Videos: BIU Members Protest Outside KFC

June 1, 2012

[Updated] Scores of BIU members are marching to KFC’s Queen Street location this morning [June 1], making their way from the Bermuda Industrial Union headquarters on Union Street.

Last night the BIU called an “urgent” meeting of the BIU General Membership for 8am this morning [June 1], with a flyer saying: “Employers attack on Trade Union Rights. Threat of KFC job losses tomorrow. Who’s next?”

Most public transportation services were suspended across the island starting at 8am today as operators made their way to the meeting, and other services such as postal delivery and waste management were affected.

We will provide additional information as able.

Update 10.59am: The streets are filled with Union Members, and traffic is being restricted.

Update 11.11am: The members marched onto Queen Street, formed up outside KFC and then marched off. Uniformed police officers were seen standing in the area in front of KFC’s door.

Update 11.45am: The BIU members marched through Reid Street and Queen Street for the second time, and now appear to be making their way back to Union headquarters.

Update 11.58am: BIU members were chanting “Eat Mr Chicken” outside KFC earlier, see video below:

Update 12.26pm: BIU Divisions/workers marching today included the Port Division, Construction Division, Postal Division, Corporation of Hamilton Division, TELCO, Public Transportation, Hotels, Parks, Works & Engineering, and Custodians.

Update 12.31pm: The second video above [11.11am update] of the protest outside KFC has been upgraded to a longer, higher quality video.

Update 1.14pm: A brief video of BIU President Chris Furbert speaking outside the protest today is below.

Mr Furbert said the “workers made a statement today,” and that they wanted to make sure “KFC got the clear message that the workers are in support of the workers at KFC.”

View a full photo gallery of the march here.

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  1. clubber lang says:

    what do we want? KFC! when do we want it? NOW!

    • Jammys says:


      • Frank says:

        Wow – I just watched the video! These people look like COMPLETE IDIOTS! They are total losers. I hope they watch this video later – they will be mortified.

        Embarrassed to be Bermudian today.

        • Graham Nesbitt says:

          It seems like your employer can take away your benifit or cut them in half and you would just accept it and be as you put it a total loser and a COMPLETE IDIOT.

          At least BIU is fighting to protect the right of all worker in this country no matter if they are members or not.

          All Union members have the rigt to fight to protect their Collective Bargaining Agreement rights and protect the gain they have acheived over the years some of which you enjoy at your place of employemnt even if you are not part of a union.

          They will always have my full support.

          • Out of flight says:

            Did you enjoy the KFC Chris bought you afterwards.

            • kwame says:

              I know that Graham does not eat meat and has not done so for over 35 years. And Chris did not buy any KFC after the march, if you can’t state the facts, then I suggest that you stop misinforming the public with your lies. The truth shall set you free.

              • Y.N.W.A. says:

                It would appear that Graham cannot state the facts either, as KFC are not cutting anyones benefits, as he so claims.

          • knowPublic says:

            maybe its he fact that the BIU us protected workers when the were wrong in the past that has caused the public to loose faith in them. Drunk ferryboat drivers that crash ferrys, bus drivers that f off the public, bus drivers that crash buses and refuse drug tests…and you want people to stand by them and support them. Wake up..the ship is sinking and we are on board. Abandon ship!!!!

            • kwame says:

              There is a difference protecting and representing,the BIU represents it members, just like a lawyer represents if clients the BIU represent its members.

              If you check the facts you would have known that the ferry driver was not drunk but was drinking tonic on the day in question, which was bought over the counter.

              At that time anyone could have bougnt this tonic over the counter including school students.

              In this case the pilot did not get away without being disciplined.

              It should be noted that it was only after this case that this tonic drink was not made available over the counter.

          • ludi - kris says:

            No benefits or rights are being taken away.

            The union members have collective bargaining rights and KFC has continually stated that they will negotiate with the BIU.

            • anti trash talker says:

              When you want to talk in an open forum you would need to get your facts straight.

          • united says:

            I bet when they raise the prices, you’ll be the first to bitch about how expensive the products are right?

          • Moto says:

            @Graham Nesbitt – as employees in Bermuda, we are going to have to adjust to the times in which we are living. It may look like the employer is taking away benefits from the workers but in reality, it is the economy that is taking away benefits. For several years to come, the economy will continue to take away benefits and in many cases jobs. Look beyond this small island of Bermuda, and cast your eyes on what is happening around the world, especially in Europe. Workers in those countries are losing jobs, benefits, pensions and more. It may trickle down to Bermuda and we may have to be thankful that we have a job or maybe half a job.

            • Graham says:

              I do look around the world, I have been involved with sustainable development for over 14 years on an internation level and I know about the economic down turn that is happening not just here but also around the world.

              What you don’t know is that the BIU and it members have been working with employers during this period, for example for the last six months 2011 the government workers was paid straight time for all overtime thqat they done, with other BIU members and their employers there was the reduced the hours for a work week and in another case their members have not received a pay increase or additional benifits.

              These members are thankful they have a job and yes the BIU and its membership will continue to work with their social partners throught these times.

              • Moto says:

                Thanks for the response, Graham and I am happy to hear that the Union is recognizing the difficult times in which we live and working in good faith with employers and businesses. That is very encouraging and I hope that the KFC situation is resolved so that the island can continue to cope with the global challenges that we all face. Again thanks for your good response.

        • Cleancut says:

          Do you not have to notify the authorities in advance to have a march? The meeting ended and the police were out in numbers and traffic was diverted, who authorized this SNAP MARCH?

        • SHOWANAX says:

          LOOK MA..IM ON TV!!!

    • OMG! says:


    • no KFC for me today :-( says:

      don’t try to go there now….they’ve closed the doors. of all the days i decide to have KFC!!

    • TheFuture says:

      Absolutely hilarious.

      Seriously though, The good news is, the longer this goes on, the better Bda’s health will be.

    • STFU says:

      ….@ the end of the day these are the people that will help or break who the next Government will be. You notice none of the OBA puppets are saying anything. Craig wanted to say something so I heard, but he was told to sit in the corner and shut up and wait for the orders to come from the top!

      • hope and love says:

        Is that the most you have on a man who is really in this for whats best for bermuda ? He isnt a puppet, just someone who wants unity from the PLP and believes in bringing the best of both parties together to make bermuda better, listen carefullyto him talk and people will realize that he is just what bermuda needs right now, someone to bring this country together that has been so torn apart for whatever the reasons or WHO did it !! Lets just put all that negativity behind us, and start a new beginning with craig and anyone from whichever side that has the same common goals, A BETTER BERMUDA !!!!!

