Video: BIU President On Rev Tweed’s Permit

December 30, 2016

[Updated] The Special General Council meeting is underway at the BIU this afternoon [Dec 30], as members gather to discuss the decision to refuse Rev. Nicholas Tweed’s work permit.

Yesterday Home Affairs Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin confirmed that Rev Tweed will not be receiving a new work permit, saying, “In this particular instance, the applicant failed to comply with rules that were put in place for everyone. As a result, I had no choice but to uphold the previous decision to refuse the new application.”

“The position was not advertised despite repeated requests by the Department to do so, and the actual application was incomplete and contained inaccuracies. On the basis of these failures to fulfil the requirements of Immigration policy, the work permit application was rejected,” the Minister said.

Following the Minister’s statement, the BIU said that President Chris Furbert called a Special General Council meeting for 12 noon today “to discuss the decision of Minister Patricia Gordon Pamplin not to renew Rev. Tweed’s work permit.

Update: Photo of Rev Tweed outside the meeting

IMG_1700 Bermuda December 30 2016

“All BIU Special General council members are urged to attend this very important meeting and all Shop Stewards are also requested to attend the meeting,” the BIU said.

The People’s Campaign group — which Rev. Tweed has been a key part of — said they “stand 100% in solidarity” with Rev Tweed, adding that it is “clear that the denial of Rev. Tweed work permit is political” as the “OBA Government and their supporters would like nothing more than to see Rev. Tweed placed on a plane and shipped out of the Country.”

Shadow Minister for Home Affairs Walton Brown also commented on the matter, saying “the PLP is profoundly disappointed with the Minister and her refusal to grant Rev. Nicholas Tweed a renewal of his work permit,” with Mr Brown urging the Government to “urgently reconsider this provocative decision at such a delicate time for Bermuda.”

The meeting at the BIU is still underway as of this writing, and we will update as able, and in the meantime you can view all our coverage of Rev Tweed’s work permit here.

Update 1.55pm: BIU President Chris Furbert just held a press conference, you can watch the 12-minute video below.

Update 2.58pm: Speaking at the press conference today, BIU President Chris Furbert said that there will be a general membership meeting at 9am on Tuesday morning.

He called the Minister’s statement yesterday “four pages of garbage” adding that “the OBA want Rev Tweed out of here before February 3rd, before they bring the airport deal back on the table. That’s what they want him out of here for.”

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  1. had enough says:

    Since when did this become a union issue, definitely a conflict of interest going on here. right is right and wrong is wrong and they are wrong. What message are we sending our youth when we say one rule applies to one person and another rule applies to another person for the same thing. we want our youth to respect the law but our leaders don’t want to do that themselves. Set the example please before you all destroy this island home that belongs to us all Black, white pink and purple.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Conflict of interest, Immigration Minister leaves church because she dont like what he’s preaching, anounces it in Parliment then has de last say to grant it or not.
      Did someone say conflict of interest?

      • Follow the rules... says:

        Its kinda as simple as that regardless of who likes what.

        Rules weren’t followed and now some don’t like the result.

        Certain symmetry to other events.

        I suppose learning isn’t convenient.

        Have a Blessed New Year!

        • Black Soil says:

          Watch out Bermuda. Chris Furbert, LaVerne and the entire BIU fold want any excuse to tear down Bermuda.

          • Nanny Pat says:

            I dontunderstand…Why are they fighting so hard for an Expat? Especially an American One? We gonna fight for all Expats going forward?

            • Onion Juice says:

              No, only expats who fight against injustice in this racist society.

              • Paz says:

                What about the expats that act responsibly, contribute to the economy, do not discriminate, donate to charities, help at the schools, support freedom, hire local workers and on and on and on? Do they not count just as much?

                IMHO, they are very much part of the positive change this country needs to help its social development.

        • Onion Juice says:

          Ya like de symmentry of those who Historically spoke against injustice were systematically eliminated.

          • Juice Box says:

            You mean like the guy that had his permit pulled were told to leave the island just because theyvinsisited that two ministers insisted that they wear hardhats luke everyone else while walking on the Dame Lois Bldg sight. Where were your cries of injustice and foul play then Mr Furbert and Onion Juice.

