Video: Craig Cannonier’s Election Victory Speech

December 17, 2012

“Bermuda has seen a new day. It’s new Bermuda and a new day in politics,” Premier-elect Craig Cannonier told jubilant supporters who gathered at an OBA victory rally following their 19-17 victory at the polls.

Victory Speech:

“Bermuda this is our moment, this is our day to start moving forward….truly leaving no one behind,” said Mr Cannonier. “My commitment to you is this…we will work day and night to be sure that Bermuda realizes its dreams.”

Q&A with the media:

The winning OBA candidates and constituencies were: #1 Kenneth Bascome, #2 Nandi Davis,#4 Suzann Roberts-Holshouser, #7 Sylvan Richards, #8 Cole Simons, #9 Trevor Moniz, #10 Michael Dunkley, #11 Bob Richards, #12 Craig Cannonier, #14 Glen Smith, #19 Jeanne Atherden, #20 Susan Jackson, #22 Grant Gibbons, #23 Patricia Gordon-Pamplin, #25 Marc Pettingill, #27 R Wayne Scott, #28 Jeff Sousa, #30 Leah Scott, and #31 Shawn Crockwell.

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  1. Stratton Hatfield says:

    Congratulations TEAM OBA! The people of Bermuda have spoken and I am proud to be a dedicated member of a team that has worked so hard to put Bermuda first. You have shown the island that we need change and now you are responsible for working with everyone to bring about that change. The long road ahead will be rough but we must pave a better future for all Bermudian’s. You will be held to the highest standards of accountability and follow through. We expect true change, please act upon your promises and show the electorate why you were elected!

  2. my life is not my own says:

    Craig, here’s your challenge….I came to you when you were BDA for help. I was unemployed for over a year easily by that time. You did nothing to help me. Really, nothing. Outside of the moment of our direct meeting, you went 100% silent. Your campaign eventually picked up and in these later days, you preached on jobs and “leaving no one behind.” I’m not sure what this means but I am now challenging you AGAIN…..might this be the season that you hear me? My story has not changed. College educated in Business with honors but unemployed. I am far removed from the 18-25 bracket that you have been speaking of but please don’t continue to be blinded or to blind society into thinking that the value only lies in this generation. Before they can be “our future” there is a very much overlooked and “forgotten” lot of us that have for the most part, done right by society….ie got an education and have been pretty distance from the media stories of crime. So Craig, yes, things DO have to change, what will you do to help me personally? In all due respect, if leader is the title you have been given, you must first learn how to serve.

    I’m sure Bernews can put you in touch with me. If you are genuine with your cause of “truly leaving no one behind,” here I am. I’m listening….hopefully not to silence this time.

    • Joonya says:

      You can thank the previous leader and others like De Kernal for ie scaring away international busniess for your predicament. Craig and crew have a monumental task ahead of them as a result of PLPs bad decisions over 14 years.

    • wondering says:

      @my life is not my own

      sounds like you’re looking for a personal handout. Why should you get a handout, at everybody else’s expense? That doesn’t sound very fair.

      • my life is not my own says:

        if i don’t speak for me, why should i expect anyone else to? how could that be “at everybody else’s expense”? are you telling me that if someone helps one person, they cannot help another as well? Good God, if that’s the case, if that’s what you are saying of my request to Craig, by your definition, maybe he doesn’t fit the bill for leader. Time will tell but limiting the “help” to only one would be a SERIOUS issue. I’d say that Craig would agree because “leaving no one behind” does not mean ONE the way you seem have received it.

        • BERR says:

          @my life is not my own: Have you taken this out of context? When he says leaving no one behind, do you actually think he is going to bail people out individually? The economy needs some major rehaul that is going to take time, once that is done it will become refueled and job creation will occur. The Premier has heard the cry for help from unemployed highly educated Bermudians, this won’t happen overnight.

