Photos: BIU Members March Through Hamilton

June 1, 2012

Hundreds of BIU members marched from Union Street to KFC’s Queen Street location this morning [June 1], to protest the fast food restaurant’s latest decision in their ongoing dispute.

Last night the BIU called an emergency General Membership meeting for 8am this morning to discuss the ongoing dispute with KFC Bermuda.

Bus and ferry services were suspended across the island for the morning, and other services such as postal delivery and waste management were affected as workers made their way to the meeting.

Hundreds of BIU members from various divisions made their way from the Bermuda Industrial Union headquarters on Union Street to Court Street, then onto Reid Street and Queen Street.

The members marched onto Queen Street, formed a line outside KFC, where they chanted slogans such as “United we stand, Divided we fall,” and “Eat Mr Chicken,” while uniformed police officers stood in the area and onlookers gathered.

The BIU members then marched around the block proceeding along Church Street, Burnaby Hill, through Reid Street and Queen Street for a second time before making their way back to Union headquarters. BIU President Furbert said they wanted to make sure “KFC got the clear message that the workers are in support of the workers at KFC.”

BIU Divisions/workers marching today included the Port Division, Construction Division, Postal Division, Corporation of Hamilton Division, TELCO, Public Transportation, Hotels, Parks, Works & Engineering, and Custodians. View videos of the march here.

Last month KFC Bermuda started legal action seeking a judicial review of Minister Patrice Minors’ decision to send the dispute to arbitration, and yesterday the Government announced they have started legal  proceedings seeking a Court Order to prevent KFC Bermuda from interfering with the “integrity of the Arbitration process.”

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  1. Family Man says:

    I guess they needed a May Day parade.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Did they apply for a permit to hold a parade? If not why not. If not will there be prosecutions for obstructing free passage of the public on public streets? If not, why not?

    Any other group would have to apply for a march permit at least days in advance. What will the Government do about the BIU?

    Unbelievable! All of this over greasy chicken. Only in Bermuda.

  3. Bermydude says:

    Go to work all of you, meeting?? what a joke, a many of them out side the union quaters talking shit!! lazy bastards!!

  4. Bermydude says:

    If I owned KFC, i will shut it down tomorrow!! Furbert get lost, your a discrase for Bermudians people

  5. honestly??? says:

    A complete joke! And just took bermuda down one more notch in the international image well done BIU well done Chris Furbert. Here’s an idea pull all ure workers from KFC and let them hire foreign people. They don’t want your bullsh#t. Trade Unions are a dead or dieing bread. The economics have changed the polotics are changed. Your obsolete Chris and a thorn in Bermudas side. KFC hold your ground no longer shall Bermuda enterprise be held back by these idiotic. Puppets who probably have no idea why there marching apart from the fact its a morning of work and they can wave to their friends down the road… Get of my streets I want to drive my car. They should be Fined for unlawfully holding a picket/ Protest… Oh yeh one more thing “RULE BRITANIA for the Queens Jubilee” may she be head of this island for another 60 years

  6. Unions will be Extinct says:

    Dear BIU,

    Will you also march against Minister Wayne Furbert who has a video on where he states the Island has already decided to introduce gaming, has he negotiated a Collective Bargaining Agreement for you Unionised Layabouts who will work at the new MegaCasino he is building with Maxwell and Dodwell?

    ( – wayne furbert speaks about referendum on gaming)

    You people always fight the wrong fight, let Mr Lines sell his chicken and start worrying about how Mr Hamilton Parish is selling away your childrens future.

    Unions will be Extinct

    • Rard says:

      It’s sad, really.

      You see all the smiling faces in the crowd. They think they’re making a difference. They think they’re improving the lives of their fellow downtrodden workers. They think THEIR efforts are going to cause the changes that need to happen.

      They are right. This IS what will cause change. How?

      This will accelerate the death of unions like BIU. It happened overseas with the auto workers. It happened with Teamsters. It happened with steelworkers. All were powerful unions that lost everything through a sense of entitlement and a feeling of being “untouchable”.

      Kudos to KFC for standing their ground. They have done nothing wrong, and are taking the high road while the sheep run around with their idiotic grins, making buffoons of themselves.

  7. Yes says:

    Give fis terbert a free bucket!

  8. Liars! says: