishes were retained as electoral districts, but were now each divided into two constituencies – i.e. 18 in total, each of which returned two Members to the House of Assembly.
          If you were black back then you were in trouble.Because a lot of blacks did not own houses.

      • hmmm says:

        College, not univeristy! There is a differnce! A big one too!

  14. Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

    Alexis Swan at 25 and Nandi Davis at 24 should both be commended for taking a frontline roll in Bermuda’s political scene. These are the young women that will (are in Nandi’s case) be the mothers of the next generation… Bermuda’s future. They have chosen to get involved instead of playing armchair quarterback for this very reason. After looking over some of the above comments some of u should be ashamed. Let’s please have some more respect for these young women.

    • Stratton Hatfield says:

      I agree with Clinton. These young women should be commended for putting themselves up to the challenge. Bermuda is screaming for a change and they are the ones bringing it about.

      Congratulations to Nandi and Scott! Some MORE new and fresh faces to the arena. This is what Bermudians deserve. Not the same old stale nonsense….

  15. cygnet says:

    Are background and former job checks done on candidates? Obviousy not by this choice of persons to try and run our country! Looks doesn’t always get you anywhere or in this case votes.

    • say wha ? ? says:

      Are drug tests done on any of our current Government MPs and Ministers ? Oh , I thought not .. And it’s common knowledge who would fail , so stop worrying about background checks on who the OBA rolls out .

      • Voice of Reason says:

        Please explain to me what drug checks hope to accomplish?

        You drink, you can’t run!

        • say wha ? ? says:

          As much as you might hate it , alcohol is highly regulated , taxed and legal. If it was so simple to just ‘decriminalise’ herb ,crack and whatever else , why hasn’t anyone seized the nettle and just done it yet ? ? If I or anyone else had a choice between a candidate who had a glass of wine before dinner and a well known pot head who do you think would have more credibility ?
          Sorry , but if you’re doing drugs of any sort (other than booze) you’re breaking the law , plain and simple .. As it stands now , how would you feel if your brain surgeon ,dentist or airline pilot was a pot head or crack addict .. legal or not I might add ?
          Anyway , don’t need to turn this into a ‘make herb legal thread’ .
          Lobby your MP and see what they say but don’t expect miracles as they haven’t had the ballz to make that little eensie weensie ammendment to the Human Rights act yet .

          • observer says:

            Because booze is legal that means its ok? Who really benefited when booze was illegal? and see who profited from bootlegging back then.. Why is it legal today? after causing tremendous deaths worldwide… Its all to do with politic and dishonesty and it continues to this very day. With that said, Why should someone else have a say what I choose to put in my own mouth? Sure I know lots of people who have liquor in their morning coffee and orange juice, but that’s OK…SMH! You people make me laugh with your political bullshyt.. Why is it always the educated azzholes that manages to screw up everything. You all should buy a ship and try and manage that as you float out to sea. As a matter of fact, you all should knock heads and build yourselves a flip flop ship, that way the parties would know when its your turn to be screwed with you rollover time table…

          • observer says:

            So how many people have liquor in their coffee and orange juice mornings? Because its legal that makes it OK? It amazes me how its always the educated fools that seem to phuck up the standard of living with their political bullshyt.. I wish you’d all hold hands and walk as far as you can out to sea…

          • star man says:

            “As it stands now, how would you feel if your brain surgeon ,dentist or airline pilot was a pot head …” Wouldn’t bother me as long they weren’t high. And as professionals surely they would not be high while working? Or drunk?

            Cannabis is the safest recreational drug available. Alcohol is dangerous when abused… and costs society million$. Not one death can be attributed to smoking weed.

    • J Starling says:

      I personally don’t know anything about Ms. Davis or Mr. Stewart, and as such I will take them by their word and judge them by their actions and the OBA’s platform. As such, unless you’re going to be straight-up about your problems with either candidate (and to do that you should not hide behind a fake name, imho), I don’t see the point in casting such negativity.

      That being said, I would vote for John Gibbons or Walter Roban. I just don’t see the point is making such negative attacks on these people without backing your argument up. Especially by making arguments which could equally be turned back on the PLP (and has been, in the past, present and, no doubt, in the future).