        • Undecided Voter says:

          Craig is a puppet that’s the only reason the OBA put him over all the more experience MPs in the UBP. Dunkley and Bob can run circles around Craig in their sleep. Stop fooling ya self girl!!

      • Local that left... says:

        lol there shouldnt be ANY govt puppets or puppeteers involved in this.. its a private company that broke no laws… neither party should have any involvement.

    • Out of flight says:

      Be quiet. after the March Chris treated all of them to KFC. How generous and kind.

    • SHOWANAX says:

      I say that every Bermudian that had their lives disrupted by this unannounced strike do get together and BOYCOT all Union Businesses or any business associated with the Union like the gas station and so on…. anyone know of any others?

      We as Bermudians can DO THE SAME – AND BOYCOTT THE BIU!!!

  2. Sandgrownan says:

    I’m going to dump my trash at the Liberty Theatre.

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      How long do you think you’ll be allowed to stay ?

  3. AliKer says:

    Oh for god’s sake STOP ruining what is left of our island……………get the heck back to work you silly people!

    • Dave says:

      I totally agree! Today is a very sad day for Bermudians and to be honest it is an absolute joke… just another reason not to go to work! Half of the people protesting don’t even know why they are protesting!

  4. Shar says:

    Just saw them going down Reid Street from my office window. Heard them loud and clear before I even saw them. Hope nobody wants KFC today lol

  5. Bored with the BIU says:

    Screwing up the buses and ferries wasn’t bad enough, now they gotta mess with traffic too? They claim to be in it for the rights of workers but all I see is them messing up workers left and right.

    SMH, and they wonder why nobody sympathizes with them. They’re just a bunch of bullies, I hope KFC stands strong and if they lose at arbitration? Just shut it down. Someone needs to tell these people NO.

    • Finally says:

      Get all the facts mate!
      I’m not supporting the march, but know all the facts here.
      If KFC get away with what they are trying to do to their employees then who knows you could be next.

      • observer says:

        if your a good employee, you will not have anything to worry about

      • jt says:

        What exactly is it they are “trying to do to their employees?”

      • Hahaha says:

        The nerve KFC has forcing people to work for them against their will.

      • Selfish says:

        @Finally… what the hell are you talking about. Company’s have rights also…

        • WildChild says:

          @Selfish what the hell u talking about Companies do have rights but they don’t have the right to be forcing their employees to be working against their will

          • Unbelievable says:


          • Unbelievable says:

            Better yet spend your energy getting a damn education so you can have a better choice of a career rather than someone who hands out friggin chicken and then complains about sh*t. Hell you people have better compensation than us educated, private sector jobs and its still not good enough.

          • Selfish says:

            Employees working against their will. LMBAO!!! Who the H.E.L.L do they work for the BIU or KFC. They should be dam we’ll grateful they have a job because a lot of people are just hanging on right now What a crock of BS I can not believe what I am reading some times. Keep listening to Chris Furbert and the BIU and the brain washing spin they put on the facts because one day that river of money is gonna be all dried up. When they are out of work is the great leader gonna help them? Hmmmm!!

      • proudbermudian says:

        Yes, I agree with you. Most people can;t or won’t see that. The BIU protects the worker from employers who are unfair. Good Luck BIU, hope you win this one. Mr. Chicken for me from now on.

        • Red Appletalk says:

          Unfortunately the BIU also protects Ferry and Bus Drivers that drive under the influence!!!! Once again they have disrupted the lives of many for selfish reasons. Chris, enjoy the power rush,the people of bermuda and even your members will eventually realize that the way that you run things is not in the best interest of anyone other than yourself.

      • jredmond says:

        Since you know the facts could you please inform me on what exactly KFC did wrong or illegal? Because according to the facts I have it seems they did everything by the book.

  6. your joking says:

    This is a strike…something we were assured would not happen since the $800,000 forgiven by our government over the Berkely mess….this government has no balls……and in return I hope gets no votes..

    • Onion says:

      I’m wondering how this isn’t considered a strike too….

      • Tommy Chong says:

        This is not considered a strike because a strike would have been announced before hand to be legal. This is an illegal gathering of fools disturbing the peace. They all need to be arrested.


        • lbrown says:

          Hummmmm I take great offense to that comment, do you know what it’s like?

          • Come Correct says:

            Tear gas? Had it 5 times, awesome stuff, great for head colds.

          • Tommy Chong says:

            Not sure I know what your asking but I’ve had a low paying dead end job before, been chased by a dog & I’ve been in the cs gas tent in the regiment with no mask on before if that answers your question. I feel that I’ve learned something valuable from all these not so pleasant experiences.

        • DT says:

          Don’t get personal with the name calling and bad gestures. THE LINES BROTHERS and COMPANY are trying to take us back 100 years plus we will not allow it, “Over Our DEAD F’IN Bodies.”

          • Tommy Chong says:

            OOOOOH PLEEEEAAAASE SPARE ME THE GRIEF! 100years back?!?!?! Just because the recipe is from Kentucky doesn’t mean their a bunch of confederates. That’s why all of us have the employment act & human rights act. We don’t need an industrial union that oppresses the economic gain of our society by hampering the only industries we have. If things were really that bad at kfc than why don’t all the workers there strike?

            There’s a smart way of doing things & a fools way. Calling a strike through proper procedures is smart calling an emergency meeting & then turning it into a protest/strike is the other way.

            The truth is an offense but not a sin.

    • Big D says:

      @ your joking, I believe it was $8,000,000 was forgiven!

  7. Hungry says:

    LOL at the title. Makes you think they are reallllly hungry for some chicken!

    • OMG! says:


  8. C.B.A says:

    I honestly don’t care the outcome, but the Government and courts need to act fast. It’s tourism season and this is embarrassing.

    • g-gurl says:

      I AGREE ! Should beable to handle without marching the streets !

      • Concerned Citizen says:

        I agree- there are 2 or 3 cruise ships in today and there are NO buses or ferries running. This is ridiculous and anyone who partook in it, shame on you! SMH

  9. Sandgrownan says:

    I’m going for dirty bird for lunch…

  10. survivor says:

    Can noone else who voted PLP see that this situation is so very STUPID?
    The BIU will help to finish off our economy.
    They will eventually close KFC, and the BIU members employed there will not have a job.
    Please can some of the sane membership of the BIU or sane members of the PLP (if there are any) speak with your freinds and relatives and help them see this as stupidity?
    Mind you, if bus drivers can do things they should be TERMINATED for (under contract) and still have their jobs because the BIU threatened and screamed and intimidated, then why not join in!
    Do we have leadership in our government?