      • WarwickBoy says:

        If the Minister had overturned the decision of the Immigration Board in refusing the permit renewal for Mr Tweed, would you or anyone care about any appearance of a conflict?

        • Enough says:

          If the minister had overturned the decision my opinion would be the same and I would question her ethics, why bothere to have any laws in place just let everone do what they want because basically that is what you are implying

      • steve says:







        • VJ says:

          Wake up! The OBA had their mind made up that Rev. Tweed had to go. He could have signed his application in blood and it wouldn’t have been enough!!

          • Juice Box says:

            Oh stop. They REFUSED to follow basic rules that anyone that can read could understand. They REFUSED to advertise – simple. They REFUSED to do what is asked of all employers.

            • Navin Johnson says:

              don’t forget they said that the application contained answers that were inaccurate…..

          • steve says:

            Worlds biggest Myth-”ignorance is bliss” I see very little bliss in the ignorant.

          • Nana says:

            That is your opinion V J. Thankfully we all have one. Send him home!

        • Caitlyn says:

          That is it in a nutshell.Someone dropped the ball in the paper.I have to abide and complete forms, and meet Immigration deadlines when completing applications.
          Im still to hear who is responsible.But it is refreshing to hear the union has now set a predence to fight for all rejected permits.

      • Know it All says:

        That’s like saying because I buy fish from Delvin Bean that it’s a conflict if I voted for Marc Bean. Or that I get an MRI from Ewart’s clinic that I am conflicted on a general election. Or I work for Marketplace but buy from Supermarket. Grasping at straws as a conflict of interest.

      • Too True says:

        OJ 1st of all the decision did NOT come from the minister but from the Department of Immigration.. Yes, the minister upheld the decision (which is the right thing)

        second.. The Union and PLP cannot complain about “Ministerial interference”.. Can we point out the construction foreman that was escorted off the island for upholding health and safety regulations at HIS jobsite!!! That WAS “Ministerial Interference”

        Where exactly was the UNION then???

        • aceboy says:

          He won’t answer because the rules don’t apply to the BIU or the PLP.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Conflict of interest… Mr. Furbert is up there saying how there are good people working in the department… but it was those good people that denied his application to begin with, it was those good people who highlighted the fact that his application was incomplete, inaccurate, and not on time. It is a conflict of interest to say that you want strict immigration rules that work permit holders must adhere to, rules that require advertising for locals to be able to apply for, then get up in arms when a work permit holder fails to follow those rules… worse than a conflict of interest, it’s just plain hypocrisy.

      • Zevon says:

        No, that’s not a conflct of interest.
        A conflict of interest is where you give a profitable government contract to a relative, and then pretend you had no idea the person is a relative. That’s a Conflct of Interest.

      • Cranberry says:

        That’s BS and you know it…

    • wassup says:

      I totally agree. Is rev Tweed a member of the BIU? No.

    • hmmm says:

      Furburt this is nothing to do with the Union. Nothing to do with Bermudians either. This is you ABUSING your position.

      POWER has gone to the mans head.

      People have had enough with his and others attempts to destabilize our country, which benefits nobody.

      • madgod says:

        The AMEC grew out of the Free African Society (FAS) which Richard Allen, Absalom Jones, and others established in Philadelphia in 1787. When officials at St. George’s MEC pulled blacks off their knees while praying, FAS members discovered just how far American Methodists would go to enforce racial discrimination against African Americans. Hence, these members of St. George’s made plans to transform their mutual aid society into an African congregation. Although most wanted to affiliate with the Protestant Episcopal Church, Allen led a small group who resolved to remain history_SAllenMethodists. In 1794 Bethel AME was dedicated with Allen as pastor. To establish Bethel’s independence from interfering white Methodists, Allen, a former Delaware slave, successfully sued in the Pennsylvania courts in 1807 and 1815 for the right of his congregation to exist as an independent institution. Because black Methodists in other middle Atlantic communities encountered racism and desired religious autonomy, Allen called them to meet in Philadelphia

      • Southampton says:

        Furbert, keep you nose out of this.
        Mind your own business.
        Just like hmmm said, you are abusing your position.
        Put your head in the sand and shut up.