      • Just the Facts says:

        No one will be able to vote for John Gibbons, as he has been dumped by your party, Mr. Starling.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      This goes for both parties I hope you know armed robers, guns, drugs and all. BTF politicians are basically criminals anyway “I need a dollar dollar a dollar is what I need, but these guys(and girls) keep taken’em away from me…………


  16. Ranae Bean says:

    It’s called constructive criticism Mr. Paynter but thanks for your opinion. I personally admire their initiative. Remember, you don’t have to be a politician make change happen.

    • Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

      To be clear I wasn’t referring to your post Ms. Bean… Judging by the time stamps I was writing my post while yours was in moderation unable to be seen. I have nothing against criticism but the type I am referring to is anything but constructive… Specifically “I hear she has tattoos” and “OBA snakes”. I’m sure you would agree that this does not fit the definition of being “constructive”….

      • OBA member and proud of it says:

        Clinton really you need to either shut up or tune it down. This is why the people in charge at the top were not willing to support you as a Candidate. I don’t appreciate that they didn’t tell you the truth in politics I understand why, but I’m going to be honest with you “they see you as a loss horse” so now you know. You just don’t know when to zip it pal. We have alreay won the next election and it’s only a matter of time. Stop being a Cheerleader on here for tha sake of the party.

        • Voice of Reason says:

          LMAO, oh this is funny!

        • Hmmmm says:

          Prove you are an OBA member.

        • Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

          Tune it down? The correct phrase would be “tone it down.” Loss Horse? Do you mean a “lost cause?”… Come on, you have to come better than that… If your going to insult me you can at the very least do it correctly….

        • star man says:

          “OBA member and proud of it says…” You’re a liar. And you’re no OBA member.

    • BDAOasis says:

      @ Ranae Bean, your last sentence here is the absolute TRUTH. There are too many people (not accusing these 2 in particular) trying to rub shoulders with “the right people” in the name of “making a change in Bermuda.” We all have an opportunity to make a change independently. If politics is their vehicle of choice in the matter, I wish them luck. They’re going to need it in this game.

      Ranae Bean says: “Remember, you don’t have to be a politician make change happen.”

    • Rummy says:

      Correct Ranae.

      You can join a gang, vote plp or be a cashier.

      They make change right?

  17. Cancer says:

    For all you PLP blind loyalist that would like to think the OBA is the UBP well here’s just to show what the OBA really stands for – youth mixed with experience. This is just one other indication that proves that there only one party that can lead this country and take us out of the doldrums that the PLP has got us into. The flipPLoP must be voted out!

    Be like OBAma and keep hope alive – vote OBA!

    • Run away Slaveee says:

      Yes vote for the same people that we voted out in 1998. Vote the UBP/OBA. Bring back the days when we had Masters who treated us like second rate citizen.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        So for you there still has been no change………………


    • Specialgirl4You says:

      @CANCER………..Stop hiding behind Cyber-Space with that hood on your head. Cancer, you are the most “blind loyalist” of all to the OBA/UBP. So do not call PLP supporters blind, when you hide behind your computer daily lynching at the government. Never anything positive to add or solutions for Bermuda. You are the most deadly of all, as you do not make positive contribution to Bermuda, if you are the kind of people behind the OBA/UBP…well you have just lost my vote and many others, I am sure.

      • Hmmmm says:

        You are the blind PLP loyalist, that pumps mindless ignorant propaganda and lies through these blogs. You have been caught and will be caught again.

        • Come correct says:

          Honestly never used this word toward a woman before but there a first for everything…she’s a hypocritcal c***. Nuff said.

          P.s. Special I’m an excellent liar, apparently better than you because I can cover my tracks, so how do I get paid like you?

      • Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

        That’s rich… Stop hiding in cyberspace you say? Why don’t you take your own advice?

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        @SGFU………..Stop hiding behind Cyber-Space with that black berete on your head. SGFU, you are the most “blind loyalist” of all to the PLP (not Bermuda the PLP). So do not call OBA supporters blind, when you hide behind your computer daily lynching at the opposition. Never anything positive to add or solutions for Bermuda. You are the most deadly of all, as you do not make positive contribution to Bermuda, if you are the kind of people behind the PLP…well you have just lost my vote and many others, I am FOR sure.

