Penny Simmons Wins 2012 IOD World Champs

November 2, 2012

Due to high winds that gusted between 25-30 knots in the Great Sound, the race committee decided for the safety of all concerned to cancel today’s final races. With the cancellation, Bermuda’s Penny Simmons has won the 2012 IOD World Championship.

Simmons finished on top of the leaderboard with 15 points, Elliott Wislar finished in second with 23 points, Day One leaders Bill Widnall and Matt Lindblad finished in 3rd place with 28 points.

2012 IOD Worlds Provisional Results After 4 Races

15 Penny Simmons
23 Elliott Wislar
28 Bill Widnall & Matt Lindblad
33 Ian McNeice
35 John Henry
37 Rich Pearce
42 Charlie Van Voorhis
42Martin Rygh
48 Rick Thompson
51 Urban Ristorp
59 Tim Heckscher
65 Mike Conlin
70 Fred Ford

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  1. stillpulse! says:

    Penny for your thoughts—by default, congratulations!

  2. dingy dinghy says:

    Penny is a very talented sailor. Failing an equipment failure he would probably have finished in the top three anyway.

    ‘By default’ happens to also be the same way that Clarence Hill ended up with his medal but the average Bermudian is not aware of it.

  3. IOD Sailor says:

    5 completed races are required in order to recognize the Championship regatta. 9 races were planned, and 6 were compoleted, of which Penny got 3 firsts and 2 seconds. Penny did not win “by default”. He won because he had the best score at the end of the completed regatta….