    • steve says:

      Hey Mr Furbert, you have a habit of making vague threats toward people and groups. My Question is would you have said “i am comming after you” aimed at Minister Pamplin, if her father EF Gordon was still alive? I think not.
      I hope when I am gone, my name isn’t used to discredit my daughter and if it is, I will be waiting at the gates of hell.

    • concerned says:

      QUESTION :: Does St.Paul AME Membership have a say in this ?? WHY, has Rev Tweed not called a meeting with his membership who pays his wage ?? WHERE are his Members ? IF they want their Pastor to stay, come out in the open and SPEAK IT.

      I say, LET HIM STAY….BUT, come out of the pulpit.

    • Hey says:

      Hey! you have to give kudos to Rev. Tweed, He has only spent 3 years in Bermuda and he is about to shut the island down.

  2. joly says:

    Having caused such a fuss earlier in the year to push for stiffer immigration laws (in the Pathways debacle), it is absurd that the BIU is now agitating to ignore the basic rules by which all the rest of us must abide. There is little doubt that if they had submitted a proper and complete application that Tweed’s permit would have been approved. Government had no choice but to turn it down – Tweed’s actions are designed to enable a political ruckus.

    • JAYBIRD says:

      Of course they are, but as long as the PLP / BIU can continue to call strikes, block Parliament etc and get what they want without ever having to suffer any consequences, then they will continue to behave this way. Franky I don’t blame them because it obviously works very well for them…

    • colourless says:

      I don’t recall the Union meeting to discuss Immigration’s refusal to extend a work permit for a Rector in Hamilton parish several years ago. And the powers to be at the Church certainly made sure their I’s were dotted and their T’s crossed – the job was advertised and the requirements met. We were told ‘no’ and then had to get on with the business of looking for a replacement.

    • Politricks says:

      Potential and utter entitlement attitude.

      No different then the Union breaking the law by not submitting audited financials.

  3. Terry says:

    The BIU and the AME Church.

    Churches are run by the BIU?
    Churches pay BIU dues?

    What the f*)^ is going on.

    This does not look good.

    People better wake up.

    Radicalized PLP.

    Look out folks.


  4. Family Man says:

    BIU, supporting non-Bermudians for jobs that qualified Bermudians can do, even when they’re not BIU members.

  5. Jahstice says:

    C’mon Ms Minister, give the Rev a permit. Mob rules!

  6. BRIER says:

    they have no clue about rules and they don’t care about sending wrong messages to our young people. They get a thrill in teaching our young folks the incorrect way… that’s why half of them are not learning because they are not being taught correctly…

    you disobey rules and you do wrong with the last there are consequences BOTTOM LINE..that’s why so many of our young people are in trouble..

    • aceboy says:

      Like Gombeys fighting over *turf*…..

    • Caitlyn says:

      we would even be going down this road if…. all deadlines and paperwork was correct.Plain & simple!

  7. Riley says:

    A new, defacto Immigration Board down at BIU HQ?

    Well how about a new defacto Union, all of whose supporters I hereby call on to block BIU HQ to show their support for Minister Pamplin’s upholding of the regulations?

    • far from it says:

      you whips have no backbone your like the silent back bench of the oba and her supporters, who say yes to every thing the dictating premier and his cabinet say, and the despicable bob i don’t think bermuda has been as divided as it is today “2 bermudas”, a house divided against its self cannot stand.

      then to hear our premier say were not privatising the airport this is the worst statement i have ever heard oh i know where i heard this before despicable bob

  8. trump supporter says:

    Just saying if the position was not advertised.
    1) They think there above the law.
    2) maybe the church just doesn’t want him, isn’t it the churches job to advertise..

    Just my opinion. In the words of Donald Trump. YOUR FIRED!

  9. John Joseph says:

    Oh this is becoming all to familiar. This is not a political or Union issue but now it will become the new protest. The OBA are unlikely to get on next time so they might as well take on the militant element in the BIU who seek to want special treatment for close friends. Bermuda should not allow itself to be held hostage to a self serving ideology that is a relic from the 1960s. The friends and family programe bankrupted once.

