Video: BIU President Speaks At Union Square

February 10, 2017

BIU President Chris Furbert spoke to a group gathered at Union Square this morning [Feb 10], saying that OBA MPs were in the House of Assembly since early that morning, and advising his members to “go back to work.”

At the gathering, Mr Furbert said, “What Government is going to go in the House of Assembly at 5am in the morning to do the people’s business? Because they’ve been there since 5am this morning.”

Mr Furbert speaking this morning:

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When asked about the plans for the day, Mr Furbert said, “I can’t speak for people who aren’t BIU members, but I’m telling the BIU members that they need to go back to work. They need to go back to work. The OBA government is in the House, out there as I said a moment ago, they’ve been in there this morning.”

People gathered at Union Square this morning:


Yesterday Mr Furbert had called for BIU members and members of the public to gather at 8.00am today at Union Square. Some people did attend, however there were no large scale protests outside the House of Assembly.

Police, who had been maintaining a presence at the House of Assembly, removed barricades at the House of Assembly this morning, and today’s House of Assembly session got underway.

After having been previously delayed, the debate on the Airport Development Concession Act 2016 and the Bermuda Airport Authority Act 2016 is scheduled to take place at the House of Assembly later today.

14-minute video of Mr Furbert’s full remarks:

Asked about the comments made that OBA MPs were in the House at around 5am, Premier Michael Dunkely told Bernews, “It was early hours of the morning, but I’m not sure it was 5am, and that was simple because we are always excited and energetic to get into the House.

“There’s nothing more important then working for the people of Bermuda, and being prepared to work for the people of Bermuda. I have no apologies for us being here early ready to work and prepared to work.”

Live updates on today’s sitting of the House of Assembly continue here.

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  1. Micro says:

    I guess brother Chris couldn’t get up early enough to beat them to the gate.

    • sage says:

      Time to hand in his resignation.

      • wahoo says:

        I am not so sure I think he is the best man for the job.

      • Marge says:

        Word on the sreet has it that brother Chris, has lost all respect from union members …..who is next in line to take over his position ?

    • Anon Ymous says:

      So, basically, an admission that the plan was lawlessness all along – blocking MPs from entering the house – essentially saying if they’re already inside, no point going along. Never an intention of a lawful, peaceful protest, once again. Shame on BIU leadership – seems the membership are figuring you out. Not even a labor cause.

    • Marge says:

      Union members are fed up with Chris.

  2. dick francis says:

    He blames others for his failure …. he asked sister unions to come, but they didn’t. he asked the public to come, but they didn’t. Few of the BIUs own members turned up.
    Mr Furbert believes the airport is the people’s business, well Mr Furbert, the people have spoken to you.
    Now listen.

    • JohnBoy says:

      Correct! He represents the membership so if the membership are against something he needs to sit down and keep quiet.

    • Marge says:

      Chris furbert, and the union are no longer in charge..your days of intimidation are over…

  3. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    I just loved the statement that he can’t speak for any non union present, but that he was instructing any union members to go to work…. just a look at the crowd, the vast majority of the union members were at work.

  4. Point boy says:

    Indeed! The people Have spoken. Now it’s time for Furbert to stop wasting people’s time and money!

    • 2cents says:

      More importantly, it’s time Chris hands over the last 10yrs of the unions audited financials and then resign!!!

  5. wahoo says:

    Boy that is one enthusiastic looking group of supporters he has behind him. Do you think they are wondering “what the heck are we doing here?”

    • Point boy says:

      No. Those are the sheep. They do as instructed.

    • Bully Beef says:

      You used the correct word, supporters. I doubt many of them have jobs nor are they Union members. Just onlookers and misfits.

  6. Warlord says:

    Early bird gets the worm brother Chris

  7. Trump supporter says:

    Actions speak louder then words..

  8. Northshore says:

    Never heard so much back peddling in all my life! He is upset the OBA IS IN THE HOUSE EARLY?? I`m not,

  9. Really says:

    I can’t believe Furbert could not have figured out they would go early! I also can’t believe he thinks it’s wrong, that really teaches his work force good working values. I was always taught be early and prepared. It just cracks me up that he thought they would show up at 9 to go through his rent a crowd!

  10. Cupmatch says:

    Furbert has lost influence, as he is not representing workers’ well being.

    • Anon Ymous says:

      You have to wonder about the guy when he decries his own members’ concerns at losing days pay to come out while he gets paid, and paid handsomely, regardless!

  11. Bully Beef says:

    What if they called for a strike and nobody came? Now we know.

  12. de fence says:

    Congratulations Chris, it takes a wise man to know when to take the final bow.
    After all you are only a leader if others are willing to follow you,

  13. Point boy says:

    I think an apology to all Bermudians is in order. hmm? A complete waste of resources.

    After that, I think you should seriously think about tendering your resignation.

    You are doing the (people) of Bermuda a disservice.

  14. Just time to quit furbert nobody wants u anymore at least not right thinking people

  15. Brian says:

    In the wise words of Ray Charles “hit the road jack “

  16. ImJustSayin says:

    Is the Airport deal a Union issue? Or are the PLP using the BIU to do their dirty work?

    • Ray says:

      I do not believe that the union should ask union members to stop work (without pay) and demonstrate in a way that is unlawful in order to stop a debate for a new airport, which if passed will create jobs for some unemployed Bermudians.
      It may not be a perfect deal, but if 60% Bermudians are employed that is better than if the deal does not go ahead.
      This airport deal allows for a new airport and new jobs without adding to the huge bermudian debt we already have.

  17. SpinCycle says:

    I feel sorry for “Just for Laughs Bermuda” who needs a comedy show with these clowns around! Hahahaha! :joy: