Three Men Charged After Fight At Football Game

November 6, 2012

This morning [Nov 6] in Magistrates Court, three men were charged in connection with the incident during the football game at St David’s Cricket Club on Sunday. A 28-year-old male was injured in the incident, treated at hospital and later released.

Ian DeSilva [37] Kenneth Caines [27] and Temiko Wilson [24] charged with taking part in a fight at St David’s Cricket Club on 4th November 2012. All pleaded not guilty, and each defendant received $2,000 bail with a surety.

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  1. dumb sh*t says:

    F*@king pr!cks got bail? Only PS guys get bail!

  2. terry says:


  3. sigh... says:

    These fools don’t get tired??!! Gosh, go play with your kids or something!!!!!

  4. bir says:

    the norm!! what is more non chalant there were security and police and still happened????/

  5. Uncle BOB says:

    Why they not charged for GBH??…Victim couldn’t have pressed charges huh?

  6. Gordon Simerley says:

    ian desilva is a big kid… smfh

    • keepitreal says:


  7. SMH says:

    why are they out on bail if they was allegedly caught on the scene and its GBH. The victim shouldn’t have to press charges for them to be prosecuted because it happened in a public place and the victim is injured.
    Just like the incident at the gas station…victims did not press charges but they are still charged and sentenced

  8. SMH&frustrated says:

    BAIL! Another big joke. _____ No more room at the inn up west huh. ______ Shame on the courts and the BPS! There’s someone bigger that will deal with them. God!

    • being mindfull says:

      the bps has nothing to with the court proceedings. Bail is granted by the courts.

  9. Free says:

    37? Seriously? Aren’t you old enough to know better and stop fighting and doing a pack? Goodness. Grow up already.

  10. Missy says:

    Ian is still allegedly fighting?? This dude knocking on 40, grow up already! What type of example is he setting for his kids?

  11. Bernews says:

    As this case is still before the Courts comments have to pertain to this case only, can’t mention any other matters and also cannot assume guilt as they have only been charged, not convicted. Sorry, not our rules, its the general policy. Just mentioning this as we can’t let through certain comments with some of these court stories…our apologies for this…

  12. foolishness says:

    Bermuda needs to implement the 3 strike law for people who are dealing with antisocial behavior.. If u want to consistently break the law go lay down up at the west gate correctional facility indefinitely…

  13. Judgement says:

    When I was a child/young I did childish things. Now I am an adult/older I still do childish things. Maybe even more childish things now ,then when I was a child.

  14. FACTS says:

    Dang they must not have paid their Po-Po “BILL” LOL

  15. fed up says:

    For real Ian needs to grow up he supposed to be a boss but still need to *allegedly* fight serious real joke might as well go play in traffic kid.

  16. Roshea says:

    I want to know why the POLICE did not intervene while my brother was being allegedly viciously attacked and stabbed with ice picks and scissors from these animals! I am beyond livid as this should not have happened! I am further disgusted as they have been let out on $2000 bail?! They should be automatically charged with attempted murder irregardless of if my beloved brother pressed charges or not! I AM MY BROTHER’s KEEPER!!! He did not deserve that and I’m disgusted! He just went to watch a football game! What if they killed him?!

    • some can, some cant & some better not. Bermy will never be the same.

    • being mindfull says:

      yea cause your brother is so innocent

      • SMH says:

        STFU!! Nobody’s innocent C$%#!! That don’t make it ok for an incident as such to be imposed on an individual for “NO REASON”! Just shut UP! Think before you type, and if you feel brazen enough to type sh*t like that, then reveal your identity!!

  17. blessings says:

    Our Leaders of Bermuda should invest in at least two educators to reform the inmates while incarcerated. The inmates need to learn of the conspiracy thats destroying them, including the traps and pitfalls that they are easy prey in particular as men of color. They must be taught of our Creator.
    They should be educated on deep subjects, that will teach life skills. They have enslaved themselves and seem to enjoy bondage. They need to be refreshed on Roots, Rosewood & Slavery etc.

    My brothers are lost and feel no way in being locked up. These men need to be enlightened and educated…

  18. Uneasy says:

    _______ Why is it that these guys are allowed to hide behind the police when the see rival gang members coming into an area where they are? Why are they escorted just about anywhere they go? Sounds onesided to me. SMH

  19. Tired says:

    And ppl wonder why young ppl think of this whole system as a complete joke. How many more times u Gona bail this @$$, no ankle bracelet this time???

  20. FYI says:

    They know how to take the ankle bracelets off already… so having one doesn’t make a big difference. The laws of this island are going to cause a serious uproar one day. I see it coming.

  21. Open your eyes says:

    There is so much things said on bernews n it seems that yu ppl TALK more then DO wen things happen yur quick to knock BPS for not doing their job but wen they ask 4 assitance by the “Public” which is the ppl of Bermuda the majority keep quiet. Become one of them before you judge there abilities n understand what there job n responsibilities cuz every officer is not equip for every incident which no1 wld know cuz their so judgemental n talk to hear yourself. If we cant come together as 1 for the change bermuda is looking for it dnt make sense looking cuz ppl only change if they want to. I rest my case.

  22. shotta says:

    Why dem call police for dem can’t stop the crime