        • Specialgirl4You says:

          HEY all you OBA/UBP folks, it was your favorite bloggers that post daily like “HMMMMMMMM, Cancer, LOL, Rummy”, and others that coin the term “BLIND-Followers”. SO if they do not want to be labelled as blind followers, STOP calling others by the same name. But it was them that called their own followers “BLIND OBA/UBP fans”. These bloggers hide in Cyber-Space and spill out viral comments daily. You need to deal with your biggest problems in-house. They never address the issue or debate on a higher level…that is the difference. All you OBA/UBP fans defend them regardless if they are right or wrong, yet are not able to accept comments that do not align up with them. SO stop the nonsense now.

  18. BB says:

    Proud of you Nandi don’t worry about the negative comments. That’s all people do issit behind a computer n comment all day instead of getting off their a$$ n doing something. They need to realize that the older politicians ain’t going to be around for ever so u need to start somewhere. Win or lose I guarantee u will make a positive impact on someone’s life. So do the best you can and gain the experience to help turn Bermuda into a livable place.

  19. Young Bermuda says:

    All the best to these candidates, they both have a tough road ahead of them, hit the ground running. Congrats Nandi, St. George’s needs young innovative thinking, its going to be tough but canvass well and you’ll succeed

  20. Just admit it ! says:

    I wish these people would finally put to bed the tired cliche ”Bermuda is at a crossroads”
    The crossroad was November 9 1998 … and it’s a very distant sight in the rear view mirror.

    We’re in serious trouble and they need to stop with the sugar coating nonsense.
    In reality, the crossroad is distant history , very distant .

  21. True St. Georgean says:

    It doesn’t at all surprise me the amount of thoughtless/childish comments on this feed. I for one know Ms. Davis personally and some of you are right, a poor choice on the OBA’s part. I’m curious as to how many commenting actually LIVE in the constituency. Kim is a GREAT guy and works his butt off for his people despite what they outsiders have to say. Nandi is an outsider and won’t stand a chance against Kim, and probably won’t stand up to John Gibbons either. I commend her for committing political suicide at such a delicate age, but how many of you would stand in her shoes?

    • SMH says:

      @True St. Georgean, how could people say they are ready for change if they are not given a chance? How do you know Ms. Davis won’t bust her tail and work hard for your constituency. I think its funny how people are ousted before the work is even done. Yes KIM Does work hard, but you this lady could work harder. Give people a chance!

      & If you know her personally, you must not know the same young lady I do, because I happen to work she is a HARD WORKER, she takes after her father in that sense!

      • hmmm says:

        Well she must be a woman of many faces. And um sure the face shows to you and her father is NOT the same face she wears when she is with her friends

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          Who does this not apply to ……………guess you a hypocrite……….

          LOL you don’t know her neither do I she might be good she might be bad how would any know if they don’t let her (ie and by extension the youth) grow.

          You remind me of those that tell their children that cause they black (or what other excuse pick one) they wouldn’t (again pick one). You are the ones crushing the youths dreams and aspirations it’s really no wonder why gangs and gangster life is so appealing cause no one can tell a true gangster what to do init…………… true crabs in a barrel

        • Chance says:

          Sounds like you have something against Ms.Davis. I am very proud of you Ms.Davis. You are going to get a lot of negativeness from those who are ignorant and stuck on stupid but don’t you let that discourage you. If you feel that you have something to offer to make a change then do what you must. I am happy to see another young Bermudian trying to do sometjing positive foe the island. You have a very long and trying journey ahead of you but you will win no matter. The experince of it all is a big win. So work hard and prove all the negative commenters wrong.