    • BermyGirl says:

      I am OBA not PLP and I took part in the march so what do you call me? Right is right and wrong is wrong!

      • Come Correct says:

        So what’s wrong then? I’m curious, but please don’t just repeat bro chris, its getting old now. KFC has done nothing illegal but imo chris just did today, I’d say that was a strike whether he said it was before hand or not, you don’t do a sick-in by calling in saying your on strike, you just say your sick. He called a meeting, was there a mention of a march? Sorry but I don’t see how I could side with him.

      • Rard says:

        Silence, as usual, when prodded for facts.

    • Dawn De Toilet says:

      Yes Survivor- that will be what happens. All the people who love their kentucky fried chilken every friday and during the weekend will have big sad faces and have to eat ugh..Mr. Chicken if this keeps up. The owners and shareholders of KFC dont have to put up with this BS….they can close their doors and since they have the so called “dealership” no one else can open a KFC in their place so you all better watch where you are stepping or you will find your shoes in a big mess that once cleaned up wont be here anymore.

  11. JennABda says:

    I hope they had a parade permit.

  12. I gotta be me says:

    This is lunacy. The Govt should DO SOMETHING about this illegal strike this morning. But they don’t have the cajones. I am never going to Liberty or Neptune theatres again and I encourage every Bermudian do to the same.

    • Keling says:

      If the government won’t then the people need to march on both the government and the BIU.

    • Terry says:

      Connect dotz………………………………….

    • Tired of low thinking people says:

      I’ll say this again and hope that I would not have to say this again but the theaters are not run by the BIU they are run privately and all these people do is rent the space, so do not ruin them because you do not agree with what is going on with KFC please put your fight in the right space thank you.

  13. Sick of this says:

    On some days I am proud to be Bermudian…on others I wish that I wasn’t Bermudian so I could take my children and move to Florida or somewhere warm where most people are not so close minded and ignorant.

    I am SO sick of ignorance….disrupt the entire Country for a dispute that can be handeled in Court/through Arbitration or any other way? To the workers that want to be unionised at KFC then go and find a job where there is a current agreement if it means THAT much to you. Honestly to shut the entire Island down for this makes us look like a darn Mickey Mouse Club!!!!!

    I say STOP wasting money trying to promote Bermuda as a tourist destination because nobody wants a day of vacation disrupted because they cannot get around. A friend has family in from overseas that was due to take the ferry into Hamilton….tried to call a taxi to be told that they can’t guarantee one in an hour as they are all flat out. So now they have to lose time from their jobs to transport their visitors.

    They said the meeting would be for 2 hours….well it’s 11:00 and where are they? standing outside KFC…get back to work and help save this Islands economy because no Public Transportation or trash pick up is not going to do it!!!!!

    • SS says:

      I so agree with you!

    • I gotta be me says:

      you said it mate!

    • JJ says:

      Absolutely agree! This is a damn disgrace! If this government doesn’t do anything then they might as well come out waving the white flag and surrender to Furbit.

      A damn shame and totally embarassing!

    • Not Surprised says:

      Although I agree with what you are saying, i have to comment. Sorry, but to bring Mickey into this is just plain wrong. (yes I’m a mickey fan :) ) Disney and their brand That is the most well oiled machine there is. Have you ever been to Disney world or any of there companies? If you have then you’ll know what i’m talking about. They have rules and they follow them, the customer is always first and everyone is friendly and helpful. Not to mention that is mandated within the company. Infact Bermuda could learn alot from Disney. Appros. 17 million visitors to Disney’s Magic Kingdon last year alone…how many did we get? Did we even get 1% of that? I understand what you are saying and agree, but please do not compare this farce to anything Disney. They are one of the biggest and most sucessful coroprations going. And this would NOT be accepted or allowed to happen there.

      • Not Surprised says:

        Sorry about the grammatical errors, I need caffeine.

    • SJW says:

      I agree this is very disturbing. Businesses are struggling to keep their doors open and keep Bermudians employed as our visitor arrivals decline each year! And now this! All companies must adhere to the Employment Act so if KFC reduce their over-generous benefits to bring them in-line with the Act, then so be it! At least the staff are employed! I would rather have a smaller pay-check coming in than nothing at all!

  14. Cease and desist says:

    And the taxpayers are paying for this little stroll….because its not a strike, just a meeting.

    • your joking says:

      don’t forget the overtime when they come pick up the trash at 8pm tonight

      • Unbelievable says:

        Its Friday boo…Ain’t no trash getting picked up tonight, over time or not!!!

  15. Bewildered says:

    Why aren’t the police using their new powers to disperse these people?

    • Come correct says:

      That only applies MOB not the BIU, come on the government just wants to look like they’re doing something, not actually do it.

    • BermyGurl says:

      They have police escort! Total crap. They should all be arrested for disturbing the peace, public nuisance as well as the illegal strike not being escorted.

  16. Joonya says:

    What a bunch of losers! All this nonsense over some yardbird?!
    The world is watching and surely this puts us high on the embarrassment meter.
    Thank you morons. SMFDH!!!

    • Finally says:

      If you think it just about “yardbird” than your just as stupid !
      Get ALL the fact here.

      • jt says:

        and what would those be?

      • Joonya says:

        I know the facts dumb@$$.

        • jt says:

          Let’s have them then. Otherwise you’re just blowing smoke.

        • Barracuda says:

          Hey chicken lips, if the Union is trying to protect the workers at KFC, why are the members marching through town yelling that everyone should eat at Mr Chicken ? Are they trying to put KFC out of business? You don’t know SH..

  17. gettin hongry says:

    I’m going to buy KFC today just to support the management.
    I doubt the BIU “boycott” had any effect on sales.

    • K says:

      If anything the constant mentions has probably only worked the better for them! I haven’t hade KFC in years but man, all the mentions over and over sure made me work up a craving!

      • vampy says:

        definitely have a craving for a 2 piece and some coleslaw…

  18. cowell says:

    Was looking forward to my weekly zinger burger but no, unions had to ruin it didnt they. Oh well Dorothy’s'it is.

    • Hungry says:

      Yeah I here there is a really long line at KFC….don;t bother! LOL!

  19. SM says:

    Bravo!!! Just what our struggling little island needs! GROW UP BIU!

