Photos: Over 2,000 Toys Donated For Christmas

December 8, 2012

Coldwell Banker Bermuda helped collect over 2,000 toys as part of its holiday charity campaign to ensure that all children, regardless of circumstance, have the opportunity to receive presents over the holidays.

The toys were delivered to the Coalition for the Protection of Children’s office aboard two large trucks which were decked out with red bows for the festive season.

Toys for Tots is an annual campaign that has run in support of the Coalition for the Protection of Children since 2002. During the past ten years, the entire team at Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty has been involved in the project.

The gifts were collected for all age ranges — from babies up to teenagers — and included a wide variety of items including dolls, gift certificates, iTunes cards, movie tickets, DVD players, art sets, stuffed animals, bikes, board games, balls, baby items and much more.

Sheelagh Cooper from the Coalition for the Protection of Children said: “Coldwell Banker has done a phenomenal job again this year, they have collected more than 2,000 toys. And they are wonderful toys as well, we will make a lot of children happy.”

“We have more and more children who have fallen below the poverty line, and this Christmas would be pretty sparse without these wonderful toys and without Coldwell Banker and the many volunteers that are coming to help wrap the presents,” Ms Cooper explained.

In addition to Coldwell Banker staff, Digicel staff could also be seen at the Coalition’s office, volunteering their time to help wrap presents for the upcoming children’s Christmas party. The company decided to donate both time and money to the community to celebrate their 7th anniversary.

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  1. ABC says:

    +2 kudos 2 all invoveld

  2. BdaLuvin says:

    Because these kids need toys vs. new school uniforms, daily breakfast or food, after school programs the list goes on!
    oh first world problems… what a consumer driven society we live in.smh.

    • Still Laughing says:

      Just no pleasing some people. Have you contributed anything? Probably not….

  3. Ed Williams says:

    While it’s not be the answer to all of the problems affecting these children, these toys can go a long way to make many of these children feel happy during this Christmas period and I applaud the generosity of our community who contributed the toys…but in the meantime all of us (including you) should continue to assist the many charities in Bermuda that are committed to assisting our children to do something positive with their lives.

  4. Unjust Realities!!!! says:

    At a time in a country when families are facing all sorts of challenges according to the media, homelessness, hunger and social ills, we still place our emphasis on materialistic things . . .a great effort and well applauded for their efforts, but let’s do the math here . . .2000 toys at a guesstimate average of $20 per toy = $40,000 . . .what could the coalition have done with that amount of money.

    A year’s worth of small group counseling for children who may have been affected by our serious crime maybe; a lunch program for students who go to school without lunch maybe; the purchase of school clothes for students who need then; or maybe the purchase of assistive technology to help a child in school with special educztion needs.

    I’m jusst saying!!!