          • my life is not my own says:

            nope, not taken out of context. i said nothing about anything happening overnight but i surely won’t complain if i had gainful employment tomorrow! how would any leader or person who can affect change know what needs to be changed unless people speak up. i spoke up. should i have waited to do this when the causes for being elected become “less important”? when is the right time exactly?? the problem that many have is being scared to speak up for various reasons and therefore the urgency of the true need that exists, takes a back seat. voices matter, voices cause action, voices cause change. wasn’t it “voices” that elected the oba?? it has to start somewhere, sometime and someday and i choose THIS DAY to be that day. you may not fall into any of the categories of what has been spoken and if not, that is marvelous, but some of us do sincerely need to experience change and very well should hold those that said that they would help to the integrity of their word. again, if i don’t reach out my own hand for help, who will do it for me? will you? my plea is for the greater good. you’d have to have a heart of purpose, service, and courage to accept this. you see the same way that a couple of you want to cast negativity on a worthy request for aid, this very request may also drive someone else to speak up and another and another. purpose. it comes with a price but i’ve signed up and i’m not turning back. incidentally, if you know of anyone looking for a professional, efficient, and outstanding employee, won’t you lend a hand too and let me know? yes, it would be a golden rule i am my brother’s keeper sort of act but it would feel so great to help another instead of hinder. nothing to lose and even it there were, just know you’re doing it for the greater good!

            • Les B. Frank says:

              I’m feelin you ‘my life’. Your words echo the voice of many. It is not going to happen overnight but I believe we now have the machinery in place to set the weels in motion to put things in place to stimulate job growth.

              • my life is not my own says:

                big wheels keep on turning!! :-) (…dry humour: words to a song) thank you for your comment, i do hope that the many will feel encouraged to speak up. i do understand the fear in this though. i’m living it. perseverance is key.

            • Traveler says:

              To” my life is not my own”.

              Stop whinging. You sound very sorry for yourself. No one is going to get you a job. You have to get your own. In the meantime do something useful. Most charities are crying out for help. I don’t see may jobless helping out while they search.

              • my life is not my own says:

                you must be well employed Traveler. possibly over and beyond? possibly. so if your family member needed help, and if your family member had already submitted 155 job applications of a varied nature, would you call that whining? either way, your comment is quite sad. it doesn’t sadden me, it’s just sad. I didn’t realize that I had to justify my desire to be employed in this medium but yes, many charities need help. YouthNet, St. George Foundation, Big Brother & Big Sister…..the list goes on. Maybe I can sign up for the ones that you are involved with. Do they need help too you think? Charity work is a very good thing and it does not discrimate against the employed or unemployed. It’s called charity and it starts in the heart. Anyone with charity in their heart would find it impossible to call anyone needing help a whiner. I’m just saying.

    • Bullseye says:

      Sorry to hear you are still unemployed. With your resume it makes no sense. There are jobs out there for those willing to work. What are you doing that makes you not a candidate for any job?
      At the end of the day after so long unemployed you need to look in the mirror and figure out what it is you are doing wrong here, or realize that this is not a time when $100k jobs are flying around if that is all you will take.
      If you are relying on a politician to directly get you employed then good luck.

      • my life is not my own says:

        I appreciate your comments Bullseye. I’m glad you asked “what am I doing…” The answer….I’m speaking up. That’s why I said that purpose has a price. I’m paying it but it is every shade of grey unethical. $100K would be beautiful but nope, that’s not what I’m chasing. I went from making $41/hour to accepting a temporary job making $14/hr then a seasonal job making $16/hr. I sincerely do not have pride issues like that but I do have to pay my rent and I do have commitment though. That’s why I’ve collectively applied to over 155 jobs. Not a typo. Over 95% of those jobs were actual advertised posts. So, when I identify with the real need that is out there, it’s not coming from someone who doesn’t know it and who isn’t trying. I will not sit and just let it happen, I will ask for help as I have done and I will stay committed to the integrity that I hold while seeking gainful employment like anyone who needs a job should. A handout? “Wondering” definitely had the wrong idea on this one. It happens though…..I suppose.