  22. Go Nandi! This is a nice & positive change for you,, Very good & you got my vvote! #TEAMOBA

  23. Specialgirl4You says:

    The OBA/UBP has just proved that they are struggling to find suitable candidates to run for them. Selection of recent candidates suggest it has been a great struggle, and so they seeking out young candidates that are lacking both in depth and knowledge about the political process. Too many colts in the camp at one time, as Mr. Richards would tell you. It is also noticeable that the colts lack historical background to debate any of the current Ministers on major issues. Many will have to be trained on the entire process and parliamentary procedures. OBA//UBP looks like a rookie team. I am concern if these persons are being selected for what they truly can bring to the table or for the purpose of political expediency. The history of the UBP/OBA is that they select black’s inexperience candidates for political expediency and political gain. OBA/UBP never selects black candidates for the purpose of racial integration and meeting the needs of the country. The selection of these young black females, suggest OBA/UBP are struggling to get high quality candidates to run. If they are serious about running young black candidates for not just political purposes, place the candidate in a “safe seat area”. Where are the white young candidates? (All of this reflects there is a hidden agenda at work here). Also, is this an attempt to win the younger black swing voters? The OBA/UBP political strategy has gone haywire. Win at any expense, regardless of who it is. OBA/UBP is taking it for granted and playing into the myth that younger people will vote for these candidates because they are young. But, OBA/UBP do not take the younger people for granted , they can see straight thru this political strategy, as they are aware these folks know little or nothing about politics. I think the OBA/UBP political strategist is falling apart.

    • BDAOasis says:


    • Stratton Hatfield says:

      These are all assumptions Specialgirl4you! Keep spinning your tricks, Bermuda is sick or your rhetoric. We are screaming for change and when young people step up, you shoot them down. What are you doing to strengthen our community? What are you doing to make the PLP better?

      Parties are only as strong as the people that stand up for them so stop hiding behind some blog name and get involved rather than hackle assumptions and place OBA in the same realm as the UBP. People like you make us sick!

      • Specialgirl4You says:

        @ Mr. Hatfield, Thanks for replying,

        Mr. Hatfield are you the “political strategist” for the OBA/UBP or are you apart of the team? My comment reflects a “political analysis” of the situation, and since it seems to upset you, this suggests I did hit the nail on the hammer. I did bring forward some key points. So I think you need to go back and reflect on the direction of this decision and rethink your strategy.

        • Come correct says:

          I usually hit the nail with the hammer not on it lol

        • star man says:

          You are making a fool of yourself, SG4Y.

          I normally wouldn’t say this… but you really should brush up on your grammar, it will give you more credibility. Cuz right now people just laugh at you on the other blogs.

  24. Specialgirl4You says:

    Mr. Steward is “dead-man” walking in #15. Please note Mr. Steward that this government has done more for the people of Bermuda, than the OBA/UBP have ever done. This government focus is the people. OBA/UBP is conservative, and put little interest in people. That is one of the major differences between the two political parties.

    • Portia says:

      “This government has done more for the people of Bermuda than the OBA/ UBP have ever done.”

      That was a joke, right?

      Since you’ve left yourself such an open target, I’ll be gracious and NOT take the first shot. Such a ridiculous comment doesn’t merit a full response anyway.

      • Voice of Reason says:

        Portia, Unfortunately for you, you don’t realise that a majority of the poeple of this country beleive that PLP has done more for the people of this country than the UBP/OBA.

        I know its soooo hard for you to believe, but really it shouldn’t be.

        • Come correct says:

          Haha and wait until our standard of living slams face first into the ground, there isn’t one bermudian on the face of this rock that wants to drop their standard.

        • star man says:

          Exactly what has Ewart’s PLP/BIU Party done for the people?? They have reversed most of their thoughtless policies. Even the freebees are gone, or will be soon.

          Judge Ewart’s PLP/BIU Party on their performance? BWAA-HA-HA-Ha-Ha!!

          We simply cannot afford them any more!

    • Keepin' It Real.....4Real!! says:

      Do u “really” believe ur self….

    • Scott Stewart says:

      I think you are under estimating the intelligence of the voters in 15. These are people that have to balance their family budgets to make ends meet. They have their jobs threatened by privatisation and their pensions taken. There is nothing “Progressive” or “Labour” in the Government – just Partee!

      • Voice of Reason says:

        Or maybe you are overestimating your own intelligence.

        Threatened by privatisation! Do they teach you to make up stuff when you become a part of the OBA?

