Video: Drumline Show Preview In Hamilton

May 18, 2012

Hamilton was treated to a preview of this Sunday’s [May 20] scheduled Drumline show, with a visiting band making their way through Church Street, stopping in front of City Hall where they entertained the crowds this afternoon [May 18].

Drumline 2012 will be held at the National Stadium this coming Sunday, May 20th. Participating local Drumlines are National Drumline, PHC Drumcore, Sandys Showtime Drumline and Whitney Drumline, with guest international marching bands from Howard University in Washington DC and Gwynn Park High School from Maryland. The gates open at 1pm and showtime is at 3pm.

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  1. Ridiculous says:

    Tickets are out right ridiculous. How a family suppose to afford this.

  2. Graham Maule says:


    There were ticket giveaways on Magic 102.7 on Friday, and Mr. Durham, the promoter, has also supported the local community by ensuring that the people who would have benefitted from the event but who were unable to afford the tickets were extended the offer of complimentary tickets.

    I am looking forward to attending Drumline.

    BTW I am a local musician who has benefitted from the activities of promoters like Mr. Durham, such as my previous performances in the Bermuda Music Festival. I performed in the Quincy Jones Orchestra in the 2009 Bermuda Music Festival, and I will be eternally grateful to Mr. Durham for giving me the opportunity to do so.

    I normally ignore comments on due to the negative tone that so many people adopt on here, but I will make an exception, due to my personal experience with Mr. Durham.

    I hope that all of the people who post negative comments on realise just how much they have done to make the vast majority of people ignore all of the comments on here. Please note that I have used my real name, because I believe that hiding behind a pseudonym reveals a lot about a person’s courage.