Videos: Bermuda Hosts 2012 Carifta Games

April 10, 2012

The 2012 Carifta Games has concluded, with Bermuda winning six medals, and regional powerhouse Jamaica topping the medal table with 77 medals – 34 gold, 24 silver and 19 bronze. The Bahamas was second, with Trinidad and Tobago rounding out the top three.

There are fifteen videos below showing the spectators cheering; high jump, long jump and triple jump; hurdles, javelin throw, the Bermuda team introducing themselves one by one, the arrival of the Barbados Carifta team in Bermuda, the Jamaicans celebrating their wins in the 4×400 relay and more.

Bermuda’s Justin Donawa awarded gold medal:

Bermuda’s Juma Mouchette awarded bronze medal:

Bermuda’s Taylor Ashley Bean crosses the line to win silver:

Jamaica Men 4×400 Relay Team Wins:

Jamaica Girls 4×400 Relay Team Wins:

Javelin Throw:

Discus Throw:

Girls Long Jump:

Girls Hurdles:

Spectators on Day #1:

Girls High Jump:

Girls Triple Jump:

#2 Girls Triple Jump:

Meet the Bermuda team:

Barbados Carifta Team Arrives In Bermuda:

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  1. A REALIST!!!!!!!! says:

    Yes the atmosphere was AWESOME at the Carifta games and our athletes tried!In reality i really don’t care about the atmosphere I care about RESULTS!My country Bermuda looked like they were LOST at the Carifta Games! In saying that as a BERMUDIAN I WAS EMABARASSED by the performance of the Bermudian athletes.They are well BELOW PAR! THEY WEREN’T READY AND IT SHOWED!! Compared to the rest of the athletes from Jamaica, Bahamas and the rest of the particpating countries Bermuda is WELL BELOW STANDARD. From the way the other athletes were built physically right down to the way they talked when they where interviewed there was a HUGE NOTICEABLE difference.I am a REALIST and i will tell you that watching Bermuda’a overall performance at the Carifta games was a DISGRACE to Bermuda and if you can justify investing money into this NONESENSE you are a fool !I am glad that Carifta was held in Bermuda and the Bermudian taxpayers didn’t have to fork out thousands of dollars for airfare and accomodations for this GARBAGE! It’s a RECESSION!! As the host country Bermuda came either secoond last or dead last for at least 80% to 90% of their races and this is just UNACCEPTABLE! Bermuda better WAKE UP we are about ten years or more behind these other countires that don’t have half the money that Bermuda has so what the F_ck is going on!

    • dee dee says:

      Although I agree with you Realist, I would not be that harsh is saying it was a total disgrace. Some of our kids (Kiara & Justin) shone brightly with a gold and a silver medal to boot. Our kids do not know how to interview or show national pride. If we ever want to see a high caliber of atheletes in Bermuda, we need to invest the time and the money. The other Carifta countries do not have the luxury of being one of the wealthiest countries in the world and most train in under par conditions – yet they boast excellent athletes who represent well in form, demeanor and in speech. Let this be a lesson to all in the track and field arena in Bermuda. We can do better and I know we will.

    • Kam says:

      REALLYY???? As a Bermudian I’m embarassed by your comments. Instead of being so negative why don’t you make some POSITIVE SUGGESTIONS since you seem to know it all. Instead of coming on Bernews and typing a bunch of nothing go and talk with members of the Track and Field Association or the various running clubs. I’m sure they’d love to hear your useful comments/suggestions.

      These kids may not have trained as hard as these other countries or did as well but they gave it their all. I have competed in the past and it takes alot of hard work and courage to do what these kids did and comments like yours will hopefully be a positive motivator.

      Congrats to all of the athletes and to Team Bermuda I am VERY PROUD of you all!!!!!

    • Amazed says:

      Perhaps you are right but ask yourself why this has happened? With the emergence of the Mega schools there was decreased competition between schools with a resultant huge lack of interest in track. It is really difficult to progress in a non competitive enviroment so hats off to those that choose to try despite the odds against them. Hopefully the performances by the other countries will inspire our children to get involved and get serious.

    • I feel for the island says:

      @Realist, Thank u!!!!!! My daughter is a runner, and she was very upset at the performance. Me personal I would’ve pulled my daughter out. The team was put together just March from them going to interschool sports no time for training at all.They know Carifta was going to be here 2 years ago,welll enough time to get them ready. So what’s going to happen next year when they have to go over!?

    • Unspoken says:

      @ A Realist

      You are a emabassment to us. We are suppose to up lift our youth. Did your A** get up and help out. You must realize these other countries are built different from us and ways. They live for this stuff not saying we dont this is how the improve the life of living. we pretty much all have great life sytles here. Some of those countries couldnt even afford to bring the whole teams. If you want us improve you dont you coach our team for the next Carifta games. Up lift Bermuda . We need to become one

    • The Truth says:


      • Gully says:

        How is he hating.? He is right. I hate that our country always settle for less. I hate that mentality. If tha country is satisfied with this performance I am embarrassed. If Jamaica performed like Bermuda did there will be hell to pay back home. Jamaican / bermudaa.

  2. Lissa says:

    Team Jamaica!!!!!