      • Specialgirl4You says:

        @STEWART I think “voice of reason”.. put it best,….. YOu must be overestimating your own intelligence…..Seem like the OBA/UBP have taught you well…..your now spinning out lies about job losses by privatisation. Is that now the new political spin and lies being used by the OBA.UBP. I thought you were an honest brok, but guess not. Stop the spin, and speak the truth. Oh do not forget to tell folks, that Privatisation was mention by the Mr. Richards OBA/UBP first.

        • bermyshotta says:

          @ specialone – DEY R NOT DE SAME PART YA DUMMY!!

    • Hmmmm says:

      This governments focus is the people, asking them to take pension hits, landing each and every one of us with unsustainable levels of debt. Sure they have the people in mind, as a source to take from.

      • star man says:

        The government we have now is a kleptocracy, without a doubt. It’s all about “What’s in it for ME.” Nothing to do with the people, that’s just spin.

  25. Portia says:

    Specialgirl4You – what is wrong with rolling out young candidates? You sound like you are being very ageist to me. Do not mistake youth with inability to do the job. How do you know for certain that these young candidates know “little or nothing about politics”? Zane Desilva knows little to nothing about health matters, yet it didn’t stop the PLP from awarding HIM that portfolio. You are automatically judging these candidates before they have even served one day in the House! After all, ALL those who entered politics had to start somewhere.

    People asked for change – they complained that they were tired of the “old white guys” always being in charge. Well, now young black women are being given a chance. Be thankful and supportive of that. If the OBA had rolled out “young white candidates” as you suggested, no doubt you would be saying “They look just like every other member of the UBP.”

    While you waste your time looking for hidden agendas, may I suggest that the PLP/ BIU step up to the plate and roll out some young, fresh candidates in THEIR safe seat areas. Can they show us how confident they are they will win this election so easily?

    Didn’t think so.

    • Eyes wide open says:

      NO!!!!! my beautiful black sisters are being used to win for a party that clearly is deceiving them to win a certain segment of the populations votes. They are willing to use them no matter what.

      My sisters don’t go around these people’s houses. Maybe Mike invited them to 1 of his 3 big houses for milk and cookies, but that it.

    • Voice of Reason says:

      Given a chance yes, however, the same people are in charge.

    • Specialgirl4You says:


      You missing my position on this issue Portia, I have no problem with rolling out young candidates, who have at least had some exposure to the political process. I am always glad when young people want to serve their county. However, In both cases, none of your selected candidates have had either the knowledge or exposure to the political process. Therefore, it suggests that some alternative motive is at work here. As I said if your know the political history of the UBP/OBA you would understand and be able to do a political analysis of what this means. For example, Dame Jennifer Smith had years of exposure/knowledge to the political process before she entered the political fight. So when she entered and became an MP, she was aware of what was expected, and could also speak solid on issues. This is the case for most of the candidates in the PLP.

      But, since you fail to understand my position, here I go again………I am concern if these persons are being selected for what they truly can bring to the table or for the purpose of political expediency. The history of the UBP/OBA is that they select black’s inexperience candidates for political expediency and political gain. OBA/UBP never selects black candidates for the purpose of racial integration and meeting the needs of the country. The selection of these young black females, suggest OBA/UBP are struggling to get high quality candidates to run. If they are serious about running young black candidates for not just political purposes, place the candidate in a “safe seat area”. Also, is this an attempt to win the younger black swing voters? At present this seems almost like a bogus step forward, on behalf of the OBA/UBP. The process and selections of OBA/UBP candidates does not come across as genuine. It appears to be political shifting of the chess board.

      • Come correct says:

        I’m sorry did you just mention Jennifer Smith? Let’s roll out her history for a moment…

        In light of the new information about the Black Beret Cadre which can be found in the previously secret government files, it would behove black leaders like Jennifer Smith, a former Premier, to cease characterizing the Black Beret Cadre as “freedom fighters”. If Bermuda ever experiences a groundswell for closure to the murders and assassinations of the early 70s, it would inevitably require the Bermudian Government to bring those responsible to justice. The government could begin with an investigation of “the third man” and others named in the Scotland Yard files who were the inspiration for, and the co-conspirators of, Tacklyn and Burrows. Until that time the ghosts of George Duckett, Sir Richard Sharples, Captain Hugh Sayers, Victor Rego and Mark Doe will continue to haunt all Bermudians – a testament about the times and a reproach to those leaders who don’t want to hear the bad news lest it interfere with their “perfect paradise”.

