Video Set #1: 2012 John Lennon Tribute Concert

September 22, 2012

People made their way to the Botanical Gardens last night [Sept 21], as local and international artists took the stage to perform a tribute to the music of John Lennon, on a day which was chosen to coincide with the International Day of Peace.

John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono released a video earlier this year saying: “I am pleased that John is being honored in the Bermuda Botanical Gardens. It is where he discovered the Double Fantasy freesia flower which became the title of his last album. Know that he loved and was immensely inspired by Bermuda. His spirit is now a part of the beautiful Botanical Gardens where I hope peace and love will grow.”

All My Loving by Maxi Priest:

‘The Love Singers’ which included Tourism Minister Wayne Furbert:

Tony Brannon & the Grand Finale of the concert:

- Additional videos will be uploaded over the weekend, and you can view all our coverage of the concert here.

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  1. meow! says:

    I take it that from the above report of “scores” of people suggest it wasn’t as popular as envisioned..There were lots of radio ads, informing public of where to park, restricted areas, vip,ect…I just wondered whether the show was well attended for the hype…Scores suggest people came in 20′s not 100′s.

    • Bernews says:

      We were using it in a general term, not in the manner you suggest, however we removed it for clarity…

    • alwayssomethingtosay says:

      @ meow – I take it from your comment that there is always someone eith something negative to say about anything positive on this island. It was definitely well attended and a very memorable night. More people people on this island should spend time saying/doing more positive things and we might be in a much better place. #imagineallthepeople

  2. Theresa Simpson says:

    Where are the video’s?

  3. Cappata says:

    I can assure you it was pretty much sold out – I was there never seen so many people in one spot – congrats to Tony for all his efforts

  4. dj19 says:

    Very Proud to have beenone o fhte hundreds of people who were at the concert last night. A Brilliant night that showed some of the most amazing talent that Bermudians have. A fabulous event that shoudl be repeated again and again.

  5. Common Sense says:

    This was far far more than a simple concert with “scores” of people in attendance. It was a truly amazing event on many levels. It celebrated the unique connection between Bermuda and one of the world’s greatest musical legends in John Lennon. It was pure genius for Tony Brannon to come up with this concept in the first place and then to see it through with his talented team, and with the blessing of Yoko Ono. The venue was spectacular; the setting superb; the atmosphere wonderful from start to finish; the place packed to capacity; the talent on display brilliant and a great showcase for our many talented young Bermudians. This was entertainment at its very best in Bermuda.

    It’s almost unfair to make special mention of individual performers, but the Frith’s were oustanding including of course Heather Nova. Mia Chambray and Rachel Brown were a delight and showed that Bermuda really does have extremely talented young people, and for my money, Uzimon (Daniel Frith) practically stole the show! Is he for real?!!! And Roy Young, with his close connection to the Beatles in the 1960′s, was a perfect link to John, George, Paul and Ringo.

    This was such a tremendous success that serious consideration should be given to holding it annually on World Peace Day, and promoting Bermuda’s unique link to John Lennon and his final album. We have a winning formula – let’s give Peace a chance.

  6. observer says:

    Tony for tourism minister!!

  7. just saying says:

    it was sold out……

  8. Common Sense says:

    In my earlier post I mentioned the unfairness of making special mention of individual performers, but I took the liberty of naming a few who I thought were outstanding. I would like to add one more and that is Kassandra Caines who was simply stupendous. Apologies for not mentioning so may others who made the evening so memorable in every way.

    I trust that by now “Meow” realizes that far from not being as “popular as envisioned” this was a sell-out concert and one of the very best produced locally in many years.