  10. jt says:

    “The position was not advertised despite repeated requests by the Department to do so, and the actual application was incomplete and contained inaccuracies.”

    Why the resistance?

  11. Frank says:

    This must be a first the PLP/BPS have stood up for a permit holder.

  12. TSOL says:

    Why hasn’t Tweed left the island?

  13. Islander says:

    Since when are Pastors BIU Members? Tweed you came with an agenda that was not of the Lord and standing behind a scared Pulpit scheming it all. You were appointment was to come preach the Gospel of the Living God and to abide by His Living Word and save souls, what you have done is steer people away from the Lord. You have failed tremendously and now look where you are and look at what confusion you and your cohorts are causing. As a Pastor sir, you should desire and strive for your adopted home, Bermuda, to prosper and everyone to be prosperous (not greedy – remember Judas)or you want to be among those who have other plans for this Island, perhaps as countries are down South (i.e. Haiti, Jamaica and other places)have become. May the Lord give you a clean heart, right spirit and a new vision for your future.

  14. wassup says:

    Ok, I predict ….. Chris Fubert will hold a press conference giving Government an ultimatum to do a U-turn on the work permit or face industrial action.

    Then … Govt will cave in.

  15. TimBuc says:

    I haven’t heard a peep from the AME folks yet or am I missing out on something?

    • silent says:

      i must be too. Because I’m still trying ot figure out why the BIU are out front on this and not the church or Tweed himself.

      • far from it says:

        you must be part of the backbench of the oba we can never hear you but we know you are there

    • Betty Boop says:

      Yes, they have a letter on Bernews now, which is crazy.

    • John Joseph says:

      Remember the AME church is the BIU at prayer so you did hear from them.

  16. Hmmm says:

    I dont understand why the BIU is meeting over this. Surely we can put this energy to better use. Tweed is not a union member, and if he is not able to work with a Bermudian wife there seems to be more than they are saying.

  17. frank says:

    I have been a union member since 1971 and don’t see were tweeds work permit is a union matter I was on the hill in march this year standing up for unfair immigration policies this is making the union look
    real stupid.
    I do not condone stupid

  18. Zevon says:

    Tweed’s not even a union member. Why are they wasting their member’s resources on this s***

  19. van says:

    This press conference was a bunch of gibberish. Miserable, self entitled unionists who think the law doesn’t apply to them. Guess what, the law does apply to YOU Mr. Furbert. You are the threat to this country – perhaps you could fly out with Mr. Tweed.

    You may no longer run this country by threatening people.

  20. Barnacle says:

    What a lunatic!

    • far from it says:

      be careful my friend rise above this type of response but this is typical of the low road so many of you take

  21. van martin says:

    Beau Evans, on his WORST day, will do a ten times better job of running ferries than your strike prone unionists. I’ll bet well over HALF of this country has had ENOUGH of you!

  22. bluwater says:

    If the only people who can deal with Mr Tweed are fans of his sermons, he’s going to be very very lonely.

  23. Finance says:

    This is absolutely…

  24. Kevin says:

    Chris Furbert is about to throw all of his toys out of the Playpen .. he isn’t happy to be told ” No” . need a change alright but its the Union Leadership that needs to be changed. Bermudians are not being represented

  25. Jeeesh says:

    1) His application was not advertised
    2) His application was incomplete and contained inaccuracies
    3) He is NOT Bermudian


  26. Finance says:

    At some point we have to realize the negative impacts of the recent actions of the BIU/PC and those MP’s advocating for civil disobedience. The manner in which issues are handled can ultimately diminish the economic well-being of all of us, including union members.

    Bermuda, unlike many other countries, relies 100% on inward foreign investments for survival. We don’t produce anything; not even food!

    Recent actions have NOT been perceived as positive by foreign or local investors. I’m aware of some projects that have already been put on hold! This means slower economic growth and fewer jobs! Worrisome for many…

    Why do we continue to wound ourselves? Folks we have to think BIG picture and less about ourselves! It’s about all of us!

    Adults in the house please make yourselves known!

    God grant us wisdom!



  27. 32n64w says:

    Bro. Furbert was asked two direct questions – what about the missing information needed for the application and will the AME Church release the letter where Government detailed their reasons for denying the application?

