Three Men Charged With Attempted Murder

October 22, 2012

Jahkeil Samuels [27] Ronniko Burchall [23] and Jamin Saltus [22] appeared in Magistrates Court this morning [Oct 22] and were all charged with attempted murder. The incident took place on 28th February 2012.

Samuels, Burchall and Saltus were all charged with conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder and using a firearm to commit an indictable offence

20 year old Alex Vanderpool also appeared in Court, and was charged with Handling a Firearm. All four men were remanded to Westgate and will reappear in November 5th for a long for Preliminary Inquiry

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  1. anubis says:


  2. Bill says:

    They want to allegedly play with guns? Ship ‘em off to Iraq! They wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

  3. Tired Of This Crap says:

    I personally hope they all get what is comin for them.. Why are these boys from this certain area allegedly gettin away with murder then time after time being charged with other alleged heinous crimes? I must say I didn’t think that they would catch the alleged culprits for this particular shooting so well done BPS! Your actually doing your job!!!

    but will justice be served??

  4. devil says:

    Ppl with ur dirty comments. Kill ya self

  5. PrayerWorks says:

    And with a user name like “devil” I guess we can understand your frustration. Friends of yours maybe?!?!? SMDH

  6. SMDH says:

    West gate just got a big inmate intake today lol……Easy 10 to go take a back seat for a while!! Palmer be they best friend

    • lol says:

      and how many others got away with criminal activity today.for those 10 that went down 20 will take their spot so you best wait for the next bus,dont forget how many unsolved murders and other unsolved crimes there are before giveing praise to the police or justice system

  7. Just so you know says:

    we need the death sentence to stop the madness

  8. CONFUSED says:

    You think our streets will be last bloody I hope so.They can hide their BS on earth but God sees everything.Thanks God.

  9. reap what u sow says:

    Stand firm. Garrison to the world. They charging ppl wit no real proof of nuffin. Don’t worry keep ya heads up. You guys will beat this case.

    • Professional says:

      Garrisons?? We don’t have garrisons, favelas or any other name for a ghetto. Take all that talk back to Jamaica. You guys are so lost and trying to live some fantasy lifestyle equivalent to Frank Lucas or Al capon. Gangsters never prosper. Get a real job, be a productive citizen and stop draining the island with all this nonsense. Grow up and start acting like real man.

      • 9PK Fact Checker says:

        You don’t know what ya talking about you don’t know the hardships the ppl living is garrison face day too day, it is not about jamaica, its the lifestyle folks really do live in that area and by the way jamaicans live in Garrison, bermudians never started saying it ,it was actually the jamaican nationals that live in garrison that started saying it.

        • 9PK Fact Checker says:

          Ps its only 1 garrison in Bermuda no other communities claim that name

          • Omg but not totally shocked says:

            Only fools claim the dumbest name to frame cuz youre fame is just about over… Run for cover silly rabbits your names and faces are known. They should all be injected with medication *if guilty* when they’re sent to prison for guns like down MAWI that’ll control them the prison officers need to be protected against them as well

    • Bermuda Girl says:

      Stop trying to be big and bad. You are small and stupid. And it shows. You and your little friends are all pathetic. Life is not a movie for wannabees. The rest of us are trying to live ours!

  10. devil says:

    4 all u f*** ppl go lay down get sum rest. Shout out 2 everyone that dnt involve themselves in business dat dnt have nfn do wit them let alone start judging n criticising over the web. Everyone on here got sumtin bad or ignorant 2 say about sumone n be the same ppl smilin in they face in public. Just stick 2 politics or sumthin u stuck up f***s lol ….. Ps 2 Ds

    • Grubster says:

      People don’t write how they talk. Please get yourself down to Bermuda college for an English class.

      • swinging fromchandoliers!!! says:

        @grubster—no ones talking proper English except for the British, we need to be about understanding people where they are not where we want them to be…the question remains “why are these young men either so angry or without feeling or rational?” we in Bermuda have obviously dropped a few balls beause the situation has been allowed to get this far and young black men in Bermuda remain a statistic so lets not worry about proper english and the college,. the police are actually doing a great job in apprehending lately, obviously more leads are coming faster, maybe there is a sign that at least some are willing to talk or the intelligence has been upgraded..either way these shootings have everything to do with our ports of entry–there would be no shooting if customs was on top of the importation of guns..we let a lot of people leave Bermuda who brought in guns and ammunition, we allowed them to keep gold and exit the country even though they were in clear possession of illegal weapons and material..yea so much for justice! how can we have allowed people to get off with clear possession in light of what has been happening in Bermuda the past decade, how serious are we about murder, attempted murder, posession of guns, ammunition, if we assume certain people to be innocent without a trial..Yes *if guilty* these young men should have to pay for their crime, however before they are released what type of rehabillitation will they receive?