  20. Drastic Measures says:

    Mr Furbert.. Do you intend to pay the wages of the Bermudian Employees if KFC closes its doors for good over your actions? IF not then go home or better yet get back to work, Stop Wasting my hard worked for Money!!

    • Tired of low thinking people says:

      Tell me why If KFC closed its doors the workers can not come together and open there own chicken business our people have to stop thinking that all is lost. the only thing that might be able to hold them back and I do mean maybe are you weak mined people that is blogging here today only because you all would blame Chris and I am not here to say who is right or wrong but if you all feel that way about the workers then support them if that is the way things have to go instead of hurting them to the to spite Chris.

      • Local that left... says:

        Lets use common sense here. If kfc closed,and somehow the workers could cone together and “open their own chicken business”, then why the hell is there all this disruption….if they people are hypotheticaly able to open their own place then what are they waiting ..oh right because they can’t

  21. reality check says:

    smh twice around reid street! go do sumthin!

    • Family Man says:

      By the looks of it that’s more exercise than most of them get in a week.

  22. nuts says:

    im gonna be knockin off lata dont you lot be buying up all the hot wings :(

  23. Oh really says:

    Just look at how ignorant and stupid they all look!

    Furburt reminds me of another dictator that recently met his downfall,Daffy Duck!

  24. Hi-Liter says:

    Those who choose to post negative comments should go and talk to the employees and see how they feel about this. I bet they dont think it is stupid.

    • A says:

      Actually two of my friends ARE employees at KFC and they both think it’s stupid. Sorry that the world is not a hivemind like you want.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      That’s because they don’t think because if they did they’d realize they a lucky to be working for a food business that hires majority Bermudians. Many don’t & treat their Bermudian staff a lot worse than kfc does.

    • observer says:

      three of my friends work there, and feel they are well paid and treated good. As a matter of fact they worry about KFC closing the doors because of 4 radicals.

    • Familiar says:

      I would suggest you take your own suggestion because some of us have.

    • GVT Mechanic says:

      Actually I have – a friend of mine work there and I’ve had her in tears because she just knows that the BIU are going to force KFC to shut it’s doors and apart from the fact she has MUCh better benefits than other retails outlets, she is going to miss the job, the customers and the laughs. She says FOUR poeple are causing all of them to lose their jobs – when all management want is for their pension money to be safe!


      I wonder how the Mr. Chicken employees get treated..? I guess it doesn’t matter because they’re not unionized. anyways. keep chanting! we alllllll know how important fried chicken is on this island!

  25. LongLineAtKFCToday says:

    Use that shiny new anti-loitering law to disperse that crowd!

  26. Paul says:

    Wow, if they’ll stoop to bullying tactics over this, imagine what they’d do if they had a legitimate grievance.

  27. Really Tired of this says:

    I bet you that half the people outside KFC smell that nice chicken, and they are bb or calling their friends to get them some KFC for lunch. Or how about this, they are going to knock off change and go back for some lunch, watch the pictures, go there you will be surprised who you see. lol. Just tired of this, leave KFC alone, they are another company trying to stay alive thats all.

    So tired of it. But you all are maken me laugh right now. Love the jokes.

  28. Bum-By says:

    This is all a crying shame, the situation with the Children and general public being inconvenience for the sake of the Union membership meeting to discuss what the next GREAT INCONVIENCE will be. We definitely need to consider the direction and effect that these issues are having on the our Tourist Industry not to mention next they will want the involvement of the Hospitality industry. Well you talk about being up the Creek without locomotion, I feel that we are in the Bathroom all alone with no PAPER and we are taking consultation from you know who (cf)as to what we do next Finger Lickin Good. Meanwhile this Union fiasco is costing Our Government in the last Three (3) Days upwards of $90,000 not to mention the Overtime that will be paid, for the Collection of Waste Tonight, we will never catch up with the mail all to compensate for the time spent at the B.I.U. meeting this A.M.but I doubt very strongly that this meeting will finish or should I be saying that I doubt the workers will return to work before 1:15 P.M.after having a few TOTTIES whilst discussing their FOUR (4) hour lunch hour this MORNING. Have you ever been to a Union Membership Meeting, reminds me of a Tree house meeting Kids have in a Tree House not a clue all for FUN(Food For Thought That This Is What We Are Paying For)and it is not CHICKEN

  29. furrburger says:

    Everyone’s'entitled to honest pay for an honest days work, good working conditions and basic employment rights even if you’re flippin burgers at KFC. I’ve never needed a union. If im not good at my job or unproductive then i need to work or study harder and get a job more suitable

  30. BermudaSon says:

    The government agencies do not control my day to day activities; I provide for myself and my family. I have two good legs for walking, a pedal bike if I choose to ride, and a good thumb for hitching a ride. I also know that many of my mates are giving folks a ride to their destination.
    As a matter of fact, I’ll walk, run and do whatever I deem necessary to get where I need to go.
    I will not however, be catching the bus or the ferry for a while. I have a choice, and I choose not to be a part of a fowl situation. What is your choice?
    Taxi drivers lower your fares and people will start using your services to fill the downtime, maybe permanently. I refuse to be a victim and I need to drop a few pounds anyway.

  31. Vhoot!! says:

    My trash better get picked up today, if not I’ll be vex’d.

  32. Family Man says:

    This looks like a really productive meeting doesn’t it?

    And what do these bus drivers, postal workers, port workers and garbage truck drivers have to do with fried chicken anyway?

  33. Really Tired of this says:


  34. i Wonder says:

    i wonder how many of then where sneaking in to KFC to get some chicken for lunch when every on marched off.

  35. Mr. B says:

    A labor government with WAY to many labor ISSUES…

  36. mrwiggin says:


  37. Highly Concerned says:

    Anything to go on strike! Well if you believe in the cause can’t really blame you however I will continue to eat KFC but with an open mind to go to Mr. Chicken LOL!

  38. Notorious says:

    Twice around Reid and Queen Streets, it’s hotter than hot outside! They have lost their damn minds, get the hell out of the streets and back to work. Yelling out “Eat Mr. Chicken”? lol Does one of Chris Furbert’s relatives own Mr. Chicken? HMMMM.

    • Bum-By says:

      Actually Mr. Chicken is owner by a Mr. Furbert, a relative i do not Know. If you want some real P.H.C.Chicken come to my Warwick Park Home.


      They shouting to eat Mr Chicken! AND MR CHICKEN AINT EVEN UNIONIZED!!! their workers probly get jacksquat for rights haha go protest somewhere where it counts at least!