        I’ll give you one guess who the “third man” is :)

        The black beret cadre supported communism, and their member still exist in your government today!

        Those are facts special one.

  26. Bermudian Overseas says:

    Any video?

    • Bernews says:

      Sorry, we were delayed by the unexpected Riddell’s Bay issue, video is up now…

  27. St. Georges says:

    If funny that BDA’s older community of people are so quick to look down on the youth! Yet when a fairly young person takes a stand and wants to see change in Bermuda, a place her son can grown up in safely she is criticized and told to have a seat!! The older generation has no idea what our youth is facing, but a fairly young candidate does. I do know this young lady and her passion to see change and reach out the people of St.Georges! Nandi Davis has my vote… Im ready for a change!

  28. Jim Bean says:

    This is a team ready for change expected the usual specialgirl4you – where is Betty? I am waiting! you lot are so so so so so pathetic.

  29. Jim Bean says:

    hey joke – you know who is a joke? a premier that puts us in debt to the tune of over a billion dollars. listers who have done nothing for somerset. bean who is an anti environment environment minister and a deputy premier who used to open doors for a living or was it pouring drinks? btw what did jennifer smith do before she entered politics? or how about the house speaker lowe?

    • Voice of Reason says:

      Oh that’ll get you votes? How many people open doors and pour drinks for a living.

      Elitists to the end.

      • Hmmmm says:

        Many less since the PLP have been in power.

        • Hmmmm says:

          ….because there are less jobs avaialable. Closed down hotels and closed down foot in the door opportunities. Reality hurts, and it hurts us Bermudians.

    • LaVerne Furbert says:

      Brother Derrick Burgess was president of the Bermuda Industrial Union, the island’s largest trade union for eight years, from 1998 until March 2006. Prior being elected as President, Brother Derrick served as 1st Vice President and President of the Hotel Division. Like his predecessor, Brother Ottie, Brother Derrick was a leader in labour issues in the Caribbean and other international labour organizations. He has skillfully taken the wealth of experience in handling human affairs to the political arena.

      Brother Derrick continued to further his education after graduating from Robert Crawford. He is the recipient of a Diploma in Hotel Managerment from Lewis Hotel School in Washington D.C. a and has also studied at the University of New Hampshire, the University of Maryland and City College of Chicago and Bermuda College.

      Prior to taking up the position as President of Bermuda Industrial Union, Brother Derrick was Personnel Director of Grotto Bay Hotel. In a career marked by achievement, Derrick Burgess was the Personnel Director at Grotto Bay Hotel and the General House Manager at the former Coral Island Hotel/Palmetto Bay Hotel. Those who have worked under him have always respected him as a leader who has never lost sight of the goals and aspirations of the workers in Bermuda.

  30. Cancer says:

    @Portia – lol at specialgirl – That’s telling her silly ass like it is. Guess she is just one that doesn’t want to give young black people an opportunity. Note that right thinking people are more interested in and joining the OBA

    Poor flip flop party!!

    Be like OBAma – keep hope alive – vote OBA

    • Specialgirl4You says:

      @ CANCER-Cyber Space……..WOW Cancer, guess my analysis of the political process of the OBA/UBP upsets you. That suggest I have made some extremely valid points. You have once again failed to understand the bigger message.

      It would be great if OBA/UBP did select young black people to give them an opportunity, but you know Cancer this is not the real case. They selected them for political expediency and to win the black swing vote. Because they lack the political history, they are too blind to see beyond why they have been asked to stand for the OBA/UBP. In time they will. If the OBA/UBP selected young black people for what they can truly bring to the process, I would have no problem with this at all. But, history of the OBA/UBP suggests this is not the case or reason. They never select young black candidates for the purpose of racial integration and meeting the needs of the country, rather for only political gain. But, some are blind and only see it as an opportunity towards quick upward mobility. So Cancer, you’re the silly one as you always fail to critically analyze a political process, as it is not always in a neat wrap package box.