        • Omg but not totally shocked says:

          I agree with you. The rehabilitation board is failing and shall continue to fail but get paid big bucks for nothing. I’m not happy to see one name in this write up but he’s made his choices and must face the penalty *if guilty*

        • Truth is killin' me... says:

          I agree. If H.M. Customs started doing there job and were more worried about getting the guns and drugs off the streets than raping granny for a few extra pennies of duty at the airport…the island would be in a better place. They need to look at their own as well. How many customs officers have been charged and got away with impotring some serious weight in narcotics. Guns come into this island with the drugs. THAT’S A FACT…JACK!!!

          • Richard says:

            Well said (Truth is Killin’ me) once more the dirty ones are not really hard to find some of the who are retired are on here making noise like they are not the cause of some of this “not me I only let in drugs not guns” really lol Bermuda is a island built on drugs. lot of the older smart drug dealers are getting government jobs so they can use the money they have save up and we all seen them that the funny part.

  11. LMAO says:


  12. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    GET . THE . GUN .

  13. Terry says:

    What do you mean by the Devil.

    • angel says:

      even popo wanna start paying ppl for false statements so who is the devil you all and thinking the streets are gonna b cleaner ,, hang in there you guys

  14. Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

    these guys aren’t going to “prison”…..because it is a “corrections facility”….
    this is a prison as follows: how many can be laid horizontally on two sides of the cell? with enough room for them to stand up one at a time….if they fight …leave them….let them try to sleep with their victims in close proximity…would u sleep if you had popped the guy next to you earlier that day…someone might get killed …but dont remove the body….do u wanna sleep with a dead decaying body 4 feet away from you…if you don’t work ..then you don’t eat !!…simple. You would have to become a Social Creature once again with all the freedom you want…UNTIL!…you F#@K UP!…then in the hole till your next birthday!….DETERRENCE! look it up! This is just the tip of an iceberg mate ….plenty more ways of changing human behavior.

  15. karma says:

    BDA- __ These young men allegedly choose to lead a life of thuggery but have caused so much heart ache and pain.
    For many families just the thought that they have taken a few more alleged wanna be thugs off the streets is a relief.
    Young men whilst you are on remand think of the pain and suffering you have allegedly put each family through- even your own.
    We need convictions and heavy sentences. *If guilty*, Lets not let these wanna-bes walk.

  16. Omg but not totally shocked says:

    Ps 2 Ds….” Park side to the dark side” is what that means. They live to die that’s a shame! I pray whomever is “devil” the same gun isn’t turned on you! They have no feelings and no remorse ______. Very sad to see this but reality is all about choices…

  17. Devil all I can say you are an idiot, you sound like the devil yourself,I hope they don’t switch up on you. Get out of town,get out of town do ya math devil cause ya all going to lay down altogether in one go soon come. Then Bermuda can live in peace again,U dumb foolish no brains wanna be. ____ you again see the lord don’t sleep BOY. Rip Shane Minors

  18. Mon ah gyallis says:

    That’s one evil yout. Probly one of the worst bermy’s seen.

  19. Justice says:

    You have chosen to live like this so you have therefore chosen the consequences which *if guilty* include paranoia, isolation, prison and death! _____________. He has also been given much good advice and warning thoughout his teen years by different members of society including police officers. He has blatantly ignored that advice and chosen his path. Now we get to see amd hear how good and innocent these men are and how they don’t deserve to be locked up. Whether you are parkside, 42, mob, east side, jvc etc….it doesn’t matter because JUSTICE is coming for ALL of you unless you turn away from the path that you are on! And guess what? No amount of weapons stash will protect you from GOD’s JUSTICE because you never know in what size, shape or form it will manifest or in what hour it will come!

  20. had enough!! says:

    May these punk a$$es get what they deserve, i dont care what anybody says its definitely time to bring back the dealth peanlty. i would love to see a few of theses ba$t@rds take their last breath. its time that bermudians take back our island. too many families have suffered because of these little boys,and they allegedly killing for what??? NOTHING!!cause the next man has more then them, cause his weed is better then theirs or because that guys getting more girls then you. enough is enough!!! i hope guys flug the hell out of these punks while they locked up.