  39. jt says:

    For several months KFC have reapetedly indicated that they will sit down and negotiate. The BIU has consitently refused. Who is breaking the labour laws?

  40. Latrine Sherbert says:

    Awww look at all the little sheeple. BIU! BIU! Mo O-T! Mo O-T! I mean no KFC! No KFC!


    What person in their right mind would choose mr chicken over kfc?!?! dats d vallest chacken on d islan BIEEEEE! Furrburger’s trying to make a profit off of this shenanigan. Guess i’ll be eating KFC any chance i get now!

    Question. are the workers at Mr Chicken unionized?

    • Shaking My Head.. says:

      Nope!!.. Guest workers the lot of ‘em

  42. Rory says:

    Is government paying these people marching?

    • Family Man says:

      They sure are. Straight time today during the march and time and half when they come by this evening to pick up your trash that they didn’t get to this morning.

      Enough to buy a big bucket of KFC on the way home tonight.

  43. allcloggedup says:

    lots of waffless bus drivers,postmen,where is the hospitality/restaurant people
    where is the construction division, what about airport workers…..oh I forgot those divisions don’t exists anymore. just a bunch of irresponsible govment workers that know they will get paid for their 4 hours of stupidity while tourist and honest hard working people are being inconvinienced. I’ll bloody well walk before I get on a bus every again!!!!!

  44. Liars! says:

    Bettween this Government and The church…The BIU……and all these Football Clubs….you have most of the Pee L PEE Government Ministers……..what has Furbert got on these guys to be doing all this disruption to the entire country? Like how long are these BIU idiots going to able to get away with this s__T?!
    And why are they now not listening to the Minister who just told them to relax… that why Derek and Mr. Scott had the fist fight? And why has the Bermuda Police not arrested someone in connection with this fist fight….not even mentioned it?

    If it were canada or U.S. someone would have been arrested and there would have been a full investigation into the matter.

    Why not here? Why not PEE L PEE, your that deeply routed in the Police force too?

  45. Selfish says:

    A Mr. Furbert owns Mr. Chicken. He may not be a close relative but….

  46. Incensed says:

    childish idiots who should all be arrested for disturbing the peace. screwing up the days of business owners and workers all over hamilton is infuriating. “workers rights” indeed….

    get your lazy selves back to work before our tourism repuatation is ruined even more!!!!!!!!

    • Rumandcoke says:

      And what about the poor tourists who happened to be stuck on the pavements outside KFC and were scared out of their minds listening to the radical chants of Bermuda?

  47. betty Rech says:


    THIS ISLAND IS FINISHED – in actual fact it was finsihed 20 30 years ago – with all the strikes… we will continue to suffer…. all of us.
    those of us who rely on the Publc Tansport including myself suffer.

  48. Shaking My Head.. says:

    Keep hope alive!
    Popcorn chicken will be fresh at 5!!

  49. jt says:

    Go in and ask KFC for a bag – display in your car window.

    • jt says:

      or ask for a couple – put one on your garbage can, your mailbox etc.

  50. Selfish says:

    They were suppose to be having a meeting no one said anything about marching down the street. I hope they are deducted from their wages…

    • Amazed says:

      On this I agree. The Government consented to a 2 hour meeting and the employees were away from their jobs for 4. They should all be made to prove that they really believe in the cause by accepting the responsibility for not returning to work as planned. They should only be paid for 2 hours, the rest they can submit claims for to the BIU LOL!~!

  51. jt says:

    Anyone ever been to Shriner’s parade?

  52. Workers says:

    I saw some of my friends Marching and we had KFC 24th of May…half of those Marchers go with the crowd. Get some BALLs Cabinet and deal with the illegal march and the Thousands of dollars this Union has cost you and the taxpayers this week!!!!

  53. Jury says:

    Aye Yo!, Skank Skank, GomBeys!
    Eat Vegetarian!!!

  54. BDAGIRL says:

    Just looked out of my office windows and the buses are finally back in service. I can’t beleive the Union has bought this Island to a halt again. I was on the street when the were outside of the LOM Building on the corner of Burnaby and Reid Street. Saw a few tourist with look of disbelief. Would you want to be on and Island 21 miles long and fearing you wont be able to get back home!!!!! Mr. Furbert you should be ashamed of yourself. We do not need this right now.

  55. Observer says:

    Disgusting. I consider the buses and ferries to be essential services…if not, they should be…and this action should be considered completely illegal and treated as such. Furbert and his ilk need to go. Now.

  56. Honestly says:

    This situation is simply ridiculous! Get back to work! Yes all of them need to be deducted pay so this won’t be a regular occurrence! Irritated!!!!!!!

  57. Honestly says:

    BIU parade of ignorance!

  58. Familiar says:

    They should be ashamed of themselves.

  59. Terry says:

    It’s all about distraction.
    90 + comments. Unbelievable.
    It’s just tactics to get the PLP voters riled and feeling disenfrachised again.
    Talk about going back to the Plantation.
    Thats how it will end up with a new head man.
    Great Job Ewart.
    Your plan is working.

    Here I come to save the day!!!!!! Mighty Ewarts on his way.

    And if you don’t like it….I’ll ship your a#s off to Guantanamo Bay…..

  60. ann says:

    One can only hope that the touists that had to experience this march at the taxpayers expense will ask someone with more than a 3rd grade education what it is for, and than they can go and have a good laugh over lunch. How stupid are we really going to become? I hope they close the doors of KFC,and open a healthy restaurant, maybe we wont have so many fat overweight people.

  61. Oh really says:

    Just what did this achieve today?


  62. I am very close to a tax revolt.

    Burgess- Furbert

  63. Vexed says:

    Since when did going to a “meeting” mean going to march. People were inconvenienced,students could not get to school for a 8am meeting. Sorry I should have said protest march! They should deduct their pay as they were NOT at a meeting.

  64. Hi-Liter says:

    You bloggers are no different from BIU members rambling on to support ya cause.

    • Tired of low thinking people says:

      well done I totally agree even though you may not need it I back this statement

  65. observer says:

    I usually don’t care what the union does but this is one time I have to agree with the BIU… is clear to me the the KFC management are up to no good….why are they Avoiding arbitration like the plague….why the sudden name change of the parent company….why after trying scare their staff into signing a new job contract by today or they would be out of a job (bullyingIthink)on saturday they get wind that the Union is holding a meeting today KFC suddenly backtracks lastnight and tells the staff they can have another week to think about it…..THOSE ARE SOME OF THE THINGS THAT MAKES ME THINK THAT KFC ARE UP TO TRICKS…. but hey that’s just opinion.


      they cook. deep fried chicken. it should not be a career worth noting and definitely shouldn’t be unionized in the first place. ONLY IN BERMUDA.

      Though i must say….they do make a damn good zinger sandwich! GIVE THEM MORE RIGHTS THAN I HAVE AT MY JOB THAT I WENT TO UNIVERSITY FOR! GIVE IT TO THEM!!!!!! NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

      • observer says:


        • Local that left... says:

          Its not about “looking down on people”… its about noting when job perks are far to generous for the given position..

  66. well well says:

    Wisconsin, comes to anyone’s mind…’s called recession = good time to break the Unions….

  67. Peace and Justice says:

    Many cryin out for PEACE, but none of them cryin out for JUSTICE!!!!!

    Equal rights and Justice! There can be no peace without justice!

    This dispute is likened to the dispute between rich and poor, black and white, upper class and lower class, etc.

    I often raise this scenario to explain how it looks from my eyes, without taking either side, just being rational – If I had five kids and I give 3 of them (Or 3 of them have been given by someone else)a chocolate chip cookie and I proceed to tell them to go outside an play peacefully… Can you imagine? Please do not respond if you have no kids or experience with kids! What you will see is that the two without will experience so many mixed emotions, they will come accross as manipulation, frustration, mis directed anger, separation, degradation, etc. And all this because the Adults/Influencers/Gov’t did not have the courage to agree that without JUSTICE there can be no PEACE. My solution to the scenario, as the parent, would be to take back the cookies that the 3 have and break them up as equally as possible between the five.

    Not rocket science! However, it will involve a lot of communication around why the 3 are getting their cookies taken back and shared amongst the 5. The 3 will feel that this is unfair for a short time, as they will say things like, “I deserved that cookie” or “I earned that cookie” and they may in fact be right. However, my role as parent/Influencer/Gov’t is to bring about a PEACEFUL solution and not just apease the majority in this situation!

    • Adam says:

      Yes, but it appears that you originally gave out the cookies arbitrarily, which does seem unfair. However, had you previously suggested a competition or a reward for certain behavior that would result in the ‘earning’ of a cookie, you’re now denying the recipients of the cookies previously agreed upon is changing the rules of the game halfway through. And that is the height of unfairness.

  68. Fris Churbert says:


  69. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    It is unwise for KFC to play Superchicken with a seasoned butcher , and remember that birds of a feather flock together . If these fowls are allowed to escape then like minded hawks will attempt to fly the coop .

  70. Bum-By says:

    Riddle Me this IF you pondering what I am pondering?
    Why is that Union Workers do not SHOW up for a Labor Day March?
    They Keep thinking it is for WOMEN ONLY.

    • Amazed says:

      No it’s because they are on holiday- they only strike on the bosses time not their own LOL!!

  71. SeaBee says:

    Furbert is a bully, he’s only in it for himself.

  72. ann says:

    and…. i am sure if you asked a third of the marchers what they were marching for, they most likely could not give you an intelligent answer. Just the Bermuda BIU way, do the least you can and get paid.

  73. well well says:

    Is Bermuda the only place on earth where industrial actions take place…..I was in Miami in 1991…the housekeeping staff was on stick….I including many of the other guest, understood, and made the best of a bad situation….

    What we should be asking, is what can I do, to minimized the trauma for our tourist..I bet you they would remember your kind gesture more than the bus strike..

  74. Joonya says:

    UmUm UmUm UmUm… maybe Colonel Furbit mentioned it in his interview, but like hell if I can ever understand that man,
    But what did this acconmplish? (other than- 1.making people/children late for work/school, 2.Once again leaving tourists stranded on such a Bermudiful day, 3.Having stinking trash heat up in the hot sun – which is usually the case anyway because they only pick on the dasys they supposed half of the time)

    • Sooooo says:

      Trach collectors will now want overtime to comple their pickups!!!

  75. Chart says:

    I don’t think Mr Chicken is a union shop.

  76. well well says:

    stick = strike….

  77. Sooooo says:

    Hope the Union applied for and received permission to hold that march!!!

    Bunch of complete idiots.. Government and employers should fire the lot of them!!!

  78. WinterSun says:

    I know this is serious whichever side one is on, but to put light to this, can anyone guess something funny the Officer in photo 2 may be speaking into his shoulder?!

    • why o why says:

      “breaker 1-9er ummmm what did the prisoners order again????

      • skeptical says:

        **** what do I do again, I missed that cadet class!

    • jt says:

      “ummmm….hey boys…..I think we might want to pass on the KFC for lunch today….just sayin’ “

  79. Selfish says:

    What the union may not realize is that Mr. Lines can shutdown KFC any time and he want miss a dime. What the union is afraid of is when KFC form this new company they will lose their membership at KFC..The government have no legal right to force any private company into arbitration.

  80. Rockfish #1 and #2 says:

    Can someone tell us exactly what the BIU gained from this “meeting”?

    • Observer says:

      A morning off and overtime IF they decide to work after knock-off time…as usual.

  81. why o why says:

    Guess they’re going to be marching on PHC next… their President must be shaking in his boots right now….

    • Unbelievable says:


  82. enough says:

    Just another excuse to down tools and do sod all for a day. How many of these fools do you think cares about their ‘brothers and sisters’? If it’s half I’d be shocked. Most just love Chris cos he allows them to do less work several times a month.
    All laughing and joking, taking pictures, mugging it up for cameras. Fools, utter fools.
    USA – American Idol
    UK – Pop Idol
    BDA – Bone Idle.

  83. As Bermuda sinks! says:

    What a dispicable, disgusting move that most of Bermuda are not in favour of. Do they realize how foolish this all looks….. over what CHICKEN….. they say it could be you next…..I don’t think so. Bermuda this is a joke, right. Everyone is laughing at this, and the Government just allows this to happen and spend thousands of money we don’t have. Wake up and stop this nonsense.