    These are fundamental questions, the answers to which would provide absolute clarity on the matter but Bro. Furbert sidestepped them both and instead countered with threats towards the Minister. He is being a bully.

    The Combined Opposition cry for facts and transparency but when they may hinder the false ire and manufactured indignation suddenly suffer from collective amnesia and hypocrisy. What harm would it be for the church to agree for the facts of the application process to be shared with the electorate? Will their supporters allow themselves to be used for political gain?

  28. Politricks says:

    This isn’t a Union issue. This is about a foreigner whose employers refuse to adhere to work permit requirements out of some belief that they should be above the law. A foreigner who shut down our parliament in March for five days out of hatred for other foreigners who have been here ten times as long as this man.

    The hypocrisy is amazing and sickening.

    Go on strike of you must for a work permit holder. But don’t expect to get paid and don’t expect your Union to pay you. There’s a reason they haven’t issued up to date audited financials.

  29. Sage says:

    Lunatics running the asylum.

  30. Ringmaster says:

    This has nothing to do with a labour dispute. On Tuesday there is another meeting. Bermudians and visitors will of course be left without buses or ferries and garbage won’t be collected. All over a non Bermudian. It is clear that this will occur every time the Government, or OBA, does something the combined opposition don’t like. Now is the time for them to stand strong against the combined opposition.

    Call a General Strike and see how long Bermudians will stay out and lose money. Maybe then they will see how they have been used, misled and deceived.

  31. Double S says:

    Are Union members going to be used for their boss’ personal crusade?

    Didn’t many Union members March at their boss’ orders in March against foreigners and the abuse of work permits?

    This has nothing to do with the Union or labor, so why must they vote and on what?

    If a strike is voted upon then each and every employer who retains CBAs with the Union have every right to disregard their stated responsibilities.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander especially if Union powers are to be abused as a means to gain special privileges for their insider friends.

    Even the father of trade unionism was against public unions as they could be used to subvert democracy, which has and continues to happen on our shores.

  32. Betty Boop says:

    This should not be a Union thing, I mean why is CF even involved in this guy. He is not Bermudian, why is he fighting so hard for him? Seems ironic that CF and the Union and the PLP are upset by an ex-pat, when they all shouted from the roof tops that Bermuda is for Bermudians first and foremost, surely some members of the Union see this. Wow, I am shocked that they have taken this so far. Union is supposed to fight for the Bermudian worker, aren’t they?

  33. John Joseph says:

    President Chris did very well to not actually respond to the questions of the press in a way that answered their questions.

  34. #Chrisfurbertoutmovement! says:

    JUST SHOWS HOW INEFFECTIVE FURBERT IS SO HE MAKES THREATS. Tweed has connections here, I have connections everywhere,, SO F@#$%^G WHAT!!

  35. Jam Bermuda says:

    OMG! The leaders of this country have all been kidnapped and brainwashed by Trump! Bermuda why are we entertaining this crap?!

  36. ocg says:


  37. Trail User says:

    Now all Bermudians need to pay attention and make sure persons working here illegally are sent home. If you are on a job and you know someone or you have applied and was over looked for an expat do your homework such as submit your application to Immigration. Whistle blow as much as possible don’t be scared because now this government are doing the right thing if applications are not done correctly and if things are shady

  38. Jus' Wonderin' says:


  39. Warlord says:

    I think it is time to call in the British Government to stop this madness. My vote doesn’t count for anything while these lot think they can run amok

    • Serious Though says:

      Question? just wondering what the Queen will do….

  40. bermy says:

    Should have had the HR team at MEF or Buzz do the paperwork, they clearly have there ducks well lined up and in a row when it comes to immigration. Guess you should make sure all your credentials and loose ends are in order before you throw stones and don’t be mad after reaping what you have sown. Bermuda truly is another world

  41. Jahstice says:

    Send the non Bermudian to his homeland.

    • JanusH says:

      Yes, keep this the land of the Righteous (and the indignant too). Seems to me the Rev wants this to be his Calvary but frankly it’s all too ridiculous for words – just fill out the damn form and advertise (no Bermudian wants the job, too many long funerals).