  21. Bsda says:

    Yes I Bermy Feds ya Finally getting the rats an snakes by the head an Devil u must be the body keep being a follower buddy see how long u last dem boy D. Evil= Devil

  22. Triangle Drifter says:

    Bermuda, you got what you voted for. A soft on crime unabashedly inept Government.

    Look in the mirror to see who is to blame & ask, had enough yet? Want a change?

  23. timsrty says:

    people.. ________,
    *if guilty* why are these guys still free what is going on??
    _____ … its a dirty system we have just like everywere else,,could this be some sort of ethnic cleansing that they have planed out very carefully?? shoot a white person ,cop, politican,judge, laywer,, little saltus boy,,,see what happens

  24. onelove says:

    @DEVIL you got major issues if you are condoning what these fools have allegedly done and please stop saying mind your business this and that! How can we if these fools are on the news and are no fix a bone look at them throwing their lives away over what? SOME GANSTER STATUS? NEGATIVE bda will never have real gansters put these guys in Europe or somewhere in the states and lets see how long they can handle it. It really makes me sick to see guys my age and guys I went school with throw their futures away and especially if you got kids or one on the way is worst you will never been a roll model for your kids.
    P.S *if guilty* lock up all these rift rafts and let them stay there till they get their minds right

  25. Tired of th BS says:

    Just a matter of time when its a Customs officer, policeman, or Govt officials child gets murdered and then they will start doing their jobs. Stop getting paid to turn ya heads.

    • Richard says:

      Cat of night tails I bet you the first public flogging will stop all of this start with the to so call leader of Parkside and go down the line.

  26. SMDH says:

    The devil is the devil alright!!!! I bet its a stupid lil girl defending her ignorant boyfriend and friends..wise up chick and see the bigger/better picture. The same guy you defending be the same to bring you pain so what are you really trying to defend. Wrong is Wrong, Point blank!! Justice and Karma..understand?!?!

  27. I'm just saying...... says:

    People Remember these are still our children they need PRAYER.

  28. Richard says:

    Bottom Line says:
    December 8, 2010 at 8:38 pm
    I think we need to state the fact that we are in this crime mess because the PLP made the decision some years ago to adopt a Policy of Co-Existence with the Gangs…and this policy has now blown-up in their faces. I think it’s a fair assessment and we need to remind people that this act was one of treachery. They created this mess by looking the other way in the hopes the gangs would simply keep to themselves and also self-police themselves. They, the PLP looked the other way because too many of their supporters were making too much money in the drug trade. This policy of Co-Existence has led to Bermuda becoming a gangstaa paradise.

    • US Observer in Pink Sand says:

      Now that’s something to consider…

  29. Kilo C says:

    How are two *alleged* murderes being charged with attempted murder? Just a prime example at how f#@ked up the justice system can be… I have never been one to agree with capital punishment… but electroshock therapy has never been out of the question for me. And let me say it again. TWO *alleged* MURDERERS are being charged ____ for attempted murder??? hmmm

  30. Realist says:

    @devil…(Shout out 2 everyone that dnt involve themselves in business dat dnt have nfn do wit them )Listen to urself FOOL! Everyone and thng that Ps involve themselves in don’t have F*ck’s to do with them. It’s all inherited Passa… Ps 2 Ds all need to go f*ck themselves…nothing but a bunch a low life little bwoy freaks…

  31. stephanie says:

    Why don’t you all just shut the f$%# up, because you don’t know what happened!, the government is evill. You people talk of what you hear from others and not from facts

  32. stephanie says:

    You people need 2 shut the f$%# up and learn the facts. If you were goin to the court cases you would learn that the police have no real evidence and are getting their so called evidence (which is hear say from a rapist) so if you call the police forcing someone 2 lie to get Someone else in jail doing their job, your sick. All you bermudians do is gossip and say your sick but your the reason these boys are like this. Theirs no jobs for them and you people turn your noses up 2 them when they try to change like people dnt make mistakes! Well f%$k all you ppl because comments like what you jus made is putting another insecure black male on the street. The street are comforting because there are a bunch a boy with the same problems going through the same struggle. If you think they wanna live this life your stupid. Peopke like you are the reason why they’re out there. And I’m letting you know that I’m only sixteen and I’m seeing this for myself. You adult are ridiculous. You can act like you don’t care about a young girls opinion but I know that you’ll always remember what I’m sayin