  84. Come on Bermuda says:

    After looking at all the pictures and watching all the videos posted I was greatly disturbed, nevertheless decided that I would not express my views for a number of reasons. However, after reading some of these comments I am compelled to speak up. As a young Bermudian I am most destroyed by this act that has taken place today. Although I am not 100% knowledgeable of what is going on between KFC and the BIU under no circumstances should this be okay. It hurts as I see what Bermuda has come to. No I have not been alive long enough to know exactly what Bermuda was, not even twenty years but in the little time that I have been around I have obtained enough intelligence to understand that this is ludicrous and should not be taking place in our island. As Bermudians we have to change our mindset from present and look more so towards our future. As adults, I believe those participants of this parade should be ashamed of themselves. I concur with those who have commented before me in regards to how bad we look in the eyes of tourist. As a country we need to remind ourselves and each other of how much our economy relies on tourism. Instead of wasting time in the streets shouting, yelling, and looking FOOLISH go back to your jobs and do what you are getting paid to do….WORK!!!
    P.S. why don’t these marchers and strikers march and shove their fist in the face of gang members to stop the crime instead.
    -Signed: A teen

    • Bum-By says:

      Well worded Young Man also good observation on your part. From the tone of your writing you need not worry about becoming a Union Member even if they insist on influencing you to be one. The reason for this is that you hav already shown that you are smarter than this and the one thing that is not tollerated in the Union is SMART People at least the ones that can Speak for themselves.
      Keep your focus Young Man!!!

      • Come on Bermuda says:

        Thanks @Bum-By, I appreciate your response. One correction though, I’m actually a female.

    • I'm just saying...... says:

      People really need to see this for what it truly is..

      I’m proud to see my people stand for equal rights n JUSTICE


      • jt says:

        You’ll need to explain how the workers at KFC are being poorly treated and how KFC has acted illegally. Otherwise – just a bunch of wind.

      • sharkbreath says:

        You are deadbeats who have no feelings at all for the seniors and school kids you left starnded at the side of the road today.

        • sharkbreath says:

          “Stranded” at the side of the road

        • Clive Spate says:

          Congratulations on spelling BIU incorrectly.

          That is some achievement.

    • Unbelievable says:

      When Scott Smith asked for people to march for peace a handful of people turned up due to “short notice” but for FOOLISHNESS hundreds can stop work at the drop of a dime!!!I guess we all can see just where Bermudians hearts and mindset really lies!!!

  85. Come on says:

    They are going to march their fellow “brother’s and sister’s” out of a job. Will the BIU/Chris Furbert give those KFC workers jobs if KFC if forced to close it’s doors. If Chris said jump off a cliff I wonder how many sheep will follow.

    • I'm just saying...... says:



      • I'm just saying...... says:


        • jt says:

          This will be decided by the courts, not by marches and protests. Someone is right and someone is wrong. Once that is determined all can move forward. All of this is unecessary and misguided.

        • Unbelievable says:

          I hope you all passed the hat and took up a collection for the KFC staff for when the doors are permanently locked and they really need your assistance!!! Cause they sure as hell ain’t gonna find any at the BIU!!!

  86. i refuse to eat mr chicken says:

    The BIU ain’t telling the whole story about KFC… So, therefore I refuse to eat mr chicken.. KFC is better. They will get over it..

  87. Crystal Cave says:

    Ignorance breeds ignorance breeds ignorance.

    It’ll be loooong hot summer.

  88. BOYCOTT THE BIU says:

    Ok. Everyone. Please listen up.

    This is the official announcement of bringing down the BIU by the general public, who by their terms: “Do not have workers rights” since we are not in a union (ridiculous).

    This task is simple. BOYCOTT THEIR PLACES OF BUSINESS! BIU Gas Station, Liberty Theater…i don’t know what else they mismanage, but whatever it is. BOYCOTT it; or as the infamous Betty says “Boycutt” (lol)

    The UNION MEMBERS do not run this island. But they are much more destructive than any gang member on this island, as they DO have the ability to bring this government to their knees. All members who participated in this march, I say “Thank you”, you’ve made every one of us BERMUDIANS look like FOOLS to the rest of the world with these tactics. They do not deserve an ounce of respect for their doings.

    PLP and the BIU should look at Canada for guidance, which have legislation in place to ensure essential services are not disturbed for any reasons, and unions that do not back workers who are not deserving of it (i.e. – drinking on the job, injuring people by their own incompetence, etc.). DEVELOP LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD AND STOP CRYING.

  89. Betty Dump says:

    Whats wrong with this?

    Gotta boycutt de KFC, and wvembah to wvote Pee Al Pee to keep da wvite man out.

  90. Terry says:

    All these comments.
    It’s gonna bite your ass.
    Especially a certain segment that thinks ‘Nothing can be Furbert from the truth’.

  91. ann says:


  92. Liars! says:

    my head hurts

  93. jt says:

    KFC workers – you are being used to ramp up emotion as an election nears.

  94. Opressed says:

    We need a change of government, immediately! Lets get the ball rolling NOW!!!! No more being passive wimps to these carpetbaggers.

  95. Terry says:

    Dark meat has always been the staple.
    Fry your own chicken you lazy b#stards.
    Oh!!! to much work.

  96. Onion Soup says:

    Just had a call from friends who are currently vacationing on the Island. They are cutting their holiday short and flying back home tomorrow as they were so freaked out by the demonstrations in downtown Hamilton today…they were scared witless by the chanting, howling and obviously very angry mobs marching through the streets of Hamilton. They are a senior couple who have vacationed in Bermuda nearly every year for the past 30+ years and now feel they never want to return. Thanks a lot Chris Furbert and all your blind, deaf and dumb followers. Between you and the PLP, this Island is being dragged very close to entering its death throes.

    • Red Bird says:

      Onion Soup, I am sorry for what happened to your friends. Please extend apologies to them from all the Bermudians who were not a part of that sham of a march and who care about this country. BIU, you will have a lot to answer for. Believe me.

    • Tired of low thinking people says:

      sorry to hear that but tell me something where they come from they have never seen a march before just do not say anything just because you have a hole in front of your face thank you.

      • Onion Soup says:

        They come from a city of roughly 400,000 people that recently experienced a 6-week public transit strike. According to my friends, the union members there never resorted to the type of marches and mob mentality they witnessed yesterday in Bermuda. They were also very disturbed that the bus operators were off the job when the KFC/BIU issue had nothing to do with them and they felt that yesterday’s demonstration would certainly be counter-productive as far as unionized KFC workers were concerned…if people can’t get to town by bus and the street in front of KFC is blocked by shouting mobs or subject the establishment to a boycott, KFC will lose money thus putting its workers’ jobs in jeopardy. Anyway, yesterday’s fiasco was the breaking point for them. They have noted that over the past several years the Bermuda tourism product has declined, people are much more up-tight and less open and friendly than they once were and the cost of a Bermuda vacation has become far too expensive for what is on offer. This couple is well-to-do, sophisticated and worldly. They love Bermuda and are very sad to see how far it has fallen. I just hope that they will change their minds and opt to return to Bermuda rather than find another “paradise” for their month-long annual holidays.