  42. Enough says:

    When will the PLP ministers, its supporters and the union members say enough is enough. The PLP, the Union, and its supporters have been hijacked. Do you really want to represent this ideology that you want to take down a government the people chose to elect at any cost? If you think the recession was hard, wait and see what happens if the PLP gets back in power. I am not even against the PLP, I admire many of its ministers who did a great service to Bermuda, but the image the PLP now projects is not a good one through the eyes of the International community, and imagine what the companies who are already here must be thinking right now. Forget about construction, new investments, or see any kind of hope of recovery. We are just finally starting to see a ray of sunshine and some bounce in the economy, and this group (because I refuse to believe all PLP supporters agree with those tactics of taking Bermuda and its elected government hostage)is willing to take everyone down for the sake of their own agenda and to line their pockets since the checks have stopped coming. Shaking my head in despair, I am loosing hope in Bermuda. For the first time I am really considering leaving this island for good before the ship sinks.

    • madgod says:

      be honest and say what you mean…you sound like the OBA full of lies

  43. Torian says:

    It’s quite funny how he calls out Ms. Gordon as going against her father’s legacy when in actual fact Mr. Tweed is using his own father’s legacy for attention.

  44. Jahstice says:

    Watching the video, Bro Furbert is the Premier!

  45. Concerned says:

    If this is such an important union issue, why wait until Tuesday to have a meeting, why not tomorrow morning (Saturday December 31st) – less disruptive for everyone!

    • Kangoocar says:

      @ concerned, that was a joke right? If you think any matter the union dislikes is important enough to meet on a day off, then I have some igloos on the equator that I can sell you at very reasonable price?
      Premier Dunkley and the OBA, if you back down from this nonsense and let this bully get his way, then you and the OBA are finished! This nonsense needs to be broken and right now is the time to do it! Terminate any government employees that show up for this and demand the BIU be shut down until they produce their financials!
      If we stand up to these radicals, it would only take two weeks to break them, now is the time to do it!

    • Unbelievable says:

      It’s because 1. he doesn’t care and 2. that would be on his own personal time.

  46. Olive says: says:

    Government should be of laws – not of men/women! We need to stick to the law. If the AME Church did not comply with the requirements what is the uproar about?

    This issue is not a Union matter, and if the union members do not show up for work on Tuesday, they should be FIRED! – I will have no sympathy for them!!!!

    Tired of this nonsense!!!!!

  47. John says:

    I feel sorry for Mr Furbert he really loves this man

  48. JanusH says:

    What would Jesus do?

  49. Glowstick Tracker says:

    Interesting so for a political issue the CBAs of the island are just set aside . Employers are impacted, workers cannot get to work and we are in this mess because some entitled individual a guest in our country should not be held to the same requirements as other individual guests in our country.
    Well any employer that pays the staff to attend this political rally and that is what it is,will be cutting a stick for their own back. Any employee that puts their employer at risk because of this political rally then again don’t cry when the wheel turns and more are out of work and the growing economy stops and declines.
    If you actually believe you will be better off in the long run having the BIU et al running the show then good luck to you. Once the debt hits the level the lenders set the worm will turn as they say and I will think of you often as your sun sets and your world shrinks.
    Definite five star glowstick award for this action.

  50. Archy says:

    Did he really say ‘I’m coming for you’ in reference to the minister ?
    Who the hell does Furbert think he is?
    Astonishing ego

  51. Tired Bermudian says:

    I smell a protest coming and myself along with many other Bermudians are getting tired of it. We are sick of the PLP/BIU holding up progress for the benefit of their friends and family.

    If there is another protest blocking parliament by PLP/BIU individuals I say that the rest of us march on them, and remove them from the gates so that our elected officials can do their jobs in peace. It’s about time the logical Bermudians make a stand against this foolishness

  52. Sandy's resident says:

    All the people who care about Bermuda should for a human chain around the BIU and lock them out. See how they like it. Somebody start a Facebook group. I’m in. See you all there 9am.

  53. John says:

    Mr Furbert is really rallying hard for a ministerial position in the next PLP government he dooes not care about anything else.