      • star man says:

        Ewart’s PLP/BIU Party has more ex-UBP members than the OBA does.

  31. Godma says:

    Congrats Nandi!!! I know you will work hard and give 110%

  32. Voice of Reason says:

    So much energy focussed on the young one. What about this Scott Stewart clown.. He should restate his speech, “I’ve lived in fairlylands all my life”

  33. Kim Swan MP says:

    Good Afternoon Bernews Bloggers,
    Offering oneself for public office is a huge step and an important part in the our democratic process. It is my hope that we will engage in a respectful discussion and refrain from distasteful and disparaging comments.
    Kim Swan MP
    St. George’s

    • Maddog says:

      Go sleep Kim and when you going to roll out some one, or did all the white people leave you.

  34. VOTT!! says:

    Thank you Kim.

  35. St. George's West says:

    Leave the young woman alone. I am a born and bred St. Georgian. My family has been here since the 1800s. I am glad she is running. That is more that a lot of mouth pieces out there. She has my vote. Kim is right let’s be respectful. If you are not out there helping, put the shut to the up.

  36. Itsaboutallofus says:

    I think it is great that young people are becoming involved, however it is only human nature to wonder if there is a political strategy to this, after all it is politics. I just wonder what Ms Davis brings to the table that has prepared her to ‘run the country’ which is in essence what she will be part of if she and the OBA win. I don’t know much about her but it seems that from her bio etc she has never held any decision making position or even worked in a decision making capacity.
    I am all for young people, but you can’t just pick young people just for the sake of it and throw them in the deep end.

  37. Realist says:

    I am all for young candidates joining the political arena but does the OBA vet their candidates? I never knew Compu College was considered a University. For those that know this candidate personally we are all wondering how the OBA have gone about choosing the ” future” leaders of Bermuda. If they are trying to give Bermuda a better option I would suggest they do their research first because this is not a candidate anybody who ihas any sort of common sense would vote for.

  38. Shi-Vaughn says:

    ‘Politicians’ with no experience is like a physician with no experience! You choose who you want to operate!!!

  39. Vote for Me says:

    I do not know Ms. Davis or Mr. Stewart but the majority of these posts have been nothing short of vile and disgusting. Each of them have offered themselves for public office. Whilst it is fair game to speak of their chnaces of success in their respective areas, the personal attacks are the literary equivalent of physiscal gunshots – and we have the audacity to criticise our young people for how they choose to express their anger!!

    We shold all know that lots of people read these post, both young and old (and yes – black / white, rich / poor, Bermudian / expatriate). What message are we sending? It is also interesting to note that most of these posts denigrate Ms. Davis, by all accounts a positive influence in the community. Irrespective of her education to date, it is more than commendable that she has a full time job, is a mother and has the personal determination to make the necessary sacrifices to continue her education.

    My sentiments – I commend you both for making the step as parliamentary candidates. The journey will be rough as noted in these comments but ‘all in life is a journey..’

  40. Vote for Me says:

    My previous post indicated my concern about the level of personal attacks when candidates are announced for both parties (sorry MPS Swan – that shold be all 3 parties but you have not announced any candidates yet).

    I will however, offer a political comment about the OBA candidates. MP Cannonier has previously stated that there are numerous, high quality candidates that have put their names forward as candidates for the OBA Unfortunately we have not seen them yet. Whilst we have seen young candidates, none have the WOW factor that I anticipated.

    Whether posters like it or not, the PLP have a definite WOW factor in at least Diallo Rabain, Vince Ingham, Stephen Todd and Jonathan Smith. the general public were genuinely surprised at their announcements as candidates and the OBA has failed to come close with any ‘wow factor candidates’.

    As they say ‘keep hope alive’… there remains yet a few candidates to be announced and we will see if the OBA are simply ‘saving the best for last’.

    • Barracuda says:

      1.4 BILLION in debt , Please Leave Politics .

    • Oh yah ,, wow says:

      The only thing WOW about your WOW list is that (as has been discussed elsewhere) it’s a total mystery how three of that list of four would even associate themselves with the PLP .

      Are you easy to impress maybe ?