    • pepper says:

      Onon soup… guess what ? Chris Furbert will be on ” the peoples show” next week to spew his sh#t… and gues who runs this show ? LAVERNM

  97. YupYup says:

    Are you serious………Chris Furbert are you serious? There are hundreds of people out of work because of the ecomony and some people who have managed to keep their jobs had to cut hours and benefits so the Companies can stay in business. I am one of those people and I am happy to be employed at this point. I have a friend who is well educated and still not working; what in the dickens are you thinking, you seriously do not have a clue what you are doing to the people of Bermuda and your members. Sometimes you have to make sacrfices?

    • Tourist says:

      Yup yup I agree!!
      These people are disillusioned. I was a tourist and shocked by this very very selfish behaviour

  98. Hmmmmmm says:

    Wildcat stike, the BIU broke their promise, please pay the government the $8million due on the performance bond at Berkley. This government are WEAK flapping puppets desperate to cling onto their paycheck. Time to vote Them out.

    • jt says:

      BIU and promise in theame sentence? ha ha ha

  99. Liars! says:

    this lsland is run by the BIU people…they have infiltrated our Government and our Industries, now they want more. what next, gifts for voting PLP?!

    these guys are the same guys that don’t pay child support, the same guys that drive drunk everyday and enjoy their spliff’s.

    These are the voters….NOT…..only a small number of people that do not understand that they are firing up a furnace that will eventually cremate them!

    its a sad day in what was once paradise. ….and not because white people were in power either you racist Bas__rds!

  100. AWS says:

    There are people in the Americas and Europe trying to get a job at the minimum to work at KFC and need jobs not alone the war in Syria get your azz back to work and if you get laid off apply to Mr Chicken or Ice Queen #really Bermuda

  101. crazy says:

    any excuse for a long weekend lazy is as lazy does

  102. SpecialGIrl4You says:

    OBA/UBP fans do not care about “Workers Rights’, as long as they profit off the backs of labour….so it not unusual for the OBA/UBP fans to speak out against the workers…that just the way conservative governments are….folks are…becareful that the OBA/UBP do not have the average man or woman’s interest at heart…

  103. Whistling Frog says:

    How much skill does one need to serve greasy chicken all day? And they can’t even do that right at KFC… This is a job for retirees who doesn’t wasn’t to be bored at home all day.

  104. Yes says:

    Any excuse for a long weekend off lazy is as lazy does!

  105. Build a better Bermuda says:

    I am not against unions, I am against unions out of control and bullying businesses.
    All information coming out is that the KFC workers aren’t losing benefits or health insurance, the BIU can’t even cite any examples of benefits the workers are losing. They get more vacation and sick time then me, and I need accreditations the require continuous courses for my job and skill.
    the one thing KFC has done is moved to protect their employees pensions from a scheme that the BIU could not provide financial information on and even admitted was not performing well. KFC, has acted entirely with in their legal right in dealing with an out of control BIU who would rather see the company shut down and the employees out of work, than yield to common sense. Won’t that be a great victory for the union world.
    While the BIU continues to points figures of inappropriate behaviour at other parties, they do so to prevent people from asking what they are up to and why they can’t provided detailed records about what they have been doing with the monies they take from their members who worked hard to earn them.
    All the work the union of the past has done to give all workers their fair of share rights is being trampled and spit on by the actions of the current leadership, of both the union and the Government, in their handling of this affair. They have become an embarrassment to Bermuda’s reputation and that is going to make it harder to attract the valuable overseas businesses to our shores, that would help to shore up and provide jobs across almost all sectors of our economy. A reputaition take a lifetime to earn and moments to destroy.
    For whatever KFC sins have been, they are showing to be the lesser of the 3 evils in this dispute and despite the gastro-intestinal adventure my bowels are likely to endure, I think I will have a chicken sandwich there next lunch, at least I will be supporting local workers.

  106. Tongue-in-cheek says:

    So they’re yelling ‘Eat Mr. Chicken’-a business that just happens to be owned by people with the surname of Furbert. Anybody else smell a rat here???

    • jt says:

      Surname Furbert, non-unionized and mainly foreign workers. Stunning line of thinking!

    • pepper says:

      K.f.c. are very hygenic and the place is spotless…… Mr Chicken leaves a lot to be desired,check it out…the Heron Bay outlet is disgusting !!!!

  107. Yes says:

    Our island has few farms but many sheep!

  108. CHINGAS says:

    Looks like they missed 24th of may parade by a couple days. Shucks.

  109. booya says:

    Soooo u want me to boycott KFC but your best suggestion is Mr. Chicken??????????Mr. Chicken is gross ummmmmmmmmm NO Thanks. I’ll take a number 8 honey bbq wing combo mmmmmmmmmm honey bbq wings (homer simpson voice)

  110. Christofina Ferbitous says:

    At de eyan of de dey, um um, de mayne message her iss dat Brova Fuerbit has let de eyeland knowe dat he de man in charge her. An yoo can take dat to de bank!

  111. Watching says:

    What nobody protesting on a weekend? I went to KFC hoping those clowns were outside watching while I eat at the window!

  112. Bermuda Is Another World says:

    @Build a Better Bermuda: you have made so much sense now if only the sheep at the BIU can see the forest through the trees. Just like when they were walking down the sidewalk behind Chris Furbert I said to myself “Look at all the sheep, dam shame”. And many of them that I know who were marching love drama

  113. Tolerate says:

    Very disturbing. As I have limited (or at least from what the media has provided) information on this situation I will not attempt to know any better and offer an opinion on this ongoing issue.
    However, as I have said before (on politics or other issues). If you want to be taken serious and gain the backing of the right thinking people in society, than go about making your point in a mature educated grown up matter.
    Chanting to eat some-one else’s chicken? How is this related to the point you’re trying to pass? I was walking by when this was being said. Guess what; when the chant changed I had already been turned off, so any important message to follow was lost on my ears.
    Whoever is behind running and organizing these demonstrations needs to grow up and stick to the topic at hand or you will continue to get the blogs who refer to you as a joke or circus.

  114. Zombie_Man says:

    When will this SH#T end?? All I can say is… You P#UCK with my Chicken I will eat you! #Protestors (GET OVER IT!)

    Thank You,
    Cannibal in Devonshire

  115. Jeff says:

    What did this march achieve, apart from inconvenience locals and tourists.