  54. Warlord says:

    Time for the Governor to call Westminster,and take control of these fools that think they can rule my island

  55. thief says:

    it is not right that any foreigner should be so involved in Bermuda politics and leading rallies down our streets.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      I recall some senior PLP MP & union leader saying about the same words.

  56. mmm says:

    For some odd or unknown reason, the application was not given the proper attention by AME officials, and it really should have been, particularly in light of the fact that Pastor Tweed was one of the major spaekers for the People,s Campaign. Now mind you there is no evidence before the public as to what actually is termed incomplete and inaccurate —well, I have not seen the application. Its a very, very thorny issue. I wonder how many incomplete applications have been approved….The Commission of Inquiry is now in progress, and certain people have been granted their request not to testify…are certain matters un-important.

    • Infidelguy says:

      Ask yourself this question.

      If the immigration department sent the AME church a letter explaining their reasoning for rejecting the application, why hasn’t the AME church or Rev. Tweed shared that information publicly?

      This is a separate and completely different issue from the Commission of Inquiry. Please stop using false equivalencies like that.

  57. John says:

    The only boy who could ever teach me was the son of a preacher man

  58. aceboy says:

    Is Tweed on the BIU payroll for some reason? Is THAT why this is a Union *issue*? Curious minds would like to know…..

  59. Sharon says:

    I think it is very sad, because at the end of the day it all boils down to politics,even a blind man can see that. Surely, if the Minister was impressed with Rev. Tweed,she would have approve the application whether it was late or not. People you should not forget the History of this Country. Lest we forget, remember although we have come a long way, we still have a long way to go.


  60. Infidelguy says:

    In my opinion, Mr. Furbert’s comments epitomize the problem that exists here in Bermuda with unionism. Nepotism, conflict of interest, fallacious argumentation….etc!

    His remarks inform me that there is special treatment given depending who you are related to or any other social connections…like being a church member!

    Mr. Furbert thinks it’s OK for a government to bid against a small business owner for a contract to operate the ferries? Really?

    According to Mr. Furbert, they want to get rid of Rev. Tweed before Feb 3rd because of the airport deal? Sorry, I’m not making that connection. Mr. Furbert is sounding very much like Donald Trump with his conspiracy theories. Where is the evidence for this Mr. Furbert?


  61. Infidelguy says:

    After listening to this entire press conference, and the comments made by BIU president Chris Furbert, here is what I think he is basically saying.

    Mr. Furbert is willing to sabotage the welfare of his country and it’s inhabitants, because the government will not renew the work permit for one individual!

    Let’s all give pause and think about that for a moment!

  62. Northshore says:

    Now Chris Furbert wants the Government to compete in the private sector by putting in a bid for ferry service . On the other hand he said if one of his members gets layed off “game on” ?? The BIU leader is unfit to lead imop, all union members don`t have a clue where their dues go or what its spent on! The BIU NEED BE SHUT DOWN, Audited by outside auditors and I mean outside of Bermuda.

    Let all of Bermuda see just how well the BIU keeps it books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Y-Gurl says:

    Are the BIU now in the business of protecting and fighting for foreign workers rights? Not sure if that’s what the founders had in mind

  64. Terry says:

    Some made sense, many held no water.

    Furbert and the BIU have no place in this.

    The man is an attention (fill in the blanks).
    His ego is beyond belief.

    Happy 2017 (I hope).

  65. thief says:

    The next thing will be work permits for politicians because Bermudians are not qualified !

  66. Terry says:

    So Mr. Furbert calls for a meeting (general membership ) on Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

    Another long weekend for the BIU. These guys just don’t give up.
    No Ferry’s No Busses limited Taxi’s No Road Works No Garbage Collection……

    I think it’s time to cull this herd of green onion tops and use the bulb matter to purge this island.

    It has gone too far and only supported by the radicalized wing of the PLP/BIU and the Furbert people and that includes Laverne.

    They want to be Martyrs; hold a peace rally instead of dividing.

  67. Hey says:

    Rev. Tweed, “Talks the talk and walks the walk” I have seen many a Londoner come to Bermuda and flirt with, and mesmerize Bermudians, especially those young chicks, they can marry a Bermudian in a heartbeat.

  68. karen says:


  69. Help Us says:


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