        • Bdabdabdabda says:

          I actually think its wrong for the government to require international business to “advertise” as part of the work permit process. It’s really unfair to both sides of the equation and gives the false sense of opportunity. It would be better if they created a clearing house and offered incentives to hire and train.

    • Bdabdabdabda says:

      can you post your email address so that I can contact you to get your resume. I’d like to try to help you.

      • my life is not my own says:

        i’d appreciate that very much. i’ll contact bernews to see if they can get us in contact with each other. will be in touch soon!

      • my life is not my own says:

        i contacted bernews but they said that they cannot put us in contact with each other unless you contact them. if you would, please email them at thanks!

        • Bdabdabdabda says:

          OK do I give them your “handle” and my email?
          what exactly are you looking for?

          • Bernews says:

            Yes, please email us. “My life is not my own” already did, so if you can also email us/give permission, we can put the both of you in contact. Thanks also for your offer to help.. that is really nice.

  3. Just Us says:

    Victory Comes through faith in God and obedience in His word, rather than through numerical superiority or military might…

  4. Better Bermuda says:

    Step One: form Cabinet
    Step Two: fire entire Civil Service Executive (CSE)

  5. ohyea! says:

    the almightydemocracy and doing the right thing always prevails !

  6. bir says:

    We now have a new Bermuda this morning thanks to the voters who have spoken.

    Glenn congratulations bye you are there…

  7. la la dy says:

    Anyone notice how close Dunkley stands to Cannonier when he speaks? Just observing the subtext.

  8. island girl says:

    Step Three: Call on the UK Government to do a full and complete audit (as they did in Turks & Caicos) of all Government accounts from 1998 onwards!

  9. JustMe says:

    Cannonier won’t be in that ‘power’ for too long, we’ll all see how they quickly dismiss him and put someone else in that ‘power’ – I voted OBA however, there are things that I still question and will continue to question until I see different. No the OBA cannot make a change over night, however, they knew what they were getting into and made promises so lets see if they live up to the #TeamBermuda

    • Fed Up says:

      They will put the best man/women in the positions. Stop bashing Craig he is a very astute businessman, don’t think they can pull anything over on him ok.

      • JustMe says:

        Oh I wasn’t bashing him I was just stating my opinion Mr. Cannonier seems to be a nice man, but he’ll soon see he was just the face and nothing more.

        • Oh Please says:

          @JustMe: ‘Seems’ is the key word. They all seem nice when their in front of the camera. But believe me its a different person when the cameras are off.

  10. Hazel says:

    I would like to congratulate the OBA on their victory. I am not a supporter of the OBA but do feel a sigh of relief that Ms. Cox is no longer at the helm. (no offence, love her, an eloquent speaker) I also feel that Mr. Cannonier doesn’t possess enough experience to be Premier but then he has Dunkley, Richards and Gibbons in his corner. (Possibly even his replacements – just saying)

    On another note, I was very disturbed that EB was pictured in the paper yesterday wearing a PLP shirt, and felt that there is NO HOPE should PLP remain in power because he would still have some influence on the party. The fact that he has the NERVE to show his face in public I find even more disturbing. This dude has no spine WHATSOEVER!

    In conclusion, I pray that the new Government will handle the severe issues IMMEDIATELY; jobs, gang violence, child(ren) & seniors’ care, homes for single parent families, education etc.

    Wishing you all much prosperity in the NEW BERMUDA.

  11. Really? says:

    Your supporters can’t even give you respect to be quite while you speak. It just shows the mentality and upbringing of those who voted for you. They don’t even care enough to listen but they cheer on cue. I bet they can’t recite a thing you said. How can they listen when they are ALL talking so loudly. Blind followers, even have to be told to shut up, how embarrassing what a joke. It’s like the janitor is testing the microphone getting ready for the real show to begin.

    • ..... says:

      Laverne, is that you? LOL

      • SoMuchMore says:

        Laverne has come alive??????? I hope not, she’s better off hiding LOL

    • Bdabdabdabda says:

      note to self – first order of business, tell people to be more somber.