Photos: FAA Plane Checking NavAid Equipment

September 26, 2015

Residents and commuters in the east end this morning [Sept 26] may have witnessed a private plane flying different patterns in the area, sometimes at lower altitudes than usual.

LF Wade International Airport General Manager Aaron Adderley explained that “it’s a flight check carried out by the FAA of our NavAid equipment”.

NavAid equipment [also known as navigational aid] is any sort of marker or beacon which helps in guiding aircraft traffic safely through existing air routes.

N89 FAA Plane Bermuda, September 26 2015-1

N89 FAA Plane Bermuda, September 26 2015-2

N89 FAA Plane Bermuda, September 26 2015-3

N89 FAA Plane Bermuda, September 26 2015-4

N89 FAA Plane Bermuda, September 26 2015-5

N89 FAA Plane Bermuda, September 26 2015-6

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  1. Jr Smith says:

    thank you Bernews for explaining it for us. would’ve been nice of airport gm to have given residents in the east a warning or notice about it.

    • Coffee says:

      The minister of transport and tourism didn’t know this was going on , he had much more important things to think about , like changing the license plates on the standard blue GP car that’s overused , doing his personal business .

    • Vulcan Trash Cleaner says:

      we will be sure to personally inform you next time……NOT!

    • Coffee says:

      Unfortunate but true …. It seems as if the minister has abdicated all responsibility for transport .

    • Charles Dean says:

      What do you need a warning or notice for? This has been occurring ever since we’ve had an airport!

  2. Yes I says:

    Nice shots. The aircraft comes through Bermuda regularly, but was its operation really disturbing you JR?? I’m sure it didn’t do anything excessively out of the norm that other aircraft transiting BDA do!?

  3. vu vu says:

    Truly amazing sight…

  4. Yes…their called windows…brilliant aren’t they? They actually “enable” pilots to see where they are going!…Our weather girls utilise them daily…they just look so much better doing it!