  3. OMG says:

    Congratulations to all the atheletes. But I am pretty upset, We had bought general seating tickets for the final night Monday. And when we arrived at the stadium on Monday evening, we were denied access as they told us the stadium was full. We bought our tickets about 3 weeks ago. So what happens now. Do we get our money back or what?

  4. Proud Bermudian says:

    Congrats to all the Athletes and especially Team Bermuda!!!!! you did us all proud!!

    I think we need to get like all the other islands and train 24/7 not just during seasons. Some intense camps are needed for these sorts of things as well to get us ready for next year!

    • I feel for the island says:

      @ proud Bermudian, I so agree with u!!!!!!

  5. Winnie says:

    Congrats to all who made this wonderful event happen from Donna Watson and her team to the athletes and spectators. Apart from Larry Dunlop calling most of the A countries with ER added which was annoying eg BermudER, JamaicER, St. LucER, even BarbadERs and the continuous De Jamaicans over and over what about from Jamaica or of Jamaica,also the winner was not formally announced as is protocol,everything went well for me. Congrats to the obvious winners Jamaica and to the Bahamas whom I understand had championship asperations,for earning their most medals ever. Big,big congrats to Team Bermy for a great job against the odds, Taylor Ashley Bean and Shaquille Dill talk about digging deep and showing guts, wow my two Team Bda MVP right here. Bahamas 2012 here I come…………..

  6. fed up nanny says:

    Koodles to all that participated. We may not have been the best out there; but I am sure for most them it was a learning curve ball for improvement. And to Mr. REALIST really….. we are talking about our youth, so was it intelligent to submit the F-bomb NO; remember our kid are viewing our comments; tidy up its ok to have an opinion, but you are showing up very MESSY

  7. Well done Bermuda

  8. The Truth says:

    Well done bermuda for putting on one of the best Carifta games ever. Our athletes done well and only will get better. So lets all get behind our athletes and encourage them to keep on training hard and striving for excellence.

  9. Honestly says:

    Atmosphere GREAT! As mentioned previously, other teams have rigorous practice schedules like 6 or 7 days a week as mentioned by one Jamaican! In addition, the team trains on various terrains not only track. Take them on rough terrain than track and see what improvements are made! Get ideas from previously coaches of countries who have done well! We must step up our game for when I go to Bahamas to cheer on MY BERMUDA TEAM!

  10. Yayo says:

    Not impressed with Bermuda performance. If they would have took this competition serious and prepared better they would have performed better. Even the athletes that won. This was off of raw talent. Don’t understand how u can get ready for a competition of this magnitude a few months before. Come in bermy. Let’s not settle for less n prepare our youth better for the next carifta. On another note it was wonderful to see the country come together. But competition wise we have to give our athletes a better chance of performing at a higher level. And I agree that the mega schools (cedarbridge and Berkeley ) ruined bad athletics. No more real competition.

  11. Bermudian to the bone says:

    Sounds like a “A REALIST” is a paper Bermudian and not born Bermudian.

  12. Donna says:

    When I watched the video of the Bermuda team introducing themselves, I teared up because in 1978 I too was a member of that team. I felt proud seeing those kids introducing themselves. How can an adult criticize a CHILD’S performance? Children must be taught how to do things. Since it has been noted/mentioned that Bermuda has money, why not hire one of the Jamaican coaches to come and train the team or he/she can do a train the coach workshop for the Bermuda coaches. I was coached by Clive Long (Jamaican) back in ’78. I remember very clearly I was playing around in the long jump area, acting goofy, landing in the sand. I was not a long jumper, my event was 100m. He was watching the entire time. Coach Long pulled me aside and said listen, this is what I want you to do. I followed his direction with some apprehension saying I can’t do long jump. He said do not say can’t and pointed at me telling me you are doing long jump. Guess what I won a silver medal in an event that I was not familiar with but because of his keen observation it was possible. There is hope for this team they just need to tweak the coaching style.

  13. Winnie says:

    Funny someone mentioned some of the countries could not afford to bring their whole teams hmmm which team(s) is that. As far as I know all the teams bought their fully qualified teams except for the injured. We always talk about the money aspects of it as if everyone in Bermuda have money coming out of their ying yang, it is however not always about thet. The biggest thing about this is SCHOLORSHIPS did you see all the college coaches walking around, that is what they are here for so if we get the program right we can have more kids getting an college education. Notice in most of the interviews of the kids from Jamaica and the Bahamas they always mention I hope I can get a scholorship out of this. Lets show our kids the bigger picture and with better training they will improve, at the end of the day it not all for fun.

  14. The Dark Knight says:

    OMG OMG OMG. I cant believe the negative comments left here by persons who claim to be Bermudian, you are an embarrassment to Bermuda and the athletes who performed under great pressure at the Carifta games. Bermuda came 7th out of 18 counties in the amount of medals won. In my view that’s damn good, if not excellent. For a Bermudian athlete to come anywhere near a Jamaican athlete is a huge accomplishment. Jamaica dominates the entire world in track and field in particular short distance running. As a proud Bermudian I am so proud of the Bermudian athletes. I attended all 3 days of the Carifta games for the first time and again I was so proud of their performance. I could only imagine the immense pressure the Bermudian athletes were under knowing there are so many judgmental people like the people who left negative remarks on this article about their performance at the Carifta games. This was a new experience for me and I enjoyed it. I am so proud of all the athletes that performed and I congratulate you all. Keep up the good work.