      • Vote for Me says:

        Ther may be more in your post than you realize. Why wouldn’t (shouldn’t)solid, well regarded business and social candidates associate themselves with the PLP?

        • Oh yah ,, wow says:

          Because it would normally be obvious to people with the qualities you trott out that the PLP haven’t got a clue , and probably never will.

          Keep ‘em poor and keep ‘em angry … that’s the PLP way .

    • observer says:

      What is so wow about the four candidates. Diallo is very arrogent and you need to speak first or he thinks your not there. Vince Ingham left Belco in the financial problems it is facing right now as we speak. Steven Todd is a gentleman and a person in high regard, surprised me when he was annoinced as a PLP candidate due to his understanding of finances. Johnathan is a complete waste of time. Another person that held a position due to seniority and not merit. What surprises me the most is that the only true PLP person is Diallo, the other 3 were UBP, then again a good portion of the PLP are former UBP.

  41. LOL (original TM*) says:

    PLP breading a lot of hate in this thread OBA you must be headed in the right direction……………


  42. Civilization of a Society says:

    Congrats to both of you. You will both have to put lots of hard work in. I am in agreement that we need to give young people experience. But rounded experience and knowledge is how you get wisdom, My vote will be for the one who does the work and right by the people of Bermuda. However, experience is key.

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      In 1998 Bermuda put into power the unexpierenced new blood must have a chance the old way of thinking is not working.


  43. Yng Black Mind says:

    I will provide a simple, clear, logically expression regarding Ms.Davis running for the OBA in Const. #2.

    I believe she is a wonderful person, who has a desire to change her country for the better – - I applaud her for getting involved and wanting to make a difference.

    The problem is simple – her party is placing her in an area where she cannot win.

    MP Kim Swan works hard for #2 – always has and always will – - and he will be returned to the House when the election is called. The OBA are simply using Ms. Davis as window dressing – putting another young black face out there to indicate that they are not the old, white UBP – - with no true intention of provide young, black, progressive people a true opportunity for political growth.

    The OBA are playing the race card – in reverse. They need to do better if they are going to win the general election.

    Yng Black Mind
    (those who know understand)

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      When will the opposition not be playing the reverse race card as if it is the reverse of racism it must be inclusive then. Well done OBA and looking lower she requested the constituency herself she was not placed there. Your point is mute in this case. I do read you’re posted and weigh them according to the topic you are usually in good form but not this time.


  44. Pastor Syl says:

    I applaud Ms. Davis and Mr. Stewart both for putting themselves forward in this time of bitterness and upheaval. Both of you have taken on monumental tasks – Ms. Davis running against Kim Swan who has a very positive history in that district; and Mr. Stewart as a white man in what has traditionally been a PLP safe seat. I wish you both every success.

    I don’t know you Ms. Davis, but clearly from your bio, you are a hard and focussed worker. Scott, we have been friends since the days of “The Group.” I know you as a sincere, upright, compassionate, courageous person who truly has the welfare of Bermuda at heart. I won’t call you color-blind because that actually is an insult. Instead, you see and speak to the heart.

  45. Toni says:

    As a Member of the OBA Candidate Selection Committee, I wish to share that Nandi Davis had impassionately requested being placed in #2 from the outset of identifying her interest as an OBA candidate. She and those of us in the OBA are aware of the challenges in such a placement, but feel that her passionate commitment will serve Bermuda well.

    • Specialgirl4You says:

      Toni, you’re not doing a great job in selecting candidates. There seems to be a lack of high quality candidates, many lacking knowledge and know how. I guess there is a shortest of persons seeking to run for the OBA/UBP that you’re in desperate position to take whoever. What is process and plan that is used to select your candidates, at present it is not looking good.

      • Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

        Specialgirl4you… Might I suggest grammar lessons… Your posts are quite painful to read.

  46. star man says:

    Ewart’s PLP/BIU Party are not scoring too many points in this thread. It’s a shame, actually, how you lot carry on when you’re running scared!

  47. enlightenedOne says:

    Anyone who would attempt to add positive energy to what has become the dysfunctional mire of Bermudian politics, deserves a lot of credit, as the attendant comments illustrate.

    Best of luck Nandi and Scott.