Weather Service: Hurricane Sandy Now A Threat

October 27, 2012

The Bermuda Weather Service has upgraded the island’s Tropical Storm Watch to a Tropical Storm Warning. The latest forecast said, “Hurricane Sandy remains a potential threat as it is now forecast to approach within 400 miles to our west-northwest Sunday evening.

“Along with strong to tropical storm force winds [mainly in the western marine area], building swells will create dangerous rip currents along south shores. Conditions will begin to ease Monday night as Sandy turns northwest towards the northeastern U.S.”

Hurricane Sandy’s closest point of approach to Bermuda within 72 hrs is forecast to be 384 nm to the WNW at 9.00pm on Sunday [Oct 28].

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  1. 1bermuda says:

    How is a storm that is FOUR hundred miles away a threat? Give me a break! STOP overdramatizing!

    • Wendy says:

      @ 1bermuda >>> Your perception is off. If you would rather not be informed of the threat of 34 knot winds sustained for a period of time due to the distant passage of an unusually large hurricane, you should stop looking at weather information maybe and go about your business. The 34 knot threshold for significance stems from experience with people who’s livelihood depends on being in exposed areas when such hazardous weather conditions threaten. Most can and should easily live and operate in wind conditions up to 60-80 knots, but it’s all relative to what you are prepared for and what your neighbors have lying around their porch untethered, that may blow into your smirking face. :)

    • Islander says:

      Its considered a threat because the storm itself is about 1000kms wide that’s how!

    • Douglas says:

      Tell that to the owner of the car damaged by a possible tornado! What you be saying if it was your property?!

      They are just putting the information out there dude, its up to you to do with it as you choose.

      Boy, some people…..

    • mixitup says:

      You must feel a bit silly after reading this mornings (Sun) news. TORNADO hits Somerset.. SMH

  2. Honestly says:

    Don’t shoot the messenger!

  3. cool... says:

    Some people at the weather station have little to do pr pveractive imaginations! The island closed down the other day for a bit of high winds and rain! come onnnnnn…How will we know when it is really an emergency! ———————-little boy crying wolf?

  4. SoMuchMore says:

    may i have your attention please – this is a test and we will sound all alarms, please act as though it is real LOL

  5. Kno dat says:

    Why are you all tripping about the storm warning?!?!?!? its better to be safe then sorry!!!

  6. Errin Butterfield says:

    Thank you Bernews and Bermuda Weather service for doing your jobs keeping us updated on Sandy,informing us that our status has gone from tropical storm watch to tropical storm warning.

    Although the use of the word threat in the headline seems to have ruffled some feathers,thank you again.

    I wonder what would happen if you dindn’t update us at all? Damned if you do damned if you don’t, can’t please all of the people all the time.

    • Pamela Butterfield says:

      That a Girl Arrin! It just takes a little bit of common sense! And Bermuda u done a Great job closing the Island down! And So did Nature @ turning that Storm away! My People we needed the practice as well! Think about it! Have we Really had much practice @ storm watch! Were not ready! We need more! Were good @ going to the stores and getting more supplies instead of looking for the last lot in the house! Were Good @ buying tones of Groceries! Have we had enough Practice checking and securing our Seniors and Singles No! Have we had enough Practice teaching the little ones how to pay attention and how to get out off the house No! If your not with the family what to do were to go and hide No! Where so Busy being spoiled and Blessed! Thank you those that check for another! Those that don’t take the Practice! Some People have no help no family no friends to board up their house! Some work from 1 end of the Island to the Other! How Dare you complain about shutting down the Island! Stop being all for yourself! Its time you start being for your People! Thays if you can handle a TALL ORDER! Its easy being selfish! Its a Gift to be selfless :) Amen sure sure

    • Sai says:

      Well said Errin

    • Janai says:


  7. dee dee says:

    I don’t know how many of you remember Hurricane Emily. She was way off and was not expected to hit but then overnight she changed course and Bermuda woke up to one the worst storms to hit our shores (before Fabian). So always be prepared. You never know.

    • Wendy says:

      Emily, (gender-neutral), certainly was a bad one for some, but others took it in stride…like Fabian too; but with casualties, any weather system hits us all where we live. Be watchful and prepared, then be warned for safety’s sake. Have a nice day.

  8. mixitup says:

    400 Miles away with a wind field of over 380 miles is a threat. Hurricanes are not cookie cutter the same, some are tiny some are large. I guess you folks would rather no notice and then be the first to grumble that “nobody said anything” SMH

  9. Franklin says:

    dee dee… think forecasting and computer modelling might have improved a bit in the last 25 years?

    Eventually people will stop listening to these guys crying wolf… and then it will get dangerous. We’re in for less than a bad winter storm. The only threat here is desensitizing people – “well, Leslie and Sandy were nothing… how bad can this one be?” BOOM!

    • Douglas says:

      Dangerous for those who chose not to acknowledge the information. Again, it is for the individual to choose what to do or not do. The information is just that INFORMATION. If someone is stupid enough not to think for themselves with the information provided then they only have themselves to complain to.

      Liffe really is easy you know, its we humans who make it difficult!

    • Jackie says:

      @Franklin I guess the tornado that struck in Somerset this morning was not part of your crying wolf theory. And if someone had been injured or killed people like you would have been bashing the BWS for not putting out a warning in time. The BWS were spot on to issue the warnings recently. A job well done.

      I only hope the residents of Somerset village don’t suffer any further structural damage in such bad economic times.

  10. cool... says:

    @ dee dee—how much more can we be prepared and not paranoid…the weather forecasting is good, however when accuracy is more important! we have become obsessed with the weather! to the point where although the forecasting is only understood by a few, plenty of people run around like chickens without a head everytime there is a drop of rain…lets try and be more accurate is all um sayin..

    • Douglas says:

      Ummmm, they have been very accurate! If people would actually READ and COMPREHEND they might not have too many complaints.

  11. SMH says:

    Smh- Bermudians complain about everything, if they did not put on a warning, i guarantee the responses will be different…..complaining about it NOT being a warning…..sigh. Thank you BDA weather.

  12. Y-Gurl says:

    Is the BWS a division of SERCo…that explains a lot! The weather Chanel has a full and more realistic forecast